seed of chucky
Seed of Chucky is the most divisive of all the Child's Play films thus far. It was also the last
bride of chucky still
We continue our month of Chucky by skipping over part 3 and heading straight to the fourth in the series,
childsplay2 still
Welcome to Chucky Month! It's a full-month of crawling our way through the Child's Play franchise, at the request of
American Gothic still
Loyal Patron Gary suggested this old chestnut, selected by our Patrons as our first request of 2024! Somewhat reminiscent of
the mist still
Our second tribute episode this year is a two-fer: Frances Sternhagen and Andre Braugher both left us in the last
blood beach still
Our tribute episode to Burt Young, beloved wiseguy of countless films, best known for the Rocky series and - amongst
leave the world behind still
We loved this slow-burn Netflix original film - produced by the Obamas, of all people - about an unspecified disruption
all my friends are dead still
Happy New Year! This week, we bring you a fairly new Polish film that's streaming on Netflix which was a
it's a wonderful knife image
It's A Wonderful Knife takes the prize as the best Christmas horror movie title of the decade. Too bad the
blood beat samurai
Psychic ghost samurai summoned to a family gathering in a Wisconsin farmhouse to start murdering people and turn everything glowing
all the creatures were stirring still
For the second in our holiday horror series, we decided to try this anthology that LOOKED promising due to the
black friday still
We kick off the beginning of our holiday horror season much the same way many people kick off THEIR holiday
Just 12 years ago, Scott Cawthon was making mildly successful Christian videogames. Now, he's at the helm of the biggest
alien abduction still
Happy Thanksgiving! We dug deep into the bowels of the internet to find a little-known found footage movie with a
the exorcist still
With the premiere of The Exorcist: Believer, the 50th anniversary of the original film, AND the recent death of William
little monsters still
We're taking our 367th episode to celebrate our 366th! Why, you may ask? Because at 366, you now have enough
scary movie still
Happy Halloween! Not to be confused with the Wayans' horror-comedy of the same name, our Patrons chose the obscure 1991
cemetery of terror still
We put it to our Patrons to choose the last two movies of the month. We're happy to announce that
exorcist believer girls
For the first time ever in a Halloween season, we head to the theaters to give our take on a
lady in white still
How did we ever miss this one? We tackle a spooky ghost tale that just sits perfectly for the Halloween
gothic screenshot
The first of our Halloween-inspired films for October takes us to the literary roots of both Frankenstein AND Dracula in
house by the cemetery still
In what has to be one of our most contentious episodes yet, Todd and Craig spar over the final film
the platform still
This week, we tackle a pandemic favorite. This week's flick is a highly metaphorical film about class and capitalism that
maniac cop still
You have the right to remain silent...FOREVER. Such is the tagline of this week's schlockfest, the classic cable TV staple,
jim carrey in the bad batch
We had heard this was a cannibal film. Although technically correct, it's not much of a horror flick after the
buffy the vampire slayer still
We were saddened by the passing of Paul Reubens, known the world over as Pee Wee Herman. Would you believe
creepshow still with Leslie Nielsen
In 1982, horror icons George Romero and Stephen King collaborated to kick off the first in a franchise of beloved
dead heat screenshot
Our tribute to Treat Williams is the first-ever buddy cop action zombie comedy horror we've done on the podcast. Will
warlock julian sands
This week's tribute episode is for Julian Sands, whose most notorious horror flick in his extensive and well-respected filmography has
Pearl and Mia Goth
Last week was X. This week, we cover the prequel, co-written by headliner Mia Goth and director Ty West. Pearl
x screenshot
There is so much to love about Tai West's X that we couldn't help going over time to gush over
uncle sam screenshot
Happy Independence Day, Fellow Americans! In celebration, we dive deep into a rather shallow flick - the straight-to-video 1996 release
vampyros lesbos still - woman drinks blood from cup
We were certainly divided on the merits of Jesse Franco's Vampyros Lesbos. Todd thinks it's exploitation fare striving for something
the funhouse still
We were a bit split on this second request to come from our Patrons - Tobe Hooper's spooky carnival film
the initiation still
We know Daphne Zuniga best from Spaceballs. But just a few years before that, she had her first star turn
brain dead still
Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman team up as colleagues (or rivals?) in a Corman-produced oddity of 1990. We do our
brain damage elmer
We loved Basket Case so much that Todd wanted to try another Frank Henenlotter film. And this one did not
stagefright still
Giovanni Lombardo Ravice, lead actor in some of Italy's most notorious horror films of the 80's, passed away in April.
still from the movie
From "The Book of Saw" comes a tale you might just wanna leave on the shelf. Chris Rock's Saw not-really-a-sequel
satan's slaves still
Join us for our very first Indonesian horror film, a remake of the original 1976 Satan's Slaves by prolific Indonesian
the menu clip
This pitch-black comedy skewers much more than meat and veggies. The whole relationship between artists and its patrons, food and
the manitou clip
This week, we discovered our new favorite movie. Not because it's good, and not even because it's bad. The Manitou
peeping tom still
Special thanks to Loyal Listener and Patron, Chase, for this week's recommendation: A classic of the genre often cited as
This week, we asked Todd's friend, Andres, to join us and pick out a flick to chat about. He chose
leprechaun 3 still
This week, we follow our plucky little evil leprechaun to the very capital of debauchery and riches: Vegas, baby! In
giant jaws of death
This week's tribute episode goes out to Tom Sizemore, who sadly died recently of a brain aneurysm. We review his
wicker man bees
Hoooo boy. After our clue in the last episode, did you guess that we'd be doing Nicholas Cage's remake of
crispin glover willard
Special thanks goes out to Loyal Patrons Neil and Jordan for requesting this week's 2003 remake of the 1971 film
my bloody valentine 3d still
Happy Valentine's Day, Dear Listeners! Our valentine to you this year is a bit on-the-nose, but you know that's how
the blob still
It's a month of remakes! Our Patrons have spoken, so we bring you the first remake of four: 1988's remake
cannibal holocaust still
Ruggero Deodato died in December of last year. He directed 36 films ranging from comedy to drama to horror to
superstition still
Thanks to Tanya and Chiller Theater for requesting this witchy haunted house story that left us scratching our heads. What
death spa
Oooooooh boy... we LOVE it when we find a hidden gem, one of those deliciously campy and endlessly entertaining 80's
Our tribute episode to Kirstie Alley casts the late actress as a no-nonsense government-appointed epidemiologist brought in to investigate the
steel trap still
Happy New Year, Loyal Listeners! We sure wish we could have chosen a more compelling flick for the holiday, but
silent night bloody night still
We asked our Patrons to tell us which "Silent Night XX Night" horror movie they wanted us to wrap up
christmas bloody christmas
Christmas is almost upon us. We decided to continue with the killer Santa theme this season and review yet another
the advent calendar still
Our second episode of the holiday season is a creepy take on a cherished Christmas tradition around the world. But
violent santa
Well, we have a rare double-treat for you this week. How often do we get to review a film currently
frankenstein general hospital still
We admit: This week is a very looong stretch tribute, in tribute to Leslie Jordan. It's a "horror-comedy" that's not
kristy still
As usual, we searched high and low for a Thanksgiving-themed horror movie this year and, as usual, we came up
barbarian still
This week's film came out just last month, but we couldn't wait to review it. It starts out strong and
wrong turn still
We tick off yet another one of the last major horror franchises that we had yet to cover: Wrong Turn.
company of wolves still
This week's episode is a tribute to Dame Angela Lansbury. Though she was one of the last remaining actresses from
hocus pocus still
We switch it up and move to classic family fare for our Halloween episode this year. And it's timely too,
terrifier still
For our third Halloween-themed episode this year, we go dark. Extremely dark. This crowd-funded unrated indie film became enough of
houses october built still
This week's episode was a suggestion by two of our Patrons when we asked: What are some Halloween movies we
blood fest clowns
It's that time of year again! Let's kick off our first week of the Halloween season with a film about
monkey from monkey shines
Just before the holiday season (yes, of course we're talking about Halloween), let's revisit a George Romero 80's classic about
the supernaturals still
This year, we lost Nichelle Nichols, an actress with a tremendous legacy both on- and off-screen, but who will best
Children of the corn still
We asked our Patrons: Of the horror franchises we haven't touched, which would you like to see next? Children of
misery still
Time for another tribute episode. Back in August, we lost James Caan. As Craig stated, at that time we became
they-them still
This may be our freshest episode yet: This movie was released this very month on NBC's Peacock network. With a
reanimator still
TWO films in a ROW featuring a mutant kitten? It's either a crazy coincidence, or it's Stuart Gordon's horror cult-classic,
uninvited still
Looking for a "so bad it's good" movie? This obscure 80's flick - which is streaming on Tubi at this
final exam still
Going along with the early 80's trend of event-themed horror movies - Prom Night, Fall Break, Black Christmas, Happy Birthday
the prowler still
Tom Savini says he is most proud of his special effects work in this week's film. We've been wanting to
hell night still
Linda Blair stars in this ensemble haunted-house-plus-slasher pic about a fraternity initiation prank gone horribly wrong. Silliness abounds, but we
just before dawn swimming kids
Time for another highly-specific theme month: 1981 Slasher Films! We start off the series with a film that has been
identity still
Once again it's time to pay tribute to another dearly departed, the ubiquitous 90's villain and occasional villain, Ray Liotta.
salems lot still
This week, we conclude our discussion of the 2-part TV miniseries, Salem's Lot, based on Stephen King's novel. This part
salems lot still
This week begins our long-overdue discussion of an iconic TV mini-series, Salem's Lot. Based on Stephen King's novel of the
the hills have eyes still
After the controversy and success of The Last House on the Left, Wes Craven really wasn't interested in being pigeonholed
frailty still
A few of our Patrons recommended this stunning and surprising film which is directed by AND stars Bill Paxton, one
hatchet still
Looking for some old-school horror with a healthy dose of laugh-out-loud comedy? This over-the-top gorefest kicked off a successful -
rawhead rex still
How do you feel about ridiculous looking monster makeup? This week's film was a longstanding request, and one of Clive
house of the devil
Our first request decided by our Patrons is a throwback to the classic Satanic cult pics of the late 70's,
two little girls
Happy Mother's Day! In honor of the day we honor mothers everywhere, today we take a look at a Guillermo
blood red sky
This German production that premiered recently on Netflix has a lot going for it. It's a new take on the
Time to finally hit up that Hammer Horror classic that kicked the studio off into much riches and a huge
cannibal girls still
We really love our tribute episodes. Not only do they allow us the chance to reflect on an actor or
patreon logo
A special announcement and explanation of our Patreon drive, along with goodies for our supporters! Do us a favor and
deep house still
Now here's something completely novel: A classic haunted house story, entirely underwater. If that's not enough to send you to
stage fright still
This week, we pay tribute to the incomparable musician and actor, Meat Loaf, who passed away this month by visiting....nope,
valentine movie still
Happy Valentine's Day! In our never-ending quest to attach a horror movie to every holiday each year, we unearthed this
lake placid betty white
One of the most difficult deaths we've had to come to terms with this year has been long-time American TV
tales from the darkside still
We had fantastic memories of this movie from when we were kids, and also memories of the TV series it
dead of night still
We go waaaaay back for the third entry in our month of horror anthology films. Dead of Night is the
creepshow 2 still
The second of our month of horror anthologies is a long-time childhood favorite of both Craig and Todd. Stephen King
tales from the crypt still
We kick off a month of horror anthology films with what is arguably the granddaddy of them all, Tales From
jaws 4 still
Also known as "Jaws 4", this final installment in the Jaws franchise is often maligned as one of the worst
all through the house still
After last week's disturbing holiday nightmare, we had to close off the Christmas season this year with a good ol'
the lodge still
If you're looking for a film to put you in the Christmas spirit, search a little further. If you're looking
silent night deadly night 4 still
The fourth installment of the Silent Night Deadly Night franchise takes a definite turn away from Santa stalkers and towards
woman hides from killer santa
Are you ready for some Christmas turkey? This film by the producers of Pieces did not charm us in the
We still cannot understand why this 1990 classic from Stephen Spielberg and Frank Marshall is not better known 30 years
don't torture a duckling still
Todd decided to torture Craig again this week with another classic giallo pic from one of the masters, Lucio Fulci.
antlers on hooded figure
This week's entry comes straight from Netflix. One of those rare Italian horror movies that Craig himself suggested, which starts
lighting monster's cigarette
Back when TV movies were still cheap affairs, the Home Box Office Network (HBO) started striking out into original films.
primal rage still
Happy Halloween! Much as we hope your day goes today, 1988's Primal Rage culminates in a festive Halloween party sure
monster house still
Although we LOVE doing kid-oriented horror films from time to time, animation is a first for our podcast. But being
monster club still
Our search for the perfect seasonal film led us to the Halloween-Party-In-A-Box that is 1981'a The Monster Club. Vincent Price,
haunt screenshot
It's time for our favorite season of the year! We kick off our annual series of Halloween-appropriate films with a
home movie still
Creepy kids + found footage = a creepy, nihilistic film that is filled with dread from beginning to end. What
the bay still
Barry Levinson's eco-thriller from 2012 is remarkably prescient and just as applicable to the situation we find ourselves in today.
old people with guns
It's not exactly Shaun of the Dead, but it's not without its charms. This zom-com fulfills a long-time request by
terrorvision monster
Another high-camp schlockfest from Charles Band productions, though even campier than normal. One would even think it's supposed to be
driller killer rocker
Thanks to Ashley for recommending we plow forward through the Slumber Party Massacre series - the first and only horror
cellar dweller still
This homage to the old DC horror magazines has an interesting premise that is, unfortunately, wasted on a lackluster plot
apostle screenshot
This 2018 Netflix film has a pedigree that stretches back to The Woman, The Witch, The Wicker Man, and a
leprechaun still
We probably should've saved it for St. Patrick's Day, but one of the few franchises that we haven't hit couldn't
oliver screenshot
It's request time again! Paul asked us to check out this take on a modern Norman Bates-style serial killer. This
the omen in the car
Time for another tribute episode. This week, we celebrate the legacy of Richard Donner, the man behind most of the
exorcist 3 still image
William Peter Blatty got an opportunity to make up for the disappointment that was The Exorcist Part 2 (episode here)
one cut of the dead still
Occasionally, someone tips us off the an incredible gem of a film that we never would have discovered on our
slumber party massacre screenshot
We've passed by this iconic cover sooo many times on the video store shelves, but would you believe that neither
ghostwatch screenshot
"In 1992, the BBC aired a Halloween special so scary, approximately 1 million viewers called in to complain, and children
rosemary with knife
Happy Mother's Day! To celebrate, this year we're examining a classic of the "motherhood gone horribly wrong" genre: Roman Polanski's
candyman still
An urban legend comes to life after a grad student gets a little too academic with his mythology. And now
nicholas cage goes crazy
Can't get enough of Nicholas Cage going over-the-top crazy? Then belly up to this jet-black comedy that makes fun of
the mutilator screenshot
Ahhhh...just what we were looking for as spring hits: A movie about Fall Break. Whatever that is, it's the sunny
the woman still
This week we tackle a difficult-to-watch request from another loyal listener. Right in line with Lucky McKee's incredibly female-centric filmography,
dreamscape snake screenshot
This one takes us waaaay back to our childhood. But does anyone ELSE remember it? It's hard to believe this
cursed screenshot
It's our 250th episode extravaganza! You know what that means: As we always do for milestones, we dig out another
wishmaster djinn
A bloody-good time. This Wes Craven-produced short franchise is a special-effects extravaganza with a fun villain and an interesting premise:
blacula closeup
Blacula is one of the most respected "blaxploitation" horror films to come out of the 70's, and the first blaxploitation
my bloody valentine still
Happy Valentine's Day! February 14th is coming, and that means curling up with a loved one to watch a group
tourist trap still
In the last of our series of tribute episodes to famous people who have passed on, we salute Tanya Roberts,
orca still
Ennio Morricone passed away last year, leaving behind music scored for more than 400 films and television - which made
flatliners screenshot
Thanks to Hailee for submitting a request for this week's tribute to Joel Schumacher, who passed away last year. Stylistically,
tenebrae ax to head
For the second of our tribute series this month, we're killing two birds with one stone by honoring two people
monster from hell screenshot
This week we kick off a small series of tribute episodes that we didn't manage to get to last year.
deer lodge from ghostkeeper
After years of doing this podcast, we've been really scraping the bottom of the barrel to find New Years-themed horror
scrooged still
Though some may not classify it as much of a "horror" story as our typical fare, Scrooged is in fact
anna and the apocalypse
Without a doubt, this is the best Christmas-zombie-horror-comedy-musical we have ever reviewed. If you're looking for a legit, lighthearted yet
bill goldberg in Santa's Slay
Well, we're back with one of the goofiest, groaniest, holiday horror comedies we have ever done. What do you expect
silent night deadly night still
We certainly put this off as long as we could, and now we're kind of wondering why. Both of us
pilgrims at the door
This week's episode is certainly our most pointed Thanksgiving horror film to-date. Only found on Hulu as part of Blumhouse's
boys in treehouse
We continue our month on Shudder with something that just popped up out of the woodwork. Nodding heavily to Stranger
scare me still
A horror "anthology" unlike any we have ever seen before. Wild with creativity and carried by two incredibly talented actors,
michael myers
Michael Myers is back yet again in a fresh sequel to the 1978 original, set 40 years later and starring
geena davis sexy vampire
This week's Halloween-appropriate film is a Mel Brooks-ish wannabe that launched to a splash in 1985 and landed with a
witchtrap shot
Seems like an appropriate title to kick off October - a haunted house, devil-worshipping spirit, witches, seances, ghost hunters, surly
the wailing still
We originally chose this movie for Father's Day, but other things came up. This Korean flick involves a father fighting
pumpkinhead about to kill a kid
Lots of love for this creature feature directed by the late, great Stan Winston, and starring Lance Henricksen. It's a
tammy sleeps with a dinosaur
Craig went off the deep-end this week to dig through the dustbin of history and brush of this wacky flick
woman attacked by chainsaw
Every now and then, it's time for an exploitation grindhouse classic, and Pieces checks all the boxes. It even has
the thing transformed into a head
Wilford Brimley, iconic actor of the 1980's and beyond, passed away last month at 85 years old. Luckily for us,
christine car
This week we pay tribute to Kelly Preston by reviewing the only horror movie we could find with her in
session 9 still
This week's request comes from Loyal Listener Leeia. Love the sound of that. Session 9 is the first film to
rhonda shear
True confessions time: Both of us grew up watching Rhonda Shear host terrible horror movies on the USA Network's weekend
The Beach House still - glowing trees
If you're looking for a horror film that feels timely and hits too close to home for comfort, then grab
For our tribute to the late, great British actor Ian Holm, we came around to his role as Ash in
bloody eyes
We take a break from requests to go to the opera....Argento's Opera, that is. And oh boy, did this movie
triangle still
This week's request is a somewhat obscure time-tripping movie that we never would have found on our own. Thank you,
Today's request is an oldie but goodie. Thanks, James, for suggesting The Blair Witch Project. We had to get to
This week we tackle another request - this time from loyal listener, Chase, who saddled us with an intense and
Also known by its original Italian title, Demoni, Demons is a Dario Argento-produced gore-fest by Mario Bava's son, Lamberto Bava.
This week's episode is not a request, but just something we wanted to do. Both of us read the book
dorm that dripped blood screenshot
It's not a masterpiece of cinema, but there's a certain scrappy charm behind this early DIY slasher made by some
scary stories still
Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark is a classic children's book series from Craig and Todd's childhood. This movie
Thanks to Dave for recommending this hilarious, so-bad-it's-good movie as we sit at home in isolation. We're especially excited to
seedpeople still
This week's request comes courtesy of Mikey. A Full Moon production of the typical Full Moon quality. We wanted to
This week's request comes courtesy of Alyssa. We're revisiting this 90's era mainstream thriller, starring Al Pacino and a pre-Matrix
needful things still
Two tribute episodes in a row as we say RIP to Max Von Sydow, and actor with an incredible resume
Kirk Douglas passed away last month, and you know what THAT means! Time to crap on another wonderful actor's horror
Before Roland Emmerich brought us huge summer blockbusters like Independence Day, Stargate, and The Day After Tomorrow, he tossed a
witches still
Jim Henson's last project before he died involved some incredible puppet and makeup effects in this incredible film, based on
watcher in the woods still
The next in our month of family-friendly horror films is Disney's first attempt to branch out into horror. What starts
It's time for another theme month: Family-Friendly Horror Films! We're kicking off a month of kid-oriented horror with the one
still from the house on sorority row
Remade in more recent times as Sorority Row, we couldn't believe the original 1983 version doesn't get as much love
killer klowns still
Every bit as fun as the title would suggest, this film tickled all three of us. Three? That's right! Loyal
city of the living dead still
Well, nobody ever accused famed Italian horror director Lucio Fulci of making classy films. Or even comprehensible ones. So it
scream clip
It's our 200th Episode! As per tradition, we visit an iconic Wes Craven movie to celebrate this milestone, and we
snapshot from movie
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! This recently rediscovered home invasion thriller from France bore such a striking resemblance to Home
This Friday the 13th knockoff may be full of Christmas imagery, but that can't save it from being hilariously bad.
screenshot from hide and seek
Something unique for us: An Indian slasher film that takes place in an abandoned shopping mall at Christmas time. And
sleepwalkers still
Hailed (a bit wrongly) as "the first Stephen King movie written specifically for the screen," this early 90's video store
electrocution by guitar
Happy Thanksgiving! We managed to find an obscure slasher that takes place on this hungriest of holidays. And it's a
alligator attack
Robert Forster died last month. As always, we pay tribute to a late actor by reviewing one of his (usually)
alternate less vocal clown
A gritty and not so great horror anthology redeems itself by the end, propelling its director straight into a career
once bitten still
So it's basically a high school sex comedy with a horror theme, and not scary at all. But for the
dude with a gun from the movie
Accomplished horror director Adam Wingard's pic is kind of a horror movie, but more of a psychological thriller/action pic that
sid haig
Our tribute episode to Sid Haig, veteran character actor and late horror icon who recently passed away at the ripe
Kicking off our usual October Halloween horror films with Ginger Snaps. It's the coming-of-age story of a teenage werewolf that
dead alive screenshot
In the USA, it's known as Dead Alive. The rest of the world knows this early Peter Jackson film as
We always have fun on our show, but this week we had maybe even a little more fun than usual
curtains still
We can't really say "thanks" to loyal listener Shane for requesting this week's movie. Maybe he wanted to punish us?
cube movie still
We hit another request this week, this time from loyal listener, Gary. It's a late 90's, low-budget Canadian flick that
pennywise from IT
We were pleased to once again welcome Stephen King super-fan Jordan to guest with us on her request this week:
It's not one of our wackier conversations, because this week's episode is a seriously dark characters study of a disturbed
Rutger Hauer
We pay tribute to the late, great Rutger Hauer with today's episode. He passed away recently at the age of
linnea quigley
We were extremely excited to spend some time chatting with scream queen and horror icon Linnea Quigley on today's episode.
big gaping mouth of teeth
This homage to B-Movie sci-fi films of the 50s becomes the very definition of a "creature feature": An entire film
scary alien eyes
Before "Scream" paved the way for a steady stream of self-aware horror movies, there was "There's Nothing Out There."
bone tomahawk scene
We were told this was a horror movie, although it's at least 70% straight Western. Which doesn't mean we didn't
death house still
The Expendables of Horror....what a promising concept, yet lousy execution. We didn't have a lot of good things to say
wicker man still
As a movie, The Wicker Man defies description. It doesn't fit neatly into any genre category, encompassing elements of detective
The movies within a movie make THIS movie a joy to watch. More than anything, we want to attend the
hellraiser screenshot
We're twisting our puzzle box to unlock Clive Barker's directorial debut about a twisted group of people summoning a twisted
deborah logan closeup
Craig asked for something "modern" this week, so we dug deep into Netflix for last year's sleeper "hit" about an
still of 7 golden vampires movie
When we heard that Hammer's House of Horror had teamed up with Shaw Bros' House of Kung Fu on a
two people standingin front of a house
Request time again. On the heels of Mother's Day, we bring you a movie about what happens when you have
What better way to celebrate mother's day than with a movie that shows just how far sons can go for
Special thanks to Phantom Dark Dave for this timely request, around the same time that it has been announced that
the stuff on a guy's face
Our tribute to Larry Cohen is a social commentary on companies that make products that harm people. An unknown mutant
2 Critters
It's not the Gremlin-knockoff you always thought it was!
bill oberst jr as lincoln
This week, we have a special guest on to chat about everything from the state of horror to Abraham Lincoln's
zombeaver attacks
A high-concept flick that was clearly dreamed up over cocktails between friends, Zombeavers is our latest request from loyal listener,
daughter from hereditary
This week's request comes from Joseph - last year's breakout horror hit, Hereditary. It boasts a stellar cast and, in
woman in temple house
We're jumping back to a few requests this month and tackling this Ken Russell film that is difficult to categorize.
The last of our month of sequels brings us back to the Return of the Living Dead series to see
vomit monster
Although we have yet to review the original Poltergeist - one of Craig's favorite movies - we nonetheless decided to
regan superimposition
Often hailed as the second-worst movie ever made, this sequel to the iconic horror classic is a real head-scratcher.ften hailed
Closeup of The Fly creature
February is once again our Month of Sequels again this year. We already did the David Cronenberg version of The
Tommy requested this sequel-in-name-only to Prom Night. We enjoying chatting about this surreal, odd little movie that should make a
people on a rock
Major thanks to Francis and the others who requested this 1950s-style monster movie from the 90's that was such a
purge masks
Kicking off Request Month is this request from long-time listener, Karthik. We enjoyed having a rare political discussion (don't worry
Happy New Year 2019! Sure wish we could've brought you a better New Year's themed horror film this week, but
cryptkeeper christmas
Happy Holidays, everyone! For the big Christmas Day episode, we thought we'd do something a little different. We scoured the
snowman stalks a guy with an ax
Not to be confused with the Michael Keaton family tale of the same name, this direct-to-video horror-comedy divided us both.
It's another Christmas-themed horror movie, duly noted by the word "Christmas" in the title and the omnipresent blue and red
movie theater in a wasteland
More of a horror-comedy than straight horror, this quirky 80's throwback took us both by surprise. Two Valley Girls try
freddy with syringes for fingers
It's our 150th episode! To celebrate, we decided to return to our roots. We started this podcast with the Wes
hanging head
Happy Thanksgiving, Americans! We're happy to treat to you this long-lost slasher film with all the trimmings: cheesy 80's music,
dolls screenshot
Stuart Gordon sure has the market cornered on killer doll movies. This more or less kicked off a line of
bette davis spooked out
We varied a bit on our final assessment of this admittedly classic haunted house story, starring the incomparable Karen Black
Happy Halloween! We end our series with the latest from Rob Zombie, aptly titled "31".
Woman and kid scared
Part four of our 2018 Halloween extravaganza was a fun episode to record. That doesn't necessarily mean the movie was
This made-for-TV movie event from the 80's starred some well-known faces, but it hasn't remained well-known. You probably missed it
knife through door, guy on other side
Despite being billed as "the first gay slasher film," not many people have heard of this 2004 micro-budget indie movie.
Studio interference probably kept this movie from becoming great. Though Dead and Buried came packaged up with some great acting,
Todd was thrilled to finally introduce Craig to the official Troma catalog, and he selected one of their most recent
invaders from mars still
We love to do kid-oriented horror movies, and this week we turn once again to Tobe Hooper's oeuvre for this
creeper swings his axe
Jeepers Creepers 3 sprung on us suddenly last year, seemingly out of nowhere. With a limited release in theaters for
zombie face off
Normally we would wait until winter time to review a film about Nazi snow zombies, but we got several requests
Request month continues with this early 90's (and it shows) film with an all-African-American cast and crew, produced by Troma,
cujo closeup
This creepy story of a dog gone mad was a challenge to film back in the pre-CGI days of 1983.
floating in water
We wrap up our month of summer horror with another shark film. Very reminiscent of 2003 survival horror film Open
faces from I know what you did last summer
What did we learn here, folks? We learned that some of these 90's mainstream "horror craze" films have not aged
We're back in Roger Corman's camp with this sci-fi / horror hybrid that crawled out of the lake and into
terrible jaws composite effect
As a goofy time capsule of your typical 80's film, it's a fun ride through an improbably plot and even
girls tormenting Angela
It's the middle of summer! Time for a month of summer-themed horror films from the 2 Guys Studios. Kicking it
creepy clowns
Yes, yes, another found footage movie. You'd think we'd be sick of them by now, but this one came at
two people exploring the catacombs
A team of people follow an ancient secret path through the catacombs of Paris to find the mythical philosopher's stone
Probably the most tasteless and obscure film we have reviewed thus far. This laughable attempt at a film at least
This Spanish film about a Ouijia board experience gone wrong is all style, but lacks a certain something. Don't get
In tribute to Margot Kidder, we review one of her more well-known horror flicks. We both remembered this as being
train to busan screenshot
Back to Asia, where my dad happens to be visiting us here in Beijing. He took his first guest turn
bloody guy
This grindhouse classic played as a double-feature with The Last House on the Left.
don't go into the woods still
The new gold standard against which all our "bad" horror movies are judged. You've been warned.
man stands over sleeping guy
A group of friends break into a blind man's house and end up with more than they bargained for. Produced
girl in red slicker
We're kicking off another theme month: Movies with the word "Don't" in the title. We start with this classy, classic,
toast around the table
We've been meaning to do this one for a while. In celebration of April Fool's Day next week, here is
Sam Raimi in meat department
How did we ever miss this one? The Sam Raimi team of misfits gathers together in 1989 to add to
alligator girl
Finally, a movie that lives up to its title. All you need to know is there. We follow the exploits
About a decade after the original shocker, Tobe Hooper directed his sequel starring Dennis Hopper and a whole load of
The first appearance of Jason as the killer requires a few leaps in logic and plausibility, but it did set
Very different in tone from the original House (which we have previously discussed), we had fond memories of this horror-comedy
nightmare 2
Sometimes called "The gayest horror film ever made," we felt it was the appropriate topic to kick off our month
woman hides in convenience store
If you have any desire to see this movie, don't listen to our podcast before you do. That's all we'd
Jennifer Connelly
We're big fans of Dario Argento here at 2 Guys & A Chainsaw. His films don't make a lot of
get out
Jordan Peele made an unlikely turn from comedy to horror with this surprise hit that pushed all the right buttons.
Santa faces off against Krampus
Better late than never! We kick off 2018 with a brief look back and Christmas with the EXCELLENT and supremely
Season's Greetings! We absolutely loved unwrapping this holiday package. But we can't say much more about it, since this Christmas-themed
dead snow dead soldiers
Sorry for the lateness of this week's (last week's!) episode. In keeping with our holiday-ish theme, we went with a
We feel like this movie perfectly captures the spirit of toys and gift-giving, even though it technically isn't a Christmas
Take a high-school sex comedy, mix it with a modern zombie flick, and you'll get Scout's Guide to the Zombie
giant rat closeup
Rounding out Request Month comes a suggestion from Nick Sible about a killer rat. Well, it's not much of a
Loyal listener Manuel requested this week's topic - another Roger Corman classic that also happens to be Francis Ford Coppola's
kid tied to chair in face-off
This Netflix Original film just came out and surprised both of us by combining a rollicking good time with some
satan mask up-close
Happy Halloween! In our attempt to find Halloween-themed horror films, sometimes we have to dredge the bottom of the barrel.
woman held at spear-point by native
Umberto Lenzi died about a week ago. We pay tribute to his memory the way we tend to do on
mr dark's carnival
We've reached 100 episodes! To celebrate this milestone, Craig and I chose a special film that we've been wanting to
Angela from Night of the Demons
The poster art alone is scary enough. There may not be the scariest movie behind it, but it's high camp
Terrible acting, nonsensical plot, blatant ripoffs of much better films, and some brother-on-sister action are just a few of the
the creeper
By request, we dive back into the Jeepers Creepers franchise, just as the third one is about to hit the
Tobe Hooper died a couple weeks ago at the age of 74. He left behind a crazy assortment of horror
pennywise with fangs
The second half of the original made-for-TV miniseries of IT follows the kids as adults who return to take care
There's another remake on the horizon. So we thought we'd pay tribute to Stephen King's magnum opus, "It", by looking
still from movie
This week we go back to the classics. The quality of this surreal French film stunned us both - even
panda at a table
Four female directors tackle four different tales centering around women in this interesting concept film. We both love horror anthology
Night of the Living Dead zombies
RIP George Romero. Our tribute episode to a man who changed the face of horror and exploitation film forever. And
Where to begin. Well, it's a practical effects extravaganza. You get double the storyline for your money. There's a host
Clint Howard, Ron Howard's less attractive younger brother, began a long career in horror movies with this "high tech" fright
evil rocker
Not to be confused with the far better film "Trick R Treat," this heavy metal horror film may not be
another killer clown
What started as a fake trailer with Eli Roth's name slapped on it became a full-fledged killer clown movie. Such
Well, it ain't gonna win any awards. You know how much fun it is popping bubble wrap? Poking through the
adam west as police chief
R.I.P Adam West. You may not have been drug down into the grave by a zombie, but we miss you
If you're tired of found footage films, you might find enough good stuff to love about Rec to make it
Ah, where to begin with this one? Scary it is not, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a more wacky
It's only the second PG-rated film we have reviewed (the first being Gremlins), but that doesn't mean it didn't pack a
the eyes of my mother
Simone joins us yet again for a tribute to Mother's Day, only a week late. This slow burn creep-fest really
closeup on Blade puppet
You've no doubt heard of Puppet Master. But have you seen it? The original, and not one of the hundreds
eye looks through a wall
We're both happy to discuss this Mario Bava giallo flick, which turned out to be the granddaddy of the slasher genre
erin moran crushed by tentacles
We pay tribute to the late Erin Moran the only way we know how: By reviewing one of her b-horror
Loyal listener Jordyn picked this week's movie, so we invited her along to discuss with us the utterly disturbing 2012 film,
martin still
Not many people outside the die-hard horror circles have even heard of George Romero's vampire tale, Martin. Sometime between Night
Our good friend (and self-professed Jeff Goldblum fanatic), Simone, joins us again - this time to discuss David Cronenberg's only
Our tribute episode to the late, great Bill Paxton, who puts a chilling yet lovable turn on the classic vampire-biker-western
So it's a bit goofy and dated, but where else can you see The Greatest American Hero as a popular
Rusty Cundieff's unique and arguably "blah" anthology is less horror film and more of a star-studded political lecture on the
Shaun of the Dead
How in the world did it take Todd so long to see this movie? Simon Pegg's debut to American audiences fires on
bird with the crystal plumage screenshot
Better late than never...This week's tardy entry is another Italian giallo pic by horror master Dario Argento. It also happens
This American remake of a hit Japanese horror film kicked off a brief J-Horror remake craze in the early aughts.
student bodies header
Billed as "The World's First Comedy Horror Movie," today's selection had a better run on cable television than it did in
the monster squad banner
This childhood favorite held many special memories for Craig and this week's guest, his sister Kristin. The three of us
hostel butchers
After all these years, both of us discovered some surprising things about the modern-day horror classic, Hostel. Listen in for our
Good lord. This is one insane film.
There aren't too many New Year's Eve-themed horror movies, so you can't blame us for choosing this turkey to watch
Gremlins caroling
Happy Holidays, Loyal Listeners! We end our 2016 Holiday Horror Edition of the podcast with an old favorite, Gremlins. Did
Angela with axe
We were a bit divided on this movie, but we came together to agree that this woman-in-peril film bleeds pure holiday spirit.
evil st nick header
Despite being a killer Santa movie with intriguing possibilities, we both felt this 2011 Dutch film squandered its premise on
killer santa toy
We kick off the 2016 holiday season with the 5th installment of the infamous killer Santa horror saga. Only this
you're next screenshot
This home invasion film puts a bit of a twist on the genre. We both enjoyed discussing this fast-paced gem.
Who doesn't love a good movie about the horrors of a wax museum? Maybe Todd. At least, Waxwork didn't rub him
the descent header
A group of women descend into a cave and receive more than they bargained for. Check out our take on
sinister kids
Tonight, we bring you the last of our Halloween season episodes this year: A horror anthology with a whopping 10
halloween 3 header
Fresh off the heels of two commercially successful films starring Michael Meyers, Team John Carpenter took a left turn and
elvira in her car
Back in 1988, Halloween horror icon Elvira finally got her own movie. It didn't make a big splash, but it
Whew...where to begin with this mishmash of horror tropes? With everything but the kitchen sink thrown into the plot, we
rotld header
It's the Linnea Quigley's breakout role (and what a role it is). And it's responsible for the idea that zombies
Our 50th episode spectacular! And what would be more spectacular than pitting two horror icons together in a battle to
final destination header
We're joined this week by special guest Simone Yamshon as we discuss the premiere entry into the Final Destination movie
fright night chris sarandon vampire
Fright Night is an earnest horror-comedy from the 80's that hits all the right notes.
crimson Peak
A good old-fashioned gothic ghost story done right by the master of visuals, Guillermo Del Toro. We loved this movie
This low-budget drive-in hit spawned two bigger budget sequels. It occupies a certain place in horror history, and is surprisingly
Why has this hilarious horror-comedy flown under the radar? Penned by the minds behind Saw and Glee, An ensemble cast
the burning header
This forgotten gem is one of the better (and more original) of the summer camp slasher pics. Both of us
Whoa boy, did we enjoy deconstructing this terribly boring flick that, nevertheless, stars primo scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis -
Our second Victor Salva movie (we previously discussed Clownhouse), and it's clear this man has some style and originality in
little shop header
One of Jack Nicholson's first film roles is also a surprisingly good little horror comedy, even by today's standards. Yeah,
We were definitely split on this unique throwback to those old Italian giallo horrors of the 70's. Shout out tho'
We have mixed feelings about Fred Dekker's dated but charming send-up to classic sci-fi and horror films. But it's worth a
Happy 4th of July! This episode has no relation to the holiday, but we thought we'd say it anyway. While
This week, we dip back into the Wes Craven collection for what is arguably the very best film in the
Not gonna lie: We loved this movie to death, and can't imagine any horror fan who wouldn't go crazy over
Consider the tag line: "You see them on the street. You watch them on TV. You might even vote for
Deadly Friend is the third Wes Craven film we've reviewed this year in the wake of his death. Thanks to
ravenous header
Anyone out there heard of Ravenous? We thought not. This almost forgotten flick features an all-star cast and a strong
shm2 header
It's Todd's turn to pull a favorite off the shelf with this delightfully absurd horror comedy from writer-director Jim Wynorski.
pet sematary header
Pet Sematary is the first horror film that his dad, Jim, took him to see in the theater - when
chopping mall bots
A low budget film that intentionally delivers more laughs than scares, though you'd never know it from the notorious box
funny games header
Talk about disturbing. Craig's sister, Kristen, joins us to talk about this controversial home invasion film.
If you've never seen the 1977 Japanese horror-comedy-musical House, then you're in for the wildest, strangest trip of your life.
With the release of 10 Cloverfield Lane to the theaters, we revisit 2008's "spiritual predecessor," Cloverfield. It's a Godzilla movie
the loved ones
If John Hughes directed horror films instead of angsty teen comedies, his first film would've been The Loved Ones. It's
the witch header
We head into the theater again to catch the latest horror flick everyone has an opinion about: A "New England
This week we dip back into comedy, where a case of mistaken-identity on the part of some overzealous college kids
let the right one in header
This week's film takes us to the chilly reaches of Sweden, where a 12 year-boy meets a young vampire and they form
troll movie still
This week, we went back in time for Craig's childhood favorite, Troll. Marketed as a straight horror film, Troll is
This classic established Lucio Fulci as one of Italy's most popular horror directors during the 70's. Alternatively titled just plain
excision still
Excision is a sublime horror movie with an all-star cast that seems to have flown completely under the radar.
This week, we dive into a whole new subgenre of film - the Italian giallo pic - with one of
In honor of the recent passing of Angus Scrimm, we bring you a film that's near and dear to our
the inferno header
It's been a long time since we've seen a cannibal-themed horror film. Eli Roth's passion project is a shout-out to
sweet 16 banner
If you're looking for the perfect "so bad, it's good" movie to watch with your buddies, few films are sweeter
terror train still
We're a bit puzzled why this 80's slasher has remained under the radar for so long since its release. But it
rare exports still
This unique tale, imported from Finland, deals with the idea of an evil Santa Claus in an entirely original way.
christmas evil still
We had a lot more to say than we thought about this weird cult film. Check it out! Christmas Evil
krampus still
This seems to be the year of the Krampus. For this second week of our horror-themed Christmas films, we headed
black christmas still
Some say Black Christmas was the first modern slasher movie. We think it's a little more complicated than that - more
bloodbath at the house of death still with vincent price
Today's film is like the Airplane of horror films - a long-forgotten gem from the UK boasting Vincent Price as
clownhouse movie still
One of Craig's most vivid memories from childhood involves stumbling across this chiller on late night TV. Clownhouse isn't going to win
goodnight mommy movie still
Todd & Craig review a deeply unsettling new Swedish film that just came across the border. For a story with
witching and bitching still
What begins as a heist film quickly descends into hilarious chaos as a group of wanna-be criminals run afoul of
We revisit Saw with our first guest, Kristin Sorhus-Hafen - who doesn't normally do horror, and is watching it for
woman in black movie
We were less-than-impressed with Daniel Radcliffe's first film after the Harry Potter series, but it may be good for those
trick or treat still
Trick or Treat is the Halloween movie to end all Halloween movies, and we had a ball discussing it this month. See the
creep still
Todd & Craig discuss last year's surprisingly novel found footage flick, Creep. Let's just say it lives up to its
freddy krueger still
Todd & Craig continue their tribute to Wes Craven with another look at the classic that made Freddy Krueger a
people under the stairs still
For our inaugural episode, in honor of horror icon Wes Craven's recent passing, we take a look at 1991's The