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Little Monsters (2019)

We’re taking our 367th episode to celebrate our 366th! Why, you may ask? Because at 366, you now have enough episodes to watch an episode a day for a full year – even on a leap year. To christen this milestone, we chose this Hulu-exclusive that came out around the pandemic days. It’s a charming little zom-com that isn’t afraid to pop a handful of zombie children in there. Very reminiscent of Cooties, and fun for the whole family, really. More or less. Just don’t confuse it with the Fred Savage / Howie Mandell film of the same name.

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Cockneys vs Zombies

This zom-com fulfills a long-time request by ever-patient listener, Francis. The dead are attacking, and old and young alike must take up arms to defend themselves in merry-old England.

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One Cut of the Dead

In fact, this is another one of those weeks where we suggest that ALL of our fans go out and see this film before listening to the episode. Its charms – and there are many – will be best experienced if you don’t go into it knowing much about it, much less a play-by-play of the plot. You’ve come this far with us. You can trust us. This is worth your time.

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Dead Snow 2: Red Vs Dead

Normally we would wait until winter time to review a film about Nazi snow zombies, but we got several requests for this one. So we decided to throw it up during request month. And we both agree that this one is even better than the original.

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Train to Busan

This week’s movie is a surprisingly good Korean zombie film, available to you on Netflix at the time of publishing. Listen to Craig gush over this zombie movie so heavy it’s embarrassing.