Top Christmas Horror Movies

Do the Christmas holiday season and Horror go together? You bet! Here is our comprehensive list of Christmas-themed holiday horror movies that we’ve reviewed on our podcast. Or at least flicks in the winter time, with lots of snow.

Well, we have a rare double-treat for you this week. How often do we get to review a film currently
This Friday the 13th knockoff may be full of Christmas imagery, but that can't save it from being hilariously bad.
If you're looking for a film to put you in the Christmas spirit, search a little further. If you're looking
Our second episode of the holiday season is a creepy take on a cherished Christmas tradition around the world. But
Despite being a killer Santa movie with intriguing possibilities, we both felt this 2011 Dutch film squandered its premise on
We kick off the 2016 holiday season with the 5th installment of the infamous killer Santa horror saga. Only this
The fourth installment of the Silent Night Deadly Night franchise takes a definite turn away from Santa stalkers and towards
We asked our Patrons to tell us which "Silent Night XX Night" horror movie they wanted us to wrap up
Well, we're back with one of the goofiest, groaniest, holiday horror comedies we have ever done. What do you expect
This unique tale, imported from Finland, deals with the idea of an evil Santa Claus in an entirely original way.
This week's episode is certainly our most pointed Thanksgiving horror film to-date. Only found on Hulu as part of Blumhouse's
We were a bit divided on this movie, but we came together to agree that this woman-in-peril film bleeds pure holiday spirit.
More of a horror-comedy than straight horror, this quirky 80's throwback took us both by surprise. Two Valley Girls try
This seems to be the year of the Krampus. For this second week of our horror-themed Christmas films, we headed
Not to be confused with the Michael Keaton family tale of the same name, this direct-to-video horror-comedy divided us both.
It's A Wonderful Knife takes the prize as the best Christmas horror movie title of the decade. Too bad the
Something unique for us: An Indian slasher film that takes place in an abandoned shopping mall at Christmas time. And
Happy Holidays, Loyal Listeners! We end our 2016 Holiday Horror Edition of the podcast with an old favorite, Gremlins. Did
Are you ready for some Christmas turkey? This film by the producers of Pieces did not charm us in the
Happy Holidays, everyone! For the big Christmas Day episode, we thought we'd do something a little different. We scoured the
We had a lot more to say than we thought about this weird cult film. Check it out! Christmas Evil
Christmas is almost upon us. We decided to continue with the killer Santa theme this season and review yet another
We feel like this movie perfectly captures the spirit of toys and gift-giving, even though it technically isn't a Christmas
Psychic ghost samurai summoned to a family gathering in a Wisconsin farmhouse to start murdering people and turn everything glowing
We kick off the beginning of our holiday horror season much the same way many people kick off THEIR holiday
Some say Black Christmas was the first modern slasher movie. We think it's a little more complicated than that - more
Season's Greetings! We absolutely loved unwrapping this holiday package. But we can't say much more about it, since this Christmas-themed
Without a doubt, this is the best Christmas-zombie-horror-comedy-musical we have ever reviewed. If you're looking for a legit, lighthearted yet
After last week's disturbing holiday nightmare, we had to close off the Christmas season this year with a good ol'
For the second in our holiday horror series, we decided to try this anthology that LOOKED promising due to the
Better late than never! We kick off 2018 with a brief look back and Christmas with the EXCELLENT and supremely
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! This recently rediscovered home invasion thriller from France bore such a striking resemblance to Home

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