Seed of Chucky

Seed of Chucky

seed of chucky

Seed of Chucky is the most divisive of all the Child’s Play films thus far. It was also the last to be released in theaters. This film leans so heavily into camp that even John Waters has a prominent role in it. Perhaps more comedy than horror, Chucky and Tiff’s son from the tail-end of the first film embarks on a journey of self-discovery and is horrified by his parents. But the REAL star of the show is Jennifer Tilly playing herself to hilarious effect. Have a listen and let us know which camp YOU’RE in: Love It? Or Leave It?

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Seed of Chucky (2004)

Episode 382, 2 Guys and a Chainsaw

Todd: Hello and welcome to another episode of Two Guys in a Chainsaw. I’m Todd.

Craig: And I’m Craig.

Todd: We continue our Child’s Play series. by moving along from Bride of Chucky to Seed of Chucky, the sequel to Bride of Chucky, which we did last week. And I believe this movie started shooting very quickly after Bride of Chucky was either released or had finished shooting itself, right?

They’ve always kind of planned to make this, this sequel to it. I think so. 

Craig: Uh, yeah, I think it was just about a year later after the last one. I’m curious before you get started, is it weird watching these all? Like. Back to back because this, this series for me was stretched out over three decades. When a new one was coming out, regardless of what it looked like, I didn’t care.

I was just excited for a new one. I could understand how it might be a lot to swallow. 

Todd: That was all at once. That was yours and my worry from the very beginning. Of course, we could be waiting, like, uh, in between recording each of these. Little bit of a spoiler, we’re trying to do them as fast as possible, so, uh, it’s been days between watching these movies and recording these episodes.

And, I don’t know, I mean, For me, it helps with my memory, so we could talk about these movies a little bit. Okay, that makes sense. But I understand what you mean. There was a time in which we had to wait for everything, right? We had to wait for TV shows. I mean, even Lost, right? It didn’t come out all at once on Netflix.

And so Oh, right. You’d watch an episode, and then you’d have a whole week to talk about it and think about it. And especially with the internet, you know, people were Chatting and had their whole fan bases built up around these shows and speculating about what’s going on and what’s gonna happen next.

Obviously, this isn’t the same kind of thing, but this is a pre internet era kind of thing where we had years, you know, between movies to talk about and discuss and maybe watch them again and rent them and, and really get familiar with the movies before the next one came out. And so there was a degree of anticipation that probably colored our reception of the film.

And I was 

Craig: just listening like a minute to go to a podcast that Kevin Smith was on and he was talking about how in our lifetime when we were younger, we didn’t have immediate access to everything. We weren’t like just constantly inundated. So a lot of times you wouldn’t even know these movies were coming out or, you know, if you were, you know, a big fan of horror like me.

And when you got the opportunity to go to the mall, you’d like check out Fangoria to see what was going on or whatever. You may have some inkling that was the one you may have some inkling of what was going on, but. Very, very few details. Like, any more, you pretty much know everything that’s happening, like, or if you don’t, that means that the studio has gone to great lengths to make sure that they’re trying to keep it under wraps.

Yeah. Times change, and that’s fine, and I appreciate the easy access. I, Alan and I won’t even watch a series anymore. If it releases week to week, we will wait until they’re all released, because 

Todd: Impatient. Yeah, 

Craig: we’re super impatient. So I, I’m appreciative of it, appreciative of that, but I kind of miss being surprised.

Todd: And nowadays it’s like the complete opposite nowadays. Like, you know, all the nitty gritty, the inside information, you know, it used to be Hollywood just controlled this stuff so much, and now either they can’t control it, or maybe they like the. Anticipation of it. Or maybe it’s just part of the business side that we just don’t see is that if you, if you know, you know, you read variety, you’re always getting, Oh, so and so is attached to this project or so and so was, was going to be writing the script for this project.

And, and now it’s three years later and it still hasn’t happened and they’ve been fired and a new writer has been hired and, you know, all these ins and outs of what’s going on behind the scenes and who’s writing what and who’s attached to direct and it changes before the movie’s even shot. Yeah, and so we’re so inundated with it, it’s a different kind of anticipation, I suppose, but then the reception of the movie is always like, I don’t know, sometimes it’s nice to not be privy to how the sausage is made, right?

You just see the movie come out. You don’t really know anything about the background of it. You just Looking to it content alone, you know, you’re not sitting here going. Well, let’s see how Don Mancini is going to do with this material. Right? So, um, yeah, I don’t know. It’s different, but this is the era we live in now.

The other striking thing about it is just from sequel to sequel because there’s so much space between them. It’s such a change, like from Chuck Child’s Play 3 to what, Bride of Chucky was seven years. Right. And in that amount of time, the whole film aesthetic changes, right? The lighting style is more slick, and I don’t know what budget 

Craig: this was shot on, but I bet it was significantly less.

Yeah. I don’t know. Everything about it felt just a little bit Cheaper than Bride. I think Bride was just so good. Yeah that this one had a lot to 

Todd: live up to It’s a stylish movie in the way that Bride was stylish, but you have a different director You’ve got Don Mancini who was the writer of the series a creator of it really from the very beginning Who steps in to direct this time even though that wasn’t the original intent and before that we had Ronnie Yoo Who was a very stylish director who really lent a sense of?

I don’t know, just a different sensibility to the movie. They may have had similar budgets, but it doesn’t look like it. Part of it’s the cinematography, and part of it, I think about halfway through this movie, I was thinking, this movie feels smaller. And I I think the reason is there are fewer characters, it really centers around a smaller group of characters, it’s a smaller setting, the first one at one point kind of becomes a road movie, so we’re getting all these different settings, and this one, my understanding is it’s all shot in Romania and all on soundstages, and that was also a conscious choice of Don Mancini, he wanted it to have that Older universal monster kind of Hollywood horror movie feel where everything was shot on sound stages, you know, the old Dracula, the old Frankenstein, it does have a different feel because of it.

The locations are, are smaller, more self contained. There are fewer actors in it, but the look of the dolls and sort of the sensibility of the series is, is similar except for the content, which seems to change drastically. Like the tone of the content. And the story, that changes quite a 

Craig: bit. It’s very different for a lot of reasons.

And one of those reasons is because, as I was watching this, and I was, I don’t know, halfway through, I almost texted you, but I didn’t know if you had watched it or not. I almost just texted you, This is a straight up comedy. Like, Yeah. Yeah, we said the last one was at least as much comedy as horror. This one is more comedy than horror.

I would say it is. There are gore elements and those, those things are fun. I really enjoy them, but this is a comedy. Like every line is a zinger. So that’s one thing that makes it different. At least somewhat like it, it, it amps it up even further, like from. Part 2, they’ve turned it up to 11. The other thing that I realized watching this, and this is the first time that I’ve realized it, I’ve seen it many times.

First of all, I remember seeing this the first time and not liking it. I thought that it leaned too hard into the humor, and I thought that the humor was really silly, and I didn’t like it. And so I didn’t really revisit it for a long time. And then, I’ve told you this before, later, more recently in my adult life, I had caught at least part of it again, and I was like, you know what?

They tried something different. Maybe it’s not for me, but I appreciate that they, you know, were continuing to try to do new things. Watching it again this time, I actually really enjoyed it, but I realized this isn’t really a Chucky movie. This is a Jennifer Tilly movie. Oh, yeah. This is a Jennifer Tilly and Tiffany movie, and then you throw the kid in there, too.

And Chucky is really very much on the side until the very end. Like, he does stuff. But he’s not really, it’s not his story. It’s not his journey. That’s it. 

Todd: He’s sidelined in the story itself, really. You’re right. It’s about Tiffany and it’s about their son, Glenn, who is hilarious. And you’re right, this is a comedy, and I think for 2004, this was a bit ahead of its time.

I think it plays differently now than it did then. It probably came across as more polarizing and edgy then, because I think Our sensibilities are a little different. This is very heavy on LG. This movie has something to say. Like, this movie has themes that people were probably talking about, some people were probably offended by, and some people were probably scratching their heads.

It’s super campy, but it’s no surprise that John Waters has a role in this movie, because this is very much like a John Waters movie. It’s not as crazy as a John Waters movie is, it’s not as in your face as a John Waters movie is, but it’s approaching it. Oh, 

Craig: yeah. Uh huh. 

Todd: I love 

Craig: John Waters, by the way. He loves these movies, by the way.

Yeah. Yeah, he’s, he’s a huge fan. They wrote, they wrote the role with him in mind, knowing that he was a huge fan. I 

Todd: kind of dug it. So I went from watching this to watching Child’s Play 3, which we are recording a minisode for, for our patrons. If you’re interested in hearing Child’s Play 3, we are not going to be covering it this month and probably not.

on the podcast, unless we get really desperate. You’re gonna have to join our Patreon community and when better, what better opportunity to do so. Go to patreon. com slash chainsaw podcast and sign up for just five bucks a month. You can get many soaps that we do. You can get our unedited edited phone calls.

We’re starting a Christopher Pike book club that’s going all kinds of stuff that we do for our patrons behind the scenes and this is one of them. So I worked, I would watch child’s play three almost immediately after watching this movie and the differences could not be more stark. Uh huh. Whereas child’s play three felt like.

More of a continuation of the tone of the first two movies, obviously bride took a complete left turn in a way this is like a 180 like you said, this is straight up comedy. It’s not really even trying to be scary. No, not scary. And it’s you’re right. It’s about it’s about the Tiffany doll. 

Craig: Well, and about Jennifer Tilley, who plays both.

First of all, Jennifer, Jennifer Tilley is top built in this movie, both as the Her playing herself and the doll surely has significantly more screen time than anybody else You know, she’s all over the place But my favorite thing is her playing herself in a self deprecating way that is so Funny. It is hilarious.

I would really prefer that we just stop talking now and just play all of her lines and scenes because I am just dying laughing, but then there are some, oh God, hopefully we’ll get to it. I don’t know. We may just gush about this movie and run out of time to talk about the plot, but there is a scene where both you Tiffany the doll and Jennifer Tilly are on the phone 

Todd: with 

Craig: another character and it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

It’s so 

Todd: funny. It’s really smart, you know? Again, it’s one of these self aware meta type horror things where the whole conceit here is that in this universe 

Craig: Okay, wait, wait. I was trying to figure this out. Can you explain this? To me, how does this work? Because how does it work? I like, I really tried to wrap my head around it and I’m not sure that I can.

How do the character of Tiffany Valentine and Jennifer Tilley, the actress exist in the same right? 

Todd: You almost have to imagine that Tiffany Valentine is not actually Jennifer Tilley, right? Like in the universe, never Tilley was just hired to play Tiffany Valentine in the movie within the movie that they’re shooting here, right?

We have to kind of put out of our heads that she was also playing even though they have the same voice I know it’s like hard 

Craig: And they’re and they’re identical to one another Yeah Tiffany Valentine Is very much aware of Jennifer Tilly, she’s a huge fan. Yeah. But are we just to believe that they just happen to be identical twins and I guess so.

Nobody really just says anything? Cause I was wondering, I was like, How meta does this get? Like, Ha ha ha ha ha. All the, like, all the movies that we’ve seen before this, Were these dramatizations? Of what really happened, and now we’re in the real world where Jennifer Tilly has always played Tiffany Valentine.

Todd: Uh, but in this world, Tiffany Valentine’s a real person, and Jennifer Tilly is an actress, and Tiffany Valentine is in the doll. Jennifer Tilly is playing the role of Tiffany Valentine. Right, 

Craig: right, but hear me out, but hear me out, hear me out. So, the real life Tiffany didn’t look like Jennifer Tilly, but we’ve never seen her because all the movies we’ve seen have been about these famous doll murders.

Right. Oh, I see what you’re saying. Now the real life Tiffany who, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work. Yeah, kind of. Still, why would she have the exact same voice? It doesn’t make sense. Right. 

Todd: It just so happens. I mean, you know, they try to find people who can look close enough to the person who they’re playing, you know, with these like, real life dramas or whatever.

Maybe you can I mean, that is also kind of a small, squeaky voice that she has. Jennifer Tilly has a very distinct voice, and that helps a lot. 

Craig: I love it. It’s so cute. 

Todd: Jennifer Tilly has just the right combination. You know, you take any one bit of her and her looks or her personality or her voice or whatever away, and it’s almost arguable that she might not have succeeded as an actress to the extent that she has now.

Because she’s just got a package that just works and is just so good. And I love her. Of course, I was in love with her as a kid, so that helps too, but like, you know, like I said last time, she’s like this Betty Boop of the 90s or 2000s, you know, she just, she has that seductive sultriness about her, whereas Betty Boop’s character is sort of not aware of that, she’s sort of super innocent and blissfully unaware about how she Attractive she is and how much men are swooning over her.

Maybe that’s the update. 

Craig: Jennifer Tilly kind of plays a heightened version of the way that she’s perceived. And I think that she’s a hundred percent aware that that’s exactly what she’s doing. Oh yeah, for sure. And so she, she kind of plays, you know, the big boobed bimbo. She has a line in the movie. She’s like, I know I come across as really slutty, but that’s just for my image and it’s, it’s, it’s so meta.

I can only imagine that it’s a result of her being a really good sport because I know some of this maybe was improvised, but I’m sure most of it was written and for her to be a good enough sport to take these really self deprecating lines and deliver them. With such enthusiasm. Yeah. Uh, I just absolutely love it.

Like, we’re not going in sequence, but I, like, There’s one point where her assistant finds out that she’s thinking about sleeping with a director to get a part. Think about what you’re doing. What are people gonna say? Who cares what people say? But don’t you see how evil this is? I don’t want to hear it.

You’re prostituting yourself so you can play the Virgin Mary. Joan, I don’t want to hear it. Oh, this is so evil. You’re going to hell. No, hell would be ending up on Celebrity Fear Factor in a worm eating contest with Anna Nicole Smith.

And the assistant goes, which you’d win because they’re constantly, they’re constantly making jokes also about how fat she is. She’s not fat. She is a curvy, beautiful woman, but there are so many self deprecating fat jokes. The first time that you see her, she’s like sneaking a candy bar, like on a movie set.

Oh my God. She’s hilarious. I could talk about her all day. Do we want to, are we gonna try the plot ? I don’t know. 

Todd: I, I wanna talk more about Jennifer Tilley. . I suppose we will as the plot goes on, so, yeah, that’s no problem. Okay. We can talk the plot, but she’s the star 

Craig: of the movie. This 

Todd: is her movie. She is.

Before we go into the plot, just a thought occurred to me before it passes what you were talking about again, about how modern this movie and is, how it’s received differently now. I think like. Back then, for example, Marilyn Monroe is a created character, right? Yeah. If you look at images of her and where she came from and all that, you know, the Hollywood system took her in and changed her, dyed her hair blonde, you know, she affected cute voice and all these things.

Uh huh. And so in real life, she would be, she was playing a character as well because it helped her with her career. Nobody wanted to see, even in real life, walking around the Marilyn Monroe that She was before they want to see this character and because of that then she can get these roles where she’s playing this character where this is like where life and art kind of intersect but it’s a very deliberate thing boy bands are put together very carefully and their images are very crafted and I think there was a time where we had to intuitively know that but maybe we didn’t maybe a lot of people didn’t maybe we always thought Marilyn Monroe just was born that way and it wasn’t she wasn’t so carefully crafted nowadays we know this.

And we know it so well, because we’re so connected, and we read so much online, and people discuss this incessantly, and even actors are more open about it. It’s different. Like, back then, this probably was, like, oh my god, why is Jennifer Tilley saying all these horrible things about herself? Nowadays, I look at it, and I’m like, oh, this is Jennifer Tilley acknowledging the image that she had to take on.

In order to be successful in Hollywood. So on the one hand, you know, nowadays, it just seems like almost any actor might be more willing to do this because the audience is in on the joke. Whereas even just 20 years ago. We weren’t all in on the joke, we didn’t all get it, and so we’d be scratching our heads here, and maybe even applauding her, like, Oh my gosh, she’s being so, so progressive, and, and she’s saying these things about herself, or is she revealing her inner insecurities, and stuff like that, and, Now we know this is also part of image crafting, right?

This movie itself is crafting an image of Jennifer Tilly, the actress, and it’s probably in her favor. You know, makes her come across as a really fun person. 

Craig: Yeah, she’s really super fun and endearing. And I read that in the initial draft, she was supposed to come across as more unlikable. That wouldn’t have worked.

I, well, I don’t think it would have worked or she wouldn’t have been the main focus, but I just don’t think, I just don’t think that’s just, that’s not Jennifer Tilly. Like. She just seems like such a cool person. She’s like a rockstar poker player. Did you know that? Like she makes millions of dollars playing poker.

She’s really good at it. Bad bitch. No, she’s awesome. There’s so many things, but I hope that going through will hit some of them. I want to talk about Julia Roberts. I want to, but I want to talk about, because I feel like it’s the second. Images appeared on screen. I’m like, Oh, this is going to be a different kind of movie.

The very first image is a red screen and then come starts dripping down. Oh my God, I 

Todd: looked up, I was eating while I was doing this and I looked up and I was like, those CGI sperm that we’re getting going down, 

Craig: then there’s a spoof of. The Luke who’s talking opening credits with the sperm but it’s darker and creepier and it makes a psycho baby, you know, we’ve seen this baby before.

Yeah, then it jumps to a POV shot of this little girl opening a present and she’s like, it’s a doll, it’s gross, I hate it and they don’t know where it came from and the mom and the dad go upstairs and anyway, this POV, this doll, this POV doll ends up killing. The dad stabs him and pushes him over the banister.

This is a good 

Todd: sequence. I mean, it’s Yeah. I know, we kind of want to brush through it because there’s so much movie to talk about. But I was really 

Craig: struck The reason that I hold on really quick. The reason that I was kind of brushing through it and I interrupted so that maybe you can explain it to me. I don’t really remember how it’s connected.

Well, Chucky’s 

Todd: gotta end up somewhere, right? Or, or Chucky’s seed. Chucky’s son. Well, 

Craig: you don’t know at this point. I think they’re trying to lead you to believe that it’s 

Todd: Chucky. There are, like, two fake outs right off the beginning of this movie. And then there’s a really clever line that acknowledges it.

And at that point, I was like, God, this is really smart writing. So you get the POV shot and it’s the typical killer POV that starts off a lot of slasher movies. We don’t know exactly who they are, but in a Jason movie, you just assume it’s Jason. Right. So in this movie, we’re assuming it’s Chucky, but immediately you’re thrown off by the fact that these people have British accents.

And I was like, Oh, that’s bizarre. Is this going to take place in England? And it’s a girl who’s opens, opened up a doll for the present, but doesn’t like it because she thinks it looks weird. All of this is shot through this doll’s POV. And when she and the family leave the room, the doll sees the half eaten birthday cake there, and it’s got a knife in it, so the doll picks up the knife, and then, as you said, starts wandering and going through the house, and kills the father, and he falls down the stairs, and then goes in the shower, where the mother is showering, where we get nudity.

I think it’s the only nudity in the movie. Well, and 

Craig: I think it’s the only nudity in the Series, it’s not the only nudity in the movie because tiffany flashes. No, not tiffany. Excuse. Yeah, tiffany the doll Flashes her boobs later in the 

Todd: movie. Yeah, we get doll nudity. Does that count? 

Craig: This is the only one in the franchise.

I believe that features any nudity at all. This is 

Todd: very horror movie This is very straight slasher we’re not going to get anything more like this for the rest of the film and I think this is a Conscious choice in the side of the director to give them give the fans this and then let them know we’re going to be subverting your expectations Because after this whole sequence is finished Which by the way is a very impressive sequence because it appears to be done all in one shot I can see the edits.

There are places where it was clearly must have been edited, but it’s it’s seamless So the whole thing looks like it was done in one shot. It’s really great. And then suddenly it’s like hey, hey, hey Wake up, shit face. And we get a face of a totally different guy. And we finally see the doll. And it is this little kid.

And this was like a dream he was having. That’s what I 

Craig: don’t really get. Was it a dream? Was it a memory? I 

Todd: don’t get it. I think he is tormented because this is like a, a DNA kind of destiny kind of thing where Okay. Both of his parents are killer dolls and so even though he doesn’t have this urge to kill and he’s, he abhors violence and doesn’t know where he came from and so he’s haunted by these like tendencies.

You know what I mean? Like it’s like a dream thing. Yeah. 

Craig: Sure. I get it. It’s like his 


Todd: Yeah, exactly. So I think that’s what this is. Okay. Yeah. Okay. For a moment there, I was thinking, so, how, does that, did the doll make it to England? Because it had to get to England at some point. 

Craig: And he has a British accent, though.

Yeah. Why does he have a 

Todd: British accent? Well, because his handler, his handler’s a ventriloquist. And so, and he’s like a rock star looking dude. You know, he’s got long, scraggly hair. He’s very goth. He’s got tattoos. And he’s smoking and he’s a jerk. And he picks him up and says, come on. And pulls him out of the cage that he keeps him in.

And out on the stage, where they’re in big. Uh, lights over the stage is psych and shit face. And that is this guy’s act. And they are at like the international ventriloquists competition, which is on an outdoor stage, like a rock concert. Can’t imagine ventriloquism being that cool. And he’s putting on an act with this guy.

And of course, you know, this is the whole, we’ve seen this before. We saw this as early as dead of night where you’ve got a ventriloquist who’s acting like he’s really talented, but the reality is the doll’s just alive and can talk freely. And he calls him shitface, and he’s a jerk, and in their act, he mentions that he found him in a cemetery in the States.

I I don’t know how that happens, there’s a British guy walking through that cemetery, we saw it at the end of Bride of Juggie, found him, and found he was alive, and decided to whisk him back with him. 

Craig: Oh, okay, so they’re in England at that point, okay, alright. Mm hmm. Okay, so this Puppet thing. They were conflicted about what it should look like.

I think, I don’t know, producers, uh, somebody, I think that Don Mancini wanted it to have unique features and look like something that would have been designed by Tim Burton. And the money wanted it to look more like Chucky. And so it does kind of look like. The guy from the Corpse Bride, you know, really gaunt face and, and kind of blue, but then it’s got, like, shocking red hair like Chucky, and I think it’s got blue eyes, so they kind 

Todd: of compromise.

And it has sharp re sharp teeth too, which I thought was an interesting choice. Well, they 

Craig: established that in the second one, remember? It’s the It’s Alive 

Todd: baby, it has sharp teeth. I just thought that was his baby teeth though, you know, I thought he’d lose those. Oh, 

Craig: maybe. This is like eight years later, so, who knows?

But anyway, despite his somewhat monstrous appearance and the fact that he’s an animate puppet He’s very mild mannered, and he’s voiced by Billy Boyd, who was Pippin in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I have no idea. That’s such a random casting, but I, I, I, again, I think, uh, they were just going for something, you know, like, He’s British, and he’s timid, not Cruel and murderous like the guy psych tells him you’re going to have to start being more scary and he throws a rat in the cage and I guess he wants this kid to like eat or kill the rat or whatever but instead he just reaches down and pets it and but eventually shit face because he doesn’t have any other name yet he’s sad that he’s an orphan all he knows is that he’s an orphan and he’s a freak and he’s japanese because it says made in japan oh my god there is So hilarious.


Todd: Is Japanese. Well during the show, he’s musing. I 

Craig: know I’m a freak. And of course, I know that I’m Japanese. But why do I have such terrible nightmares? Filled with hate, and blood, and guts. I’m not like that at all. I wouldn’t even hurt a fly. Oh, there he goes. Back to his family. Oh, I envy him. Sometimes, I wonder about my own parents.

Were they Zen masters? Did they serve the Emperor? Very mild mannered. But then he sees them on TV because there’s a news report about how they’re making a new Chucky movie based on the infamous killer dolls or whatever. That comes 

Todd: after because immediately while he’s musing, we get a cut to a graveyard.

Craig: Oh, yeah, I guess I just spoiled it. I assume any of you who are listening Have seen it have probably seen this 

Todd: but yeah, this is this is the second fake out. Okay, so we had that first fake out and that was shocking and then we have this and it’s just a Santa guy dressed as Santa walking through a snowy graveyard and he happens upon the Chucky doll.

And of course he gets murdered by Chucky and then Tiffany comes out from behind and murders him too. You are 

Craig: never real. You know what that kind of disappointment can do to somebody? Do you have any idea how that can? With your mind! With your mind! With your mind! With your mind! With your mind! Chuckie’s broke again!

Todd: And then we see a wider shot, and they’re on a film set, and Santa gets up, and he’s like, God, I can’t handle this, this doll’s malfunctioning all the time, and we see Chuckie and Tina with a whole bunch of tubes going into their backs, and they’re like, alright, let’s take five, and he wanders away. Again, what a clever line because that’s what the filmmakers are doing right now.

They are f ing with our minds. This happened for the second time. And now I was like, Oh my God, like this is like dream within a dream type situation. I don’t know what kind of movie this is going to be. Because now what we have is the production crew. Is using the dolls from real life that were involved in this series of murders that again, nobody knows that the dolls are alive, so 

Craig: I guess, wait, wait, wait, no, they’re not using, they’re not using the actual dolls, those are props, no, they’re not the actual dolls, they’re props, they 

Todd: converted the dolls.

Well, then why are Chucky and Tina’s personalities inside them? Her name is Tiffany. Tiffany, sorry. Why are, why are there personalities? 

Craig: They’re not. Oh. He does the voodoo thing and puts their souls back in there. From where? They’re different, they’re different vessels. Todd, we’ve been through this. You said you watched part three.

He says, I’m in a new body now. They can go into whatever. Yeah, but, 

Todd: but where are Chucky and Oh, so just from the ether, he says the thing, and so now the spirits of Chucky and, and Tiffany are now summoned back into these dolls? Yes, yes, that is correct. Oh. Well, that’s stupid. 

Craig: The guy who played Santa is Jason Fleming, who is an accomplished actor.

And he hates this movie and is so grossed out by the fact that he did it. I saw something where he said, so here I am in Romania on a set getting killed by a doll. And I’m like, how did I get here?

He was in great film adaptation of Great Expectations. He played Joe Gardner. He’s so good. I mean, he’s, he’s an accomplished actor. Who knows? Maybe he was in a slump then. Okay, so it’s, it’s a movie and it’s a movie set and it’s, they’re shooting Chuckie goes psycho, which was actually the original idea for this movie.

It was going to pick up right where the last one left off and Chuckie and Tiffany were going to go to the Bates motel and then it was going to turn into a slasher. We meet Jennifer Tilly, she has her assistant read her like out of the wanted ads, I guess, postings for, I don’t know, maybe in Hollywood this exists, you know, posts for auditions and roles and stuff.

She says something about Julia Roberts and Jennifer Tilly is like, Julia Roberts. I’m so tired of hearing about Julia Roberts. You know, I should have played Erin Brockovich. I could have done it without the Wonderbra. Julia stole that part right out from under me. You know how she did it? She slept with the director, that’s what I think.

Just all these silly, silly lines and, oh god. And then, and then she has this whole monologue. I mean, look at me, I’m an Oscar nominee for Christ’s sake, and now I’m fucking a puppet. I’ve got no fan mail, no paparazzi, no soccers. I mean, it’s so meta because it’s true. It’s all true. And it’s hilarious. It’s a great monologue.

It really is. The assistant tells her that Redman, the rapper, is directing a Bible epic, and the role that’s available is the Virgin Mary, and Jennifer Tilly is so thrilled, and she’s like, she’s like, I love the way she always, like, wore robes, and how her hair kind of framed her face like me. Laughter. Oh, my God.

It’s so funny. You’re gonna you have to take over. I’m just gonna keep doing 

Todd: it. I love your Jennifer Tilley impression, by the way. It’s really spot on. So anyway. Yeah. So she’s talking about that. So she’s gonna set up a meeting with Redmond to read for that role. In the meantime, like you said earlier, Glenn sees an interview on TV and it’s Chucky and Tina also in the interview chairs.

It’s like an entertainment tonight type show. You’re gonna keep calling her that. That’s not I know it’s Tiffany, right? Yes. God, why did I say that? It’s 

Craig: okay. Just from now on, if you say Tina, we’ll know what you mean. That’s okay. It’s 

Todd: all right. Uh, they’re sitting in the chair, and Chucky waves at the camera as the camera is saying goodbye, and Glenn notices the Made in Japan mark on his wrist as well.

So he assumes, oh my god, they’re my parents, and so he escapes from this, this evil guy, and then I don’t know how he manages it. I guess we’re just supposed to assume he does because the next thing we know there’s a box being taken to by DFS double fast service delivery. It’s a take off of apartment of family services.

Yeah, exactly. I thought that was cute. The whole movie is filled with this kind of humor on it gets dropped off and he finds himself inside a room with large monster statues that looks like an old fashioned operating room, but it’s yeah. Obviously like they’re buckets of stage blood and things and this is, I think, a callback to the second movie that we did where there’s an operating room for dolls, except in this case, it’s it’s movie dolls.

Well, yeah, 

Craig: I mean, this is the props room. Yeah, but the props 

Todd: room has all this, like, actual operating room equipment and the lights above and the stainless steel table and even the implements look like. It’s cute. It’s funny. And so anyway, yeah, he’s scared that he’s in there. And then, uh, we go to Jennifer Tilly with Redman having her little read.

Craig: It’s funny. It’s funny, but it’s not worth talking about. They do a reading. He’s like, yeah, I’m a big fan, but I’m going to go with Julia Roberts. And she thinks that Julia Roberts got Aaron Brockovich cause she slept with the director. So she is going to use the same ploy and she’s going to try to sleep with Redman.

And she sets. Date up with for him later. It’s a cute scene. Not worth wasting time on because the kid shit face Finds the chucky and tiffany dolls and has the heart of damballa Medallion because I mean why wouldn’t he right and also The chance is on the back of the amulet and either because I, I don’t really understand this.

I, I think it must be because he’s a voodoo baby. Like, he’s really good at voodoo and he only has to say the first three words. I know. And then say, awake, and they wake right up. 

Todd: He should have told his dad this. He could have saved his dad a lot of time. Yeah. Oh my God, 

Craig: it always takes everybody else so long.

And he’s just like, uh, ade due dembele, awake. And they wake right up. Oh my God. And he greets them in Japanese and they’re, they’re confused, but they figure it out. He doesn’t know if he’s a boy or girl. Is this when they argue over this? And, and take his pants off. I keep using male pronouns. That’s 

Todd: kind of, Chuckie’s like shit face.

That’s a terrible name. We’ve got to change your name first. I want to name you Glenn. And she’s like, no, what do you mean him? It’s a her she’s Glenda, which is a straight off. I was rolling my eyes at this. It’s a straight off nod to Ed Wood. Ed Wood, uh, the famous director who did plan nine from outer space and all these old black and white horror movies that I grew up on also did a movie.

Him himself was a, at least a cross dresser. I don’t, I don’t know for sure how far he went, if he, if, if he felt he was trans or not, or if he just enjoyed dressing in women’s clothing, but, um, he did a movie called Glenn or Glenda, where he was hoping to bring light to the subject and empathy towards crossdressers, and it’s just a silly, goofy movie that he actually plays in, and, uh, I love, uh, God, I, I could go on and on about Ed Wood, I just find him so campy and entertaining.

And so, throughout the movie, there’s this argument over his gender, and he’s just, Kind of like not sure whether he wants to be a boy or feels more like a girl. And so it’s Glenn for Chucky or Glenda for Jennifer Tilly’s doll’s character. That’s just what I’m going to call her because I’m Tiffany, right?

Yeah, Tiffany. And that’s a running thing throughout. And that is a major overarching theme of the whole film. This film very much deals with gender stuff. Well, 

Craig: and I, I, I am going to try my hardest with pronouns. But I think that. Glenn Glenda would use They, them, he, him, she, her pronouns, depending on the moment.

So I think we’re safe all around. It’s funny because for they kill the prop man, all the kills are great. Like they decapitate the prop man with what? Like a wire or something, because he’s trying to fix Tiffany and he takes off her back plate. And when he takes it off, it’s all gross and organic under there.

And of course that scares him. And then Chucky decapitates him with. Wire or something his head goes flying up in the air and 

Todd: yeah, they each have an arm hand on the wire and then as soon as that’s right, he falls down and his head is spurting out blood and you see the camera pan back and Chuckie and Tiffany in the foreground are just like making out in the blood because they’re just so turned on by what they just did right so funny 

Craig: and then Jennifer Tilley comes in and thinks that it’s just props because she’s surrounded by props and she came in there to get her candy bar.

She had stuck it in Chuckie’s overalls. Yeah. And she comes in and she plays with the decapitated head for a while and talks to it and she’s like, you’re cuter than my last boyfriend and she like kisses it on the mouth and then she’s like, you look so real and she looks closer at it. And, eventually realizes it’s real and screams, as she does for the entire rest of the movie.

She does a ton of 

Todd: screaming. Yeah. Oh 

Craig: my god. But Tiffany, before she freaks out and the cops come, Tiffany is in awe. She’s like, Jennifer Tilly. She’s so beautiful. And she’s like, and the voice of an angel.

Oh boy. They both compliment? And criticize each other’s voices at some point in the movie. Oh, and it’s so funny. It’s hilarious. What? Okay, the cops come. The cops are 

Todd: there. There’s a big interview scene where now there’s a big media circus. And John Waters is front and center. It’s so funny. And yeah, 

Craig: he’s introduced as paparazzi so we know he’s around.


Todd: I love it. I mean, this movie is just hilarious because she’s getting in the car and you just hear the voices of the paparazzi fade in the background and John Waters is yelling out, Jennifer, how old are you really? What year were you born? Give us the exact date. 

Craig: Yeah, the most ridiculous question.

Just a total 

Todd: spoof on how Hollywood works. I think 

Craig: I heard somebody say, Do you have a problem with chocolate? 

Todd: But, but she’s got this chauffeur who we see watching this from a distance who’s in love with her and he’s rehearsing his one line, right? He’s like, will you marry me? Will you marry me? Will you marry me?

Craig: This is dumb. They just need him for later. So they establish him as a character. It’s stupid. But the dolls tag along and they’re just hanging out drinking champagne in the back of the limo and stuff. And it’s funny. Oh, 

Todd: but it’s hilarious because She’s talking to her, her assistant or agent or whatever on the phone, and she’s telling her, you know, Bredman’s gonna come over and whatever, and she’s like, oh, I’m just gonna be with him for a while.

And then she hangs up the phone and the chauffeur seems upset. She’s like, oh, don’t worry, it’s just one night and then I’ll be with you. And the Tiffany doll turns around and goes, Oh my god, she’s a complete slut! 

Craig: I know, it’s so funny! Why do you kill people? Excuse me? Why 

Todd: do you kill? Well, 

Craig: uh, it’s a hobby, really.

It helps us relax. Am I going to be a killer? Of course. It’s been a family tradition for generations. But violence is bad, isn’t it? They said so on TV. Not violence. Violins. Violins are bad. That screechy music’s gonna ruin the goddamn country. Chuckie, Glinda’s right. It’s time we owned up to it. We have a problem with killing.

And he’s like, we don’t have a problem with killing, and she’s like, no it is, it’s, it’s an addiction. We’re, we’re parents now. Right, and she, she makes him promise that he won’t kill, and he does, but he crosses his fingers behind his back, which is hilarious. And then there’s the celebrity fear factor joke, which is hilarious, and then Jennifer Tilly fires her assistant for shaming her.

Good for you. You should fire her. That’s none of her business. I don’t care if she writes all your fan mail to make you feel better. She does not need to slut shame you. You just sleep with Redman if you have to. That’s the way the world works 

Todd: sometimes. You’re prostituting yourself so you could play the Virgin Mary.

Ha ha ha! I love this line. It’s 

Craig: evil! Oh, God. Tiffany and Chucky’s plan is that they are going to put their souls in Jennifer Tilly and Redmond’s body, and Tiffany is so excited to be famous. She loves Jennifer Tilly, so she’s excited. But they also 

Todd: decide they want to have another baby. 

Craig: So that they can put Glenn’s soul in a human baby.

And then that human baby will have genitalia. So then it will just be decided. Yeah, cause 

Todd: part of the reason they don’t know Glenn at what, you know, Glenn is, is because when they, they, they pull his pants off to check and he just looks like a doll. He’s got nothing. Yeah, 

Craig: he’s a Ken doll. So they’re going to do artificial, they’re, they’re going to do artificial insemination using Chucky’s seed.

And so she tells him to be quick and he, and then she’s like, that shouldn’t be a problem for you. And he’s like, hey, aren’t you gonna give me a hand? And that’s when she flashes her doll boobs that have areolas and nipples. That was so funny. Which I thought was 

Todd: really funny. And he just ends up jerking off to a Fangoria magazine.

Uh huh. When this movie was titled Seed of Chucky, I really thought we were just going to be talking about his son. I did not realize we would see so much of Chucky’s actual seed in this film. Oh, yeah, 

Craig: we watch him jerk off for a while in silhouette, as does. John Waters, but John Waters is there because he’s trying to get pictures of Jennifer Tilley and Redman because he’s a paparazzo, but then he sees, does he say a midget?

A mastermating midget? Oh, God bless the little people. But that, that’s when he sees Tiffany too, and so he thinks there’s something weird and kinky going on here, but he just Thinks that they’re little 

Todd: people. This is where I wrote in my notes. This could not get much more campy. Maybe it can. It’s it can.

And it does, but this is just so comedy at this point, you know, it’s not a horror movie anymore. Jennifer Tilley is making out with the red man. They’re talking about the movie. She wants to be Chucky is upstairs in silhouette, jerking off to a Fangoria magazine. Tiffany’s downstairs watching it. John Waters is outside as the paparazzi taking pictures of all of them.

They’re going to artificially inseminate this girl. With what ends up being a turkey baster. I mean, it’s just, it’s not child’s play three. I’ll tell you that 

Craig: at all. Yeah. Oh yeah. No, it’s very different. It’s not scary. 

Todd: It’s funny. And it’s funny. I thought it 

Craig: was funny. Yeah, I did too. I was amused, but while they’re making out, Tiffany is behind the couch and she’s grossed out that Jennifer Tilley is selling herself, you know, for this movie.

So she hits Redmond over the head with one of Jennifer Tilley’s awards. And then she reveals herself to Jennifer Tilly, and shames her, and she says, You should be ashamed of yourself. Where’s your self respect? You know what my mother used to say about dirty girls? She said, you can always smell it on girls who sell it.

Oh, by the way, Miss Tilly, can I have your autograph? I’m a big fan. And then Tiffany knocks her out and they have to drag the bodies upstairs she says

Can’t believe it. She’s not even pregnant 

Todd: yet. 

Craig: Oh God Jennifer Tilley’s own voice saying how fat Jennifer Tilley is is just Hilarious to me again. She is not at all fat. She looks great. Her tits look amazing. Amazing. I just think she’s gorgeous. And I also like that in this movie, she’s not fat. Tiffany in appearance when she’s Jennifer Tilley, they actually have her looking very clean and natural most of the time and very soft.

Yeah. And you can tell that even without the makeup and she looks great in the makeup, but even without the makeup, she’s a beautiful woman and she’s a lot of fun now. Things get, I wouldn’t say they lag here, but I wasn’t as amused. They tie them up and they artificially inseminate her. And then red man and Jennifer Tilly wake up the next morning and don’t remember what happened and I don’t understand that.

I guess we’re to believe that because they were knocked out, they have some sort of amnesia? Well, they were 

Todd: drugged. They were kind of drugged. Well, she literally poured pills into their champagne. Right, a handful of pills. Could have been roofies or whatever. 

Craig: Then, three seconds later, Jennifer Tilly poured it.

Like, there’s no way that that had time to dissolve. But that’s picking nits. So there’s a whole day, well, and, and the boys, Chucky wakes up Glenn and takes him out because Chucky had seen, he, he like, he caught John Water, and so they go after, right, so he wants to go find him, and apparently knows where he is, I guess, I know, right?

Todd: And, you know, it’s funny because in the first movie, Chucky poo poos the idea that they, Take a car and drive. I think he says something. What am I going to be using the steering wheel and you’re going to be operating the brakes and it’s not going to work. I think that was in Bride. And in this movie, he’s totally fine taking Glenn out and doing exactly the same thing.

There’s a gag where a car that’s supposed to look like Britney Spears zooms by them. He runs her off the road. But this movie, it’s just so full of pop culture references, which is again, so John Waters, but it’s what makes this movie so different, even from Bride, I think. Did we talk about 

Craig: how they killed John Waters?

No. Chucky was just gonna stab him, I think, but then Glenn like intervened and screamed no, which startled John Waters, and he backed into, this is all in a dark room, he backed into a, shelves, yeah, not stationary set of shelves, and it like hit against the wall and then all the chemicals fell on him and sulfuric acid, do you need sulfuric acid to develop pictures?

Todd: I don’t think so. 

Craig: One wouldn’t think, but he gets his face melted off and he’s dead or whatever, but when they wake up, they don’t remember anything, but Jennifer Tilly says that she had a dream and her guardian angel and she had the most heavenly voice came and told her that she needed to do better and she needed to respect herself.

Meanwhile, Tiffany is really all about this not killing people thing, so she’s reading 12 steps in 3 days, and she skips some of the steps, like, like step 3, accepting that there’s a higher power, okay, and then she finally finds one that says, make a man, she’s like, oh, I can do that. So, she calls the wife of the cop that she killed in the opening scene of Chucky 2, and, er, Child’s Play 2, and she’s like, Is this Mrs.

So and so? My name is Tiffany Ray. Um, you don’t know me, but a few years ago I killed your husband, and I am so very, very sorry. Oh, no! I’m completely serious! But I want you to know I’m in recovery now, and I’ve put all of that behind me. I don’t know.

Thank you, Mrs. Bailey. Have a nice day. Get away from me! I feel better already. Then, Jennifer Tilly is going, I don’t know, to set, I don’t know. But her limo driver is driving her and she pukes in her purse, and you know what that means When women puke in movies that means they’re pregnant and she is and then at dinner that night.

She tells red man She’s pregnant and she says she knows she’s comes off. He’s like well, whose is it? Don’t even look at me Well, I haven’t slept with anyone else to advance my career lately. Who are you kidding? It’s true, Redman, look I know I come off all slutty, but that’s that’s for my image. It’s just You think anyone would cast me in these sex plot roles if they knew I hadn’t been laid in a year?

I haven’t even slept with my driver yet, and I think he really likes me. Hey, that’s all very touching and shit, but I’m telling you, it can’t be me. I know. I had a vasectomy as soon as I got to Hollywood, I ain’t no idiot. Hilarious. But then Tiffany is pissed that Redman dissed Jennifer, so she kills him, she disembowels him, which Jennifer doesn’t see, and she just goes off to bed.

Anytime Glenn sees one of his parents kill somebody, his eye twitches. Like he’s very close to losing it any minute. Yeah. Chuckie and Tiffany the doll are talking and Chuckie’s like well, how long do we have to wait for this pregnancy and she’s like well It’s a voodoo pregnancy. So it’s accelerated He’s like how accelerated then it cuts to the next morning and Jennifer Tilly gets out of bed at full term 

Todd: She is 100 percent pregnant 

Craig: Doesn’t realize it until she goes into the bathroom and screams Oh my 

Todd: god.

This is when she calls Joan and they have the three way call. Because they’re using a landline here. So, Tiffany finds she’s pregnant, she calls Joan, she’s freaking out. In the same way, Tina Was I right? Tina? Shit. Ti No, Tiffany! Tiffany! Tiffany! It’s even in my notes as Tiffany. What is wrong with me? Three way call with Tiffany on the other line.

So she’s playing Jennifer Tilly. And so there’s all this confusion on the line with the agent. And it’s just a funny scene. There’s no doing it justice at the 

Craig: very least. My favorite is when Tiffany, the doll is like, is everything okay? And she Tiffany’s like, yeah, everything’s fine. And meanwhile, Chuckie jumps on.

Jennifer Tilly’s back and is like fighting her in the room i think

Todd: after This happens. Is this when it’s revealed that Tiffany has actually killed Redman because he falls out of the closet? I don’t know, but anyway, there’s a, there’s a break in the 

Craig: action. And, and Tiffany and Chucky fight over killing and over Glenn. Yeah. He just screams, You’re tearing me apart! And it’s hilarious because there’s all this Family drama going on and just in the far background, almost in soft focus, is just Jennifer Tilly tied to the bed, watching all of this happen.

It was so funny. 

Todd: It’s cute because at one point Glenn is like, what about what I want? I think I want to be a boy, but being a girl would be nice too. And then Chucky for his part is talking about the whole killing thing and he’s like, look, if you guys want to stop killing, that’s your choice. But I like killing.

It’s not an addiction. It’s a choice. And it’s not something you should have to hide in a closet, and then the body falls out, and then it revealed that, you know, Tiffany has fallen off the wagon as well, because she killed a red man. It’s just, it’s a cute scene, again, I think like, for the time, maybe it would have been seen as a little more progressive, and perhaps even off putting for some people.

Now, it almost seems preachy. Because these are things we’ve been wrestling without in public for a while now, you know, to a degree that I don’t know, as a society, it’s getting, it’s getting tricky to navigate this stuff because there’s like, I don’t know, you know, I’m not going to get into politics or anything like that, but this is very much moved into the realm of politics.

And it’s been something that’s now sort of dividing us as a nation. And so seeing it now is very different, but I love how the movie goes here because it is. A strong theme of the film. It’s all about identity, right? It 

Craig: is, but it’s really not progressive. I mean, it’s progressive in that it’s addressing this and gender identity and those types of things.

And Glenn at one point says, Can’t I be both? But this movie really Proliferates a, uh, a common thing about people with either gender identity. Like it’s a 

Todd: choice, right? 

Craig: Like, as though it’s a choice and it’s just one or the other, and it I know what you mean. As though, as though it’s still binary, it’s still a binary choice.

Todd: Right, right, it can’t just be both, right, or 

Craig: nothing. And in this case, he’s basically two different people, and ultimately does become two different people. So it treats it more like it’s, they don’t call it multiple personality disorder anymore, but it seems more like that, like it’s two different personalities and that’s, that’s not what being trans is correct.

So I understand that. Yes. It’s addressing something that has become very much part of, you know, our social zeitgeist, but it’s, it’s still clunky and it’s handling of it. I don’t think that it’s. I don’t think that it’s intended badly. In fact, it’s intentional. It’s inspired by, I think, a couple of Brian De Palma films where there were male and female counterparts and the female one was always the, um, so it’s a, it’s a direct take on that.

But it’s not some kind of like, Oh, you know, they, they were prophetic or they were ahead of their time. 

Todd: Don’t you think for 20 years ago, I mean, we’re, we weren’t really seeing this in, in movies, let alone horror movies. Like they weren’t gumming this head on, even though it’s clunky, it’s very in your face.

And I don’t remember, I think it, for its time, it was, I think we have 

Craig: seen this a lot. I think we have seen being transgendered through the lens of mental illness. Exactly and that’s that’s not 

Todd: what it is correct but that’s not what this movie is i think 

Craig: it kind of is because he’s got a split 

Todd: personality because he’s i don’t know i 

Craig: mean he’s a different person when she’s glenda she has a different accent when she’s glenda and an entirely different affect 

Todd: yeah i see what you mean although i think one could argue this is part he’s a child or she’s a child and still.

Exploring and figuring things out. That could be, I guess. Again, you’re right. It’s treated clunky. 

Craig: Do you remember that movie? I know you remember the movie, uh, Death Spa. Yeah. And that character that was a man sometimes and a woman sometimes and like. The woman was the real evil one. Yeah, that’s what this reminds.

Todd: That’s what this reminds. Oh, I hear what you’re saying. 

Craig: Anyway, whatever. I’m not. I’m not critical of it. I don’t think that it was mean spirited at all. And as I mentioned in the previous podcast, Don Mancini is a gay man himself. He actually, you know, this was. Meant to be kind of a metaphor for his own conflicted and confusing feelings when he was a kid, so I’m really not criticizing it, I’m just not going to give it a gold star for being 

Todd: terribly progressed.

Oh no, but I still, I think for 20 years ago, I don’t think you would have seen the balls to put something like this front and center in a movie. Although I can see what you’re saying, it’s played for laughs, it’s played for comedy, and it is played with a piece of multiple personality or something like that, a little psycho.

Craig: Ask, we’re running long, so I feel like we should give the cliff notes version of it. They decide that they, because red man is dead, they need somebody else. So they call the limer driver. They get him over there. Easily. Joan comes over at some point where they’re trying to perform the ritual and they kill her.

Actually, Glinda kills her because this is when she like switches personalities and Glinda is the murderous one. And she’s Glinda only comes out like in when emotions are really high or Glen or Glen is really agitated or scared. And Glinda dresses just like Tiffany in a way that is unsettling, like, I don’t like it.

Yeah. But I, I, I like that I don’t like it. It looks like It’s cringy. It looks like rough drag. But it’s interesting, to say the least, and the character choice is speaking in a different accent, a different voice. It’s the same actor, but speaking in a different accent, different voice is different. And Glinda likes killing.

And so does Chucky, they deliver the babies, and one of the babies is a boy, and one of the babies is a girl, and they tell Glinda that they can choose. But then Tiffany’s like, maybe they don’t have to choose, maybe they can be both, which is also weird. They’re about to go into the actual people bodies.

But Chucky decides at the last minute that he doesn’t want to. This is the moment, it’s a turning point in the franchise where he decides he’s fine in the doll. Mm hmm. I have had it! That’s it! There is a limit to how much I can take! What are you talking about? Look around you, Tiff! This is nuts, and I have a very high tolerance for nuts.

If this is what it takes to be human, then I would rather take my chances as a supernaturally possessed doll. It’s less complicated. You can’t be serious. As a heart attack. Think about it. What’s so great about being human anyway? You get sick. You get old. You can’t get it up anymore. I’m not looking forward to that.

Uh, I want to be Jennifer Tilly. I want to be a star. And I don’t want to be your chauffeur. As a doll, I’m f ing infamous. I’m one of the most notorious slashers in history. And I don’t want to give that up. I am Chucky, the killer dog, and I dig it! And Jennifer Tilly says, well, that’s not what I want. I want to be famous.

I want to be Jennifer Tilly. In that case, I’m leaving you, and I’m taking Glenn. And Chucky says, nobody ever leaves me, which is a character trait that we’ve Not seen before, but okay. And they fight, I feel like for a while, but then the cops show up. 

Todd: Well, he acts as her in the head. 

Craig: No, it’s not until they get to 

Todd: the hospital.

That’s the nobody leaves me line. 

Craig: Well, it happens again. Some they fight, but then the cops show up when the cops come in Jennifer Tilly’s room, it’s just her. They killed the chauffeur guy by accident, but as they were fighting each other, he got killed. It’s just Jennifer Tilly and the babies in the room, no puppets to be found.

So they got to the hospital, Jennifer Tilley’s talking to her agent. Yeah. Who says, you know, you’ve been cleared. They know it wasn’t you. Any publicity is good publicity. It’s gonna be good for your career. And she’s like, I don’t care about my career. All I care about is my kids. And my first thought was, is this Tiffany?

Like, because they, they’d started the ritual. But I wasn’t sure and so then the guy leaves and she’s alone in the room and the camera pans down and we see that Tiffany and. Glenn it is Glenn at this point back in the original costume there in there and Tiffany drugs her and she gets up and is feeling very woozy and she sees the dolls and she falls to the ground and they start to do the ritual to put.

Tiffany inside her, but then Chucky shows up in a Jack Torrance, the shining moment, axes through the door, just his face right in the door. And he’s got the, you know, the mean face and he’s looking right at her. And then he kind of pauses for a second and says, you know, I can’t think of a thing to say. I thought that was kind of funny.

But he, but he comes in and she, as he’s axing his way in, she’s doing the thing as fast as she can and the clouds are rolling in and she’s doing it and she’s doing it, but then he comes in and he axes her in the head and she falls over dead and she looks up at. Glenn is like, be a good girl, or boy, or 

Todd: whatever.

Don’t make the same mistakes your parents did. 

Craig: Especially your dad.

And then she dies. And then, Glenn, not Glinda, Kills Chucky and he and Chucky looks and says Glenda cuz Glenda’s the Psychopathic one and he says no dad. It’s Glenn. Are you proud of your boy now? And he is Chucky is proud of him. 

Todd: Attaboy kid, attaboy. As he dismembers him. As he 

Craig: dismembers him and kills him and then Jennifer Tilly crawls from where she is on the floor and comforts Glenn.

CUT TO 8 YEARS LATER. Jennifer Tilly is throwing a birthday party at her house. And the nanny is complaining that Glenn is the sweetest kid. Like he’s like an angel, but Glenda, like does all these terrible things. And, and, and she’s scared of her. And Jennifer Tilly is like, I’m not listening to this. I don’t want to hear it.

And she has a Tiffany doll and she picks it up. And the girl’s like, Oh, that thing’s gross or whatever. And she’s like, well, I thought the kids might like to see it. And the lady’s like. I’m sorry, I can’t handle it, I have to quit. And Tiff Jennifer Tilly is like, Okay, if that’s how you feel. Meanwhile, Glinda, this wild haired redhead, is standing outside the window watching all of this, and Jennifer Tilly kills the nanny.

But it closes up on her face, and her eyeballs flash Tiffany Green. So 

Todd: So Tiffany is inside Tilly. Yes. Are the two sides of Glenn inside the two kids? Yes. Okay, at first I thought maybe Glenda was Chucky, but, but then he goes outside and opens up the gift and there’s Chucky’s arm inside. 

Craig: Glenda is right.

Glenn still reminisces about his dad. He still has a picture that accidentally got taken of, of, well no, they took it on purpose. Him and Chucky with John Waters. Mangled dead body like he cherishes that but then he gets a gift and Jennifer Tilly says, Oh, there’s no tag on and I don’t know it’s from and he walks away and he opens it and it’s Chucky’s arm and he pees in his pants because he’s scared and his eye twitches and then the arm jumps up and grabs him and that’s the end except for then there’s a great end credits scene where.

They show everybody’s death and put up, you know, their credit right at the moment of, of their death. Yeah. Um, and, and, uh, Jennifer Tilly is credited twice as playing herself and as playing Tiffany. And it’s to fun music and it’s just a really fun way to close it out. Just, let’s just do a montage of all of the gory murders.


Todd: And freeze it at their most unflattering moments. It’s, it’s cute. Okay. So it just occurred to me as we were talking that the boys, two sides of his male and female side are each in these two kids. Is that what it is? Yes. Right. Okay. That just clicked with me. So I can see what you’re saying about this isn’t entirely, you know, don’t give it a gold star for gender identity discussion because it does still.

It’s still very binary in that way, but yes, so then it does tend to fall into line with a lot of other horror movies that do this kind of thing. Like you said, where the guy clicks into a woman and is suddenly murderous or right. Usually it’s that direction actually, isn’t it? It’s hardly ever vice versa, which is.

Probably probably somebody’s written a paper about that 

Craig: i’m sure i’m sure this movie is polarizing and i was on the side of people who didn’t like it like i don’t like this one i like all the other ones i liked three fine even though i don’t think it’s great but this one i was like no too silly but now that time has passed and i revisit it.

I appreciate it for what it is. It’s, it’s different than the others. It leans more into the comedy, it’s goofier and sillier, and Chucky kind of takes a backseat a little bit, which honestly I don’t have a problem with. I love Jennifer Tilly. I, I have really kind of flipped sides on this one. I’m, I’m kind of a seed defender at this point, so I’m interested.

This is your first time seeing it. What’s your evaluation? Well, once 

Todd: again, I didn’t see this at the time, so I didn’t have the benefit of now, where I know I’ve got, like, three more Chucky movies to watch, right? So Two. Two more. Two more. Plus a series. So I can know it can be an anomaly in the middle of a series, potentially.

But at the time You think this might be the last Chucky movie you see, and so you could be disappointed by that. Like, oh god, this is how they end it, or, oh, this is the new direction they’re taking it. Everything after this is just gonna be crazier and more madcap and silly and goofy and, and campy and pop culture referencing and all that kind of thing.

And, oh, I don’t like that, you know, I like the slashers. So, I think if I had seen this at the time, I might have had a different opinion. Now I look at it, I just see it as a Standalone movie and I think it for what it was. It was funny. It had me laughing. I’d had me entertained. I don’t think it moved as fast as the previous one did just because it’s just so much like a comedy.

And for me, after a while I get bored of these comedies. It’s a tough comedy that keeps my interest for too long. Like this one I thought was cute and I thought it was funny, but I also think that like pop culture humor and referencing other movies is more of the like lower forms of humor. You know, it’s not.

As clever, and Don Mancini is a very clever writer, so he was clearly writing all these jokes in on purpose for a wide, broad audience, and I think, in a way, probably this movie, he was trying to broaden the audience beyond horror into something that would play bigger at the theater, and interestingly enough, this, I think, was the last Chucky movie to make it to the theater, and every movie after this has gone straight to video, so I guess it It didn’t make as big a splash as they wanted, right?

I think it was a little disappointing, box office wise, compared to the one that came before, Bride of Chucky. And it’s probably because horror fans were not getting what they wanted. And non horror fans weren’t going to go out and see a horror movie, particularly one titled Seed of Chucky. Ha ha ha ha ha!

So it probably just caught everyone by surprise and nobody really knew what to do with it. I liked it. It was fine. But it wasn’t a scary horror movie. Yeah. 

Craig: Okay. And I’m not saying that you are. I think I’m just at a different point in my life. I think that at the time that I first saw this, I was a little snobbier about my horror.

At this point in time in my life, I like to laugh. And. I don’t mind low or easy humor at all. Things like, there’s a psycho reference in the beginning, there’s the shining reference, there are other winks and nods to the audience that, for a non horror fan, might just go right over their head and that’s perfectly fine.

It’s not necessarily significant. But for the horror fan in me, I appreciate those winks and nods, and I, I just like to laugh, so even silly jokes, fat jokes, jerk off jokes, like, one liners, I love it, it makes me feel good, it entertains me, so I’m totally on board. I get it, I, I don’t disagree with anything that you said, I think some of the jokes are kind of easy, and uh, those nods are a little obvious.

It just doesn’t bother me. I, I don’t disagree with you. I don’t think this is as good as 2 or Bride, but there was a point in my life when I thought it was bad, and I don’t think it’s bad. 

Todd: No, I don’t think so either. Definitely not bad. If you liked Bride, I think you’re gonna like this movie. It’s just way more of a comedy than a horror.

And I’m really anxious to see what Curse is like. 

Craig: I am so excited! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Because it’s what? It’s an, it’s again, it’s another like almost 10 year, I think it’s like another 8 year gap before another one came out. Man. And I’ve said it on every episode that we’ve done so far. We didn’t know what it was.

They intentionally kept it a mystery. Is it a remake? Is it a reboot? And regardless of what, you know, go into it with this mindset. I don’t know what this is going to be. Well, I have no idea. I, I haven’t seen anything since Seed of Chucky. It was silly. I don’t know what this is going to be, and I hope, I, I hope that you can see it with the fresh eyes that I did because I liked it so much, and if you don’t like it, that’s okay.

I’ll, I’ll just tell you what it 

Todd: is. It’ll be an interesting conversation nonetheless. And that’ll be next week. So thank you guys so much for listening to this series. If you’re a fan of child’s play or our podcast, let us know. Just find us online. Just Google two guys in a chainsaw podcast, find our website and our social media.

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