Halloween Horror Movies

Here is a list of films we have reviewed that either take place during the Halloween holiday or are otherwise somehow appropriate viewing material for the Halloween season. Maybe they involve classic monsters or genre mashups, or invoke the spirit of Halloween in a particularly solid way. Or, as Craig often likes to say, “This is great to have playing in the background during a Halloween party when you’re having a few beers with your buddies.”

Who doesn't love a good movie about the horrors of a wax museum? Maybe Todd. At least, Waxwork didn't rub him
Trick or Treat is the Halloween movie to end all Halloween movies, and we had a ball discussing it this month. See the
Part four of our 2018 Halloween extravaganza was a fun episode to record. That doesn't necessarily mean the movie was
Not to be confused with the far better film "Trick R Treat," this heavy metal horror film may not be
This week's Halloween-appropriate film is a Mel Brooks-ish wannabe that launched to a splash in 1985 and landed with a
This childhood favorite held many special memories for Craig and this week's guest, his sister Kristin. The three of us
Our search for the perfect seasonal film led us to the Halloween-Party-In-A-Box that is 1981'a The Monster Club. Vincent Price,
The Midnight Meat Train is a visceral, uncomfortable tale about a photographer, Leon, scouring the city for the perfect shot to
This made-for-TV movie event from the 80's starred some well-known faces, but it hasn't remained well-known. You probably missed it
How did we ever miss this one? We tackle a spooky ghost tale that just sits perfectly for the Halloween
This week's episode was a suggestion by two of our Patrons when we asked: What are some Halloween movies we
Accomplished horror director Adam Wingard's pic is kind of a horror movie, but more of a psychological thriller/action pic that
For the first time ever in a Halloween season, we head to the theaters to give our take on a
For our third Halloween-themed episode this year, we go dark. Extremely dark. This crowd-funded unrated indie film became enough of
Tonight, we bring you the last of our Halloween season episodes this year: A horror anthology with a whopping 10
Where to begin. Well, it's a practical effects extravaganza. You get double the storyline for your money. There's a host
Happy Halloween! Not to be confused with the Wayans' horror-comedy of the same name, our Patrons chose the obscure 1991
Happy Halloween! In our attempt to find Halloween-themed horror films, sometimes we have to dredge the bottom of the barrel.
Happy Halloween! Much as we hope your day goes today, 1988's Primal Rage culminates in a festive Halloween party sure
So it's basically a high school sex comedy with a horror theme, and not scary at all. But for the
The poster art alone is scary enough. There may not be the scariest movie behind it, but it's high camp
Although we LOVE doing kid-oriented horror films from time to time, animation is a first for our podcast. But being
We switch it up and move to classic family fare for our Halloween episode this year. And it's timely too,
Despite being billed as "the first gay slasher film," not many people have heard of this 2004 micro-budget indie movie.
Yes, yes, another found footage movie. You'd think we'd be sick of them by now, but this one came at
It's time for our favorite season of the year! We kick off our annual series of Halloween-appropriate films with a
Fresh off the heels of two commercially successful films starring Michael Meyers, Team John Carpenter took a left turn and
Michael Myers is back yet again in a fresh sequel to the 1978 original, set 40 years later and starring
The first of our Halloween-inspired films for October takes us to the literary roots of both Frankenstein AND Dracula in
Kicking off our usual October Halloween horror films with Ginger Snaps. It's the coming-of-age story of a teenage werewolf that
Back in 1988, Halloween horror icon Elvira finally got her own movie. It didn't make a big splash, but it
Studio interference probably kept this movie from becoming great. Though Dead and Buried came packaged up with some great acting,
We put it to our Patrons to choose the last two movies of the month. We're happy to announce that
It's that time of year again! Let's kick off our first week of the Halloween season with a film about
A gritty and not so great horror anthology redeems itself by the end, propelling its director straight into a career
Happy Halloween! We end our series with the latest from Rob Zombie, aptly titled "31".

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