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The Wicker Man (2006)

This heavily-memed, notoriously bad remake of an absolute classic genre-bending 1973 film is so full of terrible dialogue, hammy acting, head-scratching plot holes, and just plain dumb subject matter that it actually feels more like a mockery of the original than an homage. So naturally, we enjoyed talking about it much more than we enjoyed watching it.

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My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)

This second week of Remake Month, we’re tackling the slick 2009 remake of 1981’s My Bloody Valentine, which we previously reviewed on this podcast and found very charming. The remake features much more beautiful people, brutal kills, a crazy bit of inspired full-frontal, and more 3-D gags than you can shake a pickaxe at. There’s no better way to celebrate the holiday! Curl up with your sweetheart and dig in.

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The Blob (1988)

Co-written by Frank Darabont and directed by Chuck Russell, lots of familiar faces in this one. Featuring loads of awesome practical effects, not the least of which is Kevin Dillon’s wild and wooly hair. Enjoy!