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Looking for a “so bad it’s good” movie? This obscure 80’s flick – which is streaming on Tubi at this moment – is an absolute gem. Enjoy!

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Uninvited (1988)

Episode 308, 2 Guys and a Chainsaw

Todd: And welcome to another episode of Two Guys and a Chainsaw. I’m Todd

Craig: and I’m Craig.

Todd: Well, Craig, uh, this week you picked the movie for us. Yep. After our month of, uh, fun doing 1981 slashers, you went a little deeper into the era and, uh, picked a non slasher from 1987 or 1988. I’m not sure. It’s kind of listed two different ways online.

Mm-hmm IMDB says 1987. So we’re gonna go with that. And it is the killer mutant cat movie, Uninvited. Everyone’s favorite killer mutant cat movie. This is, uh, this is another first for the podcast. Right? When, when was the last killer mutant cat movie? We did. I don’t think have, so my God, mark this date. It’s great. Uh, and. Said to you before we started recording, I just cannot wait to talk about this movie because I’m just gonna wanna throw this right out there.

I, I enjoyed every single minute of this film. 

Craig: um, yeah, I kind love this movie. I, 

Todd: this might be my new favorite. It’s bad. It’s good movie. This, I might even enjoy this movie more than Blood Rage, or The Mutilator. I kind of feel like this is the top of my top five. Now how in the world, I I’d never heard of this before.

Where, where did you find it? Because you also, when you sent me the message saying, this is what we’re watching this week, by the way, don’t read anything about it. If you can help it just go in completely blind. And I’m so glad I did. Um, although I’m not sure would’ve made a huge difference anyway, but it was just nice to be surprised by the kind of movie I was in for.

where did you, where did you hear about it? How you seen it 

Craig: before? No, no, I’d never even heard of it before. Big surprise. After the month of slashers, which don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed, I really did. We even talked about it on at least one of ’em. They just like, they were fine as far as slashers went, but they weren’t bad enough to be so bad.

They’re good. Yeah. And so I just, I really, I wanted to do something fun and so I, I just did a, a Google search of. So bad. It’s good horror movies and Mo most of them, like I came across to, I don’t know, a bunch of lists more than I even looked at it, but I looked at three or four different lists, and most of them we’ve already done like terror vision and the deadly spawn and, and those, all of those were really fun movies to talk about.

Uh, and this was one of the few movies on one of those lists. It was only on one that not only had we not seen or talked about, but that I had never even heard of. Yeah. And it just sounded. Too good to be true. And it was everything I hoped it would be 

Todd: yes.

I have to, I have to say two things. Number one. Isn’t it great that you can Google things like this and Amelia get responses. Uhhuh I also, um, while I was watching this movie, one of the actresses in it who plays Suzanne Sherry Shaddock Uhhuh I could have sworn, oh God, I, I sh I probably recognize her from something.

I looked her up on IMDB and I didn’t really find much of anything that she’s been in outside of this, which surprised me. So then I Googled. People who look like Sherry Shaddock, thinking that, oh, she has kind of a Christina Applegate look, maybe that’s where I’m kind of, you know, getting it from or whatever like that.

And that works. And then number two, I’m a little disappointed to hear that off of this list of so bad. It’s good horror movies. We might have already exhausted the best of them. Yeah. Oh, according to the internet that that’s not, that’s not gonna bode well for the future of our podcast. I know, 

Craig: I, I sure will still be able to find more, but, um, gosh, I just, I can’t believe that I had never heard of this movie before and then it was just like, it it’s, it’s just got everything that you want.

Like it’s completely a 100% eighties aesthetic. Mm-hmm 

Todd: oh, in all the right 

Craig: ways. It, it, it’s a direct to video film, which you can kind of tell for a variety of reasons, the score, I really enjoyed the score. 

Todd: Like oh, yes. I enjoyed how over the top bad the score was yeah. And it was 

Craig: just persistent, like all the time.

Sometimes it kind of sounded like the shining, like they’re doing that thing with like, you know, just like three notes repeated over and over again, but it’s yeah. It, it, it seems completely synthetic, but it plays all the time. It’s so 

Todd: enthusiastic. yeah. You’re 

Craig: right. Beautiful people who are terrible actors.

Um, the corniest dialogue. You can imagine. And just the premise, like, honestly, I, I told Alan I’m like, I think you might wanna watch this movie with me this week because , it’s about an evil mutant. Cat that lives in the throat of a regular cat comes out and kills people when it gets mad and it’s poisonous

Todd: and, and by the way, when it’s done killing others and somehow shape shifting, like getting bigger and smaller in ways that I’m not sure, uh, crawls carefully back into the cat’s mouth 

Craig: oh God. And the, the effects are terrible and 

Todd: oh man, deliciously 

Craig: terrible. The cat, like I said, I told him I’m like, anytime the cat is on screen.

And, and sometimes even not like, just to suggest that the cat is around, you just are constantly hearing me, me me. and it’s. And it’s the same two meows. Just on a loop. Yes. And my favorite part about the movie is that the cat, like not the mutant cat that comes out of the cat , but the actual cat itself is adorable.

And like, it’s like, you’re supposed to be like minused by it and people are supposed to be minused by it, but it’s just this beautiful orange house cat. Yeah. That is in, that is in no way menacing at all. No, it’s a beautiful cat. That’s like, not in any way, scary or aggressive or anything. Like they just shoot the cat and then they shoot people like being scared of.

Oh, my God. It’s hilarious. 

Todd: And, and the cat becomes even cuter when the mutant cat’s crawling out of its mouth, because it’s like a, a stop it’s like a cat you might get from like a toy store. 

Craig: It’s like a, yeah. It’s like a puppet. Like, just like, it kind looks like the Xenomorph like, when it pops out somebody’s chest, it looks like that.

Of course. Except except it’s coming out of the mouth of a stuffed, like, like you said, like a cat that you would buy at Walmart and like cut its mouth open and then just push like this other puppet through it. Oh. And I don’t, it, it all, it reminded me like a, like a pop or so, you know, like it just like, it just kind of like the, like the inside of the puppet, just kind of inverts and comes out and it’s an alien cat.

You never see it. Like it’s always in super, super close up. and then when the mutant, it, it’s hard to even explain because at sometimes it seems like the mutant cat like comes all the way out of the regular cat, but really it’s almost more like the regular cat just kind of turns inside out. do you think 

Todd: so?

I don’t know. I’m not sure. I’m not sure about that. You’re right. That it’s not clear because when it starts out and the movie starts out in like a research laboratory with two guys talking. Oh, we need to cut this thing open and see what’s growing inside of it. Right. 

Craig: Well, and yeah. And you know that you’re in for a treat when the very first thing you see is amazing movies present.

Yes. Like, like that’s the production company, amazing movies. It’s like, oh man, we’re in for something amazing.

put on, 

Todd: tell you folks, you got something to see. And so they pull, you know, they’re, they’ve got a bunch of animals, like research animals in there and they pull this adorable looking cat out you’re right. And, and they put it on the table and they pull out an scary looking needle and the cat escapes and runs down the hallway code red, it’s escaped.

They get on the phone and have this awkward phone conversation. It’s like put on the radiation suits and things. We’re at we’re at radiation level five or whatever. And then I guess they also put on radiation suits because they hint at their own presence in the next scene, which is. A bunch of guys in radiation suits and carrying a cat carrier 

Craig: radiation suits that look like something that you would buy at spirit Halloween.

Oh yeah. They’re like these CRA these ridiculous hazmat suits like made out of aluminum foil. Oh boy. Down 

Todd: the staircase. They corner the. And then the cat jumps on is, did we get the cat jumping out at this point? The, no, the, the, yeah, 

Craig: the evil cat comes out. That’s what I keep calling. Like the evil cat comes out of its mouth.

The whole thing. It, it, it reminded me, it looks like a reject from the set of goos or, or troll or something. Yeah. Um, it is just very, very clearly a puppet that either somebody has its hand up the ass or they’re just throwing it at people. Mm-hmm, , there’s nothing real looking about it. It doesn’t look real.

It doesn’t move in a realistic fashion. It is cheap. It is a cheap toy puppet cat. And it’s hilarious. 

Todd: It almost looks like a joke. You know, like the filmmakers are in on the joke, cuz they almost, at times later in the movie seem to revel. In the fact that this puppet looks so bad, like there are closeups on this thing or wide shots on this thing that should not linger as long as they do.

You can practically see the arm of the guy operating it right. But yet they do like, not just like that, but the it’s like the cat pops out, like shakes around and dances a little bit, you know, next to the furniture or something. Like if you’re playing with your three year old or something, you might like pop a little puppet out and kind of shake it around and then pull it back.

Craig: I read, yeah. I, I read a review that said that the cat, like when it attacks, looks like a carpet remnant, like in bad shape and it, it, it does, it just kind looks like a, like your, your childhood stuffed animal that you’ve had for 30 years and have slept with for every night, you know, like it’s just, yeah.

Ratty and nasty and, oh my God. And so funny and, and the little evil cat on the inside is. So funny, looking like laugh out loud. Funny the second you see it. Yeah. Cause it doesn’t really move. It just, it just . I swear. I, I imagine that somebody has the little evil part on a stick and like they just push it out, like yeah.

And, and move it around a little bit 

Todd: at first. I wasn’t sure it, it, I, I thought it was almost like an alien ripoff where this little inner mouth or inner cat kind of comes outta the cat’s mouth, but it also has arms Uhhuh like that claw at the face of this guy. And then it kind, I guess, sucks back in and escapes some more.

And the guys on the stairway are like, oh crap. You know, it got away. And then we get another shot back to those guys who are back in their normal clothes. And I thought, oh, okay. Well, the dudes in the hazmat suit were different people. Right that they sent after the cat. But then the guy, I think it’s the director.

I think one of the two is the director. He says the building’s secure now, Paul, no matter what happens, we cat let that cat out of here. Dr. Gray. You saw what just happened at that stairwell? Just shut up about that. Yeah. Oh God. 

Craig: That’s lot. The dialogue is so funny and the acting is hilarious, so bad. 

Todd: It’s terrible.

But it also begs the question. All right. Why was the cat suddenly radioactive? Like they weren’t wearing hazmat suits in the office when they were gonna inject the cat. But as soon as it left the office, suddenly it’s a 

Craig: radioactive threat and they never explain what’s going on. Like why is there a little evil cat inside this other cat?

No, that for sure, like the, the, the, the scientists are like baffled. That’s what they’re trying to figure out. They’re like trying to figure out what is inside this cat. So like, I guess. It’s the suggestion is that they don’t know, like they didn’t put it in there. They didn’t like, how did that little monitoring it?

No. And, and when the cat comes out and kills all the people in the stairwell, like you don’t actually see anything, you just see blood splatter all over. Yeah. The walls. And then the next time you see the cat, you see a shadow. Silhouette of it. And you see the, like all, no Nosferatu, like, and you see the evil cat coming out of its throat and it kills the, the scientist played by the writer and director Gradon Clark, and then it escapes and, and just runs down the 

Todd: street.

Oh. And then it just appears everywhere. Something, the cat is concept, wherever is in boxes that, you know, we never saw it get into. And, but again, it’s 

Craig: just a cat, like yeah, this is a, it’s not scary. So like any, it’s not even as scary as like, you know, cat scares that we see in every horror movie. It’s just like, people will open up a trash Canor, they’ll come around a corner and there’s a beautiful cat, like, hello, like right.

Todd: And the cat’s really not doing anything unless somebody pisses it off. Right. Uhhuh. Right. Like, so most of the time the cat’s just running around and eating food and. You know, it, it, it finds a, a bowl of food I guess, and, uh, and eats from the bowl. And then there’s this random guy who, uh, you know, is like patting ads.

Oh, I’ll get you more. And a dude, Rob, uh, mugs him and robs into his car, his truck and takes off. And so the cat decides he’s gonna get revenge on the on the one, the guy who just fed him, hops in the back of this, you know, pickup going to a random place. You know, it’s just, it’s just so random, right? The, he hops in the back of this pickup.

These guys are driving down the road, ha ha ha ha drinking their beer. And then suddenly the cat puppet, the evil cat puppet breaks through the window. You can see the dude’s arm as the public breaks through the window and just grabs at this guy’s face. And then we see a different model car in slow motion, rolling down.

Uh, hell, you know, it missed the bridge and it, I thought, oh, it’s gonna explode at the bottom. It didn’t do that. I, that part disappointed. 

Craig: No, just drill down. I, and I, I think they just, I think they stole that footage from another movie. It must be right. It’s still a red pickup truck, but it’s a completely different model.

And, and you’re right. Like, oh, just, just this random person who we never know who he is. Just this random mechanic is nice to the cat, but then gets beat up. So the cat, you know, exacts revenge for the nice random stranger who gave him food. Mm-hmm oh, it’s so funny. And, and then we meet our main characters.

I suggest Suzanne and Bobby are these, I 

Todd: love this scene 

Craig: so much to be fair, hot eighties valley girls in bikinis and skimpy like T. Coverups creatively 

Todd: constructed cut up. T-shirts I, I spent a good portion of the scene, just trying to figure out the physics of how these t-shirts were cut and slashed so that they still stayed on them, but were very revealing in all these spots.

It, it took me a while to figure out it was almost like, um, like an Esher painting kind of deal with 

Craig: them. Yeah. They, 

Todd: they fun to figured it. You know, I, I had to rewind and pause a few times, you know, go for slow motion. I get what you’re getting at for science, for science. 

Craig: And these are, you know, these are your pretty, pretty standard, beautiful buck, sum, eighties girls.

And, and to reiterate, they are very beautiful and they spend most of the movie in very small bikinis. So if you’re into that, There’s you know, one check mark on the list, Suzanne and Bobby. And it seems like they are just trying to like, they’re on spring break, but they don’t have any money. So they’re just trying to like, hang out at hotels and use the pools and the, yeah, I don’t know.

Um, but they go in, they go into this hotel and security immediately tries to throw them out, but they’re, they’re saved by this rich guy named Walter Graham hotel personnel get a little sensitive during spring break week. Yeah. Girls don’t have a 

Todd: room, do 

Craig: you? No. Yes, no. It’s okay. I understand. I’ve been there.

I might be able to help you with a place to stay. I was just about to go and have some dinner. Why don’t you join me? And we can talk about it. I don’t think that would really well. It’s just something to eat, Suzanne. Yeah, it’s a good restaurant. Just something to eat. Suzanne knows strings attached. Well, I just don’t think we’re dressed for dinner.

It’ll be alright. Trust me. 

Todd: They do. He’s like super creepy, like the middle aged old man. 

Craig: And he’s kind of like Bernie from weekend at Bernie’s like super, just slimy and, you know, obviously uses his money to, you know, it’s just, it’s, it’s funny. It’s so it’s so eighties, you know? Yeah. And, and that’s, he is he’s he’s the corrupt, I don’t know if he’s a corrupt businessman or if he’s got like mob ties, nothing is ever clear.

You just know that he’s, you know, a shady guy and his business associate his very serious business. Associate approaches him and like chastises him for like scamming on these girls or whatever. And the business associate’s name is Mike Harvey played by George Kennedy. Yes. George Kennedy. Is a good actor, but I have a feeling that this man would do anything for a check.

Like because he’s in a lot of stuff, he’s in a lot of stuff. Um, we’ve done several movies that he’s been in. I don’t remember if we’ve done the original creep show, but he was in that he’s in, uh, two creep show two that’s right. Creep 

Todd: show two. Yeah. That’s the one he’s in and 

Craig: we did that. Yep. And he was in the naked gun movies.

He’s been in a fantastic bazillion things and he’s good. He’s a good actor. 

Todd: He’s the best actor in this whole movie. 

Craig: Oh, for sure. Oh yes. Oh my gosh. And by a mile, uh, he, the, the movie was shot on a $200,000 budget and the like 75,000 do I don’t remember a huge, huge percentage of that went to paying him and the guy that plays Walter Graham, who I don’t know.

Him from anything, he was all 

Todd: over TV in the eighties, like very much a TV actor, like at, at a time in film and TV history, where there wasn’t much crossover between the two. So if somebody was gonna appear in a, in a made for, you know, video, uh, movie, it was most likely gonna be filled with soap stars and, you know, TV actors and things like that.

He was Mike Briggs in Airwolf. I don’t know if you ever saw that, but, uh, no, no, well not, he didn’t do much outside of television in this time. 

Craig: Yeah. They’re like a trio of these older, you know, bad guys. And the third one is clue, go lagger or go lagger and he did a lot of TV too, but I didn’t, I didn’t know him from much of anything either, but he was in return of the living dead.

Yeah. He was in the last picture show. So he’s in some Disney movies. Yeah. Yeah. He’s been in a bunch of stuff. The bulk of their budget went to paying these three guys, which is funny because they’re. Aside from Walter, the other two really? Aren’t in it all that much. No, but Mike, the business associate is like, we have to be serious.

We have to, you know, get this money offshore or something. I don’t know. Yeah. Again, it’s all 

Todd: very vague stuff about money and shit. 

Craig: Right. You never, you really never know what’s going on with the cat. And it’s just suggested that these guys are in some way involved in criminal activity and they’ve got a bunch of money and they’ve gotta get out out of the country.

Yeah. And so Walter invites the girls. To meet them on the yacht later for a party, they invite this guy named Darrell onto the yacht, this younger guy, and Walter shows him these three, like briefcases suitcases. Each of them have a million dollars cash in it, but then they like, they kill Darrell for some reason, reason.

Well, , 

Todd: this is the best scene. It, the scene makes no sense. It is so all over the place and weird it’s like you said, they’re talking with him, like he’s a business associate and he’s gonna help them out. Cuz I guess he’s an accountant. They’re saying highly written, vague stuff about money and laundering and offshore stuff and ha ha ha ha.

And sort of patting him on the back. Then they hand him these three briefcase full of like a million dollars each, which is like, they’re paying him off. But then. Like you said it suddenly turns and they say, but you wouldn’t cheat us, would you? And he’s like, oh no, I, I, I never would tell anybody about it.

And then they start looking at him funny, like, oh yeah, really? So I guess then it was all over Rouse, like an elaborate RO, like they really suspect him. And the whole time, like this dialogue is so insane, there are lines like they’re just sitting there and Graham says, I love to look at a fire. Don’t you

And he’s like, yeah, it sure looks nice. and then, then, you know, it’s nighttime now. Right. And so they go outside and, and they’re outside suddenly and they’ve got, ’em kind of up against. Pole, I guess, on the edge of the deck. And there’s a, mm-hmm, a pool. And he’s like, Hey, you know, um, fire up the hot tub or whatever, whatever.

And so the three of them are there with him. It’s called blackmail. You’ve heard the term. Of course, 

Craig: Mike, you’re getting ahead of my story. Anyway, you see the point is that I learned about blackmail a long time ago. What I learned was never put yourself in a position where some idiot can blackmail you, where someone has power over you


Todd: that dialogue’s terrible. They pull a gun on him, but instead of shooting him, 

Craig: he’s standing right on the edge of the boat. They could’ve just shot him. And he would’ve fallen right in the ocean. Shot him, kicked him into the 

Todd: water. Yeah. Yeah, no. Albert grabs him, drowns him and we get a very long elaborate drowning sequence where he is holding him under water.

There’s even a camera shot up at him and stuff. and then when they’re done, I thought something was happen. Albert is very distressed. Yeah. It’s like, like out of breath, he looks weird. Shaking, shaking, he’s shaking, or like, what’s wrong, Albert? He’s like, I don’t know. I’m just, I feel weird. I’m out of breath.

And I thought, where is the cat around? Is this another one of those? The poisonous cat things like what’s going on? This is significant. No, it’s not significant at all. Just later Albert is fine. And when I looked in like the, uh, I don’t know, it was the trivia or something like that. They said that it was this actor’s idea that after he finished drowning this guy, he should be 

Craig: out of breath.

Right. And then. Never referenced again. The movie just feels like it’s slapped together. Yeah. Like there, there are major continuity things. Like there’s, there’s one point where the two girls meet up with three guys at the marina for the first time, right? Yeah. They don’t, they don’t know these guys at all.

Um, it’s Corey who’s played by Rob Estes who is still doing lots and lots of TV. All of these people worked a lot in the eighties, mostly in TV, some movies mm-hmm but some of them are still working. I mean, these people have lengthy. They’re not. Actors and most of the things they do that, you know, they, they pop up, you know, in one or two episodes of something.

Yeah. Rob Estes, who plays Corey has actually had a pretty impressive career and is still working. He’s doing hallmark movies and is still doing TV. Um, and then there’s Lance who, uh, I recognized, I think he was. Was he in Christine? He, I, I know he was in something that we have done before. He was also in a movie called the heavenly kid, which I remember watching when I was a kid.

I know he was in something. I think he played a bully or something in some movie that we’ve done. Well, 

Todd: prison break and criminal minds and stuff more recently. Yeah. Yeah. So like you 

Craig: said, he’s still working. Yeah. There’s the two of them. And then there’s like, they’re like the cool ones. And then there’s supposedly kind of nerdy friend just because he’s smart is named Martin.

The three of them, the girls run into them at the marina and invite them to come on the yacht with them, which I thought that’s, that’s dumb. Some old rich guy asks you to come on a yacht. He’s not gonna want three young guys coming along, which he doesn’t. 

Todd: Not to mention all of this happens over the course of five minutes.

They, they have this, you know? Yeah. Typical eighties. Like these guys are talking and joking and then they look over and they’re these two hot girls that are slowly walking their way and they meet eyes and the girls are like, can I sit down here? And like within five minutes, this girl has her hand on Lance’s pants and is making some sexual comments and they’re inviting him on this yellow.

Oh yeah. 

Craig: On his pants. Like he’s run, she’s running her hand up his inner thigh within seconds. I don’t 

Todd: even know if they know each other’s names at this point. Did they? Yeah. Barely introduced each other. 

Craig: What I was getting at was the continuity. There’s this, they all end up on the boat. We’ll get there in a second.

But there’s one scene where Walter is like ogling the girls from a deck like there, the girls are down like, uh, in the hot tub and Walter’s up like staring at them. Mm-hmm and then it cuts away to a scene in a different part of the boat that Walter is also in. Yeah, and then it cuts, it cuts back and he’s still there staring at them like it’s true.

I, in theory, in theory, he, you know, like he could have walked away to have this other scene and then walked back, but it’s just cut together. So in such a sloppy way, it’s, it’s really dumb. They also find the cat randomly, randomly, and Suzanne’s like, I love this cat. I’m gonna 

Todd: keep it. The last time we saw this cat is it was rolling over the edge of a random bridge in the back of this pickup.

This time, it is in a box on the dock Uhhuh of this Marin. In a box that it presumably couldn’t get out of, much less into it’s just so random, 

Craig: right? Yeah. Because that’s how they find it. They, they hear it. Me, me so they, so they open. So they open the box and there’s just this cute cat, like, hello. 

Todd: oh, I want it.

Craig: Walter and har Mike meet the girls and the guys on shore for whatever reason, the guys. And the girl and the cat all like ferry out to the yacht, as soon as they get their Walters, like, uh, we don’t need these other guys around and I hate cats. They need to go back. But then all of a sudden they get word that like, I don’t know, the coast guard or somebody is gonna be inspecting their boat.

And so like, we have to leave right now. And one of the girls is like, well, since you, your boat doesn’t have a crew will be your crew. Oh my God. And Walter’s like, okay. and so they’re gonna be these random strangers are gonna be the boat crew, 

Todd: by the way. The captain of the ship is a woman who is 

Craig: far too young to be a boat captain far, 

Todd: too young and far too underdressed.

And Walter is hitting on her the entire time and saying all these kinds of things about, like, he says this random stuff about how this is, was her father’s boat. And now Walter has it. And he’s sort of dangling the boat almost like a, like a, basically like a Dick kind of dangling the fact that he has the boat.

And I don’t know, implying that she can’t leave and all that stuff. And she’s bitching about how she doesn’t have a crew to run the boat. So these four, these three guys are now their new ad hoc crew. And, uh, Mike jumps in and he’s pissed off, but then he’s like, all right, well, I’m gonna start assigning duties.

I don’t like you. I 

Craig: don’t like punk kids that think the world owe in the living. You’re the cook, you’re the busboy and the dishwasher. You’re the 

Todd: maid. These were the people that they couldn’t leave the marina without. Was a right but like, is there like a, a full scale restaurant running on this boat?

they’ve gotta manage that. They just have to get staffed before they can pull out of the marina, you know, with these six people on board. It, it makes no sense, but they’re like, okay, alright. And this is when I re, when I finally learned that the girls had already been to the party on the boat. 

Craig: Yes. The party on the boat had happened and they had been there.

We just hadn’t seen it. We didn’t see it. The other thing, I, I can’t believe we failed to mention this when they find the cat. All of a sudden it is wearing a collar, like an ID collar from the lab that it has never been wearing before. Yeah. and, and so they’re like, this is weird. It looks like it’s like a lab cat.

Hmm and then they take it off and throw it away. Like the cat specifically put on this, I, this ID collar, right. To warn. Yeah. And then they just take it off so that they can mention it later. It is, it was never, ever wearing a collar before that scene. And it just wears it for like the 10 seconds until they take it off.

You mentioned the captain, her name is Rachel. She’s played by Tony Hudson. I recognized her too. And I looked her up. The only credit that I really recognized is she was in a movie called just one of the guys, which I watched a lot when I 

Todd: was a kid. Oh yeah. That was on cable. A. For some reason, a 

Craig: lot. Yeah.

Yeah. And I remember her, uh, in that, and I don’t remember her being terrible in that movie, but man, she is one of the most dead pan actors I have ever seen in my life. She’s so bad. 

Todd: It was it’s like which board level of acting. Yeah. 

Craig: When things start getting bad, like she cannot bring herself to force any emotion at all.

she just speaks her line in the most dead pain. Like she has no emotion in her face. Nothing. She’s a beautiful woman. Don’t get me wrong, but she was not into this role.

that’s true. Okay. So they’re so they’re all there and we’ve Walter doesn’t like cats and then the young people turn on music and dance. the dancing, the dancing in this movie. Is worth the price of admission. It really is. It really is. You could watch the movie just to watch these guys dance. 

Todd: They’re just bopping around like, like , oh my 

Craig: God.

Especially Corey. Oh, all of them. But especially Corey there, I, I can’t do it justice in words. Yeah. You just have to see it, but like, it is the most ridiculous. You can’t imagine that they were taking this seriously. Right. And yet it seems as though 

Todd: they were, it’s very earnest. It’s earnestly played, which makes it so much funnier Uhhuh and you know, I was not a young adult in the eighties.

I was a kid. And so I never, you know, I don’t remember what it was like to not have other forms of entertainment, you know, by the time I was a young adult and I mean, we did, we had dances and stuff, things like that. But like, as far as like a little party that you would put together, by the time I was in college, we didn’t walk over to the stereo in the room, flip it on and just start dancing in front of it.

You know, , but it’s kind of funny how, in a lot of these movies, that’s basically what happens like all the Friday, the 13th movies, you know, all that stuff. Maybe it, I just, maybe that actually did happen and I was unaware, but it looks silly in this movie and they’re dancing, amidst the remnants of, uh, this party that this wild party that it hap apparently went on before, which is like trays of fruit and cake and things like that.

Just kind of all scattered amongst this room. And in the meantime, the cat’s just running around the ship below 

Craig: deck. Yeah, 

Todd: yeah. Below deck it’s swipes, I guess the, the little inner cat swipes at, uh, some electrical cables for which, which doesn’t seem to give any discernible effect, which surprised me a little bit.

I thought that until later until much later. Yeah. So I was glad that had a payoff. And then Albert is just sort of nervously mucking around in the. Captains. What do you call that? The, the 

Craig: deck, I don’t know. 

Todd: He’s just messing around in there. Like he’s supposed to steer the ship or something, but he’s getting all confused and the captain comes over and he grabs a lever and starts pulling it and he’s like, wait, what are you doing?

And he’s just like, it’s like, he’s not there and he’s not even drunk 

Craig: yet. Well, he’s just inept. And the only reason I guess he’s helping out is because they have no other crew. So it’s not like he knows what he’s doing or anything. Yeah. But that’s, that’s, you know, after the kids have been given assignments, the boys are like doing their work.

Like they’re doing dishes or something for kids five seconds and they’re, they’re complaining about it. So to make them feel better, their girls open their tops. The girls like start making out with them. It’s 

Todd: so hilarious. Well, I sure 

Craig: do feel sorry for you boys. Having to work so hard in this very hot kitchen.

I don’t know how you can stand it. It’s really hot.

It is so 

Todd: hot in here. Hey, land’s getting a little warm in here. 

Craig: Yeah.

You see what getting mixed up with us? Wasn’t such a bad idea. After all, all your hard work will have its rewards and promise. 

Todd: Well, the camera slowly pans down their shirts as they’re unbuttoning their shirt button by button. And the surprising thing is they do a pretty amazing job of covering up boobs in this movie.

Um, it was very clear that girls were not, did not wanna show anything. Uh, and this is the kind of movie where you totally expect to see at least one pair. 

Craig: And, and, and on the Blueray, I guess there’s an alternate cut. That’s only a couple of minutes longer, but there is, uh, Suzanne fully exposes her breast.

Oh, really? Alternate cut. Oh, but you don’t, you don’t see, I like they open their shirts, but they leave them just open enough so that you can see their breasts, but not their nipples. Yeah. Well, 

Todd: if you don’t see the nipple, you don’t see the breast, you know, that’s, that’s the rule. , 

Craig: that’s the rule, but these, these women are not.

You know, this was clearly written by a man. You know, these, these women are not portrayed in a realistic or no, frankly, flattering way at all. No, like they they’re, they’re just not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with this, but they’re, they’re just using their sexuality. Like that’s the only tool at their design.

Oh yeah. 

Todd: cause, cause the next thing after this, because earlier they, they overcame some of, um, Graham’s objections. He was like, you guys need to get to work. You guys aren’t working. They said, oh, don’t worry. We’re gonna throw a party. And you’re honor later tonight, you know, just go easy on us now we’ll make it up to you with our party later.

Which if you think that turning on the stereo and dancing around in front of it, uh, isn’t a wild enough party. You should try playing back. Gamon yeah. Or, um, sitting on a sofa, eating a banana

I just love the way this was posed. Mr. Graham is sitting. Eating a banana and telling stories and getting more and more drunk and they’re all just kind of posed around him. And then they kind of start dancing too. They dance more. 

Craig: It’s just so fun. I, oh, it’s so hilarious. And then Rachel, who’s kind of flirting with, um, Martin, the nerdy one, they’re kind of flirting, but, um, she eventually leaves to go to relieve Albert who is now drunk and Albert stumbles away looking for more of his wine and he finds it.

But like the cat is sitting on it innocently inside a box inside a box again, once again. Yeah. And so Albert gets his wine, opens it up, takes a drink of it and spits it on the cat, like for like why, what is wrong with you? Mm-hmm . And so, so then the evil cat comes out and kills him and there’s like a weird bladder effect under his neck.

And like blood is. You know, spraying out and then he falls overboard screaming. The henchman guy, Mike, the next day realizes that Albert went over, but they don’t wanna tell anybody because they don’t wanna turn around, um, to go back and get him. Rachel and Martin eventually realize that Albert fell overboard to the boat by the way, is having problems now.

So this, this is to justify that scene that we saw before, where the evil cat got scared and cut some wires down below. Mm. The boat is overheating. Rachel wants to turn around to go back to look for Albert, but the two bad guys convince her that he can’t swim anyway. So he’s definitely dead. And Walter also bribes her and says, if you keep going, when we get where we’re going, I’m gonna come into all this money.

I’ll sign the boat over to you. So she reluctantly decides to keep going. Yeah. And then Martin comes into like the captain’s quarters where Rachel is and uses a sext as a microscope. what, oh, to examine a piece of Albert’s clothes. And I had, I did not understand what was going on here. Like they find there’s a piece, apparently a piece of Albert’s clothes got torn and left behind and he looks, and he shows her and she’s like, what is that?

And he’s like, it’s blood cells. And I was like, so what you saw blood all over the 

Todd: deck? Like he says, It’s more than usual, right? Something like that. 

Craig: Like, like more than usual blood cells. Right. And they’re still active and alive even though they’re, I don’t 

Todd: know. It’s like, it’s so weird. I, again, it’s supposed to be kind of this clever scene because he’s such a, Martin’s such a smart guy.

Right? So he comes in, do you have a Sexton? Yeah. Uh, do you have this? Yeah. And she happens to hand it to him. She’s like, do you have some water? Yeah. She happens to have a glass of water there to D it on there, puts all this together, says all this about it. And all I was thinking was why in the first place did he think there was anything suspicious about the blood on the shirt?

Right. This blood is there’s so many cells in here it’s more active. Like how did you know that before? Yeah. You confirmed it with the Sexton, whatever. 

Craig: No, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s stupid. Just for background purposes. You know, the cat is present in this scene because it’s screaming

but, but Walter gets rapy with 

Todd: Bobby who’s in skimpy exercise clothes, just sort. Exercising to nothing. He 

Craig: kind of right. I don’t know what she’s doing. Like a Jane Fonda style, small 

Todd: Jane. I love that he references Jane Fonda, cuz this is totally from this era. I think you’re better than Jane Fonda. Right?

The, the cat ominously watches, Walter hitting on Bobby. And then he basically pulls her down into the sofa and she’s first of all, she’s kind of taking it because she has been more or less, I would say leading him on right. She’s been intentionally. Yeah. Intentionally leading him on to get what she wants.

But now of course it’s too much. And so, you know, he he’s got her down on the sofa and then suddenly Lance jumps in he’s like, what are you doing? And he runs over and uh, they have a little bit of a fight and then Mike shows up with a gun and he shoots 

Craig: him, shoots 

Todd: him. Yeah. For come on. Right. Anyway, it escalate quickly.

He shoots him in the arm and then Corey jumps it’s like a dog pile of people slowly coming into the room, 

Craig: Uhhuh and then Mike fights Corey off. But then the evil cat shoots out from under the couch and bites out Mike’s Achilles heel. Yeah. And then Mike just starts randomly shooting all around with the cat 

Todd: puppet, popping out, taunting him.

yeah. . 

Craig: And then Rachel comes around the corner and sees what’s going on and. Oh, my God.

like she couldn’t possibly be more bored by 

Todd: what’s going on. And then, then they just look at Mike’s wound. Mr. Graham. And, uh, was it Albert at this point? No, Albert’s dead. Mr. Graham. And one of the guys, I think it might be Corey. They’re just sitting there. Mike’s wound is not just like bloody. It is bleeding profusely and they’re just standing there holding it, talking about it.

Craig: Yeah. And he’s also like riving in pain. Yes. And then like his veins start like pulsating and throbbing. Like they were really proud of these bladder effects that they were doing. I don’t know why, because they really don’t look very good, but they’re, it’s like, okay, we know how to do one effect. So , we’re really gonna lean into it.

And his heart is racing. And like at some point it looks like his heart is literally about to beat out of his 

Todd: chest. Oh my God. They all lean over. It’s one of those classic, almost hilarious things where it’s one head on top of another, all peering down towards the camera, looking at his, his heart. I guess I thought something was gonna burst.

It looked like alien. 

Craig: I did too. I thought it was gonna explode. 

Todd: I thought blood was gonna explode five, five inches above his chest. It blows up like a balloon two or three times goes down. They’re all like inches away from it, looking at it in anticip. And then the next scene is them UN, unceremoniously dropping his body over the back of the ship.

I’m like what? Yeah. 

Craig: and okay. Oh, well, and then, and that was interesting, Rachel, who is still oddly calm, tries to call for help, but Walter shoots the radio because he just wants to get where he wants to go. He doesn’t want any delay. He threatens to shoot Rachel and she’s like, well, you wouldn’t shoot me.

I’m the only one who knows how to drive the boat. And so he is like, well, then I. Suzanne and I’ll keep shooting other people until you do what I say. And so she grabs a fire extinguisher and shoots him and Suzanne gets the gun and immediately just points it at Walter’s Dick. And then somehow I don’t even, this just comes out of nowhere.

Like there just, I guess, All of them conferring and, and you this whole scene. Oh, oh. As near as I can tell the cat that bit. Mr. Harvey is highly poisonous. how poisonous came 

Todd: now. How is that 

Craig: possible? I found a piece of blood stain shirt this morning. Oh, Rachel. And I took a pretty good look on the blood.

Oh. And it was mutating, like nothing I’ve ever seen or heard about. Oh, and the cat’s got rabies. 

Todd: Oh 

Craig: God. Oh, I’ve seen rabies. I know what it does with the blood. This was a mutation. It’s definitely not look, Bob Bobby says she saw the cat while I was running from her. Tell Martin what you told me. Well, it all happened really fast.

I don’t know. It didn’t look like the cat, but it had to be, I don’t know. His face was distorted or something. I don’t know. I mean, it sounds crazy. I don’t know. Did it look like a normal cat to you before Suzanne? Of course. It’s just a cat. Oh, God, help me, Martin, could this have anything to do with that laboratory tag that cat was wearing?

What are you talking about? Shut up, Graham. You know, you have been a major disappointment to me. Suzanne may be on something. There’s a great deal of experimentation on lab animals. Maybe somehow this cat system has got some type of, uh, experimental chemical in it. You’ve really just gotta put in some of this dialogue.

Oh yeah, it’s just too good. But Martin says the cat that bit Harvey is highly poisonous once. And then Suzanne and then Suzanne says, Martin, could this have anything to do with that laboratory tag? The cat was wearing no, probably not.

just two totally random coincidence. And the dialogue is so 

Todd: funny and she reconfirms it. You mean they actually poisoned that poor cat and now it’s dangerous to all of. And Martin’s like, yeah, Martin, deduces an awful lot about what’s going on. I mean, he’s pretty much spot on the nose remarkably. So after his little sextant experiment and 

Craig: somehow he also knows that the not all the, not only is the cat poisonous, but if it comes into contact with any food, then that food is also poisonous.

Yeah. So now they’re in trouble because the boat is not running. They, they have limited food and water. Rachel, at some point tells Martin her whole life story, which I remember nothing about. So it must not have been very important. 

Todd: They lock Graham up in his room. 

Craig: Yeah, they, they lock him up and he’s trying to schmooze Corey for reasons.

I don’t know, like maybe he thinks Corey will help him or something. Oh, 

Todd: he shows Corey Rolex and Corey’s impressed by the Rolex. And he is like, ah, that’s all right, I’ll give it to you. I’ve got plenty. Then he walks over to a pair of double doors that looks like a closet door and opens it up. And there is a wall safe, a giant wall safe behind those two double doors.

Uh, he opens it up and pulls out money, opens up one of the things and like hands it to Corey and says, oh yeah, this is nothing. There’s plenty more of where that came from. If you help me get back. And the way I say it, it sounds like, okay, this makes sense. You know, it’s a typical movie villain type thing he’s trying to en entice the kid who is the most enticing by money with money.

Yeah. Yeah. But the way this plays out, it’s so cartoonish, like if you’re gonna have a wall safe, you would not put it in the most obvious. Like you, it looks like a closet. You would open this up and be shocked to find a wall safe behind there. And it’s huge. It, everything about this scene is so cartoony and silly.

It’s like a 12 year old wrote 

Craig: this. Oh, oh yeah. Everything is, and, and at this point they’ve got the food all locked up because they’re rationing it. But also because they don’t want the cats to get it. Cause it’ll contaminate it. And somebody says that cat’s gonna get awful hungry. Corey scares the topless, Suzanne she’s topless for no reason.

And then they make out for 10 seconds and then that’s. It. And then Bobby is making out with Lance who says two or three times, just so we’re clear that he can’t feel his arm. He, when he, when he was shot, he got shot in the shoulder. He, but he says two or three times that he, he, it doesn’t hurt anymore. He can’t feel it at all.

And they make out for a little bit. And anytime anybody makes out in this movie, it’s like, they intentionally put microphones right up to their mouths. So that it sounds like so gross. It’s disgusting. Um, but then he, like, she pulls away from him a little bit and he says, even though I lost feeling in my arm, it doesn’t seem to have affected other parts of my body but she like, so I guess that entices her to like pull the blanket back to so that they both see that the evil cat is eating his hand.

Right. And you had briefly mentioned it before, but it’s so funny. Like when the evil cat. when you see it coming out of the real cat puppet, it’s tiny. Like it’s just a little tiny thing, but then sometimes when it’s fully. It’s like a full size cat. Yeah. It’s as big as 

Todd: a cat. It’s huge. It changes size all the time.

Craig: and it’s, it’s eaten off like a couple of his fingers. Uh, it, but he didn’t know cuz his arm was numb apparently. Right. He immediately jumps up, runs to the boat, deck screaming. I’m poisoned. I’m already dead. I’ve got the poison in my blood and he’s trying to jump overboard and she is trying to stop him, but he goes overboard and she falls with him and then Corey and Martin dive in after them.

But you but Bobby and uh, Lance are gone. Yeah, like the fall, I guess, from the deck killed them. they’re gone. Uh, now they’re in trouble. They’re out of. Water. They’re out of fresh water. They’re almost out of food. Suzanne is losing it, which is 

Todd: hilarious. You suddenly losing it. And it’s so funny Uhhuh, and she’s not bad at losing it except it’s switched off and on like a switch.

Yeah. So it just doesn’t come across as real at 

Craig: all. Oh, it’s so funny. And she just 

Todd: be like, we’re gonna die. We’re all gonna die. We’re all at the die. And then the response is we’re not gonna die, Suzanne. We’re going to survive. 

Craig: I know Corey and Walter, go on a cat hunt. Corey, 

Todd: Corey, don’t worry. I’ve got a plan.

Mr. Graham, as Corey is walking around like a waiter with a plate of tuna and a fork. Yes. Carefully with his, for carefully laying pieces of tuna randomly around the, uh, engine room or whatever. And it’s been two. By the 

Craig: way. Yeah. It’s been two days. Yeah. They they’ve been stranded for two days, 

Todd: two days. And they’re already out of food.

When I remember their party scene, seeing so much ridiculous food out, I guess the, is the notion that the cat just ran around and poisoned all the food or they, they just can’t trust any of it. Yeah. 

Craig: Like it’s explained very briefly, like somehow the cat got into the food or something and so they can’t eat any of the food, but Corey’s traps don’t work.

The cat is not taking the bait. Like it knows that the food is poisoned or something. So he’s going around looking at all of these bait traps and the evil cat attacks him and he starts shooting at it. But he shoots something that causes an explosion, like a steam explosion. Yeah. That I, I couldn’t tell if the steam killed him or if the cat killed him.

I wasn’t. While he was engulfed in the steam. I don’t know, but he’s dead. I wasn’t 

Todd: sure either, but he shot a lot of. Stuff up in that engine room. And every one of it did something like, you know, it spray something in his face, it would start something sparking. And one of them was a hole in the hall, 

Craig: right.

Todd: Which starts to get water in. And then immediately following this scene was my, maybe one of my favorite shots of the whole movie, which is for no good reason at all. They decided they needed a close up of the cat puppet crawling back into the cat’s mouth Uhhuh and you just see the fake cat kind of just a close up of his mouth on it side.

It already looks like a stuffed animal and then this little cat going in there, opening up his mouth and starting to crawl back in, it looks hilarious. And then the cat’s eye lights. Oh, I didn’t even notice that. Yeah. I just couldn’t make any of that out. One 

Craig: of my favorite scenes is Suzanne at this point is completely loony tunes.

And Rachel, like in a scuffle or something drops the keys and Suzanne gets ’em and goes and gets into the locked food pantry. And she’s talking to herself and the cats in there and she’s like scared for a second. And then she’s like, you won’t hurt me. You’re just a nice kitty. And she’s eating the food.

And she’s like, I knew it. I knew they were, it wasn’t really poison. They were just hoarding it for herself, but it is really poison and hurt. Throat starts throbbing and blood starts shooting out right. And then she dies and then there’s a storm and it is very clearly a toy boat and they literally filmed this in the director’s swimming pool and it looks like it , it looks like a toy boat in a swimming pool and the boat is sinking and they’re trying to get on the lifeboat.

Walter goes back for his money. For some reason, there are only three suitcases, but he can only carry two at a time apparently. So he brings the two out, throws him in the boat and then he goes back for the other one, but the evil cat is there. And it’s, this is just an excellent example of like, it’s just a cat mm-hmm and it.

Sitting behind the suitcase. It’s not menacing nothing, but like he has to pretend like he’s scared of it. And when he goes for the money, the evil cat comes out and drowns him, leaks on him, like scratches his yeah. And drowns him cuz the boat is sinking. Uh, Martin finds him, Rachel and Martin get into the, the lifeboat and launch it.

And oh, this just looks so funny. Like when you see, like when you see in a movie they’re filming a bad movie in the movie, this is what it looks like. Ah, yes. You can just imagine in your head. The two guys on either side of the boat, like rocking two by fours to make, and then somebody else like standing out, you know, just off camera, like splashing water.

Yeah. And these, these two people just kind of sitting in the boat, pretending that they’re scared and it’s hilarious. Oh, this sea soy yacht is bonkers. It is so funny. It’s so funny. 

Todd: They have this moment. It also, it changes tone quite quickly. Right. They’ve just escaped. They’re freaking out. And then suddenly he’s like, but look, I’ve got the money.

And suddenly the music changes to this happy music. And now they’re rejoicing and hugging each other that they have like a million bucks. Right? what everybody died. You might die too. You’re out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of a storm in this boat. And now it’s like everything. The tone is like, everything’s gonna be fine.

I, I really expected it to fade to black at that point. And then, yeah. Oh no, look, the cat puppet. And there are just no words to describe it. There are no words to describe. Sure. The seed looks, they look and you see the cat puppet crawl over the side of the boat and then it’s like, somebody throws it from off here.

onto him. No. And so he’s battling this puppet and he tosses it back over the boat. And they’re like, oh, woo. We saved the music turns good. And then he looks to the left. He goes, Nope, it’s not over yet. the cat. The,

Craig: you just, and they’re like, they’re like, we’re the only thing floating. It’s just gonna keep coming back. So they, one of them thinks to throw one of the suitcases in, but she she’s like, wait, dump all the money in here. And she like has a duffle bag. And so they dump all the money in the duffle bag and throw the suitcase over and they’re like, look, it’s climbing on.

And you see this ratty looking puppet. sitting on this 

Todd: suitcase bobbing on this thing in a swimming pool. It is, oh God. So 

Craig: hilarious. Oh, it is really hilarious. Like you can’t, I just , I can’t imagine that they didn’t know how silly and stupid, but they had to know, but they, but they play it a hundred percent straight, so straight.

Oh. And then they’re back on land. The authorities don’t believe them, but they don’t care because they have the money and it looks like they’re just gonna live happily ever after. Um, and then it cuts to an end where we see a beach and we see the, uh, suitcase has clearly landed on the beach and a little kid on the beach finds an entirely.

Different cat, a black 

Todd: cat it could not look more different. It’s bigger. It has short hair and 

Craig: it is black. it’s an entirely different cat. Does it look anything like the real cat? And he picks up the cat and he is like, look daddy or something. And it, the camera freezes on him then does a quick close up and then that’s the end.

Oh, this was, there’s an alternate ending. That’s even worse. And you can watch it on YouTube. It’s very similar. It’s very similar. Except instead of it ending on the beach, you see a dock and this little kid is carrying a suitcase and he runs up to his dad and says, daddy, daddy, look what I found. And it’s, it sounds like an adult doing a kid’s voice.

And then the dad is like, well, let’s see what’s in this suitcase. And he opens it up. And the evil cat like pops out oh, it’s hilarious. Wow. This movie I ended up, I didn’t know, like I knew nothing about it. I read the synopsis. I, I read that it was like wonderfully bad, but you know, I went in very skeptical thinking, you know, this is gonna be hit or miss.

Like it, it could either be really fun or it could be. You know, it could feel, it could be an annoying waste of time. It was not at all. It was no, so much fun. It was so much fun. Yeah. It’s so bad. It’s so ridiculously bad. That it’s absolutely hilarious. Like I was, I watching it by myself as I usually do, and I was just laughing out loud throughout.

Oh yeah. It’s so funny. The, the effects are terrible. The acting is bad and just the, the best kind of way it, it was, it was exactly what I was hoping it would be. And I’m so glad that I found it. I didn’t know. Apparently the RIF tracks guys have done 

Todd: this. Oh, I’d love to see that. I’d 

Craig: or hear that. Yeah.

Yeah. To hear it. That that’d be great. Um, another podcast that you and I are both fans of, how did this get made has, has done this? I, I didn’t know any of that. This is the first time that I’d ever even. Heard of this movie and it was just such a fun surprise. It was exactly what I was hoping it would be and it was so much fun to watch and fun to talk about.

Cause it’s so silly and to, it would be so fun to sit and watch and goof on with friends. It would just be, Ugh, it would be amazing. 

Todd: Uh, you know what I, yes, I, like I said before, this has just topped my list. I think of so bad. It’s good movies. I, I have not laughed out loud at a movie in a while. And this I did multiple times through this.

It was so much fun and it made me want to go back and find all the other direct, the directors, other movies. great. And Clark directed this and he’s done about, mm, 21 looks like 21 movies. And before this, in the seventies, he did a movie called Satan’s cheerleaders. And listen to this. The janitor at a local high school is actually the scout for a Cove of Satanists on the lookout for a Virgin to sacrifice one day he kidnapped the cheerleading squad to use for their rituals.

However, unbeknownst to the devil worshipers, one of the cheerleaders is actually a witch and has plans for own for the Satanists. Doesn’t that sound great? 

Craig: Yeah, it really does. 

Todd: he, he did want this other one is just a comedy that I from 1983 called joysticks when a top local businessman and his two bumbling nephews, try to shut down the town’s only video arcade, arcade employees, and patrons fight back 1983.

That sounds awesome. and do you remember Lomba the forbidden dance? Yes. Dirty dancing, knock off. Guess who directed that 

Craig: one? that’s funny. Yeah. I mean, obviously, obviously this movie got terrible reviews as it should, but you know, when it came out, the, the reviews were terrible as they should have been.

It’s a terrible movie, but I think that today, people look back, some people look back at it as, as what it is and how you should look at it. You know, it’s fun. It’s stupid. It’s it’s bad, but it’s funny. And if you go into it, With that in mind. It’s just, it’s just great fun loyal listeners. I cannot recommend this movie enough.

Mm-hmm like, you need to 

Todd: watch this movie it’s playing on tuby 

Craig: right now. Right? As of the time of this recording, it is free on tuby. Yes. Yes. 

Todd: Oh, unin not the uninvited it’s called uninvited 1987 or 1988, depending on where you see it listed straight to video deserved to run in the theaters. My.

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Craig: Absolutely. Until 

Todd: next time. I’m Todd and I’m Craig with Two Guys and a Chainsaw.

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