Return of the Living Dead 2

Return of the Living Dead 2


The last of our month of sequels brings us back to the Return of the Living Dead series to see if the second is as funny and iconic as the first. Turns out, not so much. Have a listen to see what we thought of this 80’s horror comedy.

return of the living dead 2 movie poster

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  1. Leeia says:

    Todd and Craig thank you so much for bringing laughter and insight to classic horror each and every week! In staying with the theme (sort of) I would love to hear what you think of George Romero’s ” Season of the Witch”. This was a movie I reviewed myself years ago and want to hear another take on it. I would also love to hear what you two think of ” King of the Ants”. I myself do not have facebook, so I do hope leaving requests here is ok.
    Thanks again for all you do!

    • toddkuhns says:

      Hello Leeia! Thank you for your comment and kind words. Your requests are now added to our list. I certainly haven’t seen either of these myself. Also – good on you for staying off of Facebook 🙂 -Todd

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