Night of the Creeps

Night of the Creeps

We have mixed feelings about Fred Dekker’s dated but charming send-up to classic sci-fi and horror films.

But it’s worth a watch if you love everything about those movies. And James Gunn (Slither, Guardians of the Galaxy) owes a LOT to this movie…

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Night of the Creeps (1986)

Episode 39, 2 Guys and a Chainsaw Podcast

Todd:  Hello, and welcome to another episode of 2 Guys and a Chainsaw. I’m Todd.

Craig: And I’m Craig.

Todd: And today, we’ve picked the movie. Well, I picked the movie. It’s a film that I saw a long time ago, but I just don’t remember much about it now that I’ve seen it again. It’s called Night of the Creeps made in 1986, and, it was really made as a send up to sci fi and horror b movies of the bygone era. And, that’s exactly what it is.  Wouldn’t you agree, Craig?

Craig:  Yeah. And that’s really more your expertise. I feel like you, are more a fan of those movies than I am, but, you definitely I or I at least definitely caught a lot of references to those old, movies and so, even I, who am not a big big huge fan of those films, caught some of those things.

Todd:  So whereas like a lot of horror comedy Todd, looks back on more recent horror and makes fun of it, this looks back on like the horror of the fifties and stuff. So I guess you felt a little out of your element watching

Craig:  this? A little bit. You know, I don’t know. The funny thing is I thought that I had seen this movie before, but, I was thinking of Night of the Comet, which is a totally different movie. And, yeah, I thought I had seen it and then I popped it in and started watching and realized that this was my first time having ever seen this movie. So, I I may not be as knowledgeable about this. Usually the movies that we’ve we’ve talked about, I’ve usually seen 2 or 3 times.

Todd:  Well, now the writer director of this movie,

Craig:  there were a couple lines and I won’t even be able to no. I know there was one specifically. It’s basically a zombie movie and there’s one point where the cop says

Todd:  Corpses that have been dead for 27 years do not get up and go for a walk by themselves.

Craig:  Which was almost identical to a line in the Monster Squad where the cop dad says the exact same thing about the mummy. And so I didn’t realize that, there was that connection, but it makes sense because there are some pretty striking similarities.

Todd:  Well, the movie was obviously written, and intentionally so by the director Todd just he he basically tried to compress every single horror or sci fi b movie cliche he could think of into this movie. So it starts out in the 19 fifties, and it’s even in black and white. In fact, he wanted to do the whole movie in black and white. I think it works better this way, where, like, the past is black and white, and then we come up to 1986. Right. A lot of things kind of happen at once. We see a sorority house and some girls in there who are talking about going out on their dates,

Craig:  and

Todd:  then a girl and a guy go out driving, basically parking on the point above the city like they’re gonna make out, when over the stereo of the car over the car radio, comes an announcement that there’s a kill an escaped maniac on the loose from a local mental asylum. Oh, and even before this, before we even get to Earth, we’re up in space.

Craig:  Yeah. Oh, man. That’s so funny. That opening, again, I had no idea what to expect and it opens up in like this spaceship, you know. It looks like a hallway straight off of the alien set or something. But then you’ve got these little naked aliens running around. Clearly, little people in like rubber suits, running around, and it’s like one of them is holding some kind of like canister or something, and and other ones are chasing him and, then the one with the canister like launches the canister off into space and and then that’s when we jump into the 19, 59, flashback or whatever. And, what’s funny is, you know, I the all I knew about the movie was the the very brief synopsis that I read on IMDB, which is like a college prank goes wrong and people turn into zombies or or something like that.  So I didn’t really have any idea what was going on, and when it jumped into that, 1959, flashback, I was thinking, oh, okay. This is probably, you know, a movie within a movie. We’re probably seeing, you know, something that our main character is gonna be watching at a drive in or something. And and then it went on for, like, 10 minutes or so. And I’m like, wait, maybe I should be paying closer attention. Maybe this is actually important. And as it turns out, it it was quasi important, I guess. I mean, it’s it’s connected to the main plot.  Yeah. It kinda sets up

Todd:  the whole deal. They go out parking, this thing comes across the radio, they’re driving back Oh, and and she says something about wishing on the brightest star, and pretty soon, this really bright, looks like a shooting star comes across the the, the sky, which of course is whatever was in this canister from the spaceship Right. And it shoots way across them as a giant fireball and hits the ground in the forest behind them, And so they decide to drive over and check it out. I think he says something like, well, that’s about as bright a star as I can find. Yeah. Meanwhile

Craig:  on the radio, it keeps busting in with, now another news update about the escaped maniac, and it gives an address and the girl, in the car, I think her name was Pam or something, looks up and they’re parked right underneath the street sign where it says the maniac is going to be, but the boyfriend has gone off to check out the comet. And so then we we see, you know, these feet, walking towards her. It’s apparently the escaped maniac. I mean it’s it’s so many things, you know? It’s in the first 10 minutes, you’ve got aliens, you’ve got an escaped maniac, you’ve got all I had no idea what was going on and I kind of felt that way through

Todd:  the whole thing. Throughout. A little bit of grease in there. It felt like the blob too when he’s going to the crater as it’s, and and there’s a canister there, and, something leaps up. We we’re not really clear what’s happening to him. But then, as it turns out, the girl is getting, there there’s this great long shot of the girl sitting in the car looking everywhere but where she should be looking, which is behind her, as this guy very easily and slowly walks up behind her, raises the ax, and swings it, and just as he’s about to connect with her neck, we jump right back into, present day 1986. The same university, So they were parked just in the area of a university called Corman University, which is, one of many references in this film, blatant references to horror movie or sci fi b movie directors. It it’s crazy.  Yeah.

Craig:  I I missed that. I I because I I kept, looking for, what Corman? Is that what you said? Corman Universe? Corman. Yeah. Yeah. I I kept looking for that because it’s it’s Roger Corman, right, who did all those old, b movies? I was looking for those references because I I caught a couple of them, but I missed that one. It makes perfect sense. And it’s funny, you know, the tone of the movie, I guess, I mean, you’d have to call it horror for what it is, but there’s there’s definitely comedy Todd. When, the the 2 guys the 2 kids, Pam and Johnny or whatever are are parking and then he goes off to find the comet, she’s calling calling to him like, please come back now.  Please come back now.

Todd:  And she says something like

Clip:  Johnny, can we go back to the point now? Stop. I’ll I’ll even let you fondle my breasts.

Craig:  Just Just goofball stuff and and not knowing what I was getting into. I mean, even there in the first 10 minutes, I’m like, okay. Alright. I I I feel like I know where this is going.

Todd:  Did you like you know, I’m thinking back to the spaceship, how the aliens were running around in the spaceship, and they were talking to each other in some alien language, and it was subtitled,

Craig:  but

Todd:  it was also subtitled in that alien language. You couldn’t read it anyway. Hilarious. Like, what was that all about?

Craig:  Yeah. I I I I loved it. And, you know, the aliens were so goofy looking. Like, they’re in these, I guess, just like rubber prosthetic suits. Like, their faces didn’t move or anything. Like, even when they’re talking, their mouths aren’t moving very much. It was it’s pretty funny stuff. And, yeah, it certainly calls back to those, b movies of the the fifties and beyond.  Well, there’s never

Todd:  a dull moment though. Right? I mean, it really kinda takes off and keeps moving. I I don’t think that we get a lot of deep conversation between any of the characters or any really strong, deep character development. No. It all it all moves along at a pretty steady clip like those b movies used to do. Right. Right. Where it’s pledge week, at Corbin University, and we’re back at the same sorority house, Lambda del Lambda Delta Iota, I think it was.

Craig:  I don’t know. But we’re we’re in 1986, which would have been present day for for them. And we

Todd:  have this moment where we have our 2 main characters, JC, who we later learned is James Carpenter Hooper.

Craig:  Oh, gosh. See, how man, I’ve only seen the movie once. I didn’t catch all these things. I’m glad you caught them.

Todd:  Well, the detective at one point actually sits him down and he goes, so JC Coop James Carpenter Cooper and Christopher Romero.

Craig:  That’s hilarious. Yeah. You’ve got these 2 guys. When it opens up, it’s pledge week and, these 2 kind of geekier guys, I guess, JC and Chris. Chris, I recognized right away and it took me forever, and I finally had to cheat and just get on my phone and look on IMDB. But, the actor who plays Chris is named, Jason Lively, who is the brother of Robin Lively, who was a really, you know, pretty hot actress of, the eighties. She was in Teen Witch, which I’m not ashamed to admit was one of our favorites, me and my sister, when I was a kid. And, Blake Lively is, also his half sister and she’s hot right now.  Isn’t she who is she she’s she’s the one that’s married to Ryan Reynolds. Is that right?

Todd:  Oh, you you might be right.

Craig:  Yeah. And I think she’s in the shallows, right now. Stars in the shallows. They come from this, I guess pretty famous, family. He was, Rusty from, European vacation, which is what I recognized him from. But, you you know, we we meet these 2 guys, these geeky guys, and they’re kind of, I guess, at Rush week or whatever and, right away Chris sees this girl, and I feel like there’s this, you know, cheesy music cue like here’s the hot angel girl and, her name is Cynthia, and when she gets fully introduced, her full name is Cynthia Cronenberg, which is another great reference there.

Todd:  Yeah. And and we were just talking last week in The Lost Boys of the cheesy eighties moment where the guy sees the girl through a crowd across, and, like, the whole world stops and the music cuts in. And this was, like, every single one of those, like, distilled. Yeah. It couldn’t have been more overdone and over the top Right. And and hilarious, I thought. And it at first, you watch the movie, and you wonder if this is unintentionally hilarious. You know? Mhmm.  But there’s just so much of it. Yeah. And again, admittedly, the director said, I wrote every cliche I could think of into here, so they were clearly playing it way up like that.

Craig:  Right.

Todd:  And, and JC is in crutches. So he has, you know, he’s never really explained what, but obviously some something from childhood Right. Where he is not able to walk. So he knows he’s never gonna be the guy who could get the girl, at least that’s what he says.

Craig:  Right.

Todd:  That might be a little un PC to say now. Sure. And not even really ever true, but anyway, that’s what he says and then, so he decides he’s gonna be the one to help Chris get the girl.

Craig:  Yeah. And so he, you know, Chris sees this girl, Cynthia, and she is beautiful. I I I don’t know this actress, you know, she she looks somewhat familiar. I didn’t really look her up, Jill Whitlow, but this beautiful, brunette girl, and JC kinda goes over to play wingman, with her and and gets her name and and kind of says, you know, look at that good looking guy over there. And, things don’t really amp up any more than that at that point, but you know, there’s a connection established at least. And of course, then later on, they all come back together.

Todd:  Yeah. They follow her into what’s, now we’re like at a fraternity house, I guess. Right. And, he meets up with her, thanks to the prodding, basically, of JC who kind of he JC is this guy, you know, he’s the same guy that’s in all these movies where he’s, like, the sidekick to the main character who has all these, like, witty sayings and who’s the one who goats and prods the who kinda has the balls. Right. You know? Whereas the main character doesn’t. And all of his dialogue is really, really pretty witty and cool and fresh, even though he’s kind of a dork. And it’s a shame because I feel like the acting is so bad.  I mean, did you feel that way?

Craig:  Yeah. I’m I did, but Or

Todd:  was it the writing? No.

Craig:  I I have to say, you know, I I was wondering when I would have the opportunity to say this. I enjoyed this movie. It was a fun ride to watch, but and now that you say that the writer wanted to throw in absolutely every cliche that he could, that kind of makes more sense. But I just kind of felt like the writing was just kind of all over the place. I I you know, I was like, there are several times when I thought, wait a minute. What? What is happening? I don’t even understand what is happening. I even had to, rewind, on a couple occasions to make sure I didn’t miss anything, and I I didn’t miss much. It’s just, they were kind of he, I guess.  Decker was kind of playing it fast and loose, with the scripting, but, I mean, it was it was still a fun ride.

Todd:  I I mean, it does go all over the place because it becomes it it becomes this, again, this this cheesy which is maybe a little more in place in, like, the eighties, like, Revenge of the Nerds, where this guy realizes that to get the girl, he’s probably gonna have to join a fraternity Right. Because she’s hanging out with frat guys and seems to be involved with one of them, and his name was Brad. Brad. Yeah.

Craig:  And I always be nice to that guy too. I don’t I don’t have his name written down, but, he was from mama’s family. He was the young the young kinda stud from mama’s family, which I thought was pretty funny.

Todd:  You’re right. Alan Kaeser. Nice. Alan Kaeser.

Craig:  Yeah. Brad. Brad is the head of the betas. I guess they’re the, you know, the hot fraternity on campus and, that’s who Cynthia they call her Cindy sometimes, Cynthia or Cindy. That’s that’s her boyfriend, but he’s your typical stereotypical kinda jerky, frat guy. And what happens, I guess, is when JC and Chris decide that they need to join the fraternity so that Chris can impress Cynthia, They get up, they they meet with the fraternity brothers and, the frat guys tell them, well, oh yeah, you know, we’d we’d be happy to let you pledge, but you just have to do something to prove yourselves first. And and Chris says, we don’t have to have sex with a farm animal, do we? And Brad’s like, oh no, Here’s what you gotta do. And and I if I remember correctly, we don’t really hear what they’re challenged to do, but what it turns out to be is they have told, Chris and JC they need to go steal a corpse, from the on campus morgue, I guess, and, dump it on the lawn of the rival fraternity.  Of course, you know, once JC and Chris leave to go set out on their mission, the frac guys, you know, elbow each other, hardy, we’re never gonna really let these guys in, but that’s kind of what kicks everything into motion is this challenge.

Todd:  That’s right. And so they go and, and we get this this little bit, which is also totally corny, of the the lab worker, I guess, in this specific locked security locked room area of the morgue who’s forgotten the last digit of his passcode. So I guess he sticks his his card and then he starts punching in a code, but doesn’t get all the way through it. And then goes to the pay phone around the corner to call somebody and is like, yeah. It’s like in my notebook. No. Not the red one. The blue one.  Just like just on the phone forever trying to get this last number while these guys walk down. And then JC just, like, sees this this door in on the hallway and just absentmindedly just punches one of the buttons for fun, and it happens apparently to be the last dude.

Craig:  That’s good.

Todd:  The door opens like, woah. Check it out. Let’s go inside.

Craig:  Yeah. And they go in and it’s totally, you know, like I don’t even know what you would call it. Like, the scientist’s room from one of those old b movies. Just lots of flashing lights and, and then there’s this big, like, Craig chamber with a guy standing in there. We, the viewers, I think can figure out pretty quickly that the guy that’s there in the cryo chamber is Johnny, the guy from the flashback from from the 1950s, and he’s frozen in there. And all that we really saw that happened to him was, you know, he found that canister and then some kind of, like, slug like creature jumped into his mouth. And that’s all we saw. But, you know, they kind of, JC and and Chris kind of debate, you know, what should we do? What should we do? But they eventually, I think JC just, you know, pushes a dis a big a great big button, a great big red button that says disengage or something like that.  And he pushes it, and the cryo chamber opens up and, they they grab the body and they start pulling it out and, like, I know what they were thinking, how they were gonna get this body out of there without anybody noticing. But as it turns out, it doesn’t really matter because, the body twitches, it moves, and it freaks them out and and they run away. They then, of course, have no idea what happens

Todd:  he’s somebody you probably don’t know his name, but you’ve seen him in, like, every other movie. Right. Right. Yep. He’s on TV a ton. He’s in a lot of big movies. He’s an Amistad and quiz show and Payback and Drag Me Todd Hell and and guested on Law and Order. And, I mean, almost every TV series he’s he’s had a part in somewhere.

Craig:  Oh, yeah. Lots of lots of good cameos,

Todd:  in the movie. Then, of course, the slug thing pops out of this corpse, this somewhat animated corpse and jumps into his mouth. And that’s how this, entity, which is a bunch of slugs, but it’s like alien slugs that are reanimating basically killing their hosts or getting into the brain of their hosts and then, killing them, but then keeping them alive enough that they can be zombies and and controlled by the slug.

Craig:  Yeah. And that was one of the funny things that I just I I really couldn’t figure out, like, you never really and I never really understood what the purpose of these things were. I mean, like, there’s the there are these slugs, that I guess, you know, go into the host, the human being, and, like, intubate in their Craig, and then after a while they they bust out, and and it’s more slugs, and they scurry off all over whatever. But I could I I I never really understood what the end game was like That’s true. Like I I guess they just wanted to make more slugs. And it’s like the, and when the people are are zombies, controlled by these slugs or whatever, just the host for these slugs, like, they didn’t even seem particularly malicious or anything. Like, they just kind of walked around. Like, their only purpose was to kind of walk around and maybe shoot another slug out of their mouth into somebody else’s mouth or, eventually what happens to them is is their head, like, busts open and a bunch of slugs come out.  But Yeah, it’s I mean it just kind of seemed like a coincidence that people happened Todd turn into zombies for a while, and while the slugs were in there, and then the slugs burst out and then they weren’t anymore. Like, I don’t know. It was weird. It’s hard it’s hard

Todd:  to imagine how precious these creatures are to these alien beings that they had to save them and and jettison them out of their ship. Like Yeah.

Craig:  I have no idea.

Todd:  And so then what happens is this reanimated corpse, goes no. The cops called at that point. Right?

Craig:  Yeah. It’s the the cops and and his name, is, detective, Cameron, I think, maybe. Something like that.

Todd:  Yes.

Craig:  Or Craig. His first name’s Ray. And again, being the first time I’d seen the movie, it took me a while to put 22 together because he’s, he gets involved in this investigation with the missing body and stuff, but then he’s also having, like, weird flashbacks to that night in the fifties and it took me a second to put together when the 2 when the couple in the 50s had gone parking, a cop had come over to the car to break them up, but when the cop recognized the girl, he was like, oh, Pam, it’s you. And she was like, oh, hi, Ray. What’s up? And as it turns out, this cop, and I again, another the actor’s name is Tom Atkins, a a guy that I immediately recognized, but I couldn’t even really tell you what from. It’s like he always plays this hard nosed cop character. It turns out that he was the cop in the flashback and that he had been, the one who had, you know, found the axe murderer who had killed Pam. He had been in love with her.  Like, it’s it’s just such a a it’s so convoluted that it’s it’s really difficult to follow. I feel like if I had if if I went back and watched it again, I would catch a lot more. But anyway, so now he is on this case and it’s for whatever reason reminding him of, what had happened to him back in the fifties.

Todd:  Yeah. He’s your stereotypical, I’m haunted haunted by this one thing that happened to me, and he drinks, and he smokes. Right. He there’s one point where he’s pouring over old photos of the crime scene from the fifties and stuff like I mean, again, every cliche you can imagine.

Craig:  Well, and the first time that we’re introduced to him is, I guess, in a dream sequence. Like, I had no idea what was going on. Like, the first time you see him, he’s sitting on a beach in a white suit, and all these gorgeous, you know, bikini clad girls are, like, bringing him drinks and stuff and then this blonde comes up out of the water. It took me several minutes to realize that that blonde that comes up out of the water, was Pam, the girl that had gotten killed and, in the fifties. And as it turns out, you know, that had been his first true love, and he had witnessed her demise. And so, he’s being haunted by those past events, and now he’s thrown into this new crisis.

Todd:  Well, it’s impossible to recognize her too because, that is the eighties, teased up hair, Pam, not 19 fifties, like, total, you know, short cropped. Like like, she didn’t even look like the same girl because her makeup and everything was totally modern. But yeah, oh, he’s called out because, there of course, there’s a report of a body at the lab, and it’s the body of the lab guy who had stumbled across this this happening. And, of course, they know that there’s another body that’s supposed to be there that’s not. Right. That’s this corpse of what was the guy’s name again from the 50 John? Johnny. Johnny. Johnny.

Craig:  Yeah. And that’s where the line comes, you know, that that, the body is missing, and he says, guys who’ve been dead for 27 years don’t just get up and walk away on their own. And immediately, and I saw it coming a mile away, immediately then we cut to these, you know, corpse feet, you know, kind of shuffling along the grass outside. And so Johnny’s corpse is now on the loose. And Cindy, go we we jump to Cindy and she’s back at her sorority where apparently she’s the president of her sorority or whatever. And and seemingly, super randomly, as soon as she walks in the door, one of the sorority sisters says, oh, by the way, I was wondering if I could store all these human brains in the basement. We we have to dissect them later. And she’s like, okay.  I guess. I just don’t want them up here. And I’m like, that is so random. Of course, I come back, towards the end of the movie. But she goes she goes up to her room and she takes off her Todd, of course. So we get to get a flash of her boobs and, and people keep, like, the girls. Of course, it’s all, you know, very cheesy horror. They keep hearing things outside or whatever.  And one girl hears something, and it’s just the cat.

Todd:  Oh, it’s like a total cat scare. Correct. This actually has a cat scare where the cat is, like, at the door. It’s not, like, behind a bush, it’s not, like, in a closet. It’s like the door rattles, and she goes to open it, and the cat leaps up about 6 feet at it. It’s so hilarious. Right. Right.

Craig:  Sorry there. And then, and then Cynthia is up in her bedroom and she hears the same kind of tapping at her window and she goes and she opens one window, nothing there. She opens another window, nothing there, but then all of a sudden, popping up from the bottom of the window from the bottom of our screen is this corpse and it just kind of looks at her eerily through the window and this was the part that I had to rewind because I couldn’t it happened so fast that I couldn’t tell what happened the first time. The second time when I rewound it, you see just just I I swear, it’s like a split second. You see the guy’s head start to split open and then you see these slugs, you know, splatter down on the ground, all around him. And then it cuts immediately to the cop getting called, and every time the cop gets called, he, like, picks up the phone and says, thrill me. Like, that’s his catchphrase. That is

Todd:  his catchphrase

Craig:  throughout the whole movie, and and he’s called over to the sorority house where now there’s a body on the ground, like, right in front of the front door and, when they pull the sheet back it looks like the head is split straight down the middle, almost like with an axe. But then what confused me was they kept saying that there was a headless corpse out there.

Todd:  Yeah.

Craig:  And and like they even show a headline, like, on a newspaper, like, headless corpse found in front of sorority house or whatever. And it wasn’t headless. Like, I No. It took me for I was like, what is going on? I felt certain that I had missed something, but I didn’t. I don’t know if that was intentional. I don’t know if it was just weird editing. I don’t know if something got changed and they had to go back and do reshoots, but I’m like, this is confusing to me because this corpse is not headless. It clearly has

Todd:  a head. No. You’re absolutely right. It is confusing, and I think everything happens so quickly, and there’s so many corpses to keep track of. Yeah. And then, of course, you have these crossing story lines where the past you know, you’re trying your brain’s trying to make these connections to why is this happening and and who is who that, and then the dream sequence, and of course, you figure that the cop is haunted by something. And, yeah, it all it all it just comes at you too quickly, really, for you to be able to follow it as easily as you want to.

Craig:  Well, right. And like the when the cop gets there and is doing the investigating or whatever, Cynthia is there and, like, acting like she’s all upset, like Brad’s consoling her or whatever, but she doesn’t say anything. Like Yeah. One would think that had some zombie guy come to your window and then their head had exploded, you might mention that when the cops came to investigate, but I guess apparently she was too distraught. I was totally confused, at that point as to what was going on.

Todd:  Well, and to pile on top of it then, detective Cameron, like, saunters through the house and out the back door, and he looks and he stops and he just stares at the back, which you don’t even see what it is. No. That’s that’s the other messed up thing. You don’t even see what it is that he’s looking at, and somebody comes up from behind him. Just some kid walks by, and he says, what’s that? And or the cops says something like, what’s that doing there? Or whatever. What’s that

Craig:  supposed to be? Yeah.

Todd:  Yeah. That’s the house mother’s cottage. And he says, oh, like it has some significance. Right. And you’re like, what? What is this? Show me the cottage at least.

Craig:  Yeah. And then it’s it’s really thick, you know, the again, I don’t wanna be too critical because I don’t think that this movie was by any stretch the imagination going for high art, but the the the plot, the writing is so thin, it does make it kinda hard to follow. I guess, you know, after that, the the Brad confronts, Chris and JC on campus the next day and says, that wasn’t cool, guys. You know, I know we put you up to that prank or whatever, but you were supposed to drop it on, the rival frats lawn, not on not on that sorority or whatever. And, JC kinda, you know, smart mouthed him a little bit and says, we didn’t do it. You know, we we started to, but we chickened out. We didn’t do it. But, at

Todd:  at that point, Brad delivers my absolute favorite line in the whole movie which is, a lot of girls were seriously freaked out last night because of you.

Craig:  Yeah. Great stuff.

Todd:  A lot

Craig:  of girls were

Todd:  seriously freaked out last night because you guys.

Craig:  Oh, okay, Brad. Oh, gosh. Yeah. And, so then Brad, I guess, like, trips JC, like, kicks his crutch out from underneath him, which, Cynthia witnesses. And, like, that’s not cool. Like, you know, you don’t push down the kid on crutches. And so, she’s mad at him and she kinda starts, not flirting necessarily, but kind of buddying up with, JC and Chris like, like they’re gonna be buds now and, it’s it’s it’s just wild. You know, and then I don’t even things happen, you know, it’s jumpy.  Like, it jumps from scene to scene. I I don’t even remember exactly, what happens, but I feel like, when the cop is, investigating the dead bodies, the first ones, the ones in the lab, and and one of them is missing or or something. He he says something like, what is this? A homicide or a bad b movie? And, you know, with lines like that, you have to, you know, kind of give it some leeway into, alright, you know, they’re they’re going for the humor here. They’re not going for serious storytelling, so just kind of roll

Todd:  with it. Oh, yeah. And then the cop, through his investigations, gets to these 2 guys for reasons that are a little hard to understand, except that, I guess they were seen by The janitor. A janitor. And that that was almost embarrassing, scene there where he’s interviewing them, and, he tells them, oh, well, you were like, this some pledge of frat prank gone awry, and he delivers another one of those great lines which is, JC says.

Craig:  Detective, I mean, we’re not your fraternity types. I personally would rather have my brains invaded by creatures from space than pledge a fraternity. Right. Hilarious. But and and

Todd:  What’s it? Go ahead. No. I was just gonna say what’s so embarrassing about it is he use he says another line about how you guys ran screaming like a banshee. And this, janitor who is obviously Asian, is is playing the stereotypical goofy Asian guy with the broken English, and he goes, screaming like Banshee.

Craig:  And he keeps repeating it. Like, it’s the funniest thing he’s ever heard. It’s funny. Oh my gosh.

Todd:  And then he keeps repeating it. The next night, while he’s out there, I guess sweeping the halls again, going screaming like banshee, and encounters and this is the part I didn’t understand because, oh, it’s it’s the same morgue, I guess.

Craig:  Yeah. Yeah.

Todd:  Right? Mhmm. They take them to the university morgue. I guess the university morgue and the police use the same they’re the same place? It’s the same morgue? I don’t know. I don’t know. It Todd doesn’t make sense when you really think about it, but anyway, the body of the lab guy sits up and, goes out and then infects the, the janitor as well. Right.

Craig:  And that was a really funny scene too because there are people in like, there’s another scientist in the morgue and then there’s, like, a security guard and this naked bloody corpse just gets up and walks by everybody and just nobody even notices. Like, they’re just not painting the hostage. They’re like, we’ll

Todd:  get down

Craig:  to you tomorrow.

Todd:  Yeah.

Craig:  It’s fantastic. Right. And and so, yeah, it then infects the janitor, which again, none of this is really consequential at all. Like, it doesn’t really because all that happens once a person is infected is that they walk around like a zombie for a while until their head explodes and more slugs come out, I guess. Yes. And so then, Cynthia comes Todd, the guy’s dorm, JC and Chris’s dorm, and, it’s kind of cute. You know, Chris is like stammering when he answers the door or whatever, but she asks if they can go for a walk. JC realizes that he’s kind of the 3rd wheel, so he says I gotta go to the bathroom, and he goes off to go to the bathroom, and then Cynthia, tells Chris, you know, all this stuff that has happened.  You know, I I saw the well, first of all, the cat comes back again, but it’s a zombie cat. And and and again, just out of nowhere, like, we’re supposed to just think, oh, okay. Zombie cat. And so she tells Chris that and she says Chris,

Clip:  if I tell you something, you promise to believe me.

Craig:  Of course.

Clip:  I think it was a zombie, and its head exploded. And things like slugs or something spilled out. Okay.

Craig:  Maybe I should walk you home. And he does. He he walks her home and at the door, they just have kind of like this sweet romantic mood moment and, she’s like, I also wanted to see if you wanted to go to the formal with me tomorrow night. And he’s like, okay. She’s like, I promise no more weird stuff. Like,

Todd:  just Like she’s willing she’s willing to put it all behind her now.

Craig:  Right. So goofy, but funny.

Todd:  Yeah. In the meantime, JC is getting, infected by slugs. Again, I thought this scene was super convoluted too. He’s on the toilet, and he’s writing. He’s actually scrolling. He’s one of those guys apparently who scrolls on the wall of the toilet stall.

Craig:  With a pencil.

Todd:  And,

Craig:  because because if you’re gonna if you’re gonna, you know, do graffiti on a bathroom stall wall, you should definitely do it in pencil.

Todd:  So it’s easy so it’s easy, I guess, for

Craig:  the janitorial staff to clean off. I don’t know.

Todd:  Hey. He’s he’s he’s not a monster. No. So while he’s sitting there, the janitor wanders in and he falls down and his head explodes and all these slugs are going around. And JC, I mean I mean, keep in mind, nobody knows about these slugs. Right. Like, nobody. So he’s getting kind of freaked out, and to my mind, it’s, like, a little overly freaked out.  He hears a noise, there’s no response, and then he hears, like, some movement. Like, squishing Yeah. Mhmm. There’s no reason to believe he’s in mortal danger of anything, but that’s kind of how he acts. Right. And there’s a matchbook just sort of sitting on the floor. I don’t did it fall

Craig:  from the I have no idea. Janitor? Well, he he he, like, he cracks the door of his stall and he sees, the janitor’s head explode and he sees these slugs, squirming around or whatever. So then he’s kind of freaked out, but you’re right. Then, like, right underneath his stall door is this matchbook. I never saw him drop it. I I have no idea why it was there, and I had no idea why he wanted it. I’m, like, he’s reaching for it. The slugs are racing around scaring him, and I’m like,

Todd:  what what is he gonna do with these impasses?

Craig:  I I I’m thinking is he gonna like light the toilet paper on fire? Is he gonna light up the fire alarm?

Todd:  I thought he was trying to start the fire alarm. That’s what I thought. And it turns out he lights it, and then he just, like, burns the whole book up and holds it down on the floor, like, I guess in hopes that a slug would run into it, which it does. Which it does. Right?

Craig:  And, like, erupts in flames.

Todd:  Yes. And sort of dissolves.

Craig:  So now, obviously, we know that fire kills these things.

Todd:  Which is so funny because fire kills pretty much everything. Yeah. It’s not like a a big special weakness, you know. Right.

Craig:  And and and so, you know, he like like you said before, he has some sort of disability, so he can’t walk. So he he propels himself off the toilet and is trying to, get to the door and the slugs are all around him, and you see one coming straight for him, and then, it cuts away. And and and then I feel like more stuff happens. I don’t even remember. At this point, I was getting so confused as to what was going on. I I think that there’s another, well, it turns out the cop had been following Chris and Cynthia, and so he heard Cynthia’s story, and so he takes Chris back to the interrogation room or whatever and out I think it’s his house. Is it his house? Yeah.

Todd:  I don’t know. Yeah, I think it’s his house. And just if it’s not, it has a sofa and a desk and it’s all over.

Craig:  Maybe it was his house. I don’t know. I was so lost, but out of nowhere for no reason, seemingly, the cop tells Chris, yeah, I had a first love Todd. And he tells this story about how he had found, the 2 people from the fifties, the couple from the fifties, he had found them all dead and chopped up or whatever, or the girl at least was chopped up, and he said, you know, I found that maniac and I took my 12 gauge shotgun and I unloaded it right into his chest and then I wrapped him up in plastic and buried him in an empty lot. But it’s not an empty lot anymore. Now it’s where the the sorority house mother’s cottage is. And Chris even says something like

Todd:  Look, detective. Now I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but other than just kinda wanting to confess to a murder, is there a point Todd the story? Spanky, that’s exactly what I’m trying to figure out. Like, what? I have no idea what is going on. I think, though, I think, honestly, I think there was a conscious effort on the right writer’s, part to poke fun at it. He said, I’m gonna write this goofy scene. I’m gonna write it so cliche and goofy, and then I’m gonna call attention to the fact that this is goofy and cliche. He’s because he’s even, like, because I got, like, a test tomorrow. Yeah.  And, of course, the next scene is this this, corpse of the axe murderer breaking through the the floorboards of the house mother’s cottage. Again, another classic cliche of the old lady watching TV late at night with her cat, the cat lady, you know, who suddenly, is one of the people to to meet her demise.

Craig:  Yeah. The I I normally, I would just let that go, but it’s kind of significant later. She actually has, a dog. We’ve already seen the zombie cat.

Todd:  Oh, that’s right. So she’s she’s got a dog. And this and and Which also gets zombified.

Craig:  Right. Which also gets zombified. And and, again, you know, I totally get what you’re saying when he said he wanted to throw in every little thing that he could. And I really felt like I I thought that that was the case as I was watching it because not only is this corpse of the axe murderer now zombified, but this was also a 27 year old corpse. So it’s a skeleton zombie. So now you’ve got a walking skeleton zombie walking around and, again, the cops somehow immediately discover that this house mother has been murdered. They immediately go on the investigation and they immediately find the skeleton zombie. And and, you know, our main cop, Ray is there, and he’s got his 12 gauge.  And he shoots, the the zombie again and the head explodes and the the slugs come out again. It’s just so many random things all all thrown together.

Todd:  Yes. But it’s also formal night. Right. And so we were getting the the montage shots of everybody getting ready for the formal. Again, more girls showering, guys putting on their tuxes and everything like that. And of course, Brad, right, is not going to the formal with her, and all the guys are heading onto a bus, I guess. Yeah. Like a party bus

Craig:  or whatever.

Todd:  Some distance away, and they’re all heading onto a party bus. And one of the guys says, hey. Where’s Brad? Have you seen him? It’s like, no, man. He, like, totally got ditched. So I think he’s, checking out on this one. Of course, Brad is stumbling around drunk, and he goes to the sorority house, and he throws a bottle at it. He’s mad, and it looks like he’s gonna confront her, but then he hears some rustling in the bushes. You’re right.  And he bends down and he looks and the dog comes up. The zombie dog comes up to him. And he’s, again, not looking at the dog, but he says, hey, dog. Did you see that thing?

Craig:  And then right. It’s hilarious. And then we get to see the dog, and it’s clearly, you know, some kind of puppet or animatronic and, it shoots one of the slugs out of its mouth into Brad’s mouth, which is is funny. You know, sometimes these slugs just just get to people on their own, but just as often, you know, one of the zombies will shoot one out of their mouth. Yeah.

Todd:  Their head doesn’t have to explode necessarily. Hilarious.

Craig:  And we we cut back to the party bus and, you know, they’re all partying or whatever. And the driver is watching the road and then zombie dog is in the Todd. So he swerves to, avoid hitting zombie dog and they get in this terrible crash where presumably all the frac guys are dead and then zombie dog, you know, crawls into the the wreckage and, you know, obviously we we know that we’re getting set up all these frat guys to now be, zombies too.

Todd:  Which I think is where the title of the movie comes from, Night of the Creeps. Night of the Creeps, right? It’s the creeps, that end up breaking out, the creepy college frackers who end up, and and so then it becomes your classic, zombie invasion, where they all end up at the sorority house, the policeman has beat, the cop has beat his way there, Brad has gone there because he’s taking her out to the formal. But before he gets there Craig,

Craig:  you’re zombie. Right? Craig, the main Chris.

Todd:  Yeah. Chris. But before Chris gets there, zombie Brad, rings the doorbell first. And, one of the girls opens and says, oh Cindy, it’s Brad. And just walks away. And he’s just standing there. So Sydney comes down again, another one of these people who doesn’t notice that there’s something seriously wrong with Brad.

Craig:  Right. It’s funny. It’s like the actress, you know, the direction on the on the stoop. And it’s like, I’m really sorry. I was gonna call you. One thing we left out, during that montage, during the getting ready montage again, here is another thing that, again, just made no sense to me. When when Chris is getting ready in his room, he finds a tape recorder that just has a note pasted to it or whatever that says play me and he plays it and it’s zombiejc

Todd:  saying

Craig:  some something infected me and it got in my brain and like the on the recording, zombiejc explains what’s going on, like they get in your brain and they they intubate there and you can still walk around, but, you can kill them with fire. Like, it was the most cliched explanation, you know, like it just seemed like it it came out of nowhere. JC is the only zombie who we have ever seen talk. He’s the only one that we’ve ever seen, you know, maintain any of his humanity. It it really doesn’t make, you know, there’s there’s no continuity, at all with with the whole zombie infestation. But but anyway, so Chris knows that they have to have fire. So he had gone, to the cop and he explained everything to the cop and I guess the cop just said, oh, okay. And they went to, I guess, like what? The weapons room or something? The

Todd:  for the cops? At first, I thought it was, you know, the place where they hold all the evidence, like the evidence room, but it clearly wasn’t. It’s more like the armory. Right. And and there’s a fantastic cameo here by Dick Miller. Yes. Dick Miller. What a great guy. Best actor in the whole film.  Probably. Probably. Absolutely best actor in the whole film.

Craig:  Yeah. And I was so I was so excited to see him pop up because we’ve talked about him before. Yep. You know, I know him mostly from, Gremlins. He’s the great the excellent neighbor from Gremlins, but, he he pops up in chopping mall, with people when we talked about chopping mall. And you told me that he was a pretty regular cameo in in whose movies? Roger Corman. Roger Corman used

Todd:  him in almost every movie.

Craig:  Yeah. So that was a lot of fun. And, yeah, he was funny. I mean, he’s only in it for maybe a minute, but, they get a flamethrower from him because apparently I know. Because apparently flamethrower is a thing that exists and that cops have in their arsenal. I know.

Todd:  And he’s like so nonchalant about it. He’s like, they’re they’re just laughing and joking like they’re the best of friends in the world. And he’s like, oh, I need a flamethrower. He’s like, woah, heavy artillery this time. And he just walks in the back where the flamethrower is sitting there. Yeah. Right. Right in his path.  Like he had just put it aside from, you know, they’d only used it like 10 minutes earlier. Not much call for these. So all I needed are requisition papers. And at this point, his buddy friend says, there’s gonna be a problem with that. And he cocks a rifle and aims it at him. Yeah.

Craig:  Yeah. I guess not so friendly anymore.

Todd:  I guess. Yeah.

Craig:  But they get So they get the flamethrower anyway. Yeah. It works. And, while Cynthia is sitting there talking to zombie Brad, Craig and the cops show up and Chris says, get away from him or something, and Cynthia looks over and sees that it’s the zombie. And Chris uses the flamethrower and, you know, takes out zombie Brad. And and that’s that’s really where the big showdown begins. And I think, it was the movie’s tagline, the cop gets in the sorority house and all the sorority girls are in there, and he says something like

Todd:  I got good news and bad news, girls. The good news is your dates are here.

Clip:  What’s the bad news?

Todd:  They’re dead.

Craig:  And it’s and then it’s zombie showdown at the sorority house.

Todd:  And I thought that was a pretty good sequence. I don’t know about you, but I thought it was pretty fun.

Craig:  Yeah. Sure.

Todd:  It it’s hard. Honestly, it’s hard to get super engaged with a movie like this. Like, you’re not on the edge of your seat necessarily hoping these characters are going to live. You Oh, no. At least I wasn’t. It’s like I honestly didn’t care. No. I wasn’t sure if the cop was gonna make it or not.  He kinda gets beset by the zombies after a while, but he goes down kind of in a blaze of glory. Right. And, and you think he’s dead. And then the 2 of them that that’s part where I thought was really kind of fun, having Cindy and Chris kind of buddying up. She with the flamethrower, he with his gun, kinda taking on the zombies. Yeah. A real nice sequence, I thought. Yeah.  It was it was entertaining.

Craig:  It was fun. I mean, it was a suitable ending. You know, that’s what you want from this kind of movie. You want there to be, if you’ve made it all this way through, you at least want there to be a nice, you know, showdown at the end, and and it was. It was fun. And you’re right. The 2 of them, Chris and Cindy, you know, Cindy with the flamethrower and Chris with the shotgun, and they’re taking out zombies left and right. Of course, these are all frat guy zombies.  And and, you know, the makeup and the effects are are kinda cheesy and cornball, but it it seems like that’s what they were going for. Like, it doesn’t seem like they were really going for realism. You know, they they were going for kind of b movie goofy. And Cindy and Chris at one point, like, there’s and again, these are, like, the slowest, most nonthreatening zombies ever. Like like, they’re literally, like, a foot away from Cindy and Craig. And Cindy and Chris are, like, trying to get into, like, this little garden shed or something. And, the zombies are are literally within reach. Like they could have easily just reached out and grabbed them, but no.  You know, they just kinda hang back and let them get in the the shed before they attack and, it’s funny.

Todd:  Yeah. And he I love that bit where he whips up the, the lawnmower.

Craig:  Yeah.

Todd:  He’s like, go back. That was so great. It was actually Shades of Dead Alive. Have you ever seen Dead Alive?

Craig:  A 1000000 years ago, but yes. Oh, okay. Yeah. Made me think

Todd:  of that, the the notorious lawnmower scene against all the zombies. Correct. But, you know, I don’t know about you, but I felt like this this movie felt like it had been cut. And I mean, it felt like every time, like, an effect was happening, it was just a little too short.

Craig:  You know? Mhmm. Yeah.

Todd:  Like like, an ax would come at somebody’s head, and maybe it would split just a little bit, but but just very unsatisfyingly so. You know? Yeah. I I do know what you mean. Like, I wanna think that maybe if there was a DVD out there that there are an an there’s an unrated version or, you know, non deleted scenes or something where you can see the actual effects that happened, because it seems like it’s all set up for good effects. It’s not one of those, B movie, we didn’t have the money for special effects, so we’re gonna cut away before anything happens. That usually cuts away earlier.

Craig:  Right.

Todd:  You know what I mean? Yeah. Whereas this felt like, oh, things are coming in contact. There’s a little blood spurt or there’s a little bit of skin peel or whatever, but then we cut away.

Craig:  Right. Yeah. I I felt the same way and that I think that that is what led to some of my confusion. Like I said early on, when Cindy had seen, you know, the very first zombie. And just for the like, a split second, I I didn’t really know what was going on, and I had to rewind. And you you kinda get that sense throughout.

Todd:  Well, there’s a really bizarre moment too. I don’t know if you caught it, but I actually freeze framed on it because I was like, what? Where the bus, you know, the dog’s in the in the way, and the bus driver’s coming towards him, and there’s the shot of the bus driver, and he’s reacting to the dog, and then there’s the shot of the dog, and then there’s like a half a second shot of the bus just as it’s Craig, And it’s of the bus driver, but the bus driver is clearly like a puppet or like a figure.

Craig:  I noticed that too and like his And his eyes pulled out.

Todd:  Eyes are glowing or something or bulging out. Right?

Craig:  Yeah. I did. What was that? I did notice. I have no idea.

Todd:  It was funny. I wanna think there was something cut. Like, something had happened, but they cut the scene beforehand. But why even have that split second shot in there in the first place?

Craig:  Yeah.

Todd:  It was just long enough to call attention to itself. It was so strange. But you know what? Honestly, I no. Go ahead.

Craig:  And that’s it. You know, you’ve got the zombie showdown and, you know, they take out all these zombies or whatever, and then, you know, Chris and Cindy see all the slugs going down to the basement and they’re and Chris says, why would they all be going to the basement? And it’s like light bulb. I mean, they they literally could have done the light bulb effect above Cindy’s head and she’s like, oh Craig. Because all those

Todd:  All those brains.

Craig:  Brains. Yeah. So they figure they’re all down there. So they, head down there. All of the slugs are congregating down there, but, the cop is already down there, and he’s, like, splashing gasoline around. And he basically just tells them to take off, and he starts counting down. And again, it’s so cheesy and weird and I’m like, what is he talking? He just starts going, 20, 19, and like there’s big long pauses between every number. What is happening? But luckily, Chris, I guess, has more insight than I do and he figures out that the guy’s counting down.  So Chris and Cindy run out. Chris continues the countdown,

Todd:  for himself. But it’s the worst countdown in the world because there’s such long pauses in there. How can Chris possibly continue it? Oh, Todd. No. How would he know? I don’t know. And then Chris goes Yeah. Thrill me.

Craig:  Thrill me. Yeah.

Todd:  And the house explodes.

Craig:  Yep. And and then Chris and Cynthia, of course, have their lovely romantic moments at the end and they kiss in front of the burning house. And in any normal movie, you would figure that that was going to be the end, but knowing what kind of movie this was, I knew that there would have to be some sort of tag. You know, we weren’t gonna get away with, just the cutesy, lovey dovey ending.

Todd:  Yep. Yep. We see some more feet shuffling far away from the fire, and they pan up, and it turns out to be the charred detective who apparently got Craig slugged Yeah. After the fire, but was in a good enough shape to crawl out of it without anybody noticing and get way down the street toward the cemetery.

Craig:  Still smoking his cigarette. Still.

Todd:  But he falls down and splatters, open, and the slugs slide out and go under a gate. And the camera slowly pans up on the gate, and it turns out it’s the cemetery.

Craig:  And I thought that was where it was gonna end because I thought that was pretty clever. I thought that was pretty clever for setting up, you know, kind of a night of the living dead thing. You know, these slugs can infect the corpses and then it’ll be, you know, night of the living dead zombies or whatever, but that’s not even it. We still got more.

Todd:  Yes. We have suddenly, there’s, like, a spotlight that shines down on one of the graves and then moves around a little bit and goes away. And then you see a ship come into Craig,

Craig:  the big ship that sucks.

Todd:  Spaceship. Like one that would have been noticed for miles away. Yeah. Look up slowly coming in the Craig, nobody else around, and it’s shining lights down like it’s searching,

Craig:  like it’s

Todd:  searching for the slugs that it lost. Now granted, 20 years later Right. 30 years

Craig:  later 30 years later.

Todd:  Like what? Where does that come from?

Craig:  I don’t know, but it was actually a pretty cool looking spaceship.

Todd:  It was. But the the effect was cool, and the idea was funny Yeah. And interesting. I guess these slugs might have had tracking devices in them. So once they activated or once, like, too many of them, like, reproduced, the the the spaceships could hone back in on where they were, Or maybe it just took them 30 years to finally get to where Maybe. You know, that spot on earth, and they just happen to be there at the right right

Craig:  time. Well, and again, I feel like it’s just that idea of just kinda throwing everything in. Like, I thought that, you know, it was really clever. Have the slugs go into the graveyard. That’s great. You know, they’ve got, you know, this whole harvest of bodies they can use. But no no no, not just that. Don’t forget, we’ve also got aliens.

Todd:  Don’t forget the aliens from the beginning. We have to bookend this thing.

Craig:  Yeah. Good stuff.

Todd:  Good stuff. And that’s it. Yeah. It is. You know, I think, honestly, the the acting is bad, but there are moments where you know the acting is supposed to be bad, like the cop. The cop is supposed to be over the top cheesy. I felt like the boys were supposed to be the straight characters, and they their acting wasn’t really very convincing or the best, although it had its moments. And the film itself is very well made

Craig:  It is. As far as cinematography. Yeah.

Todd:  Yeah. Lots of really creative camerawork, real nice swooping in. It’s it’s really surprising to me that, honestly, Fred Dekker really hasn’t done much else. I mean, he’s written a lot. He wrote apparently, wrote the screenplay for the Predator movie that’s in preproduction now.

Craig:  Oh, wow.

Todd:  And he he wrote the story for House, and, of course, he did Monster Squad. He wrote and directed that. He wrote the story for Ricochet, several Tales from the Crypt TV episodes. He did the screenplay for Robocop 3. Oh, wow. But I mean, almost everything I’m rattling off is like decades ago.

Craig:  Right.

Todd:  You know? Right. And the last thing he directed was Robocop 3. It was Night of the Creeps, Monster Squad, an episode of Tales from the Crypt, and Robocop 3. Wow. Clearly a talented guy. Clearly has a heart for this sort of material. He just hasn’t put out a lot of it.

Craig:  Yeah. It’s interesting. But, you know, I’m a huge fan, of the monster squad. We you know, we’ve got to talk about that, at some point. So I I wish I I almost wish I had known that going in. I I think maybe I would have been more amped up for this movie, but, yeah, it’s, it’s different. You know, it’s again, you know, we watch a lot of older movies and and and talk about them. I I just don’t think that this kind of movie would fly anymore.  I I just don’t I feel like, there’s not really the market for it. I feel like those cheesy goofball terrible sci fi movies have kind of replaced this genre and it’s it I I guess in a way it’s kind of too bad because you’ve got guys like Fred Decker who really had kind of creative minds and, you know, interesting ideas and and now, you know, we’re just inundated with these thrown together, you know, Sharknado Fours or and whatever, which, you know, have their place and that’s fine. Whatever. You know, I’ll catch those on sci fi every once in a while, but they don’t they just don’t seem to have the same kinda of heart that this as goofy and silly as this movie is, you can tell that there is heart behind it. The people making it were, you know, they were they were doing something. They were trying to do something.

Todd:  Yeah, and whereas the Sharknado movies, you know, they they know they’re being silly, but at least they’re kind of original. And I think what this movie fails at is is really being terribly original. And I know that wasn’t his point. His point was to throw in all this stuff, every cliche he could think of. But at the end of the day, it really calls into question, is it really that great of an idea? I mean, do we really wanna watch that? You know? True. I I mean, I had fun watching the movie, but I don’t really wanna see other movies like it. Yeah.

Craig:  You know? I get what you mean.

Todd:  It’s one thing to, I guess, to throw cliches and things into a movie. Lots of times people then try to subvert those. You know? They throw a cliche in, but that like Cabin in the Woods does a fantastic job of subverting, you know, all those cliches. Right. It in my mind, it uses them a little more effectively, than this movie does, which just throws them all in. And by that matter of that fact alone, thinks you’re gonna think it’s funny, and goofy, you know. Right. Which it is, but maybe to me at least in in maybe all the wrong reasons.

Craig:  Right.

Todd:  For all the wrong reasons.

Craig:  You know, again, we I feel like, you know, we’ve done so many episodes now. We keep repeating ourselves, but if I had seen this movie as a kid, as like an 8 year old or a 9 year old, I think I would have thought it was pretty awesome. But, seeing it now as a nearly 40 year old, it’s it’s it’s a little more eye roll, worthy, but I don’t know, a decent effort. You know, I didn’t I didn’t feel like I had wasted my time having watched it. It was alright, and and I was surprised that, you know, I I Night of the Creeps, you know, I’d heard that title a million times. I thought I had seen the movie watching it this time. I I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it. So I’m glad I’m glad that you picked it.

Todd:  Yeah. And I think I’m on the same page with you. I feel like for the for the completest, and for the person who loves these movies, you’re gonna get a kick out of it. Yeah. Are you gonna walk away from it wanting to watch it again or thinking it’s the best movie ever? No. Probably not.

Craig:  No. I I can’t believe we’ve gotten I feel like I have to say before we leave, I don’t I I can’t think of the guy’s name who did it, but whoever the guy was who did slither should Yes. Should be paying James Gunn. Yeah. He should be paying Fred Dekker royalties, because the the slug monsters are virtually identical to the slugs, in this movie.

Todd:  Oh, yeah. James got well, James it worked out a lot better for James Gunn. He’s the guy, behind Guardians of the Galaxy. Yeah.

Craig:  So

Todd:  Well, thank you again for listening to another episode. If you enjoyed this episode, please share it with a friend. You could find us on iTunes and Stitcher, and you can find our Facebook page where you can leave a comment. Let us know what you liked about this episode and or suggest some other episode, some other movies for us to watch.

Craig:  Yeah. We love hearing from you guys.

Todd:  Until next week. I’m Todd. And I’m Craig. With 2 Guys and a Chainsaw.

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