Blood Red Sky

Blood Red Sky

blood red sky

This German production that premiered recently on Netflix has a lot going for it. It’s a new take on the “terrorists on an airplane” genre brings in a horror twist that adds a lot of depth, intrigue, and loads of action to this excellent movie. We both loved it!

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Blood Red Sky (2022)

Ep 294, 2 Guys and a Chainsaw

Todd: Hello and welcome to another episode of Two Guys and a Chainsaw. I’m Todd.

Craig: and I’m Craig.

Todd: Well, here we are recording this next episode. Insider information for you guys: You might’ve noticed that we didn’t have too much up in March. And so we are recording this episode about a month after we actually watched the movie.

So we might be, we might be plowing through this to the best of our abilities, but Craig. And we have notes and we’re going to do the best we can, but what way to 

Craig: set up expectations? It’s going to be great out. 

Todd: Well, we got to be honest, right? Well, before we go forward into the movie, I do want to take a moment to just mention the fact that probably many of you know, by now that we’ve launched a Patrion campaign, we’ve received a better response than I ever imagined we would get.

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I’ll be waiting for that. Thank you guys so much. Yeah. 

Craig: Thank you. That’s that’s the first time I’ve heard that list of names and some of them are familiar. I w I’ve chatted with a few of you, but some of you I’ve not chatted with and look forward to. Going forward. Thank you for your support. Oh, 

Todd: and we’re looking forward to getting our first recommendation for movies from this group to, since since they’ll get to vote on which request we do next, which is gonna take a huge weight off of, off of our shoulders because we lazy.

That’s true.

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We love you all. 

Craig: All right, enough shelling. Let’s talk about the movie, 

Todd: The movie that we’re doing this week, I’m introducing it, even though it was Craig’s pick. And this is a very, very modern film from 2021. It premiered on Netflix and it’s called Blood Red Sky. I wonder how many people out there have already seen it because apparently it got quite a bit of downloads.

I think, 50 million streams or something. Yeah, which made it the most watched German release, I believe at least, which is pretty exciting. It is a German British coproduction, but mostly German film. It is subtitled, but there’s some English in there as well. And it is about. I would say vampires on a plane.

it’s all you need to know. You’ve seen snakes on a plane. These are just bigger and their fangs are scary. 

Craig: Yeah. And, and on Netflix, you also have the option of watching it dubbed, and I’ll be honest. The first time I watched it, this is one of those movies that I had never heard of. I knew nothing about, I was just looking around on all of the.

Platforms that I subscribed to, to try to put something on in the background while I was grading papers, because I was doing that, obviously I couldn’t focus on subtitles, so I watched it dubbed. And, and the dubbing is, is perfectly adequate. The second time I watched it, I was like, you know what, I’m going to be, you know, Good about this and I’m going to, I’m going to watch the original language and I’m going to read the subtitles.

And I got about five minutes into it. I was like, nah.

And I turned the dub back on just because I, I, I didn’t want to be spending all my time reading. I wanted to watch, I wanted to see what was going on. Cause there’s a lot to see there is this rarely happens because I, I intentionally try to pick things that I think are. Going to be so compelling that I’m going to get sucked in because I’m working.

But I, I failed miserably on that account on this one because I got immediately sucked in and just, just stopped grading and watched it. And I ended up, I ended up thinking it was. Really quite good. I mean, for such a simple premise, it really, I mean, no joke, Todd, you’re absolutely right. It’s vampires on a plane, but there’s more to it than that.

And there’s some really compelling stuff going on in this movie. That I found to be genuinely captivating. And I found myself really caring about some of these characters and really invested in what was going to happen. And so it, it, it got me. I like this movie I did 

Todd: too. I’m really glad that you introduced it.

You know, I think that I will pretty much. Anything on a plane. I mean, I don’t know. D R R just benign normal dramas ever produced that all take place on a plane. It’s usually action thrillers, right? A plane is this conf, is this just this natural confined space full of people who would rather not be there?

No bear, no relation to each other. Usually, you know, they, they’re all strangers and it’s cramped environment and it’s a long time. And I don’t know. I know there I’ve heard. I’ve heard tell that there are people actually enjoy the process of flying on a plane. I enjoy the process of traveling, but the, the bit of time that it takes for me to be on a plane is probably my least favorite part of that process.

Especially as a guy who put, who puts on a lot of miles and international flights. So I just feel like it’s naturally a. Compelling and interesting setting for any story, even with this, it actually, it’s very similar to a lot of movies that have nothing to do with vampires. People are hijacking a plane and people have to solve it.

And in this case, there’s a little bit of a twist in there and that somebody else on the plane is a vampire and that that’s novel, like, I guess have, is there anything like this? 

Craig: You know, the only thing that it kind of reminds me of is trained. Just because it’s a similar kind of environment, obviously that train was long.

And so they had to. Maneuver through it and get around zombies and those types of things. Plus in that movie, the train would periodically stop and they could get out. Now, obviously you can’t do that on a plane. And this is, I mean, it’s a huge commercial jet liner on an international flight. So there is room for them to move around.

And I also appreciate, you know, they, they take. I think full advantage of. Not just the passenger compartments, but the other spaces in a plane that, yeah. Right. That we, as normal passengers don’t typically have access to. But it does spread out the geography a little bit. So there are places for people to hide and, and congregate, and I just thought it worked really well.

It is a major act. Especially when you get into the vampire stuff and the vampire stuff is really good. And I’m excited to talk about that and the design and the violence and the gore of which there is an insane amount. But for me, that was secondary. What this story is really about is a mother and son.

Okay, let’s start at the beginning. It’s it starts out at an airbase in Scotland where a plane is being directed for an emergency landing there being a scored into an emergency landing. And we hear through dialogue with the. In the tower and other people that supposedly there are explosives on board, they get the plane landed and the emergency hatch, or a hatch opens up and a young boy, a very young boy.

Climbs down some cargo netting to get out. And it’s just this little boy with a Teddy bear and we see that there’s a man in the cockpit and all of these military guys all around, have their guns trained on this guy in the cockpit. And they get the boy inside, like the tower building or control area or whatever.

And this lady starts questioning him and it flashes back to. Bald woman who ends up being our main character, Nadia I’m in a bathroom and we see her putting on a wig and, and seemingly preparing to go out. Then we see this young boy at the baggage check, checking himself in, and the lady’s like, well, where’s your mom.

And, and he’s like, oh, she’s coming. She just told me to do this. And eventually she arrives at the airport. It’s nighttime. I think she’s wearing sunglasses. She’s she seems kind of meek, like she’s out going out of her way to not draw attention to herself and the set up. And I think it’s a very clever set up is that she has some sort of illness, which I immediately, because of her bald head assumed.

Was cancer and, and she’s going to. The United States to have this experimental procedure done, which basically I think comes down to a blood transfusions slash blood cleansing type of thing. So, and she’s in the bathroom taking pills and giving herself injections and I’m thinking, oh, okay, well, this here’s this drama of this apparently single mother.

Child and she’s ill. And, and she’s going for this special treatment, which ultimately. It’s true. They also meet a nice man far read, I think is his name Elias, the little boy kind of befriends this nice middle Eastern man who is going to be on the. Plain. And he tells him what’s going on, that his mom’s going for a bone marrow transplant and stuff, but then they board the plane and there are these, the movie makes a point of making it very clear that some of the men on this flight are shady and, and ultimately it pays off very quickly because really no sooner are they in the air, then one of the male flight attendants and several.

Male passengers on the plane reveal themselves to be. Terrorists or something. I mean, we don’t know immediately what their motives are, but they take control of the plane. And from that point for the next 10, 15 minutes or so, it is your very typical kind of thriller hijack movie. The guy who had been posing as a flight attendant, which by the way, that plan had to have been in motion for.


Todd: show up as a flight attendant. 

Craig: You don’t just show up a like, apply and they’re like, okay, well we’ll have you on the next international flight. But he, he is this he’s a bad guy. 

Todd: He’s insane. Yeah, just he’s just off his rocker kind of bad, the distinct, 

Craig: so Disney’s associate path and he’s very violent and he’s, he’s very menacing and threatening to the passengers and.

Elias, who I just want to say is a very cute kid and plays a significant role in this movie. And the young actor who played this kid does an excellent job. The relationship between this mother and son is so apparent and so believable. Yeah. Transfixed. I was rooting for them. I wanted them to be okay, but he’s also precocious smart, like a smart kid out of.

The seat pocket in front of him, he pulls up like one of the safety manuals or something, which shows a diagram of the plane and shows the cargo hold. And he says to his mom, look, we should sneak down here and hide down there. And she says, no, just stay where you are when she’s not looking. He kind of climbs over her back and starts running the terrorist guys start.

They notice that he’s moving in and she gets on her. To try to retrieve him. I don’t think that she’s trying to escape or anything, but she’s trying to retrieve him and sociopath eight ball shoots her multiple times in the chest and she falls down on her back as blood pools around her and seemingly dies 

Todd: right in front of him.


Craig: As he’s weeping. Over her. And one of the other terrorists, the other guys, I mean, they’re all bad guys, but they’re not just a sadistic, you know, they’re not pleased that this has happened. It was unnecessary. It was avoidable, but. It has happened. And so they returned the kid to his seat kind of gently and, and tell him to stay where he is at that point.

I didn’t know where it was going. I didn’t know. I didn’t know anything about this movie going in. I had no idea it was no nothing. And I had no idea it was a vampire movie. And so moving forward. Pleasantly 

Todd: surprised. Yeah. I didn’t know either. I, you know, you told me this movie blood red sky, and then I turned it on and it was clearly going to be about, you know up, up in the, in the sky, in an airplane, the hijacking started, but I knew something was up.

I knew a it’s a horror movie. I had the suspicion earlier on that there was going to be vampire ism involved because. It does flash back. It’s interesting how it cuts between the action and the plane and flashbacks into the more recent past of the mother in this kid. And. His father, the one thing that really struck me about the mother and the son, like you said, you’re right.

Their relationship. They seemed very close. They seemed believable, but also they, from the very beginning seem like people who have seen tough times there’s just a morose ness about it, just like a sadness. And at first I thought that that probably had to do with her sickness. You know, they’re both aware.

That she has this cancer and she’s going to get this blood treatment. But knowing that this was a horror movie. I was kind of, I did kind of have in the back of my mind, I’ll bet there’s more to it than that. And you know, the fact that they kept flashing back to this one night where she and her family her husband and him were driving through the darkness in the snow through the countryside and their car breaks down.

And we see that kind of, part of the story in the past play out that I thought. Okay. Yeah. She’s clearly got some background in. It’s probably going to end up being supernatural may be vampire. I was able to kind of put that together pretty quickly and then not because I’m super smart. I just think the movie does a pretty good job of dropping down some clues that you can definitely pick up on.

If, you know, you’re coming in 

Craig: on, if I remember correctly, that first flashback comes right when 

Todd: she’s shot this, the second one, but yeah. 

Craig: And you don’t know right away with what’s happening, you know, they, they seem like a happy family. The son is an infant in the flashbacks and they just seem very happy.

Very normal. Of course, you, obviously, the husband’s not around, so something must have happened. And these flashbacks are parceled out over the course of the movie, but you’re right. Like even in the first one, you know, some, you know, something’s going on. And then basically, like you said, their car breaks down in the middle of the road, like on a mountain, in the middle of a blizzard.

And he goes off looking for help. But I think. At some point, maybe the second flashback or something, he hasn’t returned. It’s been a long time and he hasn’t come back. So she with her baby goes out looking for him w which I remember thinking. And that’s really foolish, which is just stay in the car. But at the same time, I mean, eventually if nobody shows up, you’re going to have to do something.

So she goes looking 

Todd: for him. I have to say. Caught a cautionary tale as a person, you know, has been married for a while. And who has a kid don’t ever do that? If you could get breakdown or whatever, like that one person goes off into the blinding Snell leaving the other two behind, it’s just going to be a recipe for disaster.

Like just all three of you head out. And if it gets to be too much, just. Pace your way back to the car and figure something else out. You know what I mean? 

Craig: I mean, cause it looked like where they were was very remote. I don’t know what he was. It’s not like there’s a gas station down the road. Right. I, I don’t remember which comes first.

I kind of feel like the reveal happens before we see, because she eventually does. What has happened to her husband. But I think that that’s after the reveal, we, we, you know, as 

Todd: it just 

Craig: before. Gotcha. I don’t know exactly what’s going on. The passengers float around theories about what they think these guys are doing.

What I do know is that they for. All of the male passengers on the plane of middle Eastern descent. They forced them to record terrorist messages as though they. Are the ones who have hijacked the plane and our nice guy, far read tries to because I don’t think all of the terrorist guys are Caucasian.

And, and they force them to record these messages in English and in. I dunno, what did they speak Arabic? Yeah, I think so. Yeah. And so far read assumes that they don’t speak Arabic. And so when he’s asked to record the message, he tells the truth in Arabic, but apparently one of them knows enough Arabic to know what he’s doing and shoots one of the other guys as a warning.

So there, they’re setting these other guys up and they’re planning. The terrorists themselves are going to evacuate the plane. I still don’t know what their end game is. Some of the passengers it’s money, but like the passengers think that it has something to do with like the stock market. Like any time that there’s a major terrorist event, like the stock market crashes or something.

Yeah. I mean, it’s, it’s all, 

Todd: it’s all shorted stocks or something. I 

Craig: don’t know, it’s all, it’s all motivated by greed and money, but ultimately it doesn’t really matter while they’re doing their thing and making their plans and making these guys record these messages and stuff. We get a shot of Nadia. Dead on the ground, but she’s not dead.

She wakes up and it’s impossible. I mean, she was shot multiple times at close range in the torso, in the chest. It’s just absolutely impossible that she could be alive and she makes her way into the bathroom. She’s without her medicine. She can’t take her pills. She can’t give herself her injections and immediately she begins to change.

She, she looks at herself in the mirror. Her eyes have started to change. Her ears have started. I don’t remember if she was wearing prosthetics on our ears or she was just covering her ears with her hair. I think she was kind of keeping her ears covered with her hair, but when she takes her wig off, you see that she’s kinda got these pointy ears she takes off.

She’s got Teeth. And she, she takes them off to reveal that she’s got fangs that seem to be kind of growing and becoming more prominent. She’s a vampire. Somehow she makes her way down to the cargo bay where all of the animals, dogs that are traveling are down there in barking. And she ends up.

Eating this little dog

and you know how I feel about dogs. You know, how I feel about dog, 

Todd: which is why I’m so surprised. You’re laughing about her eating a little dog. 

Craig: It didn’t bother me cause it served the store. So, well, in fact, there’s just a brief moment of hesitation. Like she doesn’t really want to do it, but it appears that she needs blood to strengthen herself because she is, you know, injured, it appears to work.

And one of the terrorists guys ends up kind of finding her down there and she eats him too. Now at this point, I don’t know how specific you want to be about the. I because it’s exciting and it right. And it’s exciting and there’s constantly stuff going on. I don’t know that going through it beat by beat really makes a lot of sense.

Todd: I think I agree. It’s going through beat by beat would be like going through con air or, you know, air force one or something like that, beat by beat. It’s just, it’s a complicated mess of scenarios where the hijackers find her and then they, they, she eats them and then she kind of gets away. And then, you know, it’s just, it’s too much to describe, but what is also happening, like we had said earlier is we’re getting flashbacks to the past where we.

We get the fuller picture of what happened. And obviously what happened is we’re seeing the incident where she turned into the vampire and that is, she went up to a farmhouse that she just kind of assumed her husband went into. And as she gets there she gets attacked by a snarling creature.

That’s clearly, you know, a vampire or whatever, and and bitten by him and her husband’s dad and all that. So I just felt like the tragic. It’s sort of like tragedy upon tragedy, right? This woman bitten her husband’s dead. So now she’s a single mother. She’s had to raise this boy up to the age he is now in the meantime, it’s the tragedy of the vampire, you know, that we talked about with Dracula, right?

Nobody really wants to be this anymore. And so she’s looking for a cure. Maybe she’s found it in this treatment that she’s going to get in the USA. So all that kind of starts to fall into place in our understanding. And I do wonder, do you think her son is fully aware 

Craig: oh yes. A hundred percent. Yup. He knows exactly what’s going on because eventually.

She comes back up. I mean, like you said, she kills, she kills a couple of the terrorists, I think. And she comes back up to get her son. I think that her coming back up to get her son coincides with the. Terrorists. They, they leave the passengers. They tell them to stay seated, to keep their hands on the front of the seat in front of them.

And they say like, we’re going to be leaving you for awhile. But if you try to get up there’s, I don’t know what they say. Like there’s motion sensors or something that are going to trigger, trigger this deadly. Which is fake, which is a lie, right? I mean, they acknowledge to the, to us, the audience that it’s fake, but the passengers don’t know that they descend down into the cargo hold and are planning to jump.

One of the pilots is in on it. They’ve had him to send to a level where they can safely jump using parachutes, I guess. And this is just unfortunate timing because Nadia comes up and, and. At this point, her track, her transformation is progressive. But at this point she has progressed pretty far.

And I really like the, the vampire look in this movie. I mean, it’s clearly inspired by Nosferatu. She looks. Count or lock is that as, I don’t know, the, the main, the main vampire in Nosferatu, the bald head, the pointy ears, the luminescent eyes, the, the sh the sharp. It’s not, it’s not just her incisors that are it’s.

All of her teeth are sharp and it looks really good. She, she’s frightening to look at, and of course, The passengers are terrified of her, but Elian isn’t he knows that it’s his mother and he, he seems to know what her affliction is and he’s trying to keep her calm. She gets him and they get into the cockpit with the help of Fareed and some other guy on board who had some flight experience.

They turn the plane, they turn it around. She’s desperate to. To New York, the terrorists had had, I think, diverted the plane in some way, and she gets them to divert it back. Unfortunately, the terrorists have not yet jumped and they realize that the plane is changing course. And so they don’t jump. And then.

It’s a battle between the two forces? Well, 

Todd: there are two interesting dynamics here. I think, I think the first interesting dynamic is she also seems to be struggling with keeping it together. Right. Because I guess the notion is that like when she feeds, then she becomes more monstrous and maybe less in control of her emotions.

And she, you know unable to control the beast and therefore would lash out and perhaps become more dangerous. Or at the very least just not have the mental capacity to be able to reason through. Well, 

Craig: and that’s the thing too. Like I, you know, we find out that she’s been treating herself with these drugs that she actually got from the site where she was bitten.

She was, she was bitten on the hands by the vampire that killed her husband. And then by keeping him outside, she was able to kill him because the sun came up and he died. She returns later to, I don’t even remember why she goes back. Maybe just hope. Find some answers I don’t even know, but when she goes back, she, the vampire that bitter, his dad is there and he’s angry that she killed his son and he explained.

You know, we’re vampires and we’re beasts and we’re monsters. And, you know, we have to be eradicated to keep this from spreading world. Yeah. And, and he tried, and he’s a vampire too, but she somehow is able to best him. And then she finds in his refrigerator, these drugs, and these are the drugs that she’s been injecting herself with.

Now I’m fascinated with this part of the story. I don’t understand it. I guess that these drugs somehow suppress the vampirism and she needs it to, to suppress it. Like you said, when she feeds, it seems to increase her Bloodlust and like you said, make her less in control of herself. The question that kept, that I kept asking myself is do her doctors in New York?

No, she’s a vampire. Like, are these, are there doctors in the world who are giving vampires bone marrow transfusions to cure them of their vampirism? 

Todd: That’s a good question.

Well, I mean, that’s, what’s novel about this movie too, is it’s vampires on a plane, but the vampire is actually the good guy, right? He she’s like, thank God she’s there. Right. Cause she’s sort of like the secret weapon for the passengers, except they don’t really know that for sure. In the chaos of everything, she might even see more monstrous than the terrorist.

And so like she, she’s also kind of in danger anyway, not that the passengers are really mobilizing and doing much. They are almost, you know, 

Craig: well, they do well, they are, but they do. They, I mean, they, they try to attack her at at least one point until she kind of proves herself. I think that she kills one of the main terrorists in front of the passengers and Fareed and Elias are shouting at the passengers.

Like she’s on our side, she’s on our side. And so eventual. They’re skeptical as I certainly would be, but they kind of just, they kind of just stepped back and let her do her thing. But because it’s, you know, on a plane, Nadia and for Reed and alias are able to lock themselves in the cockpit and the terrorists are on the other side of the door, but the terrorists keep bringing passengers to the front and saying, if you.

Open the door. We’re just going to keep executing people until you open it. And they do, they, they execute a couple of people right there where, you know, through the people and eventually they bring up a little girl or a ball 

Todd: does. Right. 

Craig: And she eventually. She has to come out and she does, and she kills one of the big, main terrorists and there’s fighting and, and, and eight ball is not only sadistic, but capable.

He figures out that she’s a vampire and starts proceeding with that in mind. So he has like a black light flash. Which I don’t know if that makes sense. They would probably have those on planes. And, and he uses it to immobilize her. He has her down on the ground immobile. And you think that he’s going to kill her immediately, but instead he pulls out a syringe.

And draws blood from her neck and, and like puts the syringe in his pocket. And then he’s got like a, I don’t know, some big stick, like a pool stick or something. I don’t know that he’s fashioned into a steak and he’s getting ready to stay curb, but ileus appears having fun. A gun from one of the air marshals or something.

And alias, I think fires the gun. It doesn’t hit a eight ball, but I think it breaks a window and, and depressurizes the cabin, which is more chaos. But, but she, nausea is able to get away for a little while. The thing that I thought, and again, I’m sure there’s more business than I’m leaving out, but the next really exciting.

Part is there’s kind of a cat and mouse with eight ball and Nadia and she ends up chasing him down to the cargo area where there’s a car. And it must be a very expensive fancy car because it seems like it’s Bulletproof. Like she, she, he locks himself in there and she’s beating on the windshield trying to get in and it just, it won’t break.

And so eventually she has a gun and I think she, or no, she gets, she gets some kind of big like metal, metal rod and, and, and try stabbing him through. And, and she does get it through the windshield, but it doesn’t. Reach him. And he just grabs it and pulls it through when it appears that she may eventually be able to get in.

He pulls that syringe out of his pocket and injects himself with it. And she’s mortified. You know, she is, she is mortified that this is happening me. Keep in mind that she’s full on vampire. So she like she’s monstrous and her makeup is fantastic. Prosthetics are great. She looks amazing. She looks, oh my God, it’s so good.

This actress is really good. Well acted throughout. Yes. The guy, the guy who plays eight ball is, is just a nightmare. Like, like he’s so crazy. And you know, she’s thinking the same thing that we’re thinking this crazy guy has a vampire. Nope and wave 

Todd: exactly. It’s it’s also exactly what he wants to do. I mean, this is perfectly within his character, right?

Like this guy’s insane. He’s just, he’s just this insane sociopathic guy. And he sees the opportunity here, you know, to become the one thing that nobody could beat. And so then he becomes the perfect foil to her. I just, I feel like the movie in this way is really well plotted because. There’s always this danger.

That is a very real and very difficult, very believable. And it’s just one step ahead. You know, the, the stakes continually get elevated and having eight ball there is essential to that. You know, this is the sociopathic guy who will do anything. So the danger is. He will even turn on his own people if need be.

Now he wants to be a vampire and he injects himself with these, this blood to become a vampire. So now she’s going to be perfectly matched, you know, with this guy, maybe even outmatched, because this guy’s insanely crazy. But then the other thing, it was really important that they have a Leah’s in the picture.

I think, because that is also like our concern is that he, he’s not a vampire, you know, he’s not immortal. He’s, he’s very much in peril. And the movie did a very good job of, of you know, setting them up as sympathetic characters and, and the, the love between his mother and the son and them trying to kind of get through this stuff.

So she also has to protect him if he wasn’t in the picture, the stakes wouldn’t be as high. Film. So it’s just one thing after another, honestly, it’s like these action movies tend to go, but you know, they’re always find some excuse for some reason to continually elevate the stakes to the point where you don’t think that the hero can possibly escape, but here it was just so cool that there was a supernatural element where this has good guy vamp.

I really, really liked this aspect. And then the fact that the bad guy could also then turn himself into just as vicious, if not more of a monster and possibly just have the upper hand entirely. So I got really interested. I was always interested in the movie. I thought there was always something interesting to.

There was always a question was always, it’s just kind of action packed. And at this point you’re just like, holy shit, what is she going to do? We’re in for a major showdown, you know, she, 

Craig: she thinks that she’s taken care of it because she finds something. I don’t know, some sort of flammable liquid, I don’t know what it is.

But she pour, as, you know, as he’s injecting himself, she, her. Flammable liquid through the small hole in the windshield that she was able to make. And it splashes all over him and she lights a match and tosses it in and he goes up in flames screaming. And I think that she thinks that she has taken care of it.

That sh that she was able to stop it before it was too late. Of course he does survive, which I also think is another. Just really a cool idea because when he finally does emerge, not only is he a vampire, but he’s terribly burned. And so the, the makeup there is, is outstanding as well. But the other thing, you know, I like all of this.

I love all the vampire stuff. It’s very exciting. The movie’s two hours long, which frankly is a little long for me. It didn’t feel long at all. And I was engaged the whole. Same here, but there are secondary things going on. First of all, I’ve not given far read nearly enough credit. He’s a really good guy.

He’s a surrogate father. And in this movie she had, at one point, I don’t remember it. It’s pretty late in the movie. But at one point she kind of hands Aelius over to him and said, Promise me that you’ll make sure that he’s okay. And, and that’ll make 

Todd: it outta 

Craig: here. Yeah. Right, right. And, and, and he does, and he does, you know, take risks, you know, he goes out of his way to, to take care of this kid.

He, he’s a, he’s a good guy. He’s a hero in the movie. He deserves credit for that, but there’s, there’s also human drama. Like these, these passengers. You know, they’re all in the same boat, they’re all in danger. They’re all scared. And heroes emerge. There’s one guy who I think is ex-military, but he’s in like basketball shorts and a like a schleppy t-shirt and like flip flops.

And, and he’s a big guy. He runs around throwing his weight around fighting terrorists. Heroic as well, but there are also terrible selfish people. There’s one older gentlemen who, at some point all the passengers are running. I think they’re running from Nadia. And it’s, it’s basically a stampede and his wife.

Falls down and is trampled to death. Now, obviously anybody would be upset by that, but he is so stricken by his grief and anger that he lashes out at Nordea. He says, it’s her fault. He tries to kill her and he has to be subdued. There’s also just this asshole, like stock market guy who only cares about himself.

Eventually we, eight ball comes out of the car. He is a vampire. Now he killed. A couple of his friends, the terrorists to feed on them, to strengthen himself. And he turns at least one of them intentionally into a vampire as well, but they’ve got them trapped down in the cargo hold. And so they think that they’re going to be able to.

To get the plane somewhere and keep those couple of vampires trapped down there, and then they can deal with it when they land. But this asshole stock broker guy gets mortally wounded and the flight attendant who’s attending to him, trying to help him and make him comfortable. Basically says, look, I’ll do everything I can to make you comfortable.

But you know, this. This is a mortal wound. So when she has her back turned, he crawls to the entrance of the cargo hold and lets eight ball out. In the hopes that eight ball will turn him into a vampire. So he won’t die. Like he begs for that. But eight ball just kills him, but then they’re out, the vampires are out and it’s like, you know, the, the, the, the plane is like a buffet.

Todd: Exactly. 

Craig: And it just becomes. Slaughter they’re biting and killing a lot of the passengers, but a lot of the passengers are also being turned. And so then you’ve got Aelius Fareed, the copilot, and not yet in the cockpit and outside is just an entire plane full of these ravenous. Bloodthirsty vampires.

And what are they going to do? And at this point, Nadia is like, we can’t land this plane. I think initially her thought is they’ve got to crash it or, or blow it up or something. Because at this point there are dozens, if not a hundred or more. Active vampires. And if they land, I mean, it could just spread like wildfire, but they come up with a plan.

Do you remember what the plan is? It has something to do with explosives. 

Todd: No, I don’t remember. I don’t remember this last bit. 

Craig: I think that there’s some way that they can spark a debt, a detonator, and if they. And if they can do that near the fuel sources, they can blow up the plane. But the detonator, the detonator is remote.

So, so their, their thought is if we can get our hands on this remote detonator, then we can land the plane and get a far read and Aelius off. And then. Below the plaintiff. And this is the point where Nadia, it seems like she realizes that she’s not getting out of this. And, and she says as much, and she says as much to Aelius who, of course, you know, begs and says, no, we will figure it out.

We’ll get you to the doctors. But she knows she can’t. The problem that they have is to get to the, where the remote is. They would either have to go through the past. Cabin where all those vampires are, or they would have to crawl through some very small space. And the only person small enough to get through that space is ileus.

And Nadia doesn’t want to let them go, but she doesn’t give him permission, but he somehow manages. To get away and goes for it. And he has, he has the black light flashlight to kind of help him ward off any vampires. He might encounter along the way. And he does, and he gets down to the cargo hold and he gets a hold of the remote, but he also gets cornered underneath that car.

Somehow the flashlight gets knocked out of his hand and all of these vampires are surrounding the car reaching under it, trying to get him an eight ball, eventually shows up down. And is trying to get to them and it’s very close to getting to him. Nadia, I think she knows. I don’t remember if there’s cameras where they can see what’s happening, but she knows that he’s in danger.

So she goes down there and then it’s the, a showdown between her and eight ball. And it’s an intense. And I really didn’t know how it was going to turn out because they seem very evenly matched. He he’s, he’s strong. I mean, he’s been eating people left and right. And it seems like that’s how they gather their strength.

So he’s, he’s very strong at this point. I had no idea how it was going to turn out. 

Todd: Well, it turns out the Fareed kind of saves the day here. Doesn’t 

Craig: he? I don’t remember. Yeah. I remember that he gets at some point for re gets bitten the hand and they chop his hand off to keep it from spreading. 

Todd: Yes, it was crazy.

Another one of those classic vampire werewolf things. No. I think for Reed is, is in the plane, right? He’s in the cockpit, he’s steering the plane. And so during their battle because the sun is now coming up, he’s like a banking, the plane or whatever, so that the sun comes in through the window. And I believe that.

Causes eight ball. There’s like a big it’s. It’s just a big, last final battle. And th th th they’re, I think they’re in the cargo hold and the doors open. Right. And they’re trying not to get sucked out. And a eight ball is like hanging on outside the window by a. 

Craig: Nah, 

Todd: but because the sun’s coming up for Reed is able to like bank the plane to kind of in the direction of the sun so that he can’t climb back in because he kind of gets burned by the sun and he ends up I think that that causes him to burn up and he basically.


Craig: Yeah. This, this part was a little, gosh. I mean, it it’s a good movie when it’s like, you know, it’s an action movie, it’s a vampire movie, but it also tugged at my heart strings because at this point the cargo bay door is open and the light is coming in Aelius is standing in the light and Nadia is standing in shadow and he keeps trying to approach her and she keeps pushing him back into the.

Because she is so far gone. Now, she knows that she does. She knows she doesn’t trust herself to be near him. The vampire in her is, is too strong. She can’t control it. And so she, she keeps him away and I think of it like he’s crying and reaching out for her and calling her. And I think eventually she just turns and scampers away.

Yeah. And that’s where we come back to where we left off with the flashback, the plane lands, alias gets out with his Teddy bear. They think that a. Is one of the terrorists. And so they’re planning to kill him. And he just keeps saying, no, just let me out. Now. Of course he can’t really say the plane is full of vampires because nobody’s going to believe that.

But the problem is dusk is approaching. And if they’re unable to blow up the plane before nightfall, these vampires can. Get out and scatter to the winds. And Eliya says, trying to convince them to, to let far read out. And, but they won’t and they take Eliya. In an ambulance somehow he manages to jump out of the ambulance and starts running towards the plane.

I don’t remember how somehow Fareed is able to get out. He gets out and he’s appar apprehended by the authorities and Aelius is running towards the plane, but night has fallen and the vampires are like, you know, they look like insects you know, just kind of dropping from the plane and he sees.

His mother Nadia and he, and he, he calls out to her and she looks at him and roars and starts running at him. At which point he opens up a seam in his Teddy bear and pulls out the remote. He had had it all along. 

Todd: Did you see this by the way, did you see this 

Craig: coming. No, I had kind of forgotten about the remote 

Todd: entirely.

Well, the thing was, I, I immediately, I can’t remember when it was, it was before this, but at some point. Why does he have a Teddy bear? I don’t remember him with a Teddy bear at all. And then I was thinking back to him in the hospital and I’m like, wait a second. And so as soon as he freaked out and asked for the Teddy bear, I thought, oh shit.

Yeah, this is, yeah. They’ve, they’ve got a plan. 

Craig: Well, and, and. And he pushes the button and the entire plane explodes. It makes a huge explosion. It knocks him back, like, I don’t know, 10 feet or something, and it gets on his mom’s dead. The vampires did it. I mean, they, they S they success. They successfully executed their plan, but it’s sad, you know, he knew what he had to do, but I mean, that’s, that’s heartbreaking.


Todd: but for Rita’s 

Craig: there. Yeah. And at this point, the, the, the military guys realize that Elian had been telling the truth. I’m sure they don’t understand really what’s going on, but they, they believe them enough to release Fareed and he and ileus are reunited on the tarmac. And that’s it. That’s the end.

I just thought overall it was a good movie. It was a really entertaining movie. Like it felt like. Solid. It felt, yeah, it felt like a summer blockbuster. You know, it, it felt like something that if you had the opportunity, it would be ideal to see in the theater. It’s action packed lots of great effects.

I have no complaints. I just generally have no complaints. It was well shot. It was well, the cinematography was good. The acting was good. It looked good. The makeup was great. The effects looked good. There’s lots of blood and gore. Lots of action. Never got bored. I, I just, I really don’t have any complaints.

It’s not like I would go so far as to say, well, this is the best movie I’ve ever seen. No, but it was really entertaining and gripping. And I, I would, I would definitely recommend it. I mean, w w if you’re a fan of horror, what’s not what is not to recommend here. I mean, it’s, it’s sad. 

Todd: I mean, even if you’re not a fan of horror, I think if you just like action movies, you know, like this is basically what it is.

It’s, it’s an action movie with a slight horror twist, but it’s, it’s still at its core. It’s, it’s like, You know? Yeah. I, a hundred percent agree with you. I was, I was happy to watch it. I loved it, enjoyed it thoroughly, just as much as I enjoy any other kind of action popcorn movie. And I thought that the, you know, mother son dynamic was quite touching.

You know, you compare to, to train a train to Busan. And that was another thing that really sold that film as well. Was this, this thing which then comes to a poignant end, you know, in that case, it’s a father and a daughter in this case, it’s a mother and a son, but it’s the same sort of idea. 

Craig: Yeah, it raises the stakes.

You know, it makes it, ironically, you have the humanity of these characters, even though one of them is a vampire. They have a human connection that you believe in that you care about. And, you know, I was, I was sad. I, I don’t remember it’s been a month since we watched it, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

If I shed a tear, it was sad. I felt, I felt terrible for the both of them. They, they had tried so hard and they had survived so long and they were on the cusp of a potential solution. And everything went wrong and it’s, it’s a sad, it’s 

Todd: sad. It is sad. And I would say, oh, they were able to save the day, but I mean, basically the whole plane full of passengers died anyway.

Right. It’s in that sense, it’s a, it’s got a true horror movie ending really well. Thank you so much for listening to our podcast today. If you enjoyed it, please share it with a friend. You can find us online by just Googling two guys and a chainsaw podcast where you can find our Twitter feed. Our. The page and our website, two guys got red, 40

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Thank you to all of you. And until next time I’m Todd 

Craig: and I’m Craig 

Todd: With Two Guys and a Chainsaw.

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