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Leprechaun 3

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This week, we follow our plucky little evil leprechaun to the very capital of debauchery and riches: Vegas, baby!

In the spirit of Craig’s recent trip to Sin City, we break down the third installment in the Leprechaun franchise, what was also apparently the hottest-selling video release of 1995! How many people will Warwick Davis’ character off in his quest to hunt down his pot o’ gold? Listen and find out!

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Leprechaun 3 (1995)

Episode 338, 2 Guys and a Chainsaw

Todd: Hello and welcome to another episode of Two Guys and a Chainsaw. I’m Todd, 

Craig: And I’m Craig. 

Todd: Well, welcome back, Craig.

Craig: Hey, it’s good to be back.

Todd: How was your trip to Vegas ? 

Craig: My trip to Vegas was amazing. I love Vegas. 

Todd: I wanna ask you what happened there, but… 

Craig: yeah. I mean, fairly innocent. Before COVID, Alan and I would go to Vegas every few years and uh, obviously then covid hit and we haven’t traveled at all since then. So this was our first trip back and what, when we were getting ready to go, we were talking about how, you know, every time we go on a vacation, we go to Vegas. We, we really should plan to do something different next time, . And that’s still the plan.

That’s still the plan. But when we got there, we’re like We love Vegas, , , 

Todd: what do you, why? Tell me what it is about. That just blows you away. 

Craig: It’s just, oh, man. All right. I’ll start with the good stuff. Uh, the food is amazing, like yeah, anywhere you go, whatever kind of food you want, it’s amazing. Every single meal we had was just amazing and we had plenty.

Then the other big draw for us, Is the shows, uh, we don’t gamble. The very first time we went, Alan sat at the, uh, slot machines, you know, for a couple hours every night. It, I, I was never into it. But we go to these shows and it’s just the most amazing production value you can imagine. Um, I’ve never been to Broadway, but I have been to the West End in London, so I’ve seen big shows with big production value and just nothing compares to the technology and, uh, the staging and, and all the things that they can do there.

And it’s ungodly expensive to go see the big shows, but we had saved up and budgeted and so we were able to go see. Three Cirque de sole shows and they were each of them amazing in its own right. Um, and then like I, I don’t want people to think I’m like, I don’t know, some big lush or something, but just the debauchery of Vegas.

Like you can just go to Vegas and be drunk all day and so is everybody else. 

Todd: It doesn’t even matter. 


Craig: doesn’t matter. And plus you don’t know anybody there. And the people who work there are used to people being drunk all the time. Right. The devil’s lettuce is legal there, like it’s just. 

Todd: I don’t know what you’re talking about, Craig.

I don’t 

Craig: either. , but that’s what they told me. . Right. But, uh, gosh, yeah. I mean it’s just, it’s just tons and tons of fun. Plus, uh, I also have family there that I don’t get to see very often and they, you know, showed like the most amazing hospitality and we got to spend some time with them and their kids and, ugh, it was just a, a great time.

We didn’t wanna come. Anybody who’s thinking about going to Vegas, first of all, I say you definitely should. If you’re an adult and you haven’t been to Vegas, go, especially if you, uh, enjoy theater, like it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. Mm. But I had forgotten the last time we went, I was 38, which doesn’t sound young, but.

It. My body felt younger. at 38. Uh, this time around was a little rough cuz Vegas is a walking city. Like Yeah. Anywhere that you want to go, even if you plan on taking transportation, you are gonna have to walk to get to that transportation and you are gonna be walking a lot and a 

Todd: lot farther than it looks.

Right. , oh my 

Craig: God. Cuz it’s the desert. So everything’s. So like, you’re like, oh, I can see the store. It’s just down there and then two hours later you’re 

Todd: still walking. Yes. , it’s so deceptive. , , 

Craig: it’s very deceptive, but they also have great public transit. They’ve got a bus that runs up and down the strip and down to Fremont, which is like old school, Las Vegas.

And, uh, there’s also a tram. We didn’t use the tram this time around and uh, I probably spent $300 at least on Uber. But again, Totally worth it. Had a blast. It was 

Todd: tough to come back. This brought to you by the Vegas tourism department, . 

Craig: Have you been, we haven’t talked about this. Have you ever. 

Todd: Yeah, I’ve been a couple times, uh, well back in 2006 or so, and then again a couple years later for a very different kind of trip.

The first time I went, I just, I did exactly as you guys did. I just booked a bunch of shows. But what I love is the magic. I’ve been in a magic since I was a kid. I’ve performed a lot of magic. It’s. It’s really what got me into performing actually. And I’m still just a real geek when it comes to that. And Vegas is also pretty much unparalleled around the world for magic shows.

Right. And when I went there were, uh, David Copperfield. I’m not sure if he’s still there, but he had a regular show going on. I think he’s 

Craig: still there. I’m not sure. Penn and Teller Mack, king Penn and Teller is still there. 

Todd: Lance Burton is not there anymore. He used to have probably the best show in town for sort of classic magic over at Caesar’s Palace.

But yeah, there’s still a lot of magicians there and a lot of good magic shows. But, you know, I, I was, I was a little, I won’t say disappointed. I love Vegas too, and I loved all the shows I saw and I had enjoyed it for all the reasons you said. But I think it’s changed a lot since the classic Vegas, you know, 

Craig: a lot.

Dude, it’s changed a lot since I first went there like 10 years ago. It’s crazy. It’s, it’s constantly build like new, uh, theaters, new casinos. Uh, it’s constantly expanding outward. Um, a lot of the places that were bad parts of town when we were there last time are becoming like art districts and stuff. Oh wow.

Um, yeah. And there’s really, really cool stuff to see. That’s the other thing that I love about Vegas. We spent a lot of money on shows and if that’s what you want to. We don’t usually do that many shows, uh, but we figured this was kind of gonna be the last time we were gonna be there for a long time, so we wanted to take full advantage.

You can just walk around. Yeah. And there is plenty to see. You don’t have to spend a lot of money take Yeah. Like just going through all of the different hotels and casinos, there is so much to see, so many great, like photo opportunities. Um, it’s amazing. I mean, every, uh, it, it’s unlike anything else I’ve ever seen.

The, the thing that I would compare it most to is it’s like Disney. for grownups. Yeah. It’s like Pleasure island from Pinocchio. . Yeah, exactly. . 

Todd: Those are, why is it that, those are also the two things I think of when you’re, when we’re describing this and, and you know, like when I look at these old movies and stuff of Vegas, Vegas was.

Casinos and um, music shows basically crooners and things like that. Elvis was there at one point. You can still see and get those, but it seems like lately they’ve just blown up as far as shows go. Cirque Dele, they’re what, like 15 of them there, something like that. They’re a bunch big, like you said, extravagant stage productions and things that just go far and far beyond the more intimate like casino lounge type shows that it used to be more or less known for.

I think probably, I guess. The mafia left right, and things got extremely corporate. They realized, you know, we can actually provide a wider range of entertainment here. And almost seems like the gambling in the casinos, I won’t say took a backseat because there’s still a huge part of what’s going on there.

But, uh, in reference to kind of how everything got kicked off. They’re really kind of more in the background. You know? There is a lot of stuff to do if you don’t want to gamble at all. Oh yeah. Tons of stuff. You know, when my parents went there, you know, when they were of, you know, when I wasn’t around Right.

It was cheaper, you know, I think like, yeah, the whole draw was, you know, the, they wanted you to come there to gamble, so they made hotel rooms cheap. They made shows cheap. They made food almost unbelievably cheap and all. . Uh, and now it’s not that at all. 

Craig: No, that is not, sadly, that’s not the case anymore.

You know, they used to be known for like the all you can eat steak and lobster, 9 99 or, yeah. . , uh, there, if you go down to Fremont Street, which is the older part of Vegas, which is also the place with the cool, like l e d. Thing over the street, like the street long l e D thing over the top. It’s really cool.

Cool. Yeah. Big basically 

Todd: screen. 

Craig: Yeah. Over here. Yeah, it’s awesome. You go down there, you can find some of those old school specials at very specific times of day. So like from like seven to 9:00 PM you can get that kind of thing. But it’s really specific. Yeah, it has changed a lot. I don’t know. I mean, even since the last time I was there, the first time I was.

Seemed a little bit seedy, like lots of guys standing on the street, like slapping pamphlets at you, trying to get cards for hookers and stuff. Hookers. Yeah. , that’s, that’s all gone. Really? Yeah. The, the strip Las Vegas is very clean. Um, there’s still. A homeless population, um, which is sad of course, but much less visible than it used to be.

I’m sure that’s some sort of effort by the city. Right. And the other thing, another big thing that blew me away is, Next to nobody smoked cigarettes anymore. Oh. I don’t know if I’ve talked about this on the show, but I, I, Alan and I quit smoking last summer. You did? Yeah. We were worried about, uh, going to Vegas because the last time we were there, the casinos were so.

Smokey, like it was just a thick haze of smoke. Some of the casinos have gone smoke free and even the ones that are not smoke free, you’ll see a smoker every once in a while, but it’s kind of few and far between, which is great. I’m glad that we as a nation are finally figuring out that smoking is terrible.

It only took me like 20 some years, but , 

Todd: did you replace that with vaping? 

Craig: I did. Shh. Okay. Don’t tell. 

Todd: I’m. To kill . Didn’t mean to raid on that parade. I’m sorry. 

Craig: No, I don’t feel bad about it at all. I know that we don’t know all of the effects of, uh, vaping, but we know all the effects of smoking in there.

Worse as far as we know. True. So I feel like it’s better. 

Todd: Well, and it does make things more pleasant. I, I have a feeling there were a lot of people puffing vapes around you, but, uh, for some reason it just, it just isn’t the same as smoke. You know, when you’re in a, a 

Craig: room like that, it’s kind of you. Weed has a very distinctive smell.

And , though it’s, it’s legal, uh, recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada, or at least in Vegas. Um, but it’s only legal in private residences. Like you. You can’t smoke it in public. You, you can’t, you’re not even supposed to smoke in a hotel, but, We smelled weed everywhere we went.

we smelled it everywhere we went. So people are not worried about it and it doesn’t seem like the authorities are worried about it 

Todd: either. It sounds like you had a good time, a good enough time to inspire you, uh, to want to extend that. Into our podcast this week. 

Craig: Yeah, and that’s why we’re doing it this week was because I had so much fun in Vegas.

I wanted to do a Vegas horror movie. This might not have been the one that I chose, but watching it was actually really fun because they have a lot of B-roll of Vegas. Uh, 

Todd: that’s about all they have of Vegas. Really , 

Craig: right? Cause cuz they only could film in Vegas for one day of their, what, like 14, 19 day shoot or whatever.


Todd: super short. Yeah. Like 14 days. 

Craig: Right. So all of the B-roll that they got from Vegas was from one day. And it’s like Warwick Davis, like, Running. Oh, we’re doing leprechaun by 

Todd: the way. Yes, . This is what our patrons chose. We put a couple options to them of Vegas, uh, setting, uh, horror movies, and this is the one they picked.

So this is the one, by God, we went with . Right? 

Craig: So the, the, the B-roll footage is just like Warwick Davis, like running around on the street. I think there’s one scene where like the main couple like crosses the street, and I read that they almost certainly filmed all of that. Permits. Oh, they certainly 

Todd: did.

Craig: Yeah. just kamikazi the whole thing, which is great. 

Todd: Actually, the director, Brian Trencher Smith said they first asked permission from some of these big casinos, most of which not, not like the New York and, uh, mgm, but like the smaller ones, um, but more, more iconic ones. Really, if you think about it historically on Fremont Street, But, uh, the, none of them would let him film there.

He said they tried to film with the Golden Nugget and they asked for permission and the Golden Nugget was very uppity about it. And it was, they were like, oh, you’re gonna be making fun of gambling. Like, okay, like what? That’s a hard target. They said, you’re not gonna film inside or outside casino. So in a big middle finger to the golden nugget.

Yeah. You went outside, set up his camera on the ground. . He said he used a 14 millimeter lens, which makes everything kind of in the foreground much bigger. And he got the leprechaun, Warwick Davis walking in front of it, pausing, turning around and going, hehe, go on a nugget. , I’d like me one of those. called them out 

Craig: big time.

That’s hilarious. Yeah. One of the very, one of the very first establishing shots of Vegas is the, uh, big Finks, uh, which is in front of the Luxer Hotel, which is where we stayed, so, oh, right. It was nostalgic. Uh, I’ve got pictures. We took, uh, a selfie in front of that BigFix, but Vegas is very sunny and so like, I’m trying to take a selfie.

All I’m looking at is the black screen of my phone. I can’t see you right. . So all you can see like the lower three quarters of the Spanx and the top halves of our head

But I’ll, I’ll throw it up. I’ll throw it up on the website or the Paton page or 

Todd: something. Nice, nice, nice. Well, I am sure I had seen this movie, cuz this was a huge rental hit. This was in your face on, at least in my face, on the video store shelves. As soon as I looked at the cover, I instantly recognized it.

It is the first of the leprechaun movies to go straight to video. In fact, I was digging a little bit more into this. We did, we did talk a lot about the genesis of the leprechaun series and whatnot in our episode on the original lre. . But, uh, the producer of this series of films, he started out as a guy who owned some video stores.

He owned a chain of video stores in 80. And, uh, kicked off this company TriMark, as originally a distribution for movies on video, and then decided, you know, we should really get into production and producing movies for video. And then he realized, well, I mean, if we really want higher credibility and some notoriety, we should be looking at at least trying to find some movies that would release.

We Theatrically and it was Warlock starring Julian Sands, which I think we need to do on this. I 

Craig: know, I can’t believe we haven’t done it already. 

Todd: It’s. That one was one of those, uh, kind of in, uh, intended for video, but ended up releasing in theaters. They didn’t produce the movie, but they ended up distributing the movie to, uh, theaters and it was kind of their first big theatrical hit that went to video and made a ton of money on video.

And so then he said, let’s do something that we can just intend to release the theaters first. And that was the first leprechaun movie. And that movie did so well at the box office that they did a sequel and released it theatrically too, and it didn’t do quite so well. So on for the third one, they decided to go straight to video and it, it shows

It does, 

Craig: but. Not in a bad way. I mean, I would say it’s pretty comparable in quality to the first one. Yeah, I 

Todd: think so 

Craig: too. I think that like, and it’s bigger in scope, you know, like it’s in a big city. It’s not just all in one little tiny farmhouse location. Um, well 

Todd: it’s, it’s doing a lot. With a very, very small budget and I really commended for that.

Like, you know, this is the kind of movie that, you know, sometimes I would, I would probably end up making, you know, here’s a few thousand dollars, see what you can do with it. And trying to get really, really creative. Running around, stealing shots and kind of making sets on the cheaper, just shooting on location a lot.

And, uh, they got this director, Brian Trenchard Smith, who was always well known. He’s a British Australian guy and, uh, very proud of the fact that he can just make these really, really cheap movies, but make them well, you know, make them clear and good. And he did a, an Australian movie in 83 called BMX Bandits.

Have you ever seen that? No, but I’ve heard of it. That’s the one that gave Nicole Kidman, uh, her start. And it’s just, he just does very entertaining movies. And he had come off of doing night of the. Two. Yeah. Which was also a straight to video thing and they tapped him for this. He ended up doing this movie and leprechaun four in space.

Right. And I, I don’t know if you had a chance to watch it, but I sent you a YouTube link and I’m gonna post it 

Craig: online. I didn’t, 

Todd: I didn’t have a chance to watch it. My goodness. This is an interview with a director that was posted I think right now, 18 hours ago. You’re kidding, not kidding you. Uh, just a couple guys, uh, from some horror channel or whatever who got ahold of the director because it was around St.

Patrick’s Day and, uh, decided to interview him about it. So he talks a bit about this movie and, uh, the leprechaun in space as well. And it’s worth a watch. Uh, it’s a little slow because he kind of goes off on a few tangents here and there. speaking kind of slowly, but, uh, yeah, I, I learned a few tidbits about this movie that we’ll be sharing as we, uh, as we go along, but Cool.

Yeah, he’s very proud of this movie. He said it was a blast making it, it seems like everybody had a blast making it. And I think we talked about this when we were doing the first leprechaun, is that, uh, Warwick Davis really embraced and shaped this role. He’s great. Whereas, you know, other people, have denied their involvement to these movies or.

Kind of tried to push it to the background. This got him work, you know, where he was in a slump coming off of Willow and Star Wars and stuff. Mm-hmm. . And then there just weren’t a lot of advantages for little people. Right. He crafted this role and made it more comedic than it was originally supposed to be.

Right. And so the series just embraced that comedy, uh, didn’t give a crap about continuity. , no. Went with it from movie to movie, and literally the producer and direct and directors of these films are almost gleeful in saying, we were just seeing how far could we push this series? And that’s why after this you get leprechaun in space, which which was a joke that started from a movie poster at like a company party.

Uhhuh, , and then leprechaun back to the Hood. And in the hood. They didn’t care. It’s just a gleefully fun movie and it seems to connect with audiences on that, on that level because this one was apparently the highest selling video cassette, I think for the rental market of that year, 1995. I know. Which is crazy.


Craig: is crazy. I don’t know. At the same time I. Printed it. . Yeah, . This, this may be one of the few, uh, franchises that I’m not sure if I’ve seen all of them. I’m not positive if I’ve seen both of the In the Hoods , um, and I, and I know that I haven’t seen any of them. That Warwick Davis wasn’t a part of. Cause there’s at least one or two Yeah.

Um, that he, uh, was not a part of. Which is unfortunate because he is the movie he 

Todd: is. It would be like Freddy without Robert Eng England. Really? 

Craig: Yeah. Which happened and was no good. . Yeah. Real quick side note, we’ll probably be doing Warlock really soon because. Do you know that Julian Sands is missing and presumed dead?


Todd: yeah, I heard about that from hiking, right? Yeah. 

Craig: Yeah. Oh my goodness. Unless there’s some, some big, uh, discovery. We will probably be doing warlock really soon, but. Leaving that sad note behind this movie really leans into the comedy. Uh, I, I think that the leprechaun series was always the, the, it was intended to be a trilogy and there was supposed to be leprechaun and then there was supposed to be bride of leprechaun and then trial of leprechaun.

This was supposed to be trial of Lepcha, but bride of leprechaun never really happened, or at least not entirely came to its fruition. If I remember part two, he is trying to steal a. to like make his bride or something, but Right. They don’t make as big a deal out of it. Um, and this one just went in a completely different way.

In fact, they considered not even doing this one and then they went ahead and did it, but did it straight to video. And then the reason that they kept making him was because it did so well. Mm-hmm. and it really did, and, and I don’t know, it is, you have to go into this movie in the right frame of mind.

Yeah. Because. Stupid. It’s stupid, and it’s cheap. It is cheesy and corny and dumb. The acting is bad except for Warwick Davis. I mean, he’s, he’s corny and over the top. But that’s, that’s what you’re here for. Uh, yeah. I mean, if you’ve made it all the way to part three, that’s really what you’re here for. But I don’t know.

It is. I, I do think, you know, I watched this in the middle of the day on. Phone, , . 

Todd: Wow, you really gave 

Craig: it its proper dude, didn’t you? I don’t think that I set myself up for it, but even in that environment, I could see why people find it. Charming. It does have a charm to it. One of the things that irked me is that the leprechaun is relegated to this stupid ass pawn shop for the first half 

Todd: an hour.

I know. And it could be a pawn shop anywhere. And it is, you know, it’s a, actually all of the movie, except for those that B-roll outside in Vegas was shot in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Right. And. It’s funny because I didn’t read any of the trivia or anything about this movie before I watch it, but I usually sit through the whole credits and I find little nuggets of information and I saw a big thank you to Ambassador Hotel, and I’m like, okay, that’s a hotel where they shot it.

I’m really curious about if it’s still there, how much they changed it, because I really had my suspicions that this wasn’t actually a casino that they shot it in because it. , you know, the way the set was decorated. And so I looked it up and, and I couldn’t really find an ambassador hotel in Vegas, but there were some pictures coming up in the image search and I saw one of a lobby and I was like, oh, that’s it.

Cuz I could see the ceiling and the fountain. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm . And it’s the Ambassador Hotel in la And I went down a rabbit hole about the Ambassador Hotel in. because it was demolished in like, uh, 2010 or 2009, something like that. It was closed before this movie shot. 1989 is when it closed, but this was the big hotel in Hollywood where most of the stars went.

They had these extravagant ballrooms. They had insane people and parties. They had this area called the Coconut Lounge or whatever. There’s this huge out open air outdoor party place, you know, done up with a tropical theme and you can find so many photos of stars from like the twenties and. Thirties, all the way up through the fifties and sixties playing around there.

I mean, just this incredibly cool hotel that I could think about. And I go, God, I wish I could go back in time, uh, and check this place out because in this movie, uh, it, it looks like shit. . Yeah. Yeah. And the the reason it does is they’re really just filming some interiors in one little exterior at the entrance because it was closed and it was slated to be demolished.

And so it was one of three movies that we’re actually shooting in this hotel at this time. Oh, I didn’t know. Yeah, one of ’em was some Tia Carrera movie that was kind of taking place in prohibition era. And another one, um, some other famous, uh, star, again, another sort of gambling movie. And I think they all took little pieces of, uh, of the hotel and dressed them up.

And so these guys were lucky. They got the lobby and they dressed up the lobby, obviously, to be this casino. And then that big coconut room or whatever that that was, uh, supposedly was outdoor At some point it became a theater and it got closed in and everything. And that’s where they filmed the magic show bits.

And then apparently they filmed the morgue scenes in the kitchen there. And another bit of sad and interesting trivia, right, is this hotel is where, uh, Bobby Kennedy was. Right in 1968 and that probably the beginning of the end of, of the golden days of that hotel. And that was a tragedy. But one of the things that this guy talks about in this interview, the director, was, he says Bobby Kennedy, once he was shot was he was taken into that kitchen and laid on the floor like, and he said we were shooting in there and there is an X on the tiles where his head lay.

Oh wow. So he was like, you know, I’m in there and I’m also. . He’s like, I remember when Bobby Kennedy was shot. You know, it was a kind of an earth shattering event, and it could have changed the course of US politics, you know, I mean, we all were upset about it. And he says, uh, I’m shooting this leprechaun horror movie in this spot.

Am I, am I desecrating it? You know, like, I know, you know, it’s kind of a weird thing, but, uh, Anyway, they took full advantage of this hotel to shoot, and that’s where most of the action takes place, sadly, is in this hotel in la. But you know, they do the best of what they can and they, it gives, I thought, it looks fine.

It looks like a CD casino off the strip, you know, but Right. Yeah, but those 

Craig: exist , you know. Exactly. You can still go to those smaller casinos. Yeah, you’re gonna have to go off the strip, which you probably should, you know, the, the strip is so expensive and, 

Todd: oh, I like the off strip casinos. Well, and you 

Craig: will see these smaller.

Like you said, like lounge shows and smaller magic acts, they’re still there. You just have to look a little bit harder and they are seedier. Um, it’s funny, you know, um, the strip is, is just tourists from every walk of life. Um, and, and of every race, color, and creed. Um, you just see everybody down there. And then we went down to, uh, Fremont.

and . It was like we were among our people. It was like . It was like they had transferred the Midwest to Nevada. . . Oh wow. It was hilarious. It was a completely different 

Todd: crowd. Are you saying it was like the Walmart of Vegas or something? ? 

Craig: Uh, kind of, I guess, you know, I mean like, I’m from the Midwest, so I don’t want to criticize people, but it was a Me too.

It was a very. Feel a very different feel. Right. And I’m sure that’s cuz it’s cheaper. You know, it’s cheaper to stay down there. It’s cheaper to gamble and eat down there. And, and it is cool. It it, I like it if you Yeah, you go down there, it’s really cool. They embrace the old school, Vegas. So you’ll see the women walking around in the old school like showgirl outfits with the huge feathered headdresses and stuff.

And of course they’re flirting with you because they want you to take a 10. Picture with them and stuff. Cool, cool. Nonetheless, and it’s a little seedier down there, like the gift shops are seedier and they’ve got like raunchy gifts and stuff. You can get th the, this, uh, casino, the, what was it, the Lucky Shamrock, is that what it’s called?

The Lucky Shamrock Looks much like that. But I totally buy that it exists and I buy that it looks like. Yeah, on the inside there may have been a, in real life, maybe a little bit more neon, but, uh, yeah, I, I totally buy it. The movie is funny though because there’s, there’s nothing to it there. I mean, there’s no plot.

There’s no plot to this movie. It starts out with this guy who we have no idea. I don’t, like you said, I don’t think they were ever concerned with continuity, and I don’t think that there are any rules. When it comes to the leprechaun from, from way to movie, he can do completely different things. There is completely 


Todd: lore, right?

His weaknesses are different and totally, totally. 

Craig: In this one, some guy with one eye and one arm and one leg 

Todd: comes into. I thought that was hilarious. , like most, that’s the most understated joke in the whole movie. It’s so funny though. But where is 

Craig: that movie? Like, I, I need to, I need to hear this guy’s story.

Right? And, and he’s got this big, like, I don’t know, I guess life’s. Size statue of the lechat and it’s wearing this medallion. And he gives, he puts it up on the counter and the ridiculously stereotypical Indian pawn shop owner is like, whoa, who do you love for me here, ? And he’s like, he’s like, right. He’s like, uh, it’s a, it’s a statue.

It’s a good luck charm, and it’s wearing this medallion. And the guy goes, he’s like, don’t touch the medallion, whatever you do. And the Indian guy is like, okay, well I will give you a tin. Oh no, $20. And he gives him $20 and the guy leaves until he immediately grabs the medallion and takes it off. And he’s like, this is a worthless piece of crap.

But of course, that brings the leprechaun to. And then they parlay for a half an 

Todd: hour. They parlay forever. That that was, I was also sad. I’m like, please tell me the leprechaun’s gonna leave this fricking pawn shop and it’s enormous cavernous warehouse. Like backroom. Yeah. This is where the movie starts to immediately feel cheap.

But you know, I, it’s like, Hey, we’re in Vegas. Let’s do some Vegas stuff. But this actor, I do wanna call out Marcelo Tuber, who plays this Indian pawn shop owner. This guy is busy. Really? Yes, he is. He has. Extensive resume. Highly working, and a lot of what he’s been doing, probably the majority of it is voice work.

Yeah. I can see that. This guy has been in video games and movies and cartoons, uh, all the way back to, you know, the mid nineties and he’s still going. It’s really kind of impressive. Tv, TV shows and, you know, just bit parts here and there, but my goodness, he’s working not what I expected. 

Craig: And you see, it’s, it’s just one of those things like, See this in movies today, the, the zeitgeist of popular culture has changed so much, and I, and I don’t wanna get into a big debate about political correctness or stuff, but you just don’t see this kind of stereotypical portrayal anymore, which on the one hand I think is good, but on the other hand,

I watch old movies that I enjoy so much and think this would never be made. There’s no way that this would ever be made. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm . Um, and on the one hand it makes me kind of sad because these jokes, these cheap jokes, like the stereotypical Indian guy, they’re only, they’re cheap jokes and they’re only kind of funny.

But yeah, I feel, I feel like at the time, and maybe I’m wrong cuz I’m a white dude, so maybe I just don’t get it. But I feel like everybody was in on the joke. Nobody really thought that this is. Indian people were like, yeah, this was a stereotype and, and it was an exaggerated stereotype for humor. But you can’t do that anymore.

Todd: we, we can only laugh at them in these older movies, . 

Craig: I know, you know, and like I, I say I’m a white dude, but I’m also a gay dude. And you know, back in, uh, the eighties and stuff, there were always these. Digs at gay dudes. Yeah. Uh, and, and I can look back at that and, and think it’s funny and, and not be offended.

Cuz I know it’s a joke. Like . It’s, it’s, I don’t know. I mean, I, I, I’m sure that there are examples of times where it’s mean spirited, but for the most part it’s a gag. Like, whatever, that’s enough. , , you get what I’m saying? I, I know. I feel like I, I, I’ll get in trouble if I keep talking. So moving. 

Todd: Right . Well, he, uh, while he’s parlaying in there, we get to meet this other couple.

It’s this guy who’s super young and his name is, uh, Scott and Tammy, who’s, uh, vw. It’s 

Craig: Pat and Tammy. . VW 

Todd: Bug is, uh, I know right? stuck by the side of the road. So she’s hitchhiking a ride, 

Craig: driving through, and she’s like, she’s like, can you look at my engine? And he’s like, yeah. And he opens up the truck and he’s like, have you ever blown a rod before?

I beg your pardon? The engine. See you got your pistons and your. She’s like, she’s like, what? He’s like, you know, like rods and pistons, . Like, this is the writing folk. This is, it’s hilarious. Um, when the lecha first attacks the Indian guy, oh God, he says, he says, gonna say, I like Indian food. So spicy , 

Todd: spicy veer off.

Oh my God. 

Craig: Ah, uh, the writing. Terrible and hilarious. Well, we’ve also, 

Todd: we’ve also, by this point, well established the quality of acting because Scott and Tammy are awful, laughably bad, and it’s, it’s so bad. It’s actually charming like it is Scott, it just seems like this is this guy’s first acting job ever.

This this guy is, uh, John Gatten and, uh, he had something to say about his acting career. He says, I’d love to say I didn’t do well because I didn’t get my. But the reality is that I couldn’t really act, I was in a few horror movies, but hey, leprechaun three is scary. Mostly because of my acting. I really had no idea what I was doing.

And it shows Aley show. It’s what, but it’s kind of like a goofy charm of this guy who’s a PA who we learn is a, actually supposed to be a teenager. Right. And so, you know, uh, the young goofy kind of naive guy in Vegas. Vegas. Exactly. It still works on a silly level. And by the way, speaking of this actor, John Cat, He was nominated for an Academy Award.

Get Out For what? For writing the movie Flight, which starred Denzel Washington. Oh yeah. That was a great movie. Yeah, he didn’t win, but he was nominated, so he’s got a nice little career as a writer. He’s won a number of other awards and written a nice handful of movies. Good for him. Yeah, like a need for speed.

He did the story for Kong Skull Island Broke. Coach Carter. Nice. 

Craig: That’s impressive. Tammy, on the other hand, Lee Armstrong never worked again. , at least not as an actress. I didn’t look her up, so I don’t know if she still works in the industry or not, but she never acted again. , 

Todd: I don’t wanna to be mean, but you know, maybe she 

Craig: saw this movie and was like, no, this is not for me.

I don’t know. Whatever. Sweet too. She’s very pretty. She’s fine. Um, and she’s fine. She plays, uh, a magician’s assistant, 

Todd: which I was like, yes, we’re gonna see some magic in this movie. They got the magic part of Vegas in there. 

Craig: That guy fasio the magician. , like you could have played that role. , like, let’s just call him Todd from, 

Todd: for the rest of the time,

I’d like to think I would’ve at least done the magic better. , he’s cheesy and stuff, but again, this actor. Is working very hard and he’s, he’s also in video games and cartoons. A lot of Japanese anime, I mean, we’re talking. The Final Fantasy series, a number of the final Fantasy series, including that Final Fantasy movie they did remember way back when.

Yeah. Vaguely. This guy’s still 

Craig: going. Yeah. Well, but the thing is like, I’m making fun of these folks, but they, it’s, they know what movie they’re in. Yeah. You know, it’s, it’s a goofy movie. 

Todd: Yeah. They’re hamming it up on purpose. Like 

Craig: his, uh, partner in crime is Loretta played by Caroline Williams, and I like Caroline Williams.

I don’t. You know, she is, uh, you know, gonna join the Royal Shakespeare Company anytime soon. I like her. I loved her in chainsaw too. She was stretched in chainsaw too, and we’ve seen her in several other things too. I like her fine. And she’s funny in this movie and she’s got a, these are all gag scene.

Todd: It’s like a farce really. 

Craig: It is a farcet, but that’s the thing. You have to go in in the right mindset. It’s not serious. The director straight up said it is a comedy first and a horror movie second, and it definitely a hundred percent is, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

Todd: It’s fine. Yeah. I mean, I wouldn.

Call it scary. 

Craig: No, no. I mean there are some gross parts, um, but nothing scary. Far more funny. I love when they get to the casino, Tammy has to reluctantly sneak Scott into the casino cuz he’s never seen one before and she makes him promise he won’t gamble. So he immediately goes and gambles, 

Todd: all of his tuition money.


Craig: he’s got a check for 20. Thousand dollars from his parents, which I think he blows entirely, like on the first roll at the craps table or the first spin at the roulette wheel. Like he puts it all down, like, kid 

Todd: come on. And he’s like, just stares out. Oh my God, I, what have I done? What have I done? And the, the woman’s like, well, you know, I think your luck’s about to turn around you.

And he’s like, but I’ve got no more money. And she’s like, well, what about that watch you’re, Yeah, 

Craig: this girl go across the street to the 

Todd: pawn shop. She is ruthless. I, I thought, you know, I actually kind of thought maybe she was. Help him out a little bit just to keep him going. Oh, no way. 

Craig: She’s totally scamming the, the whole, the casino’s rig.

She’s got a button under the roulette wheel that stops it whenever she wants to. Mm-hmm. So she’s just trying, she’s just trying to milk him for everything. But she tells him to go sell his watch at the pawn shop. So he goes across the street there, finally finds the pawn shop guy dead. The whole plot is predicated on the fact that the leprechaun got his gold back from.

The pawn shop guy, but one coin fell out and that coin keeps passing along to different people. Yeah. And in this movie, I don’t remember if it’s the case in the other movies, but in this movie, every, each coin gives you a wish. And so the movie becomes much like wish master kind of. Yeah. Yeah. Um, except for.

In this case, the people always initially get what they want, but then when the leprechaun catches up to ’em, he turns it around on ’em. Yeah. Which is, which is fun. 

Todd: and we, we get all the leprechaun lore with this very charmingly mid nineties. Um, I don’t know if it was like some CD rom encyclopedia or something that this guy, it was like, 

Craig: Ferries and folklore it said on the front or something like that.

And I couldn’t tell it. It wasn’t even a CD ramen, it was like one of those big ass thick floppy discs or 

Todd: something. But it has voice, which is totally unbelievable. But the time, at the time we, we gave computers a lot more credit than, than they deserved. But then it has this horrible animation that kind of goes along with it.

It’s, it’s hard to really believe that this product would exist. But the funny thing is, is that the shopkeeper starts playing it as soon as he. Figures out that this leprechaun’s after him and somehow this keeps running on the computer and there are enough leprechaun facts for this computer to just continue to run and spit these facts out for the next hour, for the rest of the night.

Yeah. So we find, you know, that leprechauns, you know, need their gold and they’re very jealous of their gold and that they need to get their gold back. And then later on we. Find out that leprechauns don’t get along very well together. So if there’s another leprechaun, they’re gonna like hate each other or something.

And then later on we find out that if you destroy the leprechaun’s gold, you destroy the leprechaun. Right? 

Craig: Good job. Good job laying out the lore there, right. and that’s it. . Uh, but it’s so funny, just the leprechaun in Vegas is hilarious because once, so Scott, like, he, he gets the coin and then the leprechaun I think is trying to kill him or something.

Maybe not even yet. He just, he’s like, Aw man, I wish I was back at the casino on a winning streak. So he is, he’s back at the casino and he starts winning. Um, and he wins a whole bunch of money and the. Casino owner, I guess. Yeah. Midge is plotting against him, but starts giving him the, uh, like the high roller treatment, which is a real deal.

Yeah. Um, if you, if you spend a bunch of money in the casino, they will come and give you shit . 

Todd: That’s right. They want you 

Craig: to stay . They do want you to. Stay. Um, but then, so the leprechaun has to come find him. So he comes out, he comes out onto the strip, he does the whole golden nugget thing, and then he’s just walking around.

He is like, ah, Vegas my kind of town. . 

Todd: Who are you? 

Craig: I’m a Lepcha Vila, and you’re a greedy thief. For trying to steal me gold. I’ll be giving you some grief. Oh, ripping go whack in the head. A doesn’t time to tell you death. If you’re gonna linger, I’ll give you the finger. I told you a terrible life and now you’re going to die.

Yes. What was I thinking with all this killing, eye glass face. Shell a lucky side. The golden side will soon be my . It should have been willing to give me shilling, but I’ve done well by sending them to hell. I smell me shilling. Tell me where it is, or there’ll be another Killing belongs to me. This gold eye smell weather’s gun’s going to hell.

It’s hilarious. Everything that the leprechaun says, Warwick Davis says is hilarious, and he speaks almost exclusively in rhyming. Couplets, yes. Or in limericks. Thank God. Hilarious. This is my kind of place. Crooked and sleazy. Stealing gold from humans is awfully easy. Look how Vegas I’m Take it over . 

Todd: That one was my favorite.

It’s hilarious in a corny way, right? I mean, oh yeah. I, it’s, it’s his delivery that sells it. And I think, like we had said earlier, this is really what kind of sells the whole series is he is just a delightful little leprechaun. Yeah. Throughout the film, and I think throughout most of the other movies, at least the ones I’ve seen, and I’ve seen leprechaun in.

He’s just in control. He wanders around and he just does his thing and he’s magical and he can make anything happen, and he just sort of gleefully is doing that and so he does feel like an pretty much unstoppable foe. Yeah, I just think that’s all kind of part of the charm is you’re kind of on his side in a way.

You know, you, you just. You just wanna see him going around on his high heeled shoes 

Craig: and Oh yeah. And he meets an Elvis impersonator. And the Elvis impersonator is like, nice shoes can do. They come in blue suede and then, and then the Lepcha does an Elvis impersonation. Yes. Oh my god. Cartoon. It’s so good.

Come to life. I didn’t see, I didn’t see any Elvis impersonators. This. That we were down there, but the last time we were down there, we were on a bus coming back or either coming back or going to Fremont Street, and there was a little person Elvis impersonator, and it was like the highlight of our trip.

Like we were so excited. Well, you 

Todd: know, in thinking about it, I’m thinking back to our review of the original leprechaun. And I think for us, these gags in that movie got old and kind of stupid. Right? And I think the reason for that is, By now you’re embracing it. You know, by this third movie, you’re, this movie just kind of like you said it, it’s a comedy first and a horror movie.

Second, the original was more or less trying to be a horror movie first, and so all of the gags and things, they kind of got old and I don’t, it just didn’t have the same feel, probably because it was bigger budget. and better acted. You know, it had its corniness, but most of that corniness was centered around the Lepcha himself.

Right. The movie was trying to be a little more serious as a horror film, right? This one makes no such pretense, and so you kind of. Check your mind at the door and just roll with it a little easier than you do with the original movie, I think. Right. And ultimately, 

Craig: I don’t think that this is a better movie, but it’s more fun.

Yeah, that’s right. And I think that, uh, that’s probably why I, I think that from the whole series, this is one of the most popular ones. I think that this is kind of people’s favorite. 

Todd: What’s Warwick Davis’s favorite too, for that reason? 

Craig: Oh yeah. Mm-hmm. it. Yeah, he said that he loved it. He loved leaning into the comedy.

He thought that’s exactly what they should do. Like you said, that was his idea. It was supposed to be a straight up horror movie in the first one. He wanted to lean into the comedy, so they let him, and they shaped it around that. Here the director was on board all the way, and he loved working this with this director.

He said, this director was great. 

Todd: To work with. Yeah. This director gets a lot of, he’s sort of known as like his renegade type dude, but uh, takes on these kinds of projects where he is just like gonna do some eccentric, quirky things, but also get things under budget and be easy to work with and have a nice environment and all that stuff.

He just sounds like a guy who loves making movies, you know? Yeah. And doesn’t care if their big budget, high quality Hollywood productions. He’s just gonna, but I, I, I have to say, since we’re also talking about that, like the movie is well made for what it is. I mean, it’s very straightforward. The shots, everything makes sense.

It flows, it moves. It’s clean. Yeah, very clean. The action is clear. You know, I was a little disappointed that most of the killings are, well, they’re they’re mostly pretty bloodless. Yeah. I’d say about half of it is he’s just beating people. Pipe, which is its own kind of comedy. He kind of wanders around and just starts whacking people on the legs and 

Craig: yeah.

Well, we’re almost like 50 minutes in, so I feel like we should just talk about the fun, like what’s his name? Scott has the coin, but then the magician breaks into his room and steals it, and then he goes downstairs and Loretta gets. The coin, but then Mitch, the owner, gets it away from him and he wishes that he could get with Tammy.

And so then all of a sudden, Tammy is this total bimbo who’s throwing herself at him and is apparently into really rough sex. Yeah. , there’s, there’s no sex in this movie and you don’t see Tammy’s boobs there. Later there you see some boobs. She’s. Hitting him and like pushing him around. And if at one point he is like, he’s like, okay, can we not have any more violence now,

But right before he’s about to hook up with her. Somebody else. Does the lepcha show up or does somebody else get the, 

Todd: well, the leprechaun’s in the TV 

Craig: taunting him. Oh my God. 

Todd: with all those fake commercials from tv, which are kind of like takeoffs and pairs. What is it? 


Craig: a psychic at one point. He’s a, uh, He’s a personal injury lawyer at one point, which again, Vegas personal injury lawyer, uh, billboards all over the place.

And I don’t remember what else he is, but That’s hilarious. The leprechaun gets to dress up as different characters in this. And it’s really funny, there’s one point in the hospital where he wears scrubs, like he’s wearing these cute little pink nurses scrubs, right? And a little like surgical cap. So funny.

But the way that he. Like he, he sends a, a big booby topless girl out of the television. Mitch lays down on the bed and she climbs on top and like they’re gonna get it on, but then she turns into like a Android with just a skin face and skin boobs and there these huge boobs. And the rest of her is all like rods and wires.

And eventually, uh, it electrocutes him. That was a fun. That was a fun one, but my favorite, my Loreta favorite. Loretta, I think I haven’t even seen all the movies. I’m gonna say hand sound. This has got to be the best. The leprechaun death of all of them. I love 

Todd: it. It’s definitely, I mean, if you, especially if you go image searching like I do, to pull out images from the movie cuz I’m too lazy to take my own screenshots, her, her death scene in this movie is by far, I guess must be one of the most screenshotted of all in this, in this film.

And, uh, that, that’s what happens when Mitch is having sex with that girl, is that she sneaks in and gets that coin and she wishes to be beautiful. Now you can tell. That she’s a beautiful person done up to look kind of dumpy. Oh, sure. 

Craig: They’ve patted her a little bit, put her in ugly polyester clothes, given her a kind of big, ugly wig.

She doesn’t even look bad, you know, like, no, she doesn’t look 

Todd: bad. It’s no, she doesn’t look bad at all. It’s not a dramatic transformation for her to, she says she wants tits, like a 20 something year old and all that, 

Craig: but when she does transform, she looks like Caroline Williams. Yes. She looks like the Caroline Williams.

We know. Yes. She’s thin and beautiful. Um, she does have a beautiful body. Um, she takes off that terrible wig and has a really sharp, like s uh, short, short hair buzz kind of cut. She looks great, but then when the leprechaun catches up to her, it’s like, what do you want? Your boobs are big, your body’s small, but still you’re in for quite a fall.

What are you talking about? Oh, what didn’t you hear? Bigger is. But Jumbo is dear, I’ll give you boobs that come out to here. , he makes her boobs and her ass and her lips blow up to where she looks like a. Kardashian

and then she explodes. Oh, but seriously, if, if Todd doesn’t put up an image of this, Google it. Google image, search it cuz it’s hilarious, 

Todd: you know. The director was actually talking about this, this particular scene in his interview, and he spends a lot of time actually kind of talking about how movies have changed and how he’s a little unsettled by horror.

The direction horror has gone and gotten more extreme. And so he’s very insistent. You know about how when he approached this in the first place, you know, uh, he was really trying to lean more into the comedy and, and less of the horror. And he said, this scene in particular, he says, you know, It’s a little misogynistic.

Yeah. He said we, we knew it was, I knew it was a little misogynistic, and so I was trying to find ways to, to make it more comedic and less mean. And he says, you know, just in the same way that when Buster Keaton slips and falls on a banana peel and falls back on his head, that’s funny. But if Buster Keaton slips on a banana, peel falls back on his head.

See blood splatter. It’s not funny anymore. And uh, he said that’s why with this one, he told them the special effects guys. He didn’t want blood. You know, when she blows up she just, it’s like sawdust. Yeah, it’s like sawdust and styrofoam and stuff. It, it’s not bloody at all. And he’s like, you know, decisions like that were to take the edge off and keep it funny instead of something mean, you know about women and, and, and beauty.

You know, in some ways as like this scene does say a little something about, you know, those standards and he’s trying to parody that instead of Be mean. Yeah. Again, it’s a 

Craig: joke, right? Like it’s just a joke. Yeah, 

Todd: it’s a joke. But you know, like, He’s clear. He’s, it’s true though. I mean, depending on how you film it, it would be less funny.

Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. The, the thought that went into this movie is, is kind of surprising to, probably would be a lot surprising to a lot of people. . Well, 

Craig: and while we’re talking about looks, um, Warwick Davis looks great. Uh, his costume and his makeup are fantastic. I, I think it took him like three hours or.

Something to get into the makeup and over a half an hour to get out. But he looks great. I mean, he looks, you know, much the same as he does in the other movies, but it’s good. It’s, it’s a great character. Look. Mm-hmm. , um, at some point, I don’t even remember when it was, but at some point he fights with Scott and bites him.

And in this movie Leprechauns are also werewolf. Right. So if you get bit by a leprechaun, you start to turn into a leprechaun that kinda looks a little bit 

Todd: like a werewolf, this, which leads to some of Scott’s best acting in the whole film, to be quite honest. Oh, it’s fantastic 

Craig: because not only does he start to change physically, but he also starts to talk like a leprechaun.

Yes. And. An incredible insatiable craving for potatoes, . 

Todd: Oh my gosh. And he goes 

Craig: to a restaurant and he orders a huge platter of potatoes and the waitress lists, baked potato, brew potato, french fries, potato skin, potato salad, and uh, six potato pancakes. Anything else? That once was a lady of tut whose taste group perverted.

She cared not for steaks or for pastries and cakes, but lived upon penis. Oh, Grut. . Oh my God. God, what else? I don’t know. They’re running around a lot. They, you know, like they, he 

Todd: ends up at the emergency room. That’s the morph scene. And the leprechaun, you know, has Tammy, uh, there, I think strapped to the table.

Scott’s almost full leprechaun 

Craig: by now, and he can use magic too. So he uses magic to free himself and to fight off the emergency room. Plus 

Todd: she has the medallion and so Uhhuh , this medallion, apparently all you have to do is put it in your pocket and it’s safe for about Yeah. But if it’s near somebody, you know, if it’s outta your pocket, at near one of the him or the other leprechaun, then uh, it’s like a cross to a vampire.

Craig: They go back to the pawn shop. He can smell it. He’s like, there’s something here that I need or that I want really bad. , because he’s a lepcha, he’s turning into lepcha, so he wants gold too. And when he finds the in the safe, the Lepcha had hit it in the safe at the pawn shop. He’s like, ah, isn’t his lovely patcha gold for the take?

And and they, and they try. The girl, the leprechaun follows them there, and Tammy tries to use. A wish against him. And he is like, you can’t use the gold against leprechaun or something. I don’t know. And then , he, uh, I don’t remember what Scott does, but the Lepcha says, for putting this trick on, chop off your dick.

Like, yes, every one of ’em is gold. And that’s a lie. They’re not all gold, but they, they’re not still made me. They made me laugh every time. And yeah, they take him, they take him to the hospital, they give him an ence gram, which comes out with the reading all in Shamrocks that just says you . Which is 

Todd: hilarious.

right? . But the magician has the gold right now and so now, right, 

Craig: so So they tell hi. They tell the EP on that, do you want you gold? You gotta go find. Fio. And so he does, and they follow him there. And the whole climax, I guess, takes place at the Magic Show. 

Todd: Oh my God. I, I thought actually, the only time I laughed out loud in this movie was this magic show.

So the leprechaun shows up and Fabio’s about to do his most dangerous trick ever where he’s. Put a girl in a box, I’m gonna set it on fire, which he wasn’t gonna do previously, but his wish is to be the best magician in the whole world. Yeah. So his show’s still pretty lame for being the best magician in the world.

Yeah. But the lecha pops outta the box instead, uh, and puts Fabio in the whole cut the saw the person in half thing. And pulls out a chainsaw and is like taunting the audience. Do you want me to cut him in half? Do you want me to cut him in half? And they’re like, yeah, yeah. Do it. Do it. Do it. . I love this bit.

So he chainsaws threw the guy in this box, and suddenly. There’s blood coming out and stuff, and the audience is considerably unsettled by this . He jumps down and finishes the trick, Uhhuh by opening up the box and showing this guy and his guts are falling out on the inside there, and he is like prancing in front of it and showing it like a magician.

Oh my God. That was. I don’t know why, but that just tickled me so 

Craig: much. , it was really funny. And then there like all of the guests like stampeded out. Oh, and Scott and Ta. The thing that bothered me about the magic shirt was he saw it all the way through the guy and then when he pulled it out, it’s like his guts were still connected.

So like they strung out. Oh yeah. Still connected to one another, which I’m glad cuz it looks great. . Um, that was probably the, Part. And even that wasn’t that gory. No. But anyway, while he’s getting cut in half, FIO drops the coin, the crowd panics and runs and then. Scott and Tammy arrive and Scott faces off with the le and like they have the le.

That’s what how I have it in my notes. . The leprechaun, the leprechaun’s like, come over to the green side, I’ll make you rich. 

Todd: Oh, and the music gets the little bit of the Imperial March in it. It’s funny. 

Craig: little touches. Um, But instead, Scott takes the torch that Fasio had been using and he burns up the gold, which sets the lepcha on fire, and the lepcha Levitates into the air and it’s completely on fire.

And you can totally see the rig like you can totally, it’s not even a wire, it’s a. Steel cord holding this thing on a harness, and you can see it all looks so stupid. Um, but the, the, the gold burns, the leprechaun burns, and apparently if the leprechaun’s dead, then Scott can come back to normal. And so Scott and Tammy walk outside and they’re like, what now?

I don’t know, but we should get outta here. And she’s like, but wait, look what I have. And she has that one coin left and they’re like, ha ha. The end. ? 

Todd: No. She says we could have anything we want, and then she kind of looks at him and goes, you. I think I already have everything I wanted. , she chucks the gold aside.


Craig: gross. I, I must have stopped watching . . I was like, it’s over. Great . 

Todd: I’m glad you did because, uh, Scott then jumps in with a terrible, um, impression of, uh, you know, sweetheart Dish could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Boge Humphrey Bogart. 

Craig: Oh God, folks. It’s a terrible movie, but like aliens, it’s bad, but it’s one of those movie.

A friend of ours, Jordan, uh, who’s done the podcast with us a couple times, she texted me a few weeks ago and said, you have to see Cocaine Bear. It’s the best bad movie I’ve ever sat seen. She’s like, it’s so well made, and it’s terrible. You have to see it . This isn’t that well made, but it’s competently enough made that you’re not mad.

About right. It like, you don’t feel like you’ve wasted your money or your time. It is what it is. It’s funny. That’s what it’s trying to be. Uh, and if, if you give yourself over to that, and And realize that they’re not really going for the intense horror at all. Yeah, it’s a fun ride. I would watch it again, not tomorrow.

Yeah. But several years down the road, I’d watch it again. 

Todd: It’s funny. I’d have a playing in the background. Yeah, absolutely. It’s definitely more fun. Honestly, it’s more fun than the original, I think. So. The original drags and this one, it’s plotting. Yeah. Moves. And you know, it is, it, it wears its heart on its sleeve.

And so if you’re in the mood for that kind of thing, yeah, absolutely. Watch it. Got no problems. Didn’t agree more . Well, thank you again for listening to another episode. If you enjoyed this one, please share. Uh, please share it with a friend. You can find us online too. Guys in the Chainsaw podcast. Google us and you.

Get our website. As you know, we uh, asked our patrons this time around what episode we wanted to see, and we pulled them, and this is what they chose. If you would like to similarly shape the show, consider joining the Patron club patreon.com/chainsaw podcast. Until next time, I’m Todd. And I’m Craig with Two Guys and a Chainsaw.

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