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Slumber Party Massacre 2

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Thanks to Ashley for recommending we plow forward through the Slumber Party Massacre series – the first and only horror series to be directed entirely by women.

I mean, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s great. In fact, the sequel to the original is bizarre and strange. But that certainly gave us a lot to talk about – particularly the Driller Killer’s inexplicable update to a baffling dream-demon-slash-rockabilly-badass. Song and dance numbers abound. Check out our review of this video store hit!

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Slumber Party Massacre 2 (1987)

Episode 266, 2 Guys and a Chainsaw

Todd: Hello and welcome to another episode of Two Guys and a Chainsaw. I’m Todd.

Craig: And I’m Craig.

Todd: This week, we’re hitting up another request. This came from Ashley via our Facebook page. She sent us a message direct saying, I just listened to your sleep-away camp episode. Please do the sequels and the slumber party masker seat.

Ha thank you, Ashley, for this request, uh, we probably will start doing some sleepaway camp, uh, sequels at some point, but because we had recently watched Slumber Party Massacre, I suggested to Craig, this would be a good week to do Slumber Party Massacre 2, which is a movie that I was so intrigued by as a kid, the cover.

Was the first one is very suggestive, right? With those girls kind of have new bile rolling around on the floor with a guy standing over them and a drill coming out between his legs. Uh, and this one, um, is a bunch of girls kind of half standing, half on the ground and a guy who looks like. I don’t know, like he came out of an eighties, heavy metal band or something standing with his leather jacket and all leather and a wicked, wicked looking, huge guitar with a drill on the end.

Also aimed downwards from his crotch. We talked from our slumber party massacre episode. That there’s is a series of movies produced by Roger Corman. And they all happen to be directed and written by women as well. Go, go check out our episode for the first one. The first one was written by noted famous feminist author, Rita Mae brown.

And we talked quite a bit about that and try to do our best to kind of deconstruct what ends up being a silly movie. This movie, um, my history with it. I know I saw it on USA. And I think the movies even weirder with commercial breaks because it’s already pretty odd. And I remember it being very disorienting and very amateurish feeling and also just kind of like.

What is this supposed to be and what is going on? Like I was so aware I was watching a movie that some people made. It’s just weird. This movie is so weird. Craig, it’s not strangest thing we’ve seen, I guess, but I was really anxious to come back to it and see if it was as weird as I remembered it being.

And it was even a little more bizarre that I remembered it being. So anyway, that’s my grand master view on it. Thank you, Howard. How about you, Craig? What was, what was your experience with this movie? You. I don’t

Craig: know. It’s funny to me that you say, oh, slumber party, masker. It’s been something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

It’s been something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Yeah. The Royal we, yeah. And so we just did it recently. Pretty bad.

Oh, just weeks later you’re like, let’s choose Slumber, right? You’re masker too. Okay.

Todd: May be only in service to our fans, Craig, you know, I would never suggest if this, if Ashley hadn’t brought it up,

Craig: that’s fair enough. And I do also have to be fair because every week we talk about a movie and then we turn off our.

Recording devices. And then we chat for a while and we talk about what we’re going to do next week. And I’m always like, oh, well, we’ll think about it. And we’ll, you know, we’ll come up with something and then I never recommend anything. So yeah.

Todd: So it always falls on me. So you get what you get, it

Craig: gets to like Thursday or Friday and you’re like, okay, well here’s what we’re doing.

And I’m like, oh, okay.

Todd: One of these weeks you’ll wise up.

Craig: I guess. Uh, I don’t know. Yeah. I don’t know. I didn’t know anything about it other than what we’ve already talked about in having talked about this. And then, uh, they’re also related to the sorority. The house massacre movies. So we we’ve talked about several of them. This has come up, we’ve talked about the whole rock and roll guitar, uh, drill shtick.

I’d never seen it. Uh, I don’t remember specifically being drawn to it in the video store really well. I imagine I probably saw it, but thought it looked really stupid.

And I’ve said before, like that’s usually not what I seek out. Like, you know, every once in a while I’ll come across a movie. That is stupid, but that I’ll think is really funny or clever or, or just funny and how bad it is, but that’s not usually what I’m seeking out. It’s just usually something that I stumble upon.

And so I never watched this movie. And now I have,

what’s funny is it’s funny to me because I honestly, I was really surprised to see that it is a direct sequel. It’s not just, oh, it’s another slumber party and, oh, there’s another killer. No, it’s a direct sequel to the first

Todd: day. Surprising. I didn’t remember that either. And I wouldn’t have assumed that

Craig: well, because it doesn’t have to be like, I don’t know if they wrote it intentionally for it to be a direct SQL.

I imagine they probably did, but it could have just been another slumber party movie, and they just made one of the characters, one of the characters from the previous movie, the beautiful girl, next door valor. Had an annoying little sister Courtney in the first movie and Courtney is now, I don’t know, older, still a teen nature.

19. I think she was supposed to be 14, 15 in the first movie. And so now she’s like 19 and, um, the setup. I actually kind of liked, like she’s, she’s still dealing with the aftermath of what happened in the first movie and the opening scene. She’s dreaming. And at first she’s dreaming about the dreamy boy, Matt, that she has a crush on, but then it switches into the.

Um, flashbacks from the first movie and they’re recreated flashbacks because it’s not the same actress. Um, from the first movie, uh, in this movie, Courtney has played by crystal Bernard, who, if you are our age in your forties, ish, you will probably remember from the sitcom wings. The sit-com wings was about this little regional airport.

And, um, she played the queue. I think she was like the airport manager or something. I don’t know. She’s tiny. She was blonde and had big blonde hair in that movie. She has big brunette hair in this one. But she’s cute. And I remembered her from that and I was like, oh yeah, her fun. So, you know, she, she dreams this cute guy, but then it cuts to flashbacks.

And then she wakes up and her mom played by Jennifer Rhodes, who. Everything in the eighties and nineties, tons of TV and movies. I remember her, she played Veronica’s mom and Heather’s. She also played like the grandmother patriarch in the charms television series. They talk about how Valerie is now in a mental institution, because she’s so plagued by.

Her trauma of what happened in the first movie. And, and so, so that’s the setup. You get this foundation, everything that happened in the first movie happened, um, and now we’ve got this one recurring character and we’re going to follow her then from that point on. The movie just makes absolutely no sense.

Highly nonsensical. There is no explanation for anything it’s only an hour and 17 minutes long. You get halfway through the movie and nothing has happened aside from weird. Dreams and visions and flashbacks. And then the killer shows up and starts killing people. It’s insane. One of the weirdest things, plus I guess that now would be as good a time as any, to mention that it’s a musical

Todd: in a way there are musical numbers in here, at least them.

Yeah. Yeah. I, I described this to a friend of mine today. I said it, it was mostly a girl’s dreams about the killer and her sister. And then the killer pops up in the last 20 or 20 minutes and then drills through pretty much everyone rather quickly while singing a big production number. And yeah, and until there are two of them left and then there’s a really long and boring chase scene through a construction.

And then the killer is this rockabilly guy who thinks he’s funny. And at one point he stops and does a song and dance number for us, for us, for the camera.

Craig: Yeah. Breaking the fourth wall. Yeah.

Todd: Yeah. And you know, I think it’s trying for that Freddy thing. I mean, it’s not trying very hard. It’s definitely trying to be that, you know, Freddy kind of more from being this terrifying killer in the first two or three movies to this jokester character who would break the fourth.

Well, I think in the way, yeah. Right. I don’t know, wink at you and talk to you and, and, uh, and say funny things. And, and this was obviously trying to ape some of that with this rocker character who actually wasn’t a bad dancer and wasn’t bad. I think. He was given to do, I would imagine he probably had to improvise a ton of what he was doing.

So. You know, there was that, but it’s, it’s super campy and hammy. Yeah. You know what, what he is doing. You

Craig: say stuff like this all the time, and I don’t know if anybody else appreciates it, but I come from a theater background. Um, and I feel like this could be really, really fun on stage. Like it’s so campy, it’s super, super campy.

It’s like a psycho beach party kind of camp. And maybe that would work really well. And I don’t know, like, as I was watching it, I was trying to think in what scenario this movie would be fun. And I thought, well, if I was a teenage girl in the eighties and I was having a slumber party, this might be funny and fun and silly, or if I was at a drive-in yeah.

And was more focused on like making out and this was happening in the background. That might be good atmosphere because you wouldn’t really want to watch the movie anyway. Like you would just want to be making out and stuff

Todd: sneaking out to the sweet, sweet sounds of a drill. Go on.

Craig: I, I imagine there. Is a time and place where this could be a lot of fun. And it did really well, like, oh my, it did super well in video stores. It was one of the top selling VHS cassettes in the year that it came out. I can’t explain to you why

Todd: it wasn’t done critically well received at all, but you’re right.

It made 1.5 million on like a half, a million dollar budget and, and the VHS sales alone and probably rentals. I mean, obviously, but with a cover like that, it’s kind of hard to. I think you’re going to run it just because you’re curious. Cause it’s so different. I mean, that’s one thing I do appreciate about it.

I’m keep thinking. We need to do a theme way a theme month. Cause there aren’t that many of these like heavy metal. Themed horror films. Yeah, we’ve done a couple. We’ve done one, maybe two. And there may be only like four or five more that I’m aware of. This was in my list, like to do for that kind of thing.

I don’t know if it really fits the bill, but it’s got a little bit of that vibe. That idea of like, well, I guess the killer is just rock and roll guy. We don’t know where he’s coming from. We don’t know why he’s there. No, he just is in her

Craig: dream. That really frustrated me. I know that, but that, that really frustrated me because though it is a direct sequel.

It’s not the same killer. I don’t think it’s supposed to be the same killer. They never alluded to the fact that it is the same killer.

Todd: It’s certainly not more that it’s the

Craig: ghost of the same killer or anything like that. Like I said, that the flashback scenes are recreated. One of the main flashbacks that you see is Courtney hiding under a couch as the killer walks nearby.

And so you just see her hiding under the couch and you see the killers boots and the boots are. The new killers boots. Cause they’re like these like rocker, cowboy, silver tips, leather boots. So like, there’s that connection, but that’s the only. Do you think

Todd: that it’s trying to retcon the original by making it seem like this guy was the killer in the original?

I think

Craig: that it’s trying that hard. No, I don’t. Because cause Courtney never says anything like he’s back or they don’t acknowledge one another as though they recognize each other. Like he’s just after her for inexplicable reasons and Courtney like early on. She, oh God, I mean, there’s, there’s silly stuff.

Like after she, you know, has breakfast with her mom or whatever, she walks to school and she sees a dead bird, like. Act like that’s going to be a big deal and it’s not, unless a dead bird is supposed to be an omen or something. I don’t know. Well,

Todd: I think there was implied either. It was in her dreams. So seeing it kind of pop out of her dreams as weird, or it was implied, that was a shot from the previous film.

I don’t

Craig: remember. Then she gets picked up by one of her friends and they have this whole sing along in a car now, like yeah. When I was in high school, I drove around with my friends and we sang like to the radio. That’s something that we did. I don’t know that I need to see a full performance in this car.


Todd: it’s like the whole song. I know. So weird. It is weird. I think there are two things I think are going on here. Number one, especially cause I was curious about all the music. So I went back and I watched the end credits and I looked up some of the people in there, one of them was a girl band, uh, called weekend Wednesday.

Which sounds a lot like Tuesday morning, but oh, well, uh, it was a girl band in LA at the time contributed one or two songs to this. And Courtney is a member of a girl band and one or two of these musical numbers that we S that we hear are from that band. So I’ve kind of feel like there were some deals made on the production end to try to help promote these bands or to try to get a good soundtrack

Craig: going.

That’s it exactly. It crossed my mind that they were trying to build a soundtrack. I didn’t look to see if there is one. I hope not my God.

Todd: Cause

Craig: I mean, it’s good. I mean, it’s,

the performances are terrible. I mean, no, it’s not like they’re comically bad. It’s just cheesy. With, you know, and they’re cheesy eighties girl band, and they’re all, you know, sexy and very enthusiastic and whatever. I mean, um, sexy guy, man. Like pulls up alongside them while they’re singing in the car. And they invite him to come to their band practice and he does.

So he watches them perform in their like step touching and unison. And the, uh, the drummer is really enthusiastic and that they decide that they’re going to go somebody’s mom. Sheila, I think mom or dad or something, um, has just gotten this new condo and Courtney has to talk her mom into letting her go because Valerie, I guess, has just started talking in the mental institution that she lives in now.

And the mom wants her to wants them to go visit her. And Courtney is like, but mom, it’s my birthday. I want to spend it in a mental institution. I really want to go. I really want to go to this condo. And so the mom gives in and, and they get logs.

Todd: Of of her and her mom, you know, that was another thing that I don’t think went anywhere, but I think they were trying to, you know, it’s a, it’s a shame.

The movie is so inept because I feel like they had the kernel of some good things and they were almost halfway there in execution. And one of the things that I will give the movie credit for is spending a lot of time and trying to deal with the trauma. Of this family after the sister was murdered in this horrible drilling incident in the previous film?

Well, the sister

Craig: wasn’t murdered, actually the actual sisters, Valerie and Courtney were the ones that killed the killer. Um, they were two of the only, I think three survivors of the whole movie, but you’re right. Like that, that could have been interesting dealing with the aftermath of this, but it’s also very bizarre because.

Courtney continues to have these visions, but they’re not just flashbacks. Like all of a sudden it’s it’s things that appear to be happening in real time. The rocking killer, whatever he is is also tormenting. Valerie and Courtney is C. And Valerie, Valerie warns Courtney through this vision not to go.

She’s like, don’t go, don’t go. And at first I thought she meant like, don’t go to the condo, the party. Right. Which should have made all kinds of sense, but Courtney’s like, what do you mean? Don’t go where, and she’s like, don’t go all the way.

And then. Freddy like manner. And he does this throughout the whole movie. The killer drops a one-liner in this case, it’s rock and roll. Never dies, baby. And then he, Val, he kills Val and like Courtney sees. And like, not only does she kind of see it happening, like in Val’s disgusting asylum cell, but Val also like appears right outside her car window and like streaks blood down the window and Courtney screaming.

But nobody else sees anything. So I don’t know what’s going on at this point. I still don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know if the, the killer really killed Val. I assume that’s what happened or especially, I mean, the killer shows up at the end and everybody sees him. But up through the first half of the movie, I really thought maybe Courtney was just.

Todd: Yeah, well, this is what I’m going to give the movie a little bit of credit here in that. I think those were all visions and I thought that it was, these were dreams, daydreams, visions, like of a traumatized person or person who’s dealing. You know, a certain degree of grief. They’re very upset that a sister is in the mental institution.

It’s clearly caused a rift in the family. The mom is just like kind of stumbling around catatonic, their dinner scene, where they’re just sitting. There is super long and kind of boring. And again, this is ineptly done, but I could see they were going to really play up their relationship between mom and daughter had been kind of broken because of this incident and their SIS.

The fact that they’re sisters now in this asylum. And Courtney is trying to pretend like everything is fine, especially for her mom, but we see that she’s tormented by these dreams throughout the day. And these dreams, you know, I mean, that’s pretty typical of dreams. They go all over the place and they don’t make a lot of sense.

And so I thought that was actually quite nice that they were a little confusing and they did bring in flashbacks from the first movie things that we didn’t really understand or. Couldn’t didn’t know where they came from. Her sister talking directly to her from her crazy mental institution, which I imagine was, you know, her impression of what her sister’s situation is like more than maybe the actual reality.

My idea was that the killer is a rockabilly guy, just because she’s in his band and they’re really into music. And so when she imagines the killer in or comes through in her dreams, that aspect of her personality kind of gets thrown in. Because she’s spending a lot of time with their friends and they’re in this band and they’re rehearsing.

And so they’re writing songs and they’re talking about how they’re going to be big someday day.

Craig: We are going to be in movies and rock videos and everything, because my song is going to be a hit a million years from now when you

Todd: finish writing it. And so this fantasy of hers creeps in there as well. And it also gets mixed with, um, you know, her fantasies of yeah.

Right. We see this, like she’s daydreaming about Matt a whole lot. And then that gets poisoned by the killer. And I mean, again, it’s not skillfully done. I can see what they were going for a traumatized person who, you know, every aspect of their life kind of, you know, gets touched by, in their, in their mind mentally by this thing.

And so she’s seeing her everywhere and people are worried about her. She’s just spacing out. This could have been more fascinating if the movie were more interesting. So, but, but I give them credit for trying. And I also think that it’s very rare in a movie, a horror movie where we see characters sort of.

Break down. Like they really should, like, you’re being chased by a mass killer who you’ve already seen drill through four of your friends previously, and he’s just inches away from you. They’re going to be moments like, especially in those moments when they’re quiet, she just kind of freaks out. She just breaks down in tears and.

I thought it was quite realistic, actually, her acting in that. And I really felt sorry for her in those moments, I felt sorry for her in the middle of this stupid movie, you know, there were moments where I actually felt sorry for her. And I was like, wow. For once I’m seeing a genuine reaction to what a woman, a person who has already been through all this trauma is now having to go through it herself again, would be doing so, ah, that wasn’t too.

Craig: Yeah. And, and it’s, they get to the condos and, and I thought this was kind of a cool set piece and that like, it’s this new development that seems like half of it’s done, and then they’re building more condos nearby, but nobody has moved in yet. That’s brilliant.

Todd: Yeah, I like

Craig: that. That, that was pretty cool.

Um, and then there are definitely like throwbacks. I don’t know. I get these movies mixed up. Cause they’re all the same. I will, I will say this, this one is different. It’s more different than many of the others that we’ve seen. Oh God. Yeah. But, uh, it the same and that. They get there and the girls I’ll put on their like skimpy PJ’s and they have a carpet picnic with like killer corndogs.

And then, then another dance number. Uh, a musical movie comes on TV, so they have a dance number and two boys, TJ and Jeff who are coupled up with two of the girls who aren’t Courtney. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. Um, show up. Just like, I mean, these two guys are almost carbon copies. Two of the guys from the first movie and it’s almost the exact same scene and that they knock on the door there early and they knock on the door and the girls don’t hear because they’re having a party.

So instead they go around and peek in the window to see the girls, you know, having a pillow fight and shooting champagne all over one another and taking their clothes off and dancing and like feathers from the pillows are flying. Um, one of the boys in the window is even like, I didn’t know, girls really do this.

Like they don’t bro. Yeah.

Todd: But that was a woman who saved this

Craig: movie, Debra Debra rock, like comma. Like I have to imagine that the women who made these movies knew exactly what they were doing. And I re I remember that. The woman who directed the first one in response to a lot of the criticism said this criticism isn’t fair.

Men make these movies all the time. Why can’t I make one of these movies? And I agree, a hundred percent. Yeah. So fine. They knew what they were doing. They knew what audience they were appealing to, but it was really stupid. And I was really pissed that they wasted all that out.

Todd: Right. But don’t you think that was the point of the scene?

Again, maybe giving them a little too much credit, but the movie is also not meant to be taken seriously. I mean, it’s intentionally a comedy in some ways, right? It’s intentionally comedic, I should say. And so I felt like this was a direct thumbing, their nose at this sort of thing. Like of course, girls don’t really do this, in fact, in this movie, as opposed to.

Couple of the other sorority slumber out party. Maskers we’ve seen the girls are not that skimpily dressed. They’re not running around in like these negligee days with barely nothing on they come into this scene and then they start being ridiculous and like spraying champagne over each, each other.

This one girl like just takes her top off and pulls her own bra, you know, like it’s funny. And the other girl is doing it. Not only are they having a pillow fight, but like one of them like tears open a pillow and start sprinkling feathers everywhere. Like it’s like a cartoon pillow fight. And then I actually remembered this scene from the movie.

And so when those guys looked in, you just like in every other movie and that guy says on-point, I didn’t know that girls actually did this sort of thing. I was like, yeah, like that’s the punchline to this. You know what I mean? And then as soon as it’s done, they clean up real fast. Like she puts her Bron, she puts her top on suddenly everything’s dry and they just keep on going with a movie, like, like that didn’t just happen.

And from then on there’s no more nudity or anything like that. And that’s true. I thought it was more of a joke. That’s

Craig: sweet. Oh yeah. I know. I get it. It was meant to be silly and funny and playful and that’s fine. It’s just so it’s just so corny. Yeah. So the boys come in, TJ who is one of the most insufferable movie characters.

Ever encountered, um, is Sheila’s boyfriend and they have loud sex and that’s a gag that happened several times. Courtney has another dream in which she’s making out with Matt, but then Matt turns into the rocker killer.

Oh, I fed battery. I’m tired of that, right? I just want to make love to you

and you want me to, we’d go all the way,

love the one you’re with, I don’t understand this at either like. Yeah. A P like, and like sh cause she’d already been warned, you know, don’t go all the way with the ghost killer. Like why does he need to see her so bad? Like what is happening? Is this part of

Todd: some ritual that I don’t know about? She warned

Craig: him.

Why just her, like, there’s a whole bunch of other girls. They’re

Todd: like, why? I felt like it was another reference. Like, look, this movie is full of these references, right? Like, uh, there’s like an officer Vorhees and they rename her, her family named Craven. And the other officer is officer Krueger, Krueger.

You know, it’s like, they’re obviously sticking in references to movies here. And I felt this was basically the same. Like, don’t go all the way. Don’t have sex with anyone, especially that guy, Matt, that you’re interested in or else you’re going to be targeted. And I, if I’m not mistaken, I think it was after she had sex with him.

Although it’s not clearly telegraphed, I’m pretty sure the timing is that after she had sex with him or what we assume they had sex, they were about to anyway that the killer sprung into reality. Am I wrong?

Craig: Well, it’s in that scene, but I don’t think they even get that far. Like, I don’t think,

Todd: I mean, well, maybe just maybe just the tip.

Craig: Oh my God. Todd, we have gotten through almost 300 episodes without you saying just the tips. So I guess I should congratulate you on that. That’s

Todd: pretty miraculous, isn’t it? Actually at 13 years old movies bring out the 13 year old in me that some of them the first

Craig: time. Um, but she wakes up after this nightmare on the kitchen floor and she’s crying.

And then the next 15, 20 minutes is Jair being tormented and going nuts. Like TJ is a big jerk. And first of all, you know, she’s not feeling. They they’re all hung over. So they blamed it on blame it on hangovers. But TJ throws her in the pool where she nearly drowns has more visions and has to be rescued.

Then they’re eating lunch and her hamburger is. A human, a bloody human hand, but nobody else sees any of these things, but the killer is clearly taunting her because throughout every time she sees something, every time something is weird, the killer is just maniacally, laughing in the background, like through the whole thing, they have more there’s another band practice montage.

Long then she opens the refrigerator and a raw chicken attacks are, and then she takes a bath and the water turns into blood and the rocker is laughing. And that this is when I wrote in my notes. Okay. We are halfway into the movie and nothing has happened. Until Sally zit, Sally zit, which may have been my favorite part.

She keeps talking about it. It’s like they project the scene. Like there is build to this scene. There is

Todd: great. Well, it, it is kind of classic Freddy though, because in some of those Freddy movies, Ready kind of takes their own fears and nightmares and gonna turn them against them. And clearly Sally is mortified at the possibility that she might have a zit not really on her face, because there’s nothing there, but like under her skin, just waiting to come out.

So she’s obsessing about it. And she keeps saying, Oxy 10, do you remember Oxy 10? Vaguely. Oh God. There were so many product references in this. So many. Yeah, Oxy 10 was like an acne cream. I don’t know if they still make it. Maybe they do. Maybe it’s like Oxy 50 now or something, but, uh, yeah, you put that on your face, on the zit and it dries it out and is supposed to make it, uh, make it go away faster.

And she was, she’s talking about it, like you said, constantly through the movie. And then, uh, when she rushes into it, Courtney when Courtney is freaking out, you know, screaming, ah, there’s blood everywhere. And you know, they go into the bathroom and it’s just overflowing. There’s no blood. Sally turns to her and is like, what is the

Craig: matter?

Come on on your friend, talked to me, are you on drugs or something? I was like, maybe you told her, you weird things are happening to me. I know what you mean. The weirdest things are happening to my face. I mean, I have got the fastest growing bit I’ve ever had in my entire life. I mean, look at this thing, it’s just the grossest thing you’ve ever seen.

We’ll get some more off 10. I mean, it hurts like how

Todd: time she looks up at her. It’s like she has this massive zit on her face. That’s bigger and bigger and bigger. And then it explodes.

Craig: Oh, and you say bigger and bigger, it like it, like it’s deforming her face her face at that point. Yeah. And it’s, you know, it’s, it’s cheap in that.

Cut shots. Like it keeps cutting back and forth. So you, yeah. It’s not like you get to witness the progression. It’s just, it cuts away and then it cuts back and it’s worse and it cuts away and it cuts back and it’s worse. But by the end, like it’s just disgusting. Like, it’s, it’s a huge, huge, practical effect.

Like it looks like half of her face is like melting off with this huge pacy thing in the middle. Uh, and then, yeah, I feel like it explodes all over. Courtney it’s gross. It’s really disgusting. Another part that doesn’t make any sense because Matt shows up, uh, to find Courtney freaking out, but Sally’s missing.

Todd: Yeah. Like where did you jump out the window of the second floor or something like that? Where did she go? Oh, you’re right. It sucks. It’s terrible writing. Cause somehow she’s missing. There’s no good reason why she would be missing, but it’s a mysterious thing and we think, oh, what’s going on? Maybe that really happened.

Maybe the killer Wister away somewhere.

Craig: And they call the cops and the cops come and they hear like, Courtney’s like who turned on the trash compactor? And somebody is like, I don’t know. It was odd when we came in here and you start hearing these horrible noises from the trash compactor and like they all, or at least Courtney thinks that Sally is in the trash compactor, but they don’t look.

No, nobody looks no. And then the cop show. And basically just say what I just said. Okay. So your friend disappeared and now you think she’s in the trash compactor, but nobody looked and they’re all like, yeah.

And then Sally, just show. She walks in the door and they’re like, where have you been? And she’s like, I just stepped out to get more Oxy 10.

Todd: It’s an ad for Oxy 10, just like their ads for diet Pepsi. There’s so many product placements. And product call-outs in this movie. It’s hilarious. I guess this is something that Roger Corman did in the eighties. I don’t remember, but, uh, yeah, so the cops, you know, decide that, uh, don’t you call me again? And the guy says c’mon Krueger Danny’s is holding our booth.

Yeah. Another one what’s weird though, in the cop scene was one of those. I was surprised. At how many point of view shots there were in this movie at times when the characters are having dialogue with each other, they’re looking straight at the camera, like they’re talking to us and it will just be during normal dialogue scenes.

And at first I thought, you know, did the cinematographer and director and this movie, is it, is it a real amateur effort that they don’t know how weird this is, but then when this cop interrogations. Basically the same thing. It’s just very posed scene where this cop is looming over and looking right at us and interrogating the audience like he’s interrogating the girls and it’s, what’s her name?

It’s uh, it’s Courtney. He’s talking to primarily and all the other kids are behind also looking straight at the camera. I E. Courtney with kind of. Somewhat disapproving or concerned looks on their faces. Maybe it was a stylistic choice they were going for that could have been effective again, if the whole movie had been better, but I found that a little intriguing.

Craig: I didn’t even notice, honestly, really. I don’t know. I can’t say I was really big, super close.

Todd: If there had been, if this had been like slumber party masker and they were all guys, would you have been watching a little more carefully for sure. This was another thing I thought at least one thing that also I give this movie credit. I can’t even believe I’ve now listed like three or four things is that it’s clearly made by women in a sense that they give a lot more to the female gaze and the female perspective than you usually see in these movies.


Craig: some, I mean, yeah, of course Courtney’s visions and fantasies of Matt, he looked he’s good and he’s good looking guy, you know, nice abs and all. You can imagine.

I don’t want to talk about it too much. I’ll get all twitterpated okay. No, here. Right? Well with him. Yeah. But then the other guy, TJ, it’s not like he’s not. Trey. He’s a fit young man and he’s running around with his shirt off, but he’s such a douche bag. Like there’s nothing attractive about him once he starts talking he’s God and his acting is terrible.

Um, there’s a scene where he dances and I don’t even know how a person’s body moves that way. Like, it seemed like he was dancing on the very tips of his toes. And like, you’re going to break your toes. I didn’t know. It was

Todd: weird. Do you realize. Steve and pumpkin head, I

Craig: saw that he was in pumpkin head, but I don’t remember.

Was he the younger brother? The nice one.

Todd: I think he was the deeper, I think he was, yeah. The one who was kind of apologizing, who was the one who

Craig: I think he was. So I guess it’s, you know, it’s a character deal. Cause we liked him in that movie and we felt bad. He was one of the first ones to get killed and he was actually a good dude, but anyway, Uh, goes out to eat except for Courtney and Matt.

And that gives her a birthday cake and then everybody comes back, Courtney in that are making out in her bed. And the rocker killer appears behind Matt, like over like mats, I guess, kind of on top of her. Yeah. So I guess they could be doing it. Yeah. If so they got right to it.

or play every day now. But, uh, so like he’s kind of on top of her. Uh, and, and she sees the killer over his shoulder and she’s like, no, you’re a dream. You’re not real. And then he drills through mats. Beautiful torso. And says, does this look like a dream? Do you,

and this is like you said, the last 20 minutes of the movie where she runs down the stairs, she’s covered in blood. And of course she’s been freaking out this whole time. So it was not like any big surprise that she’s freaking out, but the killer comes down right after her and starts attacking. Yeah.

Todd: Just with abandoned.

Which let’s talk

Craig: about this guitar for a second. It’s enormous. Like it’s comically large. Even the guitar part is just comically large. And then there’s an enormous, I would say good two and a half, three. Drill on the end and it flops around it. It does comically a prop. Yeah. So funny. And I read that the guy, the guy who plays him was only in like three months.

Total, and this is his claim to fame and he was the first guy to audition. The director loved him. She, she was obligated to audition more people, but when they were done, she went right back to this guy. And I guess. So enthusiastic in his portrayal that he broke multiple prompts. And I can only assume that he broke this guitar several times because it’s flopping around.

He’s like banging it on the floor. Like you can see it visibly like bending and moving and flopping around it. I mean, it’s funny. I think, you know, this is a comedy, it is a horror comedy. Um, so I don’t think that they were concerned that this. Weapon looked particularly realistic, but yeah, from this part on these, just chasing people around, uh, he injures TJ right away.

Kill Sally of all of the girls. She was my favorite. So I was kind of sad. She got taken out so quickly, but I knew they all would. I knew everybody would get killed except for Courtney, Terry, Amy, and Courtney planned to make a run for it. And Terry’s car, they do, they leave. But then the rocker pops up in the back seat and says, this is dedicated to the woman.

I love these ones. They

Todd: they’re all like from songs I

Craig: get what they were doing, but every time, like my eyes rolled so far back into my head, I was afraid they would get stuck. They’re like, oh my God. Yeah, it was pretty bad. So, uh, Terry gets drilled. The girls run off, um, In another scene, very reminiscent of the last movie, TJ and his girlfriend.

What’s her name? Juliette. No, Sheila, the actress’s name is Juliet TJ and Sheila run up to a house where there’s lights on and there’s music playing. And they’re banging, banging, banging on the door. But nobody comes. And the, and, and they, uh, TJ ends up getting killed right outside this garage. And then the person comes out and looks around and doesn’t see anything is like, damn kids.

I feel like the exact same thing happened in the first movie. Right.

Todd: Something like that.

Craig: Well, it was two guys in the first movie, but it was the

Todd: same thing, the first movie, and a lot of these movies, right? Like Halloween or wherever we’re all of this may hem is happening at this house, in this suburban area, but nobody else in the surrounding homes and across the street, notice anything that’s going on nor does anybody run out and try to get help from the neighbors, you know, in this case, Yeah, there’s nobody there.

It’s like, there’s one house with the lights on and they’re playing classical music so loud inside that, uh, which I thought was also kind of a gag classical music blasted in this house. And that’s why they can’t hear.

Craig: Yeah. And, and, you know, since everything else is so rock and roll, right. It’s kind of funny, but, um, Courtney calls the cops and if they don’t believe her, because they just think she’s crazy because she seems crazy.

Um, And that’s when the rocker, this is it. I mean, this is just watch this scene on YouTube, really. Like you really don’t need to watch the whole thing. Um, the rocker breaks, the fourth wall looks directly into the camera and says, now it’s time for the fun part. And like these like red and blue, like party lights come on.

And he does a whole. Musical number in the living room. Yes. Sire, hello, musical number in the living room. And then again, this happened in the first movie to one of the survivors, Sheila, um, to Courtney. And I don’t know, the other girl who’s still alive are holed up in a bedroom and they’ve got it barricaded and they hear Sheila.

But they also hear the killers. They don’t want to let her in. And so the killer singing just very slowly, slowly approaches her until he finally gets to her and drills her right outside the door. And then he, and then he drills into the room and th the two girls, uh, it’s Amy and Courtney go out onto the rooftop.

And there’s a whole rooftop chase with. I don’t know. I mean, it wasn’t poorly shot. I enjoyed the angles long. Yeah, there, there, there was, I mean, it was goofy. Crap, but there was some cool, like, um, shots of the rocker killer, just silhouetted, like on a roof, like in a rock and roll PAs position. Yeah. Corny as hell, but it looked good.

Todd: It’s a neat set piece. Like you said, that they’re running around. So then they kind of climb off the roofs and they’re running around in all these homes that are under construction. They’re just stuck basically the basic framework. And I’m sure they filmed the same one, you know, from it all looks the same.

Uh, I mean, honestly, there’s no hiding in that you can see from one end to the other. So it’s a little silly that they’re running through it and pretending to hide, but there’s no real tension here because there’s no rules for this rocker. He can just show up wherever he wants. And so he just does so they can run as much as they do and he’s nowhere to be seen.

And then suddenly they turn and look to their left and there he is, and he makes some quippy one-liner. Ah, drill fires up and he just stands there while they run off somewhere else. And so, you know, when that’s the shtick, like there’s no tension here. And so like the, the scene goes on forever. This is like forever seen it’s long

Craig: and it’s boring.

And yeah, Amy gets slashed with the drill a couple times, but she actually dies because she falls. Um, she, she stumbles and falls and is hanging by a board, like a couple stories up and Courtney tries to pull her up, but she can’t and she falls and she’s dead. And then Courtney is like, Hiding behind a board, like not hiding it all.

And filler is just, just like lounging right behind her, just looking at her. And, uh, she turns around, he says something, I don’t know,

Todd: come on baby light. My fire is

Craig: what he says. Oh my God. So she’s like, okay, I will. And she grabs a blowtorch,

Todd: I guess. Yeah. That happens to be

Craig: there. Yeah. And, and burns him up and he screams and falls off.

And then. It cuts to the next morning and we see, um, you know, Courtney’s fine. She’s still alive. The police are there. There’s lots of people around they’re wheeling, Amy’s body to Anne. I mean, she’s dead. So I’ll know if they’re taking it to an ambulance or whatever. Um, But, uh, Courtney pulls down the sheet and is like stroking Amy’s hair and Amy’s eyes opened up and she starts laughing in the killer’s voice.

But then Courtney wakes up again in her bed, in the condo with me. And so for just a split second, I was thinking, oh, maybe it was a dream, but having seen these types of movies a hundred times, I knew it wouldn’t be. So she, like, she wakes up with Matt and she starts like snuggling him, but then it turns out that.

The rocker again. And she now is in an asylum look, the same set piece that we saw Valerie in before. And the last thing that we see is the giant drill come up through the floor of the asylum. Courtney is screaming and that’s the end

Todd: inception. It’s like dreams within dreams within dreams. You don’t even know what reality is anymore.

It’s really taking us into her mental state

Craig: date, right? Maybe she’s been in the asylum the whole time. Maybe none of

Todd: this ever happened. Maybe her sister didn’t even exist. And in the first,

Craig: maybe the first movie didn’t even happen. Whoa. Born in the asylum? Yes. Maybe she’s the daughter of 10,000 maniacs.

Todd: B we’ll have to watch slumber party massacre three to find out the truth. Can we wait a little

Craig: while?

Uh, I need a break.

Todd: Really enjoy watching this movie. They were parts of it. I enjoyed, I did enjoy actually the musical number just because of how silly it was, but it was very earnestly done. Actually. I don’t think he was too bad. I really think he, he, he did a pretty decent job with what he had to work. I mean considering, and I, again, I want to go back to, I just, I think it’s really interesting, not just by the dream sequences of Matt, you know, talking about this, this movie is quite different from this genre in period, really in that it seems to kind of skip over the male gaze a lot.

And when it does deal with the male gaze, it’s almost a joke, right? It’s like that stupid, silly over the top pillow fight, where you get two boobs and nothing. And I mean, you’ve got women in this movie, you have, um, the woman who played, uh, Amy. Yeah. Was Kimberly MacArthur, the one with the huge boobs, huge boobs.

And I would thought, okay, well, surely she’s going to get nude. And she didn’t, it was in her contract. She was a former Playboy playmate,

Craig: but it was, but it was in her contract. She, yeah. She had done boobs in the last three movies she had done, and she wanted to try to move away from it. I’m just, you know, I I’m M she must have had some clout to get that in her contract, because as we know, you know, the standard of the day was, well, you don’t want to show your boobs.

Well, we’ll find somebody who. Right. Yeah. Maybe her, you know, limited star power as a playmate and having been in several movies. Maybe that was enough to give her a little bit of leverage, I guess. Cause she didn’t take her top off

Todd: is noticeably absent. Even the swimming pool scene and stuff was not gratuitous.

It was like the very, very big opening credits is like going over Courtney’s body while she’s sleeping. And I thought, oh, this is jumping right in with gratuitousness. But actually she’s in the most. Conservative. Yeah. Pajamas. You could imagine. Yeah.

Craig: She’s pretty modestly dressed throughout, but you know, she is.

The final girl and the final girl usually is, you know, but I’d be more Virgin on one, but I see what you’re

Todd: saying. Hi, Roger Corman movie too, you know, like it’s weird enough for Roger Corman movie. We didn’t get more boobs and stuff in here. So, I mean, for that, I think, you know, it’s notable the movie’s called slumber party massacre too.

You get way more massacre than slumber. Out of it. Yeah. I mean, I didn’t, I wouldn’t watch it again. I wouldn’t really recommend it to anybody. It’s rather silly. Like you said, it’s, it’s not a bad little Halloween movie, perhaps, except for the fact that pretty much nothing happens for the first 50 minutes.

Like yeah.

Craig: You know, I said earlier that I. It could make a good stage production. I think that the reason I say that is just the musical elements of it. I think the musical elements of it would seem a little bit less out of place on stage. Um, but, but even, even just in a, you know, a midnight movie, you know, If in a theater, surrounded by other people who were there for the same reason as you to goof and to have a good time, you know, I’m sure as soon as that guy looked at the camera and said, now it’s time for the fun part and then broke out into song at a midnight screening.

I’m sure people would’ve gone absolutely nuts. And that, that would be fun. Um, but, uh, yeah. Just sitting and watching it in your house, like Ooh…pass.

Todd: All right. Well, thank you again for listening to another episode. If you enjoyed it, please share it with a friend and let us know, just Google us two guys in a chainsaw podcast, and you will find our webpage. You’ll find our Facebook. You’ll find our Twitter, leave us a message. Any one of those places like Ashley did and let us know what movies you would like us to review in the future until that time.

I’m Todd and I’m Craig with Two Guys and a Chainsaw.

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