My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)

My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Dear Listeners! Our valentine to you this year is a bit on-the-nose, but you know that’s how we roll.

This second week of Remake Month, we’re tackling the slick 2009 remake of 1981’s My Bloody Valentine, which we previously reviewed on this podcast and found very charming. The remake features much more beautiful people, brutal kills, a crazy bit of inspired full-frontal, and more 3-D gags than you can shake a pickaxe at. There’s no better way to celebrate the holiday! Curl up with your sweetheart and dig in.

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My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)

Episode 334, 2 Guys and a Chainsaw

Todd: Hello and welcome to another episode of Two Guys and a Chainsaw. I’m Todd.

Craig: And I’m Craig.

Todd: We are week two into our month of remakes. We just came off of our remake of The Blob from 1958. We jumped forward a couple decades and do a remake of a movie that’s a little more modern, but still way back there.

This is the 2009 remake of the 1981 Canadian Slasher Film, My Bloody Valentine, except this. My Bloody Valentine 3d. 

Craig: 3D . Yeah. Fancy 

Todd: and crazy that it was the very first RealD R-rated release in the us Uhhuh . So they really took advantage. I, I wish I had actually seen this movie in 3D because it was so shockful of 3D gags.

Craig: Yeah. I mean that’s kind of it, like , it’s a lot of really fun 3D gags and then kind of a movie around that. . 

Todd: Yeah. Right.

It did really well, but you have to wonder, I mean, it was a $14 million budget. It, it raked it over a hundred. Um, you do kind of have to wonder if that wasn’t part of it. Right? Like, Ooh, we could see a horror movie in 3D . Oh, yeah. 

Craig: Oh, I’m sure that was a huge part of it. I saw it in 3d. It was good. Oh, you did?

Yeah. Oh, okay. I went to the theater with my dad. I, I mean, I don’t remember a lot of specifics about it, but I, I remember seeing it. I, I didn’t even, I knew that I had seen it when we decided to do it, but it wasn’t until I saw those pop out 3D effects in 2D that I remembered that. Yeah, I saw it in 3D and it was good.

Wow. , the, the 3D 

Todd: effects were fun. They were, I mean, just, just like a bowl of laughs really, like , like just every excuse they can do to, to shove a pick ax in your face. Well, 

Craig: I mean, what better weapon really for, for a 3D movie? You know, that thin pick ax just coming right out at you and it, and it will every 10 minutes or so, every 10 minutes.

Todd: It’s not light on kills at all. Or gore or even nudity. Boy, I can’t wait to talk about that scene. We saw the original Uhhuh, we did the original on here and we, we enjoyed it. I remember we enjoyed it, although we were, we acknowledged that there was some ridiculousness, uh, to the plotting. It seemed very focused on this little love triangle drama and this intense hatred that all these people had towards this one guy who came back, you know, after all these years.

And I remember us going like, number one, why do they hate this guy so much? And number two, like, , why the hell are we spending so much time with this stupid love triangle drama shit between those three characters And at the end of the movie, they kind of ended up getting kind of together and there was a moment where they had to put their differences aside and go and hunt down the, the girl that was trapped in the mine.

I was really shocked at how closely to the original this went. I mean, it wasn’t exactly like the original, but it did follow pretty closely to the storyline in some, in many ways, at least. The idea of the storyline, I thought, yeah, 

Craig: it did. I mean, they intentionally changed some things to surprise you, which mm-hmm.

good. They, they should. When we first started watching it, at first I thought, Ooh, maybe this is gonna be more kind of a reboot, sequel kind of deal. Yeah. Because the first 10 minutes are action heavy and the first 10 minutes almost felt like the first movie. Yes. Because in the original movie, most of the kills happen while these teenagers are having a party.

at the mine. Mm-hmm. . And, and that’s the first 10 minutes of this movie. So I thought maybe we were gonna kind of get this 10 minute recap of the first movie, and then it was gonna expand upon the story, but it didn’t really, 

Todd: yeah. Thank God. Or else we would be, you know, going against our , our commitment to do remakes and not reboot.

See, I was worried about it too, but it sort of turns out they just kind of flipped things a little bit in the original movie. Like you said, all the kills take place at this party that they’re not supposed to be having on Valentine’s Day, because the last time there was a Valentine’s Day party, this killer, um, right.

Who had been trapped in a mine and killed some people, it’s a little convoluted, came and killed people, and they do it. And that’s tempting fate. And the guy comes back, or kills 

Craig: happen, right? Yeah. Like in the, in the original, that party where a bunch of people had gotten killed, it happened like 30 years ago.

It’s like in this movie. Yes. Yes. It, it just happened. 10 years ago to the same people . Right. That the movie is 

Todd: now gonna be about. Yeah. Yeah. So it was almost just like showing us what was just talked about in the previous movie. 

Craig: Right. But it was, it was a good opening sequence. I, I mean, I was kind of surprised, uh, by it, it’s, it starts with just, um, a montage of like newspaper headings and kind of just gives you the background, I guess.

Uh, a bunch of men were buried. Alive in these minds. Tom is the main character played by Jensen Les. I guess it was his fault. Like he forgot to bleed. He forgot to bleed the lines. I don’t know what that means. I like gas lines, I guess. Yeah. 

Todd: Not too sure about that bit. Uh, I don’t know. He would’ve been what, like a teenager, so I mean, right.

Craig: don’t know. , it’s hard to a teenager or, or early twenties. It is hard to say because 10 years pass after the first 10 minutes. But nobody ages. 

Todd: No at all. . There’s no attempt at all to age these people. No . 

Craig: But anyway, there was, there was an explosion and it was apparently his fault and nobody was killed in the explosion.

But one of the minors down there, the only one who survived, killed all the other. To eat them , like I, or was he just 

Todd: crazy? I don’t know. It was something about the oxygen or he killed them because he was afraid they were gonna use up all his oxygen, I think. Yeah, 

Craig: maybe. Whatever. He killed them. He got a, yeah, when he got out, he was in a coma, but then he woke up from the coma.

I don’t even , I, I guess I must not have taken notes on the opening scene just because I, I don’t see anything in my notes, but there a bunch of stuff happened in the mine. Was that right away? Was that the very. 

Todd: Well, you just talked about the opening sequence of, and then, then the nurse comes in and Harry Warden sits up.

Harry Warden is inside the hospital. He’s the guy who we talked about who had, I think the whole mining accident bit that you just talked about. Um, and he, this guy ended up in a coma that was told to us through the newspapers and the voiceover during sort of the opening credits, which were very 3d. Yeah, 

Craig: I remember.

We see this cuz he wakes up the guy, the minor wakes up and slaughters an entire floor of a hospital. Just slaughters, 

Todd: everybody in the worst possible ways. There are body parts everywhere. There’s, there’s blood all over. Almost like he’s just taken complete joy in it. and I love these cops who my gods, the acting, this movie can be so bad at times, even from people I know who are decent actors.

The delivery, oh my goodness. These two cops who go up there and 1, 1 1 goes, the guy waited too long to retire. 

Craig: You and me, both h. Who did this? Harry Warden. 

Todd: Harry Warden’s in a 

Craig: coma. 

Todd: Guess he 

Craig: woke up

I didn’t even notice. I don’t know. I think I was expecting it to be kind of hokey like that, I guess. I thought the acting was 

Todd: fine overall. At the same time. There’s that party going on at the. 

Craig: Right. That’s how it happened. Mm-hmm. . So then we see, but really, I, I feel like we shouldn’t gloss over, when I say slaughtered an entire floor, like Oh yeah.

At first I thought he had just killed like the person in the bed next to him. And when I say kill, I mean like rips into a thousand pieces. . Yeah. Like the 

Todd: lower half of his body’s gone and the arm is somewhere else and Yeah, I did. They’re just, their body parts like literally just spread everywhere. It almost feels like in a way like this, this is like a haunted house, like if you walk through Yeah.

a super gory one. Like just, ah, throw all the body parts here and just everywhere you can tuck some fake legs and arms and heads and stuff like that. And splash blood all over the wall. Everywhere. Right on the wall, everywhere. It is a mess. 

Craig: Yeah, it’s an absolute, it’s nuts. And I saw, uh, an interview with the writer whose name I don’t have handy.

He’s also in. The movie Todd Farmer. Yeah. Um, I saw an interview with him and he said that most of these kills and like all of this gore, Is the director, uh, he, I think he said something like, this guy lives and breathes and dreams, blood , , and, and I believe it because this is a really bloody movie. And you know, the kills are great, but maybe even more impactful.

It’s just like aftermath. Yeah. The aftermath that you see is just crazy. To 

Todd: the point when I was, I was thinking, did we get an unrated version of this? You know, because it’s so excessive. But no, I don’t, I don’t think so. I think it’s just, yeah, it’s 

Craig: just gory, just gory movie. But yeah. So, so then there’s, uh, the party, well, first of all, and I wondered if, um, you felt the same way and I feel like maybe it started to.

Maybe I didn’t notice as much as the movie went on, but the way that it’s shot Yes. In real d or whatever. First of all, when it’s closeups on people, it’s some of the like, cleanest mm-hmm. , I, I, I don’t even know how to, like, it’s, looks, look really, it’s, it’s really, really sharp. Like almost looking at a, a, a photograph.

Mm-hmm. , I don’t know how to describe it, but the depth stuff. And that, you know, real sharp imagery of anybody in closeup, it kind of gave it like an uncanny valley kind of feel. Did you? Yes. It was a little bit disorienting at first. Maybe I got used to it as the movie went on, but it was a little bit disorienting at 

Todd: first.

I felt like, um, it almost had the look of shot on video back in this time, like 2000, oh, I guess it was more like around 2009 and, and, and a few years before it, especially like 2001 when Lucas was shooting, um, his Star Wars prequels. And I remember th that being a big deal because he was shooting them entirely on video.

And before that, just a year or two before that, like we were just experimenting with this, but people weren’t really shooting movies on video. They were, they were shooting them on film, digitizing them, then adding effects and things, you know, digitally. And then, so they still had that film look, but some of those earlier video cameras that were specifically made for shooting big budget Hollywood movies to them still, they were a little too sharp, A little too CRE clean.

A little too crisp. The action was a little different. I’m also thinking about, we did a while back, what was that movie where they’re going in and doing asbestos abatement? Session nine. Session nine, that’s right. Session nine, which was the first mo big budget movie shot on entirely on video with that newer technology.

This had a little bit of that look to it. It was just like a slightly upgraded version of it and And the only difference was I think this was better lit and like you said, yeah, a lot of specific shots, especially like the 3D ones. I don’t know if it was the way the digital effects were added in or maybe just.

the way that the camera had to be for it, it just seemed a little too sharp and crispy. Right. And real. Yeah. I know what you mean. 

Craig: And gosh, I, what is it at the hospital? I don’t know. I’ve got the Sheriff Burke is investigating. Mm-hmm. . And there’s a heart, a human heart in a box of chocolates. Which of like the, you know, the heart-shaped Valentine’s boxes, which is, you know, a direct tribute.

I don’t know. It’s a remake. So it’s not really a tribute, but it comes directly from the original, that’s like the killer’s calling card or whatever. Mm-hmm. , you find that, and there’s like heart’s drawn on the walls and mirrors and, and Harry is gone. And then we jumped to the party at the mine where we meet like the main characters, I suppose.

And these characters are the same as in the original. It’s this love triangle. You’ve got axle. played by Kurt Smith, who a hundred years ago when we had our guest, uh, host Simone. She was a big fan of Kurt Smith. He’s from Dawson’s Creek and many, many other things since then. Mm-hmm. But he kind of plays like, you know, the rough edgy guy.

And then there’s Tom and Sarah, and Tom is played by Jensen Les of supernatural fame. But again, he’s done bunches of stuff. Um, and Sarah played by Jamie King. And they set it up immediately that Tom and Sarah are together, and Axl is super jealous and like blatantly, so like, makes it perfect, like totally obvious that he’s jealous of them.

Um, and they’re all headed into the mine for a party. And there’s other people partying around, but immediate, like Sarah walks in there, she’s like, takes 10 steps in and a guy gets stabbed through the eyeball right in front of her . 

Todd: Suddenly. It’s so funny because at some moment I realized like Sarah’s walking into the mine looking for someone.

I’m not exactly certain, but as she’s walking through, it’s like suddenly the party is just done this party where kids are coming in and out of the mine and hanging out and there’s all this music and noise. Like suddenly there’s nothing. I guess it’s because this Harry warden is there taking everybody out with the pick hacks.

Yeah. And there’s 

Craig: a, there’s a tense scene where I, I what, like two or three other people get killed, right? Mm-hmm. . 

Todd: Oh yeah. And they’re hiding, but just off to the side and these other people getting killed, kind of more or less distract him. The killer from them, and they, they all kind of managed to get out, but, uh, who is it they leave behind?

Tom. Tom? Yeah. Oh, there’s a great effect, by the way. One girl who gets killed was a, like a shovel in the mouth. Oh, right. 

Craig: Yeah. Like, I feel like we just saw something like this in, um, wrong turn. Wrong turn, yeah. Where the, the whole. Part of her head gets cut off in this case with a sh a shovel, I think. But yeah.

Well, and, and the effects are 

Todd: good, and maybe because of the 3d, they really insist on pushing you right in the faces of these victims. Absolutely. Right. The, their heads are covered. So this woman, it’s like you’re looking down the handle of this shovel as it is shoved into her mouth and all the way through to the back of her head.

And again, her head is just filling the frame, and then that top part of her head just kind of slowly slides forward on the shovel as the rest of her body falls away. It’s great. The effects are fantastic. And I assume a number of them were digital, but Oh yeah. They had to be, I couldn’t tell, you know, they weren’t obvious digital.

Craig: No, they looked good. Yeah. Even you know that I said that a guy gets his eye stabbed out from behind. And again, you’re right. Like. Just the head pretty much in frame and the pickax comes through the back out his eye. So the eyeball is on the tip of it. Mm-hmm. and it comes right out at you. Yeah. Uh, cuz it’s 3d, but even in 2D it still looks fun.

You can just tell , obviously this was one of their big 3D moments. Mm-hmm. . Um, but yeah, so Tom kind of gets left behind. I don’t really remember why, but, um, the sheriff comes in and shoots Harry like three times. Yeah. But, um, Harry makes his way off into the mine and apparently they. Never found him, or at least that was the story or something.

Huh? And then we jumped to 10 years later and Tom was coming back to town because I guess his dad has died and his dad owned the mines and he’s coming back to sell the mines. And so everybody hates him. Yeah. Because he’s selling the mine. He’s like, you know, robbing them of their livelihoods and he’s gonna ruin the whole town, but he can’t for the life of him understand why everybody’s so mad.

Yeah. I 

Todd: don’t get it. You are dead, boy. Why are you so mad at me? Wait, this guy was not cut out to be a businessman. Let’s just put it that way. He can’t get the basic concepts of business and employee satisfaction down. Uh, this was a little different from the original because as I remember in the original, the party is the big event that leads to all the killing that we see in the film.

And what we just talked about would’ve been more like, . It wasn’t even a flashback sequence in the first film, but the, but it was, it was an event that they discussed in the first film. Right, right. So there’s that. But uh, in the first movie, I just remember that Tom comes back and it’s just like, because he ran away and left them, they’re pissed off at him.

Uhhuh . I, I don’t remember there being anything about his dad or the mine or any sale of the mine or anything like that. 

Craig: In fact, and the original wasn’t, I think Axel’s dad owned it or something. Or maybe, maybe, oh, I don’t remember. Maybe Axel’s dad was killed. I don’t remember. It had something to do with Axel’s dad, at least 

Todd: in this case.

They gave kind of more of a reason, you know, whereas I think when we were watching the old movie, they were like, God, why does everybody hate this guy so much? , you know, like, let the poor kid come back to his hometown and hang out, you know, and, and everybody just had a vendetta against him for no good reason.

So I don’t remember 

Craig: in the original, when. He, he’s got a, I think his name is TJ in the original, but the characters, Tom, when he comes back in this movie, Axl and Sarah are now married and have a kid. I don’t think that was the case in the 

Todd: original, was it? No. They were just like girlfriend, boyfriend.

Everyone seems stunted in their teenage years. Yeah, right, right. Yes, 

Craig: I do remember talking about that. This, that adds a whole new level. Yes, and and for me it was like, why now? Is there still this love triangle right now? They do establish, they do establish that Axel’s a jerk. Like he’s cheating on her with her friend, but she works, who 

Todd: works with his wife.

Oh God. 

Craig: And look, I don’t know, maybe it’s a straight dude thing, but like if you are going to ch cheat on your wife, would you. With the person who is as identical to her as could be , like these two girls, aside from like a, a four inch height difference. They’re identical. Yeah. Like, I don’t know. I would just think if you were gonna cheat on your wife, you’d might be want like spice it up.

I don’t you want, you’d want 

Todd: something you tried to add variety into your life. Not more the same. Is that what you’re saying? ? 

Craig: I guess, but whatever. He’s a jerk apparently. Um, but they’re married and they have a kid. Yes. It would even be a totally different thing if like, okay, they’re married, but people get divorced.

You throw a kid in there that, that complicates everything. Mm-hmm. . So it’s just weird. To see, and I wouldn’t even say that Tom and Sarah flirt, but there’s clearly something between them. Mm-hmm. , Tom, where did you go? It’s been 10 years. You look even prettier than when I left. You say that like you just went off to school or something, you just vanished.

Your dad didn’t even know where you were. We all started to think that you were 10 and it’s like awkward, like and 

Todd: also, I don’t even know how to describe it. Tom’s a little antagonistic as as well, which, you know, it’s hard to gather too much sympathy for him because I think at one point, and I don’t remember, I think it’s later in the movie, but he just kind of out of the blue, starts an argument up with Axl by telling Axl that she settled for him.

And I was like, God, what , where did that come from? You know? It just think, I just felt like the Phil, the writer, was trying to create some drama here and it felt a little forced and a little, I, I was a little head scratching at times. You know, I don’t really believe that people would necessarily act this way.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are people who do act this way. There are some very childish people who do really stupid things. Right. But I don’t know, just like they’ve been married for a while. They’ve got a kid who’s not a baby, you know? No. They’re established in town. I’m even wondering like, why does Axl, aside from Oh, AXLs a jerk, why does he even really consider Tom a threat?

Well, cuz his wife 

Craig: is fawning all over him, I guess. I don’t know. Kind of, but 

Todd: not really. I mean, he doesn’t really see that. Right. He, he suspects it. Yeah. Right, because he knows that they’ve bumped into each other, but he’s never standing there watching them make eyes at each other. 

Craig: No. No, he doesn’t. But he does find.

A photograph of them that his wife has pulled out and accidentally left on her dresser, like . That was stupid. That’s so stupid. . . 

Todd: That was really funny. I was rolling my eyes repeatedly, . Oh God. You don’t pull out 

Craig: a picture of your old boyfriend and pin over it and then just accidentally leave it out. That is ridiculous.

And, and I just, I just watched some cast interviews and, uh, the girl who plays Sarah brought this up, but the, like, all of them concurred that they were so proud of this movie because it’s not your stereotypical slasher because it’s so character driven. , like they, they have put so much thought and so much work into their characters and into their relationships that, you know, you really are invested in these people and you’re conflicted about who it might be and like, Somebody said, um, Kurt Smith has a really narrow line to walk because you’re supposed to be suspicious of him and think he did it, but at the same time, you’re kind of supposed to like him.

And, ugh, 

Todd: I didn’t give a shit about any of these people. I didn’t either. , 

Craig: I, I kind of like the, the drama between the three of them was dumb. Yeah. And boring. And I wished that, like those parts, I, I just, I was waiting for them to be over. Like, I don’t care. I, I don’t care about you talking on a bridge. I don’t care about you having a meat Cute in the grocery store.

Like, yeah, who cares More killings, . 

Todd: It was, it was a little melodramatic at times as well. I felt like the characters were very heightened. Maybe they put too much into their characters where they almost started to feel kind of stock after a while, especially Axl. I’m like, why is this guy just seem mean?

And. Cheaty and pissy all the time, you know? Yeah, I 

Craig: know. He’s always in such a bad mood, like, why did she marry him in the first place? He’s so grouchy. But maybe, maybe it got lost in the editing. I did. See, I didn’t have time to watch them all, but I did see that there’s, uh, close to 20 minutes of deleted scenes Oh, wow.

Available on YouTube, which I assume is from either a DVD or Blu-ray release probably, but maybe some of it got lost because it, it seems like they, the actors were giving character. It just didn’t really translate to me, especially with Tom, who it seems to me is barely in the movie. 

Todd: Right. Yeah. kind of, yeah.

Now that you’ve mentioned it, , 

Craig: like he’s important and they talk about him a lot, but he just kind of pops up on screen. Every once in a while to remind you that he’s still there. He just 

Todd: pops up on the screen looking confused, Uhhuh . So, and while other people berate him for one thing or another, , and then he wanders off or punch him.

Yeah. Including this guy named Ben, this older man named Ben. Now, that actor sure seemed familiar to me. What do I 

Craig: know him from? Oh, yeah. Gosh, I don’t know. Uh, both the, the, the older gentleman that played Ben and the one that played Burke both have been in a bazillion things. Um, Kevin Teg or Tahi, T I G H e, I don’t know how to pronounce it.

Mm-hmm. , I don’t know. He’s been in a million things, and I feel like he always plays smarmy guys. Mm. He’s not as smarmy in this, but I, I think we’ve seen him in horror before. I don’t know. Yeah. One of our listeners will tell 

Todd: us. I feel like he’s, he’s all over tv, that’s for sure. Maybe that’s where it is. So, yeah.

Um, so they, they have an argument because, uh, this is where we first learned about Tom’s gonna sell the mine, and Ben is arguing with it. Your dad and I protected those men. Selling the mine won’t sit well with anyone in this town that mine is Harmony’s life blood. Tom, we’re talking families here. 

Craig: I was assured that, that everyone would get severance and that the more experienced men like yourself would be 


Todd: on for how long?

Three months. . It’s not my problem. . I 

Craig: know, but gosh, it’s so contrived. Yeah, because it just feels he, he did not need to come all the way back after being missing for 10 years to sign a piece of paper. Yeah. Like this is 2009. Yeah. Like, have lawyer have a lawyer sign it, fax it. Like there that, that’s, that’s not a legitimate reason to be there.

No. Secondly, the people in the town can be pissed off at him all they want, but he’s under no obligation to keep this mind. Yes. Like . 

Todd: And why then, knowing that everybody’s pissed off, does Tom just wander randomly into different places? Like he decides he’s gonna stay at this CD motel. I thought you were rich.

I mean, if you own this mine and you’re gonna sell it, and then one moment he’s going into the bar for no reason. It’s like he’s meeting anybody. No, he just wanders into a bar so that the old men there can get pissed off at him again and yell at him for selling. The mine is Tom just wandering around the streets, just trying to antagonize people.

It was just 

Craig: funny. I, I don’t think he’s trying to antagonize people, but I think ultimately we can explain. Why this is, but yeah. Yeah. I, so, yeah, he checks into this c mo cd motel. This scene is brilliant. Like, oh, I love this scene. absolutely loved it. First of all, the lady who runs the motel is this famous little person who I know.

I’ve seen another stuff, but I couldn’t, I couldn’t place her. And she’s got this adorable little dog, and they’re a cute little pair, but she gives him a room, and as he’s walking to his room, he hears people banging loudly. Now, this is a cheap motel, like a, a roadside motel. So yeah, , these things happen Yeah.

Here, but he, he kind of walks by and pauses and, and kind of glances towards the window. Not even really in any kind of creepy or pervy way, just kind of, you know, a quick glance. And then he almost like rolls his 

Todd: eyes. Really? 

Craig: Yeah. Right, right. Um, and then he keeps walking. and then we see the scene. It’s this huge guy who is the writer of the movie.

Mm-hmm. . He’s this great big guy. I, I called him Mr. Clean. Yeah. , because that’s what he looks like. He’s really mu and he’s banging this blonde girl who is actually one of the girls that we had seen at the party. She was like in the same friend group as all of these other young people. Irene, right? I think Uhhuh.

yeah. And she’s played by Betsy Ru. Betsy Ru, who I don’t know a lot about. But what I do know is that she is Buck naked. For the next five minutes. Yeah. First of all, it’s a pretty graphic, uh, sex scene. Um, very, uh, she’s having fun, athletic, and . Yeah, 

Todd: flipping around. She ends up on top. I love it how she looks.

Of course, this is also your typical CD of Motel Room that’s meant for, I guess the honeymoons with like mirrors on the ceiling and there’s like a hard shape of bathtub in there. And she’s like, oh, oh. She looks up in the mirror on the ceilings, like, oh, I look great . 

Craig: And she does. She looks, um, she does look great.

And so they finish and he gets up and starts getting dressed and he grabs a video camera, which she didn’t know was there. And he’s like, well, this is just for my personal collection, but also I’m done with you. Or something. Like he’s breaking up with her and to add insult to injury, he throws cash at her and she’s like, I’m not a hooker.

And he’s like, well, you are now. This guy 

Todd: was a tool man. . 

Craig: Well, he was mean. Yeah. Like that was unnecessary. Just leave. But he goes out, uh, to his rig, uh, or whatever, and she chases him out fully nude. Now, I read in interviews after this, she said that it was actually her idea to remain nude when she ran out into the parking lot.

Mm-hmm. , I, she said it’s because we shot it a bunch of times and she kept trying to like grab the sheet and cover herself, but it just felt awkward and it wasn’t really working. And she said, just forget it. I’m just gonna do it naked. She said, in this moment, my character wouldn’t be worried about being seen naked.

She’d just be worried about getting that camera back. So she chases him out there fully naked, which I thought was a bold move, but also like a badass move. . Yeah. 

Todd: Yeah. She comes across really badass in this Uhhuh , 

Craig: and he, he opens the door to his rig and the minor is in there and. Mr. Clean gets the pick ax through the head right in front of Irene.

Mm-hmm. . So she runs back to the room and it’s just a really great, you know, she scurries under the bed. Um, you don’t know if he’s, you don’t know if he’s gonna find her there, but of course he is, but not before. Like, he walks the minor, walks in the room and then hears somebody else coming. And so the minor goes in the closet and the.

Lady who runs the motel comes in looking 

Todd: for her dog. That bit I didn’t get, why is she coming into this random room so that he can kill her? Yeah, I know , I’m just, I’m just pointing out the logical problem there. But yeah, anyway, , 

Craig: right? Yeah, no, it doesn’t make any sense. Like, she doesn’t even knock or anything.

No. Maybe the door was open. I don’t know, . But anyway, she comes in and, uh, she opens the closet and he’s in there, and then he like underhand the pick ax up through her head. And because she’s so small, he, you know, lifts her completely off the ground and smashes her into like the suspended ceiling. , the lights flash and uh, I dunno.

It’s a great kill. Yeah. And then Irene makes a noise under the bed. Not like he wouldn’t have found her anyway, but she makes a noise and he pulls the mattress off the bed and it’s just a wire frame, so it’s like she’s, but like in a cage. Mm-hmm. somehow, either he lifts up the bed or she stands up and lifts it up.

She does. She ends up propped up, like backed up against the wall with the bed frame in front of her. And again, it’s, you know, kind of exploitive and, and voyeuristic and totally for the male gaze. But I just thought that that imagery of her. Fully naked and vulnerable, looking like she’s in a cage and trying to fend off this guy as he’s, you know, swinging his pickax at her and, and misses a couple times.

I just thought that it was a really good, scary scene and really good imagery. I liked it and I think she was right. She was right. Her being nude added something to the scene. I thought 

Todd: she was absolutely right and you know, honestly, like it felt way more real that way. Mm-hmm. and she came across as way more badass.

And I, after a while, you not, not after a while, like after a very short while, like the fact that she’s nude is almost superfluous. Like you’re not even really thinking about it. Uhhuh because she’s just defending herself and she’s just that much more vulnerable, like you said, because. completely naked.

They, she talked about doing that scene, how they had to change it and everything. And, and that bed apparently was not light , you know, so they had to work out how to do it. And, um, it was just kind of a fluke that the writer ended up in that role. Like I think they had somebody else for it. But then that person backed out and he kind of approached the writer and said, would you like to do that?

And he was like, heck yeah, I’d love to do that. And as I was reading a little story that um, Betsy Rue and, uh, Todd Farmer ended up on the same plane to go out to the shoot and he was talking to a person next to him about being on the movie and, uh, shooting the movie. And she overheard it. She was just like two seats ahead.

So she just like, turns around and goes, wait a minute, are you going out to shoot this movie? Yeah. And so they made the connection, they ended up sitting next to each other in the plane and she said, they basically wrote their. Sex scene right there, huh? While they were on the plane. So he, he said that a lot, a lot of the people on the casting crew were joking that this is the only reason why, like, he wrote that scene so that he could be Yeah.

Craig: you know, . I would, right. I if he did, I 

Todd: wouldn’t blame him. Writer’s privilege . There’s 

Craig: also, uh, in the, in the credits at the end with the thank yous, uh, there’s a thank you to his wife for allowing him to be in that scene. . Right. Uh, thought that was cute. It was funny. Uh, but, and then it just like, . It’s the big mystery.

And, and I that happened, uh, in the other movie too. It, it is just kind of a series of people getting killed and yeah, this one leans into the mystery more. I don’t even remember how it all happens. Um, but they all think it’s Tom. Mm-hmm. , pretty much everybody does. And I, I don’t know, somehow it comes out that they know that Harry is dead.

Like this didn’t make the news or anything. Yeah. But I, I guess like the town elders or something all got together and got into the minds and found him and killed him and buried him. A and I, maybe if I’m skipping stuff, it, I, it just, all this whole middle part just kind of bleeds together. To me, it really 

Todd: does, because I think we already talked about how it’s just a bunch of drama between them that almost is, doesn’t, it’s not really adding.

Helping us with the mystery at all. It’s just a lot of people running around accusing each other of that axle’s obviously involved and, and he has recovered the tape. 

Craig: Have we said that axle’s the sheriff 

Todd: now? I don’t remember if we said that. Oh yeah, sorry, we didn’t say that. Yeah. Axle’s the sheriff. And so he’s watching that tape as evidence and he sees that, you know, Tom walked by the window and looked in at one point, um, and they’re just all suspicious of Tom and everything like that.

Tom’s been approaching Sarah at the store and they have these walk and talks. Then, I don’t know, like Tom seems to like, just, again, he’s just wandering around and at one point he goes back to the mine, Uhhuh and asked to go down into it, and I was like, why? But he, he has this encounter where he’s in there.

And, uh, suddenly he turned, he, he’s down there with another guy and this other guy has to get on the phone to call up to the surface for some reason or another. And while he’s chatting, suddenly Tom turns around and he gets kicked into a little cage. It’s like a cage with the electrical stuff in it or whatever.

And then, um, the latch, you know, gets closed on that and the killer uses his pickax to bend it so that it won’t easily open up again. And so Tom is helpless inside that cage watching is this guy brutally act pickaxes this other dude. And then when all the other miners come down, they see this dude dead, and then they see Tom in the cage and What did you do?

What did you do? And I’m like, dude, the guy’s clearly, what could he in this case? Yeah, right. What 

Craig: could he have done? ? That doesn’t make sense. Yeah. So yeah, there’s, there’s stuff like that. It it, yeah. Right. Tom, however, Having seen the minor is, is absolutely convinced it’s Harry AXLs still suspicious of him.

And so Axl has Tom at the station and he’s questioning him. And in my notes, I just have pissing contests, like, yeah, . 

Todd: Oh, it’s funny. It’s 

Craig: ridiculous. I mean, they may as well have just grabbed a ruler and pulled their dicks out, like . That’s what this whole scene was. And eventually, I don’t know, it, it’s probably when Tom says, you know, you know, she just settled for you.

Axl punches him. Yeah. . And then that’s the end of that scene. And then , 

Todd: well, other people are saying that Harry Warden came back and so, uh, at some point I, there’s a mini revelation that. Actually the old, uh, sheriff and his lack year, whatever, had said that Harry War had died, had been buried, but actually they didn’t find the body.

But actually it turns out that he did chase Harry warden out of the mine, or they found him as he came up through a different exit in the woods and they took care of him right there and buried his body in the woods. I, I, this sounds so, sounded so convoluted and weird to me. 

Craig: Like it is convoluted and, and it’s then even more convoluted cuz they all go out to the grave like everybody , right?

Like, if they’re suspicious, I, I guess they’re taking Tom out there because they want to prove it to him. But Sarah just tags along now I, I get that she’s, she’s Axel’s wife, but still like, 

Todd: How is that appropriate? Oh, Sarah, Sarah’s always in right where Sarah needs to be. Like, I don’t know why she pops into the hospital as much as she does.

I think she wor no, 

Craig: she doesn’t work there. She works at a grocery store. No. Yeah. Um, at, at one point she’s delivering Valentine’s candy boxes. I didn’t know if that was supposed to be a red herring or what, but I never in did it cross my mind that the killer might be her. That grave. They go and the grave is there, but it’s empty.

Somebody is dug up the body. Then the character of Ben, who I don’t even really know who he is, like one of, is he just one of the old miners? 

Todd: I like, I guess like a leader of the minor’s union or something. I don’t know. He’s in a really nice house though. 

Craig: Yeah, he has a really nice house and he hears something outside.

He goes inside, um, and he walks across his foyer. And this scene was very much like that scene in Exorcist. Yes. Two or three where, you know, like the white. None or whatever, you know, walks into frame just like that. And then he gets hit with the pickax, I think. But he ends up on the ground and I just, I have fci, I poke, is it fci?


Todd: I right? Yeah, you’re right. He, it’s, it’s like in the full cheese zombie movie where it’s like the eye, he’s got the, he’s got his face down there and is slowly pushing him towards the pickax. Only in, in this case, instead of like slowly pushing him onto it, he ends up stomping his, his head onto it, right?

Craig: Yeah. But there’s the slow, like of course. Like the guy can, yeah, the guy can see this thing coming closer and closer and closer to his eye. Um, and I liked it. And, and then of course, you know, he stomps his head onto it and there’s 3D and blood splatters and it looks, it’s 

Todd: great. It looks fun, but there’s kind of a dumb red herring here too, where he’s on his back and he looks up at this guy who is, by the way, completely clothed in the minor gear with the face mask and everything.

You can’t see a thing. And he goes, Harry, it is. You like, really? How does he know? Oh yeah, you couldn’t see it. Darning, he didn’t take his mask off. Let’s 

Craig: just put it that way. That’s Ben. And then he dies and then they find him. in that grave in the forest, which I, yeah. What 

Todd: did they go back and decide? They needed to double check it or something like that?

It was so weird, and yeah, I don’t know. 

Craig: I have no idea why they went back, but the next scene is really good. The, the Sarah and Megan, the grocery store. Love that 

Todd: scene. That was nice. Megan and Sarah in the grocery store, and they’re kind of having a moment in chatting, which is different. You know, now that you know that Megan is sleeping with Sarah’s husband, but Sarah doesn’t appear to know that they’re, they’re, I don’t 

Craig: know.

It kind of seems like she’s suspicious and, and she even, she says something, To axle later, like, I’m not blind, 

Todd: but they, they’re the only two closing up and the only two people in this entire grocery store where the lights are off. Oh gosh. I was having so many, uh, flashbacks to, what was that movie?

Intruder. Intruders Man. And I was thinking, please don’t do the intruders thinging, where they’re stocking people down like six aisles of a grocery store. . But this, I loved it. This turned out good. . This turned out good. Yeah, it was really good and intense. And these girls were holding their own against this guy.

Yeah. Which is what I liked the most about it. Like we whacking ’em with the mop when somebody else is down and they go into the office and the back and they. Barricade the door. And in the meantime they’re flipping out . Megan is flipping the the hell out and she manages to get a key so that they can unlock the padlock, which is ki it’s kind of like the, the back window has, uh, bars against it that they’ve gotta unlock and it’s real tense.

And he’s breaking through that door and it seems like he’s gonna get through the door. Then of course, by the time Megan gets that window open and starts to go out, you see that the killer’s left the door. Yeah. But this 

Craig: part bothered me. And, and Sarah says that, and she starts trying to pull her back in, but the minor gets her from outside the door.

Nope. Don’t buy that at all. Nope. And he, there’s no way he could have gotten around there that fast. In fact, we see Sarah run out of the, uh, office and we see that she has to run all the way through the store Yes. To the front of the store and out. And then once she was out there, if she were to go around to the alley, she would’ve to run clear around the building.

It took him 10 seconds. Yes, max. And there’s no possible way. The other 

Todd: bit that I found weird about this scene is that as soon as Megan is pulled out and she’s gone, she’s kind of quiet in the room, wondering what to do. She decides she’s gonna go out. She goes up and hits the alarm button. Mm-hmm. , why didn’t you go do this in the first place?

right. She hits the alarm button and she runs through the store, like you said, to the front. And guess who’s there? Is her husband, Axl? How was Axl there? I don’t know. Axl was there because she hit the alarm. Did the cop come that quickly? And also where was his car? Yeah, 

Craig: he was there because they want us to think it’s him.


Todd: but it’s not plausibly there. That’s why I thought it might be him. I did too. He’s got no car here. He couldn’t have been there that fast and. 

Craig: Uh, if he’s crazy, he would have, well, okay. So anyway, they go back and in the matter of minutes, um, that have passed, the killer has managed to entirely disempower Meg.

Mm-hmm. , um, smear her blood like Yeah. Like three blocks down and write something cute. . Yeah. 

Todd: Be mine forever or something like that. Be mine 

Craig: forever. Oh God. Which is the same thing that she wrote in the Valentine that she gave to him. Secretly. Yeah. And, and, and I was, what I was gonna say before I said that is if he’s psychotic, he would have reason to kill her.

And that, and, and Meg, or not Meg, Sarah says something about him. Everybody’s connected to the mind. Just like 10 years ago, Megan wasn’t,

yes. Maybe the killer was just trying to get to you. Whatcha talking about I’m not flying Axel. So if he were the killer, he would have good reason for killing her, you know, get her out of the 

Todd: way. But he also was making strong efforts to kill his wife. That’s true. That was the only thing that kind of made me think, oh, I mean, if then his motivation, I have no idea why would he be killing his wife?

Because, you know, I, my idea is, well, there’s a jealousy thing going on here. It’s the whole Tom bit. You know, like eventually he, he wants to kill Tom 

Craig: and Well, the next scene then is the minor is in Axle and Sarah’s house. Yes. And. Like I’m thinking, well, he must be going after their kid for some reason, and he kills the babysitter.

With this pick ax, but then I don’t remember what happens. And I don’t remember if there’s, I mean, like, I, I remember the payoff for this scene. It’s another, it’s another throwback to the original. Eventually when they, you know, when the police and every, or I don’t know, axle, whoever it is, comes back, they find, they, they hear the dryer on and it’s thumping.

Um, and so somebody pulls it open and the babysitter’s body like kind of tumbles out and it’s. Burned up and, and disgusting. Yeah. And that same thing happened in the original. In the 

Todd: original it was in a laundromat. It was a giant industrial dryer. Right. This was like a little dryer you’d have at your home.

And I’m like, oh, don’t tell me they’re doing the, the, the dryer gag in this tiny 

Craig: little dryer. Yeah. It’s not gonna burn you up. I mean, you might, you’ll get beat up in there, but your skin’s not gonna melt off. It’s 

Todd: not gonna melt off. And I don’t think you could even fit a person in a dryer like that, but you should try

Give it a shot. We’ll see. , 

Craig: uh, I don’t know. You’re probably too tall. I’ll try, I’ll let you 

Todd: know. Could have fit the, uh, the manager of the motel in a dryer like that. Probably. Definitely. 

Craig: Yeah. Or. Their kid. And that’s what I’m, that’s what, is there any payoff for that? Like it seems like, 

Todd: why did the kids 

Craig: survive?

Well, why, why was the killer there? If not to get 

Todd: the kid? Yes. He was there just to kill the . Didn’t like the, uh, the maid or whatever. I don’t know. But the thing I don’t understand is how did the retired sheriff and a random cop end up at that house? I don’t 

Craig: know. 

Todd: I don’t remember that far. Who would’ve called the cops?

What? Why were they there? I have no idea. All I know is that they pull up in front of that house and they go to the door and they’re instantly drawn their guns. Oh, that’s right. 

Craig: I have in my notes, Burke alerts, the guard that the killer is in the house. And then I have How does he know ? How does he know that?

Yeah. I, and, and, and then I guess, I don’t remember if anything happens to the guard. I don’t know. But like Burke, when he, he finds the sitter in the dryer and then he comes back out on the porch and then he gets his jaw ripped off. That was pretty awesome by the killer. I mean, it looked great, you know, for a 3D effect.

But so many questions.

I don’t really understand the mo, you know, like the killer’s motives. And even knowing now who the killer is, I still am not entirely clear. No , I’m not either, but, Tom calls Sarah and says that he doesn’t think it’s Harry or something. 

Todd: Well, I think Sarah, well, I don’t know. In my notes I say, Sarah calls Tom, but that doesn’t make sense.

Tom must call Sarah and says, yeah, I know who it I, I think I know who it is. It’s not Harry Sarah. It’s not Harry. And, and she’s like, well, who is it? And he’s like, well, I need to show you can do. You trust me? And she’s like, uh, yeah, I trust you. And so he goes to pick her up and then almost immediately Axl calls Sarah on the cell phone, uh, telling her that they just received word that Tom has been in a mental institute for the last several years and she’s talking, you know, from the passenger seat of Tom’s truck cuz they’re speeding away to who knows where.

So now they’re setting up this whole deal where now we’re suspicious of both Axl and Tom and both of them are trying to convince Sarah that it’s the other guy. So that’s sort of the gag that we have now. . Um, and then there’s a crash cuz Sarah freaks out and does what people in movies do, which is a really bad idea, which is Uhhuh

Oh, I’m just gonna grab the wheel and just spin it to try to get you to stop the car. Like, yeah, no, it, it always crashes you if, if not rolls you. It’s a terrible thing to do. Don’t do that. Kids. So she ends up smashing, they smash into a tree. There’s another great 3D effect of the branch going through the window.

And I I, I’m just like, I, if you had a bingo for cheap 3D movie effects, I think this would hit all the spaces on the card. 

Craig: Yeah. Or if you wanna get, if you wanna get really, really drunk, take a drink every time. , there’s one of these 

Todd: effects. That’s true. So then Sarah runs off into the forest and they’re there by the mines again.

And Tom kind of crawls out of the car. It kind of lays down whatever she’s calling Axl. And he says, go to my dad’s old place and hide. Finally, I understand why there’s this boarded up house near the mine. that nobody really seems to know about. I mean, earlier Tom stumbles in there at one point, and this is where Axl has been boning.

Megan secretly. Yeah. , right? Oh my God. He’s not , he doesn’t pick up, you know, like for the fact that apparently there’s just a key hidden in a flower pot outside there so that, you know, Sarah knows about it too, so she can get right in, like you’d think he’d clean up a little bit instead of leaving the chocolates that she gave him and the card that she gave him.

So she, she ends up there first. So she goes inside and she sees the mattress and she sees the chocolates and she sees the card for, you know, the Megan a given Tom, but then she flips open the chocolates and inside there is the picture of her and Tom. Right? So did Tom put that. Thinking she would find 

Craig: it.

I don’t know. There’s also, she also opens a closet and, and the like a stack of like 300 Valentine’s candy boxes fall out. Yeah, like, like this, this person , whoever the killer is, has like stocked up on these boxes. just for such an occasion. , 

Todd: he was planning to do a lot more killing before the movie was over, to be honest.

Craig: Yeah. And so then the minor shows up and she jumps out the window and runs to the mine. Yeah, of course. She ends up, she’s in the mine. I don’t know how she has a gun, but she does, and Axle runs in after her and she pulls the gun on Axle and then Tom runs in and she’s got the gun on both of them. And you know, it’s that classic thing.

It’s not me. It’s not me, it’s him, it’s Tim. But finally axle’s like, well, okay, if you don’t believe me, then I guess just shoot both of us, which I think is supposed to. Make us the audience confident that it’s really not him because he’s really only concerned about her wellbeing. Right. Um, he’s willing to take a bullet just as long as, as she’s okay.

But then Tom says something to Sarah, like, you know, he was Bone and Megan or something. You know, the, the writing above her body was the same as in the Valentine that she wrote him, and she says, how did she know Megan was dead? ? And he’s like, uh, you told me . She’s like, how did you know about the words written on the wall?

At this point, it’s pretty obvious kind of what’s going on, except for that Tom is then like, he looks over her shoulder and he is like, Sarah, turn around. It’s him, Tim, we see the minor coming up behind her, but. Axl and Sarah don’t see him at all. And and Sarah’s saying there’s nothing there. There’s nobody there.

And the minor walks right up to Tom’s face and is standing right in front of him and then just disappears. Mm. Because it was all in Tom’s mind. Mm-hmm. . And then we get, uh, the montage that shows us why Tom hasn’t been in this movie at all, because he’s been very busy digging up graves and pick up people, 

Todd: killing people leading up writing on the wall when blood

It’s funny because. It’s so funny that they took the pains to show us in detail each one of these scenes one by one. Like, no, I get it. Tom’s the killer. I got it. I don’t, yeah, . He’s crazy. I get it. There wasn’t like a big mystery. How did he, was he there? How was he there? No, I was 

Craig: asking myself, you know, when she had the gun pulled on both of them.

I was in my head trying to figure out did we ever see either of these guys with the killer? And we had, we had seen Tom with the killer, um, cuz he fought with him in the mine that one time. Mm-hmm. . Um, but, but that gets explained too. And he had in fact killed that minor and then locked himself in that cage.

Yeah. Seems somewhat implausible. It 

Todd: seems very implausible. . 

Craig: But he did, 

Todd: apparently not, not only that, but it’s a dumb idea What motivated Tom to hatch this plan just so he could kill some random, minor dude. Yeah. I don’t know. And then do it in a way that would cast suspicion on him except. He locked himself in a cage.

It’s just like unnecessary attention to yourself. It doesn’t make 

Craig: still and still his motivations don’t make a lot of sense unless his motivations are just that he’s traumatized. 

Todd: I think that’s, that’s what they’re trying to do, I think. I think they’re just, his motivation is just, he’s traumatized. Cause he’s been popping pills this whole time.

There was a long lingering shot of his traumatized face in the earlier, you know, 10 years ago sequence. I think we’re just supposed to believe he’s snapped and he’s sort of like, I don’t know. Gotta finish what Harry started or something. I don’t know. I, 

Craig: yeah, yeah, it’s weird. So he and Axle fight and Tom gets axle in the gut with the pick ax and then he runs into the mind.

Tom does. And then he like, it’s, it’s so weird because he gets axle with in the gut and then he runs. But then he just comes back. . Yes. , 

Todd: right? He’s taking a 

Craig: breather. Yeah. But he comes back, you know, very slowly. And you know, he’s very scary. He’s like taking out all the lights in the mine. That was cool as he comes.

It was cool. That was a 

Todd: throwback to the original, wasn’t it? I’m pretty sure there was another scene where the killer was coming down the hallway, and as he was doing, he was smashing light bulbs. And, but in this one, like every time he smashes a light bulb, there’s a flash where he himself is like the minor, like it’s, it’s like a visual trick where Uhhuh , he hits the light bulb and there’s a kind of a brief flash as the light bulb goes out.

And for that brief flash, you see a frame of him with the whole minor gear on, and that happens every single ball he hits. It’s kind of cool, kind. Cool. It is cool. I 

Craig: thought that that could be hokey, but it worked for me. Mm-hmm. , I, I liked it. It was a cool effect and they did it just enough. Anyway. Yeah, I really liked that.

But she, uh, Sarah shoots. Tom through the side, but he’s also standing in front of a whole wall of oxygen tanks. Mm-hmm. . And so the bullet, you know, we follow the bullet, we’re looking down the barrel, we follow the bullet, come out, we follow it all the way through Tom’s side. We see it hit the oxygen tank and um, it explodes.

The next thing we see is Tom is laying unconscious, I guess. Mm-hmm. kind of burned up in there and a rescuer comes in and uh, we see Tom grab his pickax and he kills the rescuer. And we cut to outside and somebody says, oh, Tom’s dead. They found his body. And Axl and Sarah leave together. . But then we see one of the guys who’s come out of the mine in like a hazmat suit or whatever, he unzips his hood and it’s Tom.

He’s still alive. 

Todd: Tom should have gotten a little further away before taking his mask off, but, uh, nah, he’s crazy. . It’s still 10 times better than, uh, you know, the ending of the last one where the killer’s skipping off down the hallway. Happy Valentine’s Day. Oh, . 

Craig: Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but in the original Axle was the killer, wasn’t he?

Uh, yeah, you’re 

Todd: right. He was. Yes, but there was no, there was no standoff, like, uh, there wasn’t a lot of mi there was mystery. We still didn’t really quite know who the killer was till towards the end. But there’s a fake out where Axl supposedly died, fell in some water or something, but we never saw it happen.

Ah-huh. . And then, yeah, he pops back out and he ends up being the killer, but, uh, it’s not quite so mellow dramatic as this movie is. But, uh, this movie was just very convoluted. I thought the, they were trying so hard. , you know, Uhhuh, and they captured the spirit of it. And it was very much in that nineties style horror film of the very beautiful young people.

Very slick and crisp lighting and all that stuff. really pretty good cinematography. I mean, I mean, thought it was, it was very confidently made. Very nicely 

Craig: made. And, and one of the things that it has in common with the original is that all those mine scenes were filmed in a mine. That’s right. Which I thought 

Todd: was, which I thought was pretty cool.

I thought it would be cool if they had, going back to the original mine that loved having them so much, but maybe that wasn’t available anymore. . But all in all, for me, uh, I don’t know, I, I, I probably won’t see this again. Yeah. Because I don’t wanna sit through all the drama stuff. But Solid Kittles, really great action, well-made movie very much in that corny nineties style.

And I was thinking about it today too. I was like, you. It’s not any corny or sillier than any other eighties slasher movie we see. Oh no, it’s just corny and silly in that nineties way instead of that eighties way. Uhhuh. . It’s 

Craig: got a different aesthetic. Mm-hmm. , um, a, a different visual aesthetic. So, I don’t know.

It just feels kind of different that, that hokiness plays worse. play it. Yeah. It plays, it plays strange with the photorealism, you know, the, the eighties, you know, the, the film was kind of gritty and, and low grade and, and so, 

Todd: and they feel low budget anyway, those movies, right? Uhhuh, , the acting’s usually very poor.

And the people, you know, might not all be beautiful, whatever. Like it’s not a slick, and so the Hokiness kind of goes with the whole thing, like, yeah, you’re sitting down to watch a dumb low budget cash grab, whereas this movie doesn’t have the production values nor the acting talent of that kind of movie.

Right. But it is still just as hokey . 

Craig: I, I, I really didn’t have any problem with the acting. It was melodramatic, but I think that was the writing in the direction. Yeah. I think that these actors are, are, are entirely competent and good looking people. You know, it’s, it’s always nice if you’re gonna sit and watch, uh, an almost two hour long movie, at least you’ve got pretty people to look at.

Um, honestly, as a popcorn flick, I think it’s great. Yeah, it’s a fun watch. The Kills are gory and fun and there’s lots of them. I think this would be a great date movie. Yes. Uh, especially since it’s Valentine’s. Happy Valentine’s Day. Oh, yes. See what we did there. Wow. Two birds with one stone, just 

Todd: in case you didn’t, you didn’t put two and two together.

Craig: So yeah, I do. I think it’d be fun to, you know, sit down with a date and, and watch this. You could, you could watch it for the kills. I mean, you’re not watching it for the story. No, 

Todd: God, no. Fast forward through that. 

Craig: Yeah. You could even, you know, goof on it if you wanted to. Is it, is it great? Is it amazing? No, the story is actually really silly and contrived and it, it’s not even, it’s so melodramatic as to be eye roll worthy.

Um, but who cares? That’s not why you’re here for it anyway. No. So overall, . If you’re looking for, you know, a movie to watch with your Valentine this year, you could do much worse. Yeah. . Um, if you, if you’ve never seen, especially if you’ve never seen this movie, it’s fun. Um, for one viewing, like you said. I don’t know that I ever need to see it again.

Um, but it’s, it’s worth seeing once. 

Todd: So if you were to recommend either the original or this one to somebody who wants to watch this once for Valentine’s Day, which would you pick? I think 

Craig: the first one is a better movie, but I think that this one might be more fun just because of the blood and violence and, but I do, I think the first one is a better movie.

Yeah, I agree. I don’t know. I don’t know. That’s a tough question. What would you. 

Todd: Boy. I guess it just depends on who I’m talking to, right? Yeah. If I knew, if I knew that person would very much appreciate an older film that, you know, is kind of silly and corny, then I would probably recommend that one to them because I do agree, I think it’s a better movie.

But then, you know, some people just don’t have the patience for that. Or just wanna see something a little more modern with, with actors they recognize and just a little more action packed. Yeah. In which case, this is the one for. I agree. Well, thank you so much for listening to another episode, our second in our series of remakes.

This month we have two more coming your way. Thank you so much for listening to us being Valentine’s Day. This is our time when we just share some love with you guys. We love you, all of our listeners, particularly our patrons who are supporting us, and, uh, who are the ones who came up with the idea of the remake month that we’re doing today.

If you would like to join the ranks of our patrons, just check out our Patreon page at podcast. Until next time, I’m Todd. And I’m Craig with Two Guys and a Chainsaw.

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