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We wrap up Werewolf Month with a listener suggestion. 2015’s Howl is kind of like a Train To Busan, but with werewolves in the dead of night in the English countryside. A solid film to end a solid four-week overview of the werewolf genre. Hope you’ve enjoyed Werewolf month, sponsored by Manscaped!

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Dog Soldiers

Jammed full of action and gunfire, this Neil Marshall debut did remind us a wee bit of Predator. We just wish we had enjoyed this one as much as we expected to. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this episode though!

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Opinions are as mixed as the message in this artsy oddity based on a Whitley Streiber novel and starring a host of famous actors, rounded off by none other than Albert Finney, Gregory Hines and perennial Two-Guys Favorite, Tom Noonan.

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The Howling

We continue Werewolf Month with the Joe Dante classic, The Howling. Chock full of stars, this one is credited with re-inventing the werewolf genre for...

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An American Werewolf In London

Our first film is John Landis’ classic horror-comedy about two backpackers in the English countryside who get attacked by a werewolf. Hilarity ensues as the dead one comes revisits his friend to warn him that he is the last living werewolf in this line of werewolves and really ought to kill himself to save humanity. This film is most notorious for having perhaps the best werewolf transformation sequence in the history of filmmaking by special effects artist Rick Baker.

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Night Swim

How far can you go with the concept of possessed water? We take a deep dive into this Blumhouse / James Wan production to find out!