Top Christmas Horror Movies

bill goldberg in Santa's Slay

Do the Christmas holiday season and Horror go together? You bet! Here is our comprehensive list of Christmas-themed holiday horror movies that we’ve reviewed on our podcast. Or at least flicks in the winter time, with lots of snow.

  • 3615 Code Père Noël (aka Deadly Games)

    3615 Code Père Noël (aka Deadly Games)

    And yes, the similarity is strong: A young boy is forced to use traps to protect his home after a menacing Santa slides down his chimney. Although it’s much darker than most holiday movies, what we found in this forgotten French flick was a lot of heart and a fun ride. Recently remastered, you can…

  • A Christmas Horror Story

    A Christmas Horror Story

    Better late than never! We kick off 2018 with a brief look back and Christmas with the EXCELLENT and supremely overlooked A Christmas Horror Story – starring William Shatner, among others!

  • All The Creatures Were Stirring

    All The Creatures Were Stirring

    For the second in our holiday horror series, we decided to try this anthology that LOOKED promising due to the recognizable faces in it. But...

  • All Through The House

    All Through The House

    We can’t say it’s the BEST Christmas horror movie out there, but it certainly is trying. Merry Christmas, everyone!

  • Anna and the Apocalypse

    Anna and the Apocalypse

    If you’re looking for a legit, lighthearted yet heartfelt romp, filled with catchy songs and great dance numbers, check out Wicked. Or you could watch this movie too. Wicked doesn’t have nearly as many zombies.

  • Better Watch Out

    Better Watch Out

    Season’s Greetings! We absolutely loved unwrapping this holiday package. So go check it out now on your favorite streaming service and come back here for the full report.

  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas

    Join us by the Yule log as we unwrap this overlooked but stellar Christmas horror film, by the writer-director of A Christmas Story.

  • Black Friday

    Black Friday

    A movie based on the Black Friday shopping phenomenon holds a lot of promise. With this 2021 film, unfortunately, it’s another case of “great concept, poor execution”. Even Bruce Campbell couldn’t save this uneven and mostly un-funny horror-comedy. But at least there’s a ton of holiday spirit in there! We sure enjoyed chatting about it,…

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