About Us

The “2 Guys and a Chainsaw” podcast is a weekly show that is dedicated to exploring the world of horror movies. Since 2016 and over 300 episodes strong, hosts Todd Kuhns and Craig Higgins have built a strong following of horror film fans around the world. We discuss one film a week, in-depth, with plenty of humor and fun.

We pride ourselves in running a tight, focused show, with lots of fun but without meandering or going off on boring tangents.

We discuss each film from a critical perspective, including the history of the production and its place in the pantheon of horror films. Our show is known for its in-depth and critical analysis of horror movies, as well as its engaging and entertaining discussion style.

From silly to serious, bleak to horror-comedy, we select a wide range of horror films to cover, with theme months around the holidays. We occasionally feature guests, and have interviewed horror icons such as Linnea Quigley and Bill Oberst Jr.

Each episode lasts an hour or less. The show typically begins with an introduction and some quick banter, before diving into a discussion of the movie of the week. We explore the film’s story, characters, and themes, as well as its place within the horror genre as a whole. We also discuss the film’s production history, including any behind-the-scenes stories or interesting trivia. Some of our listeners don’t even like watching scary movies, but they enjoy learning about them and appreciating the story and trivia behind them WITHOUT having to watch them. 

Overall, the “2 Guys and a Chainsaw” podcast is a must-listen for any horror movie fan. With its engaging and informative discussions, insightful analysis, and entertaining banter, the show offers a unique and engaging perspective on the horror genre, and is sure to leave listeners with a newfound appreciation for the movies they love.