Rhonda Shear Interview

Rhonda Shear Interview

rhonda shear

True confessions time: Both of us grew up watching Rhonda Shear host terrible horror movies on the USA Network’s weekend TV show, “Up All Night”. This bubbly and buxom host helped us through puberty and introduced us to many of the films we know and love today.

That’s why it was an incredible honor to interview her for this week’s special episode of 2 Guys & A Chainsaw. Thank you, Rhonda, for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us about your days in showbiz and your current endeavors!

Find Rhonda’s show on Facebook and check out her intimate apparel line, or just visit the YouTube Channel where all her content past and present lie. And have a listen at our discussion with this icon of 80’s and 90’s straight-to-cable horror.

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  1. Emily Hunter says:

    I completely forgot about USA Up All Night until this podcast. My old age is catching up with me!

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