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Sorority House Massacre 2

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It’s Todd’s turn to pull a favorite off the shelf with this delightfully absurd horror comedy from writer-director Jim Wynorski.

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Sorority House Massacre 2 (1990)

Episode 32, 2 Guys and a Chainsaw

Todd:  Welcome to another episode of 2 Guys and a Chainsaw. I’m Todd.

Craig: I’m Craig.

Todd: Today, we decided to, do another Jim Wynorski film. I treated Craig to shopping mall the last time we, dove into this man’s. Right. And, I thought would treat him to what is actually, I have to admit, one of my all time favorite horror movies. Really? Yes.   Sorority House Massacre 2. Now We did, Pet Sematary. Uh-huh. You have fond memories of Pet Sematary. Right. 

Craig:  It’s linked with your childhood. 

Todd:  Sure. So picture, if you will, Teenage boy. 

Craig:  I was gonna say, did you first see this when you’re about 12, 13? 

Todd:  The the age is very important. Yeah. Teenage boy, with his friends, and we would get together for what we called stupid movie nights. 

Craig:  Uh-huh. 

Todd:  And we’ve talked about this before about how cool it is Todd walk through the old video stores and just look at the covers of things and rent them just based on the descriptions on the back And the ghoulish or weird, pictures on the front. Uh-huh. That was our tradition, basically, in high school. Friday nights, me and a couple of our friends would get together, and we’d go out and rent these films. Now remember, and it’s not hard to go back to these times when you didn’t have The Internet. Right. You couldn’t go to IMDB and see what other people thought of these films. You had no idea.   So we rented what we thought was gonna be a pretty straightforward horror film called Sorority House Massacre 2. And we watched it, and we were Totally shocked all the way through. Not only did it turn out to be the perfect stupid movie night movie because the best stupid movie night movies are the movies you can make fun of. Right. But by the end of it, you realized, oh, they’re in on the joke too. It’s not a totally incompetent film. It’s really trying to be what it is. It’s almost not accidentally what it is in in in in a way.   You know what I mean? Yeah. Hell, yeah. And again, this is back in a time before these self aware, ironic horror films that we get that are just part and parcel right now. So maybe through the lens of today, this film wouldn’t give me such joy As it as it’s given me throughout the years. So I have to preface all that with that in mind, because you gave me a look once I said. This is one of my all time favorites. But I get such a guilty pleasure from watching this movie just the same way I get guilty pleasures from watching Godzilla or or something like that. It’s It’s not because it’s a well made film.   It’s because it’s a film that tickles a certain place in my heart. Gotcha. Does that make sense? 

Craig:  It does make sense. You know, I have movies like that Todd the you know, looking back, I know that they’re not good movies, but I still you know, there’s a I have a fondness for them for nostalgic purposes or reasons or whatever. And I can definitely see why a group of 14 year old boys would would really enjoy this movie. Less so my cup of tea, but, I I I can I can I can see that? 

Todd:  Well, I’ve I’ve revealed my love for Jim. It always has to come with sort of a a caveat, a little asterisk by it because he’s a very prolific filmmaker in the low budget film realm. I talked about it maybe a little bit when we were talking about shopping mall, but for those who might not have heard that episode, this guy grew up loving these, Much like me, just loving and and appreciating and enjoying these low budget horror films of the fifties sixties, particularly the ones that Roger Corman did. 

Craig:  Mhmm. 

Todd:  And His dream, basically, was to work for Roger Corman, and by gosh, he did it. So he came in a little later to the game, about late eighties to early nineties. His first Film for Roger Corman’s pictures, was Not of This Earth, which was a remake of one of Roger Corman’s earlier films from the fifties, but, starring Craig Lourdes. Oh. The very first, non pornographic legitimate film role that Tracy Lourdes had was in Jim film, Notion of This Earth. So, and that’s not a bad movie. It’s a little more straight than this is, but because it’s A low budget film, it shows, it’s a little, you know, it’s a little ragged around the edges. But it’s very typical of Roger Films output from the late eighties to early nineties as is this movie.   So it was produced by Corman. Corman gave a start to a lot of famous people. The list is just enormous, you know, from Jack Nicholson to Ron Howard Todd Jim, James Cameron, all these people got their start in Roger Corman’s shop cranking out these movies. So, He ends up writing this horror script for this movie, sorority house massacre 2, which by the way has absolutely nothing to do with Sorority House Massacre 1. 

Craig:  So why okay. Do you know so why did they title it that? Is it just being ironic? Was it trying to Trying to I don’t know. I I don’t know if there was a fan base for part 1. 

Todd:  I honestly don’t know that either. There’s Probably an answer out there if you look online. My guess is that, again, though, Sorority House Master 1 maybe came out a year or 2 before this. It was moderately successful, and so, they just because you can use a title Yeah. Without permission, they just threw a 2 on it. Kinda piggybacks. But, yeah, this has nothing to do. If you watch Sorority House massacre 1, I believe I saw it a while back.   It was totally forgettable, but I couldn’t even recall the plot to you. Mhmm. Has nothing to do with this movie. Interestingly enough, though, this movie does have some flashback scenes in them. Right. And the flashback scenes are not from Sorority House massacre 1, they’re from a movie, which is interesting in its own right, called Slumber Party Massacre. Uh-huh. And there is a Slumber Party Massacre series with the driller killer, and I think the the third one is really out there.   It’s got a guy with a guitar. He’s like a dead goth kinda rocker guy ghost thing that has a drill at the end of his guitar. I don’t know. You might have seen the cover for it because it’s know. Oh, it’s an insane movie. But The sorority house, slumber party massacre 1 was written by the famous feminist author, Rita May Brown. You’re kidding. I am not kidding you.   So it’s interesting. You know, you should look up the history for that film as well. It’s interesting that this This feminist author would write this film, which is basically about a bunch of women in various states of unrest getting killed, and and then that, They must have gotten the rights to it. That’s all I can say Uh-huh. To the footage, and it must have been pretty cheap. They used that instead of filming their own Flashback footage. 

Craig:  Well and it’s funny because it’s obvious because as as this guy is, like, giving the backstory of this house, These, 5 sorority girls buy this old kind of rundown mansion, and they’re gonna make it their sorority house. And They get in there. It’s all dilapidated or whatever, and then this creepy neighbor shows up, Orville Ketchum, and he’s this big, fat I hate to judge people based on their appearance, but he’s a gross looking guy, like, all pockmarked and sweaty and 

Todd:  Got a big flannel shirt on to take care of himself. 

Craig:  Like, slack jawed. Like, he’s always got his mouth hanging open. And, of course, they are scared by him. But he comes in and he tells them this whole story what had happened in this house 5 years ago, which is why it was so cheap and they were able to get it. They were all kind of aware that these murders had happened, but they only one of them, the one who the house knew that this was the actual house. And, Ketchum comes over and tells them the whole story, and that’s when the flashback happens. Mhmm. But you can tell The narrative that he’s telling doesn’t match up with the flashbacks.   Like, he says something like, first, he killed his wife, And it’s obviously like a Todd, you know, like a 20 something girl, then he’s like and then he killed his daughters. Again, more coeds, exactly the same age as the girl who was supposed to be the mom. And it just, like Yeah. I I guess it it fits well enough, like, if you really care, but, it’s it’s clear that The the images you’re seeing in the narrative he’s telling are not 1 in the same. 

Todd:  Yeah. And and it’s funny. And the girls, even from the beginning, I think, are Acting is clearly not good. 

Craig:  Oh my gosh. Yeah. It’s bad. 

Todd:  It’s not a good honestly, there’s not a good actor in this whole film. No. They’re all delivering their lines, and it’s The script itself is a little silly too. Yeah. Much like chopping mall, it has a lot of jokes deliberately written in. Most of them are Corny. 

Craig:  Very corny. And and the delivery makes it even more corny because it’s not well Todd, and so it just seems like Really forced poor acting that’s laughable. I mean, you you you literally laugh out loud. It’s so it’s so goofy. 

Todd:  Yeah. The jokes are goofy, then the laughing is goofy on Todd. Like, they’re reading them off of title cards or something Yeah. On the side. Right? Yeah. 

Craig:  I don’t remember. There was something like, in the beginning, they’re like 

Clip:  See, the movers aren’t coming till 6 AM in the morning. Same time the phone and the electric people are coming. Oh, come on. It’ll be fun. Whoopie. Oh, just like camping out only without all the bugs. I don’t know about that. Oh, come on, girls.   Look. We have here. We have, like, peanut butter. We have crackers, and we even have popcorn. 

Craig:  Just the the silliest delivery of lines that Oh, it’s it’s it’s funny. 

Todd:  Yeah. Even before all this, it starts off with, like, a little bitty flashbacks of the girls sitting cowering in the corner. Linda, I believe, who’s the Australian woman. I think, at least, that’s what her accent seems to be true. Like it. You’ve got to try to remember. Try to remember. And then we get these girls, of course, coming up to the house with all the crazy dialogue.   We have, Jess, Jessica, who’s the tallest of the group. Mhmm. She’s played by Melissa Moore. Now If you’re familiar with films of this era and if you watched a lot of USA Up All Nights probably, a lot of these kinds of films would come across, and Melissa Moore is Kind of a a standby in this arena. A a bit of a scream queen from the late eighties, early nineties. Yeah. 

Craig:  She looked kind of familiar. I mean, and maybe She was just recognizable because she is so tall, especially against some of these other girls. Like, she kinda looms over them. She did. You know? I I feel like she did, like you said, a bunch of those movies where it’s cheerleaders with big boobs. 

Todd:  Mhmm. You know? Exactly. Moderately attractive. Not a knockout, but but a cute girl. 

Craig:  Well, all these girls look like lingerie models. Yes. I mean, they’ve all they’ve all got, you know, great big boobs, like, Huge boobs whether 

Todd:  they’re real or not. Right. Some are clearly real. Some are clearly not real. 

Craig:  You get 

Todd:  to see 

Craig:  them all. Oh, all of them. Yeah. There’s a segment. You know, after they decide that they’re gonna stay, They hold a seance, to try to contact the the killer from before. His name was what was his name? Clive Hockstetter. Clive Hockstetter. Sarah? 

Todd:  You hear a lot in this film. Oh, yeah. 

Craig:  They say it, like, every 2 seconds. I can’t believe I couldn’t remember. But they try to have a seance, which lasts all of about 20 seconds, but it’s like when they say they wanna try to contact him, the planchette or whatever it is shoots off the board and into the fire, And they all scream, and Janie, the girl who found the house was like, oh, their lightning must have hit the house and caused a big power surge. Okay. And they’re all like, 

Todd:  yeah. That’d be great. 

Craig:  And then after that, there’s probably a good at least 5 minutes montage of them just Getting undressed, taking showers, you know 

Todd:  This is charming point number 1 of this film for me because I feel like this movie is a distillation of all the movies like it. Uh-huh. It took all the movies like it and really brought it down to its core and included All the necessary items and made no bones about it. Right. It it wears its heart on its sleeve, and that is what I find so charming about this movie. Yeah. Of course, you have to have the nudity. Right? Mhmm.   So instead of sprinkling the nudity throughout the movie or giving really good reasons for it, it’s just All in a lineup. All in a row. Yeah. Scene 1, girl’s taking a really long shower. 

Craig:  And she’s she’s, like, very Insiduously, like, rubbing the soap, like, over her nipples. Like 

Todd:  but even even Still, there are these squeaking noises put in. Feel like the soap is squeaking over her skin. And, I mean, it’s 

Craig:  It is funny. And there were silly little sound bites like that throughout. Like, at one point, one of the girls, little redhead girl is, Rubbing, Linda’s I no. Excuse me. Janie’s back. Oh, yeah. And you hear, like, you hear, like, this big crack. It sounds like somebody, like, broke a huge stick in half, and the and the girl is getting the back rubs like, ah, that was the spot.   Like, just the Silly as sound effects that don’t make any sense that were clearly put in in post. Silly. 

Todd:  It was silly. Yeah. 

Craig:  And it was funny during that scene with, with them all, you know, taking their clothes off, getting in the shower, whatever. Usually, in this type of movie, there’s 1 girl Who doesn’t? You know you know what I’m saying? There’s usually 1 girl who is the modest one or who’s nice or who you know is gonna be the final girl, so she’s not gonna be the one who shows her boobs. Not here. No. No. Every single one of them, you get nice. Good look at their Well, 

Todd:  if you’re familiar with Jim Wynorski Stuff. You can tell that he’s way more interested in the TNA than almost anything else. 

Craig:  Well, in the stuff that he makes now or at least some of it is like soft or porn or hate. 

Todd:  It really isn’t. And that’s actually kinda sad. I think you look at some of his earlier movies like this, and they have this charm about them Even though they’re a little silly, there’s kind of an innocence to them in a way. There’s a lot of nudity, but there’s no sex. Right? And it’s Also so, I like like, it just so obviously is made to appeal to teenage boys Yeah. But but really no more. You know what I mean? It’s it’s really zeroed in on that target market because this is not something that, you know, like a heterosexual adult male, in his you know, our our age or whatever Right. Is really going to, get off on. 

Craig:  Right. Well, that’s the thing. You know, it was a different time. We grew up in the eighties, and We didn’t have the Internet. So, like That’s true. 

Todd:  You know, this this I 

Craig:  I remember, you know, staying up late, and it would be one of those things like, Not only did you get to see boobies, but it was like you were doing something naughty that your parents didn’t know about, and you were getting away with it. Forbidden. We weren’t as exposed to as much graphic Content as far as nudity and sex is concerned. I mean, I’m there are times when I kinda thank Todd I’m not a parent because I can’t imagine to what lengths you would have to go to to protect children from seeing things that they shouldn’t be seeing. 

Todd:  It’s got it’s a whole new world, man. It’s Todd be totally impossible. 

Craig:  So I I feel like this is kind of from a bygone era where They were kind of supplying a demand. You know? The people wanna see boobies. Let’s give them some boobies. 

Todd:  Well and yeah. And just taking your top off could sell a film. Yeah. You know, you would watch a movie like this just because, hey, the prospect of a a few girls are gonna get naked. Uh-huh. You know? It’s not gonna be graphic. I’m not gonna see sex or whatever, but I’m gonna see some And then Right. 

Craig:  Some squeaky clean boots. Yeah. And then not only do they all shower and, like, get dressed, but it’s they’re like in this rundown I mean, it’s not that rundown, but it’s dirty and, like, nobody’s been in there for 5 years. There’s cobwebs all over. They don’t have any, like, beds or anything to sleep on. But when they get ready for the nighttime in bed, they all put on, like, their finest lingerie. Like, g strings and, I don’t even know. 

Todd:  It’s the the most uncomfortable looking stuff like, yeah, like lingerie models. 

Craig:  And then, And then they just run around in that for the whole rest of 

Todd:  the movie. Like, it’s nothing. I’m pretty sure that women don’t actually do this when they have sleepovers. 

Craig:  That would 

Todd:  be my guess. But, not according to this film. It’s it’s all thongs and g strings and 

Craig:  Well, and this is what, you know, every adolescent boy wants to believe that girls do sleepovers. 

Todd:  The only thing it was missing was a pillow fight. 

Craig:  Yeah. I was waiting for 

Todd:  it. That’s if the only flaw in this movie for me is is the lack. I 

Craig:  right. And I or or maybe a little girl on girl kissing 

Todd:  or something like that. Curious. Right. 

Craig:  And I I almost thought we were gonna get that at the back rubbing scene. 

Todd:  That’s right. But I guess 

Craig:  that was good enough. 

Todd:  Well, that one takes a turn for the worse. It sets up our very first conflict for for the movie. Right. And that is A very, awkwardly forced conflict where the girl giving the back rub, who is Suzanne, is giving the back rub to Janie. Suzanne is talking about some boy. I believe it was, oh, oh, Janie’s like, where did you learn to give these backgrounds to Suzanne? Oh, a little something that I picked up from, Billy Maguire. And she’s like, Billy Maguire? Well, Billy Maguire and I kinda have a thing. She’s like, oh, you don’t have an exclusive on Billy McQuire. 

Clip:  And then 

Todd:  she gets up and runs out in the store and said, think I’m gonna go downstairs and have a drink. 

Craig:  And the other girl’s like, 

Clip:  what did I do? 

Craig:  Terrible dialogue. So funny. So after being introduced 

Todd:  to Orville Ketchum and, him menacingly kind of looking in from across the street, and we had even a shot of Tim, eating raw meat for Yeah. 

Craig:  He’s totally gross and a creeper. Yeah. And and then there’s also this totally pointless side Plot where there’s there’s a cop, and it doesn’t even make any sense. No. He says he says, you’re just Introduced out of nowhere to this cop and his partner, Mike and Phyllis or something like that. And Phyllis. And they are like, they’re headed somewhere, but then they get stopped because it’s storming and it’s raining, and I guess, like, the road is out or something. 

Todd:  One road that leads to the Hockstetter place, apparently 

Craig:  Right. 

Todd:  There’s too much rain on 

Craig:  And he says when he’s explaining it when Mike is explaining it to Phyllis, he’s like 

Clip:  That address you got tonight from dispatch?   69 34 Langdon. But wait. You’re not telling me that   Afraid I am. It’s the old Hockstetter place.   But Hockstetter’s dead. Setter’s dead.   He is, but there was another guy, a neighbor. 

Craig:  Doesn’t make any sense. No. Nobody called. And from there, they don’t even have a phone. 

Todd:  The phone is Right. Yes. 

Craig:  And then so, like, they investigate throughout, and he says the cops and I say throughout, they have maybe, I don’t know, 4 scenes Yeah. 

Todd:  Then they’re really brief. Maybe 3, actually. 

Craig:  And totally inconsequential. But he says something about, I always thought that Ketchum guy was in on it too. It’s it’s almost like they’re trying really, really hard to get us to think that it’s him when it’s obviously not. Like, you know, like, They’re they’re trying to make him out to be so menacing that there’s no way it’s gonna end up being him. Right. 

Todd:  It would be too obvious. 

Craig:  Right. 

Todd:  Yeah. And their acting is even worse, I think. Yeah. Actually, the girls sort of look like Academy Award winning material, compared to, Poor Phyllis and Mike. Yeah. And Phyllis cannot deliver a line to save her life. It’s So horrible. You’re right.   The side plot is totally goofy. I I know it’s gotta be just to pat out the running 

Craig:  It had to be. 

Todd:  And to set up the ending. Mhmm. It was the only reason. But there’s nothing suspenseful about it now with all the and and so what’s weird about it is then that Mike decides that he’s gonna go on, like, A second investigation of this crime that hap because he has a bad feeling, but they can’t reach the house. He’s gonna go to a strip club, 

Craig:  Which I’ve never been to a strip club. If they’re anything like this, I don’t wanna go. It’s gotta be a skisiest. It’s like all these It looked like they just, like, went to a truck stop and was like, do you wanna come to the free strip show? Okay. 

Todd:  For a moment. 

Craig:  All these guys who clearly Probably have never acted a day in their life, and they’re just acting so goofy. And this poor girl on stage is dancing, and, Oh, god. She’s not even a good she’s not even a good stripper. 

Todd:  She’s not. She hardly even takes off her clothes. 

Craig:  Oh, yeah. We see the other girl’s boobs way more than we see the stripper’s Yeah. But it’s funny. It’s like, I I guess, apparently, she was one of the only survivors from the original massacre. And so he goes there he goes, of course, to the strip club where she works, as she’s performing, to talk 

Todd:  to her. I guess just in case There’s something that she didn’t reveal way back when they investigated this case? 

Craig:  Right. But there’s not. Like, so so the whole The whole scene is completely pointless. There’s no purpose to it whatsoever. Oh, thank you, candy. 

Todd:  Yeah. You get a bunch a couple of jokes in, and really the point was to Joe, 4 more boots. Mhmm. That was really the whole reason. Yep. 

Craig:  You get candy, and then you you were telling me something about the the other one, like their their their main stripper, Say, was there headliner? What were 

Todd:  you saying about that? Maybe the only, fair I mean, recognizable is kinda silly, but, the only name in this Film, she was a porn star, from the eighties. Her name was Savannah, and she has a very brief I mean, she just kinda comes on, takes her top off, spins around a little bit, and then she’s just in the background. But, yeah, I think this might be her only legitimate film role. And sadly, around this time period, maybe even shortly after this movie came out, she could kill herself. She’s gone to suicide. Bad. Yeah. So she’s probably the only name in this film, if you could call it that.   Yeah. So it’s just it’s just a bizarre subplot that really is transparently silly and horrible. 

Craig:  And you said to set up the end, but it really didn’t even need to. I mean No. The the the cop comes in at the end, but if if we had never seen him before, he would have just been It 

Todd:  wouldn’t have mattered. Top. Right. It wouldn’t 

Craig:  have mattered. You’re right. 

Todd:  He has no, bearing on the plot at all. So, Janie, goes downstairs, and she’s drinking her tequila. And as she 

Craig:  She takes, like, 6 shots of tequila. I sat there thinking, my Todd. If I drink that much kill that fast, first of all, I puke all over everything, and secondly, I’d be drunk off my ass. 

Todd:  Well, she did take a good 5 minutes of on screen time. 

Craig:  That’s what she came 

Todd:  up to. Just leading up and looking left and right, leading up and looking left and right, looking left and right, taking another swig. It’s like, get on with whatever is supposed to happen in this scene. And, a gloved black hand with a hook and clearly a a hooded, face. Yeah. It’s wrapped up like a ninja. Mhmm. Reaches over the counter or behind her and pulls her down, and then you see, which is a gonna be a common theme in this film, this shadow of a hook on the wall Mhmm.   Come down and blood squirt all over the the kitchen. Mhmm. And, of course, the noise and the guilt, apparently, Suzanne’s guilt of, sending Jamie off. She decides to get up out of bed, go downstairs, and can’t find her. Not only can she not find her, but the blood’s totally Yeah. 

Craig:  This is 5 seconds later. Yeah. Like, Immediately after this girl gets killed, the other girl comes down to look for it. She’s looking around. Blood. We had just seen blood spray all over the walls. Now they’re as clean as can be. Yeah.   It doesn’t make any sense. No. Like, if there was some sick I don’t know. I mean, later on kind of the twist, I guess, you see coming 400 miles away. The twist is that there is some supernatural things going on. So I guess maybe the supernatural housekeeper came over or something. I don’t know. But 

Todd:  It’s a very 

Craig:  tidy ghost. Yeah. 

Todd:  It’s silly. Todd, it’s tidy in some ways and and 

Craig:  doesn’t care in other Mhmm. 

Todd:  Apparently. Yeah. So She goes upstairs and, meets up with the other girls. And, where is where is Janie? Oh, I don’t know. I she went downstairs. I looked All over. All over the kitchen. All over the kitchen.   Didn’t find her, so came back upstairs. This this house that is so large that they decide to split up. 

Craig:  Right. 

Todd:  Of course, they do. To go hunt it down. She apparently felt like peering in the kitchen was enough to warrant further massive investigation 

Craig:  Right. 

Todd:  The rest of the girls. And so a couple of them 

Craig:  go upstairs or stay upstairs. Mhmm. Couple of them go downstairs. The ones that are downstairs split up. 

Todd:  One goes to the basement. 

Craig:  Right. And then I think the next one, a couple of the girls, they meet back up upstairs. The 2 that were looking around upstairs, and they see One door that they hadn’t checked and it ends up being the attic. 

Todd:  Oh, that’s right. 

Craig:  One of them is it it’s Suzanne. Right? Goes up. She says, I’ll I’ll go up and check here and The, another one. Gosh. 

Todd:  So they’ll all just Kim says, oh, I’ll just go downstairs and see if the other girls have found, they probably found Janie already. So I’ll just go downstairs while you check out 

Craig:  Right. So Suzanne goes up into the attic, and she’s looking around and she steps in a bear trap because there’s always bear traps laying around Of course. In in an attic, and then she gets killed the same way as as the 1st girl did. 

Todd:  Yeah. The killer bursts out of what appears to be a closet door in the attic that is Has a bunch of stuff piled up against it. 

Craig:  Yeah. Weird. 

Todd:  It is weird. 

Craig:  There’s a 

Todd:  lot in this film that well, you just don’t wanna examine it very closely. It all Completely breaks down. Yeah. 15,000,000 different holes in it. 

Craig:  There’s and there’s no point. You you no. You know, they’re not they’re not going for some masterpiece of storytelling. That’s right. Yeah. They’re they’re they’re clearly not particularly concerned with that, and that’s that’s fine. Like, you you know that 2 minutes in. 

Todd:  Yeah. 

Craig:  So you just Get over it. 

Todd:  This wasn’t based on the best selling novels Right. Narcissus Massacre too. So she’s dead, and and the rest of them apparently don’t hear her screaming. You know, at times, the house, is supposed to be rather large, but every other evidence, speaks against that to the point where you can’t imagine these things will be happening in these different Right. House, but, you know, just go with it. That’s Pretty par for the course actually for horror films. So, they go downstairs, and the rest of the girls had decided to try the basement, because I believe it was Kim admits that she was too chicken to check the basement. 

Craig:  Right. 

Todd:  So they go down to the basement, I believe, and this is where they find, both, Janie and Suzanne hung from the rafters in a rather humorous 

Craig:  Oh, god. It’s hilarious. Who’s the Australian? What what’s her name? She was Linda. Linda is, like, kinda just standing in a corner, and you hear, like, a droplet of water or whatever. And it’s raining outside, but, she’s like, oh, no leaks already. And then then she looks up, and blood starts dripping on her face, and we see that the 2 dead girls are Suspended somehow. I couldn’t really tell that they’re suspended up on the wall or from the ceiling or something. And she just kind of stands there screaming as the blood just got this flash is right honor for for far too long.   Effect. Right. 

Todd:  That’s funny. They flip out, and so they decide they run upstairs and have this inane conversation in the kitchen. 

Craig:  They know that there’s a killer around, And it’s like they stand around deliberating for a good 30 seconds or more, and it’s in this melodramatic, 

Clip:  There’s no dial tone. Oh, god. What are we gonna do? I knew we can’t just stay here. We’ve gotta get out Here. Oh my god. This is so horrible. I think we’ll go lifesaver with these. I think we’re really feeling less safe we’re a 1000000 miles from this place.   Scoot the rail. Let’s get the hell out of here. Yeah. I agree with Linda. And we’ve got to tell the police. I’m taking this with me. What’s up? For comfort. Oh my god.   Our clothes, they’re still upstairs. Do you really wanna go back up there? I didn’t think so. Jessica’s right. I’m gonna get the hell out of here now. Come on. 

Craig:  Can you repeat, Jess? I’m I’m gonna bring it with me. Okay. Whatever. And, like, she finds these right next to each other just laying on the counter, these 3, like, 9 inch, like, kitchen knives, and she passes them out to each of the girls. And so they each have one of these big huge knives, and they’re running around in their panties, 

Todd:  And they run outside into the rain. Right. And who’s there? But way across the Street. Uh-huh. Horrible ketchup. Horrible ketchup. Standing, steering menacingly. 

Craig:  And he starts walking towards him, and it’s really funny throughout the whole movie. Like, every once in a while, we’ll get a POV shot from him and Breach. Yeah. He’s like, and and so he starts walking across the street towards them, but he’s, like, walking at the slowest pace you Couldn’t possibly imagine. And he walks at that pace throughout the whole thing. It’s funny. He must have emphysema or something. 

Todd:  I don’t know. Yeah. It’s the it’s not the, the breathing of a pervert or of a menacing guy. It’s the breathing of 

Craig:  a guy fat guy. 

Todd:  Who’s really fat who has a hard time putting 1 foot in front of the other. And but Because apparently, he’s menacing enough walking at about a mile an hour across the street. They they decide to run back into the house. 

Craig:  After they deliberate about it again 

Todd:  Of course. Because there needs to be enough time to get them soaking wet. Yeah. Which is my other charm point. I mean, if that is not bald on its face. Uh-huh. You know, the skimpy offense weren’t enough. About halfway through the movie, we’re not gonna go fully nude, but we’re gonna get them wet for the rest of it.   So they run inside, and they kind of have a powwow in the in the living room where they’re just sitting back 

Craig:  to back. I know. It’s very Silly. And, like, eventually, I guess, Ketchum gets to the door like, gets 

Todd:  to the window. Well, Align is in here, which Oli becomes important later, but at the time, seems completely out of left field. 

Clip:  How could this have happened? Do you really think there’s a demon in the house? 

Craig:  Like, what? Who said anything about a demon? Where the heck did that come from? 

Todd:  But, yeah, Ketchum comes in, 

Craig:  and then tries to get in. 

Todd:  Tries to get in. He’s banging on the door. 

Craig:  Right. The and, you know, we know and, of course, If logical things happen, then the movie would just be over. So logical things can’t happen, but we get the picture. I I still think that they kinda want us Todd think that maybe he’s in on it or something, but it’s it was obvious to me that he was trying to help them. But, of course, he couldn’t say, I’m trying to help you. He just had to stare at them slack jawed and menacing and then, like, try to beat the door down. Yeah. 

Todd:  Though and that’s Believe, apparently, the only thing holding the front door together is, is just a little chain. 

Craig:  Oh, yeah. And this 300 pound guy can’t bust it. Break that Oh, man. And then they, like, they hear a sound, and they’re like, he’s shimmying up the drain pipe. This guy is not gonna be shimmying up anything. But they have to run up they have to run upstairs to make sure that they latch the window in Attic before he gets up there. Yeah. 

Todd:  You know what? I mean, of course, logic would dictate. Well, if he is in fact shimming up the drain pipe, then the front door is clear. Why don’t you run out? So they go upstairs, and, they lock the windows and have a good look around the attic apparently for the 1st time or really it’s the 2nd time. 

Craig:  And then here okay. I already kinda suspected what was gonna happen anyway, especially since, like, you said there was that flashback scene where the girl and and and we Find out, of course, that, it’s Linda in the flashback. And in the flashback, in the very beginning, whatever it is, the the scene that sets 

Todd:  you Uh-huh. 

Craig:  She says, I know you’re out there. You really hurt me. If there’s an ounce of humanity left in you, you’ve got to remember. You’ve got to remember. So I kind of figured out what was going on, but then there was kind of a little throwaway line in here where they’re looking around, and it’s like there’s, like, like, a sex swing or something. 

Todd:  Yeah. It’s like a sadomasochistic kind of, Set up their pictures on the wall of women and leather and things like that. 

Craig:  It was too dark for me to tell, but I could see that there were, like, leather straps and chains or something like There’s 

Todd:  like a mannequin with nipple rings on it or something, and and and we make it sound worse than it really was. Honestly, it’s it’s pretty pretty vague. 

Craig:  Right. Yeah. And then one of them says, oh, old I always forget his name. Old Hockstetter must have really had a good time jerking off up here or something like that. And Jesse goes, yes. He did. And, like, I’m like, okay. Weirdo.   But it pretty much established that I had been right in my Suspicions. Yeah. 

Todd:  It’s real foreshadowing. It’s very clever. 

Craig:  Yes. It’s subtle. Yeah. Right. 

Todd:  So, anyway, Jessica decides to go downstairs. Oh, one of them gets scared. 

Craig:  Yeah. It’s it’s Kim, right, that gets scared and runs out? Runs out. And, she runs down the stairs. She runs in to catch him, and so she turns around and walks back up the stairs and barricades herself in a room. Meanwhile right? In a bathroom. Meanwhile, Linda is still in the attic, but, Jesse. Jesse said, you stay here. We know it’s safe up here.   You stay here. I’ll go get the other one. So you see you know that Ketchum’s kinda coming up the stairs behind Kim. She’s locked herself in the in the bathroom, And then somebody starts pounding on the door, and somebody breaks through the door, and it’s hook guy. And, again, this guy, he’s, like, totally in all black and, like, his Face is covered and everything, but it’s clearly not Ketchum. Yeah. I mean, Ketchum’s this big, huge guy, and whoever this isn’t making huge. Yeah.   And so We don’t see it, but he gets in there and and kills 

Todd:  her too. Her. Yep. So Linda’s, still upstairs, and Who comes up the stairs but Ketchup? Mhmm. And so she has this great scene. I actually really like the scene in the movie where she Hides, and he comes in, and he’s looking around, like, supposedly menacingly, but, and she lunges at him a couple times with a knife in the gun. 

Craig:  Oh, yeah. And she, I mean, stabs him. 

Todd:  Seriously stabs him. Yeah. 

Craig:  The knife leads back to the hills. 

Todd:  Yeah. Yeah. He falls backwards, and lays down. You know, it’s that classic, oh, is he dead? So she walks past him, and his eyes open. He reaches over to grab her. And so then she as she’s falling, grabs a chain off the wall, comes behind him, and strangles him. And you even hear it Okay. 

Craig:  Yeah. Blood’s coming out of his mouth. 

Todd:  He falls down again. So, okay, she’s got him. So she runs downstairs, and, of course, all is quiet. Mhmm. Even, Jess is nowhere to be found, and so she’s yelling out, I got him. Everything’s okay now. Well and 

Craig:  then here another totally random thing. The the phone starts ringing. Yeah. Well, that’s the phone doesn’t work. And so she answers the phone, and, whoever’s on the line is like 

Clip:  It’s Live upstairs there. Who’s this? This is his wife. If you could live on It’s not here. It’s not here. I am afraid of this. You’re the stupidest. Hello? 

Craig:  Hello? And she hangs up the phone. And then she’s still calling out for Jess, and she Jess’ His voice from the basement is like, Linda, come down here. And so she goes down, and this is when The big not at all surprising reveal comes. 

Todd:  Yes. She goes downstairs, and, of course, you can tell just from the voice that there’s something you know, this is not Jess’s normal 

Craig:  Right. It’s kind of a Terry. All too weird. 

Todd:  Mhmm. Jess comes out of the shadows, with a hook in her hand. 

Craig:  No. And she’s dressed in men’s clothing, and I feel like she’s got 

Todd:  her hair kinda pulled back. Yeah. She’s kinda manned up just a little bit. Although, she’s not wearing black. She has no black gloves on. That’s one of the weird things about this film. That’s one of the, I guess, you’d say shortcuts. If you don’t have the money or the imagination to really shoot it in a creative way where you can hide the killer’s identity.   Just throw the killer in all black. Right. Inexplicably, the real killer, I guess, changes in and out of it when it suits her. 

Craig:  See, and if I were to watch this again, this is one of the things, you know, I I had figured out already, probably, you know, 5, 10 minutes before it was revealed that she was the one who was possessed and, you know, we’ve seen this before. You know, they they did they did the seance, and the seance went wrong, and so the spirit was able to possess somebody. I mean, it’s it’s this ending with her, and and she eventually starts talking in kind of a weird, supernatural, but male sounding voice. Have you seen the movie Witchboard with Todd Kitaen? A 

Todd:  long time ago. 

Craig:  Yes. The exact same ending. You know, Tani Kitaen is Possessed by the the spirit that she fat that came out of the Ouija board, and, it’s a male spirit, and she’s talking in that low voice as She’s dressed like a man and trying to kill her boyfriend. 

Todd:  That was a much better movie as I remember. 

Craig:  Yeah. I liked it a lot when I was a kid. I haven’t seen it in probably 15 years. 

Todd:  Yeah. Me neither. That was, that was one of those stupid movie night movies. Yeah. I remember being a little more, higher caliber. 

Craig:  And it was actually kinda scary. It was it was a little bit it was a little Gary. Yeah. For another time. Anyway Yeah. Wait. You don’t 

Todd:  wanna keep talking about this movie? So yeah. Yeah. You’re right. And so, of course, she chases her dad and you have the big showdown where they’re hacking away at each other. Linda runs upstairs. She loses the knife at some point, but they’re in the the living room, and there’s a fireplace there. So she grabs 1 of the pokers in a hilariously enabbed bit of, Choreography. Yeah.   It’s terrible. Can’t manage to I mean, she could run at and stab him, but she just sort of stands in place and juts out with the, poker, which, of course, Melissa just steps back about half a foot, to dodge every time. 

Craig:  Oh, the whole fight sequence is just Terrible. I mean, it doesn’t look real at all. It looks like they okay. We’re gonna show you how to do this once, and then we’re gonna have you do it. We’re just gonna use the 1st take. 

Todd:  However it turns out Even just cutting the close ups and things just didn’t cover. Right. Yeah. It was bad. But, in the midst of this, she falls down on her, oh, she she kinda whacks her. 

Craig:  Yeah. And they kinda whack each other. Like, they both go down. 

Todd:  Mhmm. And Jess falls into a pile of boxes in the corner. And doing the classic, you should never do this, if the you’re in the situation of turning your back on the killer, Linda crawls across the floor, to get to the knife. When she grabs the knife and turns around, of course, Jess is no longer there in the boxes, and so she cowers in the corner, and that is our flashback that was from before Right. Right. In the present, of course. So where she says, you gotta remember. You’ve gotta remember.   Basically saying Jess needs to remember her 

Craig:  Her whole 

Todd:  self. Right. Yeah. But, Out jumps Jess again, saying, no. Jess is gone. Blah blah blah. And, she’s about to raise the hook from what Appears to be halfway across the room. Mhmm.   At Linda when Ketchum suddenly is in the background. 

Craig:  And this, You know, even that first time that he kinda woke up after he had been stabbed so many times, and then She had, strangled him. And then I feel like we even missed another one. Oh, she found the dead girl 

Todd:  in the bathroom. Oh, that’s right. We missed that one. 

Craig:  Yeah. Linda found the dead girl in the bathroom. And when she found the girl in the bathroom, she wasn’t dead yet. She, like, popped up out of the bloody tub, and she said the girl’s name, Suzanne. Right? She says, Suzanne. 

Todd:  Jessica. 

Craig:  Jessica, whichever one is the killer. Yes. Jessica. She said her name. Yep. Yep. And then the The ketchup guy shows up in the bathroom, and she kicks the crap out 

Todd:  of him again. Knocks him in the nuts, bends him over, whacks him 

Craig:  into the the the toilet. Yeah. And, like, stuffs his face out in the toilet, and he he assumed he drowned or 

Todd:  his I mean So this Poor guy has been through a lot. He’s been stabbed multiple times. He still has the knife in his gut. He still has the chain around his neck. And this was supposedly snapped. 

Craig:  Right. This was honestly when I really oh, they are in on it. They know that this is a cheesy stupid movie. They’re doing it on purpose. Mhmm. Up until that point, I really kinda thought they were taking themselves seriously and just failing Miserably. 

Todd:  Well, because the rest of the movie just, yeah, is of of that caliber. 

Craig:  Well and and it’s it’s Fairly typical slasher fair. It’s just low rate. Yes. 

Todd:  It’s cut rate, but, Again, it it knows it is, and and it doesn’t seem to mind it. 

Craig:  Well and and it made me appreciate what I had seen before When I figured out that they were in on the joke, that this was meant to be a a cheese ball, a corn fest throughout the whole thing. 

Todd:  Uh-huh. Yeah. That’s good. Yeah. So, so, of course, he is behind, Jess just as she’s about to Skewer Linda, apparently. And he says, Hockstetter, let you go one time, but I’m not gonna do that. I wasn’t man enough the first time, but I’m not gonna make that Steak again, and he pulls the knife out of the stomach and is able to stab, Hockstader who had been a Pretty effective killer up until the point where you get up and close and personal with him in a in a pivotal scene. 

Craig:  Right. Well and, again, like, he stabs her. Again, it’s a huge long knife and and stabs all the way into her abdomen, like, twice. And, like, it’s she barely even flinches. Like, she just kinda stands there while he does it. And then it happened earlier too when the girl, stepped into the bear trap. She was like, ow. Ow.   Oh, it hurts. Like, 

Todd:  Your your your leg would probably be broken. Jessica whacks him with the hook, in across the head and knocks him out. Mhmm. But as she turns around, Linda is finally able to actually move with her knife and lunges forward, and I guess that’s the knife oh, into her neck. Mhmm. And I guess you gotta get her in the neck Or 

Craig:  else Apparently. Yeah. Well and so she falls over like she’s dying, but in the last second, she says Linda in her normal Voice. 

Todd:  Which is, I guess, supposed to make you feel sad. 

Craig:  Right. Right. 

Todd:  You killed me. The spirit leaves my body. Yeah. And and what it was a bit of a Bruce Campbell moment in there too where she stabs her in the neck and, like, blood is squirting out of the neck just all over Linda’s Space. 

Craig:  Yeah. Yeah. Very Sam Ramey for sure. 


Oh, they lay down, together, and Linda sort of passes out, I guess. And the next shot is of morning, and I guess the rain’s gone and the cops who, darn it, all night have been have been investigating and working their way towards this House. The storm drains must have been doing their job, and so they finally get to the to get to the house and burst open the door. Couple of cops with some shotguns And him and, the mover who’s like, I got here at 5: 30. 

Craig:  Right. 

Todd:  And, it was just like this. 

Craig:  I didn’t touch anything. I swear. 

Todd:  I’m gonna be sick. And, they see all the carnage, and there’s a lot of head shaking, like, oh, we knew this was gonna happen. But then Linda gets up, Like, the spirit of Hockstetter has Uh-huh. Gone and possessed her. 

Craig:  Yeah. When the other girl was possessed, you could kinda see it on her face. Like, they’ve kinda put, like, some pale makeup, kind of grayish pale, so you could tell that she was possessed or whatever. And now Linda looks like that too. One of the cops said, Isn’t this the old Hockstetter place? And that’s when she’s, like, sleeping under a pile of boxes and she gets up and goes, it still is. 

Todd:  And then just And then Ketchum, wakes up. Yeah. Springs to life, Grabs 1 of the cops’ guns and starts shooting, shooting, shooting, shooting Linda until she falls. 

Craig:  Mhmm. 

Todd:  And then the cop, wrestles himself away from Hockstetter, and the other guy cops turned him with their shotguns and just blast, like, 4 or 

Craig:  5 holes Oh, yeah. Yeah. 

Todd:  Into this guy. And he falls down. The detective, Mike, walks over to him and puts a finger to his neck and goes 

Clip:  Get an ambulance. This man is still alive. Oh, 

Todd:  he said This man’s still alive. 

Craig:  Well, they He he kinda opened his eyes, and I felt like they were kinda trying to suggest that maybe Hockstetter had jumped into him. 

Todd:  Yeah. It seemed like there was a suggestion. Right? Mhmm. Because it said The end with a question 

Craig:  With a question mark. Super funny. 

Todd:  You almost expected to see, stars Or tweet birds spinning around his head at that point. And and that was for me anyway. Again, not having known anything about this movie going in, not even the plot, Imagine we were gonna be watching a serious horror film and not having these ironic kind of not there wasn’t much for horror comedy for us back in the eighties. You know? There was Evil Dead and Evil Dead Todd kind of filled that void. There’s a movie called student bodies, which was pretty over the top hilarious. 

Craig:  Right. 

Todd:  Whereas this one doesn’t really fit into that category, you know? Mhmm. Yeah. So, I mean, that moment came, and for me, it was just, Like, mind blown. Like, oh my gosh. They’ve been playing with this this whole time. This movie we thought was really stupid. Unintentionally is clearly okay with being a silly film. 

Craig:  And and it is funny. And, then they do, you know, like, a cast montage where they’re showing the actors’ names and whatnot. And Some of it is shots from the movie, but some of it’s kind of the actors kinda wink at the camera. And then it says, it gets to the last guy, which is Ketchum, and it says and Orville Ketchum as as himself. That’s right. And then after that 1st round of credits, after it introduces the main cast, then it cuts to another scene where it’s a news reporter who says 

Clip:  Suspected mass murderer Orville Ketchum was released today from the prison ward of County General Hospital Despite being apprehended at the scene of last month’s brutal slayings of 5 teenage girls, Ketchum was freed when sheriff’s detectives were unable to accumulate enough evidence to prosecute him. 

Craig:  And it shows him, like, sitting in a wheelchair, something in in front of his house. Again, you know, just slack jawed, maybe with a little smile on his face, And a big busty nurse just standing behind him with, you know, like, a stripper nurse uniform, not like like like a real nurse, and she’s waving at the camera, And that’s the end. And so it’s obvious that, you know, it was tongue in cheek all along. And if you thought any other, If you thought otherwise, you were duped. 

Todd:  It it’s it’s pretty funny. This this movie apparently did so well for them. Don’t know if it was a huge blockbuster, but apparently it made quite a bit of money, that Roger Corman, the producer, came to Jim Wynorski and said, I want you to do it again. And by that, he meant I want you to make the same film again. So he did. Yeah. So there is a movie out there that you could call a spiritual sequel to this, except it’s really more of a remake in a different setting called Hard Todd Die. Interesting.   Which is a if you think about it, sort of a flip on Die Hard. 

Craig:  Right. Right. 

Todd:  Hard to Die. And he does that 

Craig:  this guy does that A lot now too, like, which is a breast wick. 

Todd:  Yeah. Yeah. Like that. Now it’s all about sex and boobs and breasts, whereas before, It was also also about boobs and sex and breasts, but he had a little more interesting stuff in there. This movie, Hard to Die, is worth Checking out Todd. If you liked this movie just for the factor that it is exactly the same film, It is follows the same plot. The same people die in the same order. It is almost all of the same actors.   I think there’s 1 actress that’s different, But it is shot on a set. One of Roger Corman was known for taking films, finishing them early, Hanging on to the actors who were still under contract and all the resources that he still had, and quickly wilping whipping up another movie. He made a film. I don’t remember the name of it, but it was supposed to be this sort of sex comedy that took place in an office building. Didn’t do very well, but he still had the set left over from it. So he said, Jim, that movie worked really well. Why don’t you remake it again in this office building set that I have? Interesting. So it makes even less sense because at least, oh, we’re fixing up a sorority house, and the power is not coming on.   We just wanna have a fun night Staying here the night. We’re in an office building after hours for no really good reason, and we’re gonna, Oh, and also, conveniently, there’s a shower in the executive’s office that they can still use. 

Craig:  Oh, man. That’s funny. 

Todd:  It is so rich. It’s hilarious. I also have a bit of a, confession to make. I’m so enamored with this movie that my writing partner Dakota and I, were looking for some projects to do, and I thought, you know, it’s getting kind of popular with, like, the Evil Dead musical and things to take these Todd goofy things and turn them into musicals. Mhmm. I said, wouldn’t it be interesting and fun to make a comedy musical based on Sorority House Massacre 2? So we, I emailed Jim Wynorski. 

Craig:  Mhmm. 

Todd:  And I said, look. I I work at a college, and I have these resources. I have some ins with the theater department there, and We’re, thinking about maybe making a a, musical version of Superity House Massacre 2. Could I do that? Could I have permission? He wrote me back. Wow. And he said, I think you’re absolutely insane. But he said, Go ahead as long as it’s right there, you know, just kind of locally. You have my blessing.   Just let me know who plays or will catch them. Interesting. We never got around to doing it. We wrote a couple songs, and I’m pretty proud of it. In fact, we have the whole Treatment Todd, and I think that’s something we’d like to come back to sometimes. So, Jim, if you’re listening, we still hope for this. Ironic horror, comedies are still a big thing right now. Yeah.   I have a lot of fond feelings about this film. Well, that 

Craig:  and that’s cool that you got an opportunity to communicate with him. He’s kinda one of your childhood heroes. That’s awesome. 

Todd:  You know, and I might have mentioned this in the podcast, but there’s a movie out there, that’s a documentary about him, and it’s worth checking out. He comes across as really kind of insane in the film, Yeah. Because, again, what he’s doing right now is just all getting, you know, former strippers and models and people just parading around in the front of the camera Boobs and it’s 

Craig:  he’s doing very creative. He’s doing some, like, sci fi movies. Right? Like, Dino Croc versus I don’t know. Yeah. Or something Like that. 

Todd:  Cobra Gator, Water Wars, Gila, Piranha Conda. Right. All these are, like, made for TV Right. Side kind of stuff. One of the things he’s apparently he’s working on movies now. I mean, if you look at his IMDB page, this guy puts out 3 or 4 or 5 movies a year. 

Craig:  Huge list. 

Todd:  They’re all pretty Craig, but, you know, apparently, they’re filling a void somewhere, so he’s buying them. So I can’t wait to see the Arkansas women’s Prison massacre, which apparently is this year’s big, you know, sleeper hit, that we’re gonna have to look forward to. But, you know, he comes across, as a decent guy, And you can see the passion in him, for making films along with a certain level of frustration in that You feel like this guy, although he seems to have always been just interested in making goofy, fun, schlocky horror films, is frustrated by the fact that it’s Nowadays, not as easy to sell those as it used to be. It’s harder to make money from these kind of movies now. And, you know, at that time, as you said earlier, it was just a different market. 

Craig:  Mhmm. And 

Todd:  you could get by and you could make as long as you had the money behind you for the film and the huge resources. You can make kind of a schlocky movie that was fun. You could do what you wanted to do Right. And make money from it. And now Everybody with a video camera could run out and make a reasonable facts and leave a movie like this. It it’s a much more crowded market, and 

Craig:  it’s hard 

Todd:  to it’s hard to get the funds for it. 

Craig:  So Right. 

Todd:  But the guy is still doing it over 25 years in the business. It’s it’s pretty interesting. 

Craig:  Cool. Well, you know, one of the things, that you had mentioned before we, watched the movie was that one of the things that we didn’t talk about when we did chopping mall was the music. And and, frankly, I don’t even really remember what the music in that was like. But because you said that, I was paying attention to the music here, and most of the movie is scored, almost all of it. And it’s actually a pretty impressive score. Isn’t it? Yeah. The music is, like, surprisingly good for the level of quality of everything else. 

Todd:  Yeah. I mean, at the beginning, you’re treated to an overture, really. Mhmm. It’s not one of those where the credits are playing over action or something going. It’s credits on a black screen that take a Good 3 minutes maybe. And in the meantime, you’re getting like an overture. Right. And it even has a bit of a Danny Elfman esque quality. 

Craig:  It does. It’s almost got kind of a gothic feel, like there’s some I have maybe some organs or something. I don’t remember. And it doesn’t feel in I mean, it maybe it is in part. I don’t know. But it doesn’t feel entirely synthetic. I mean, it sounds like pretty quality music. I I was impressed with that.   I don’t know how impressed I was with rest of it, the the the music 

Todd:  was good. Well, Chuck Serino is the guy who did the music, and, I actually reached out to him too thinking that, oh, maybe we’ll incorporate some themes from Right. Musical. He never did get back to me. He has a bit of a web presence, but he’s a very prolific composer, again, in this genre, of these older, low budget, early nineties, late eighties kind of films, and he does a pretty confident job. Chopping mall was also, scored by him. I thought it was Pretty decent. But you’re right.   This movie has a very distinct sound and score. Yeah. 

Craig:  I liked it. Impressive. Yeah. I I’m glad that you picked this. You know, I had. You had mentioned it several times. I knew that it was something that you wanted to do eventually, and I was gonna usually, I try not to spoil movies by looking stuff up if I haven’t seen them. But this one, I thought, oh, you know, it’s just a campy thing.   Who cares? So I looked, stuff up, and I really couldn’t find much. You know? There wasn’t much Todd read about it. So I didn’t really have any expectations or whatever. And it it was fun. You know? It’s it’s campy. It’s goofy, But there’s a place for that. You know? Every once in a while, you want something that’s just brainless. You know? Just brainless fun.   Just something to sit back and watch and goof on and laugh and, I liked it. So I’m I’m glad you picked it. 

Todd:  Yeah. If you’re looking for a film to turn on with your friends that you wanna just make fun of relentlessly from beginning to end, this is the perfect film 

Craig:  for it. 

Todd:  It’s funny. Beginning to end. And interestingly enough, it’s available on YouTube right now. Well, I mean, Probably, illegally, somebody uploaded it, but I’m gonna go ahead and embed it, on the website so that you can go and check it out too. It’s been up for several years, so maybe it’ll stay up a little longer. You guys can check it out for yourself and see what you think. Yeah. Thank you again for joining us, for another episode.   If you enjoyed this, Please share it with a friend. Please like our page on Facebook. You can find this podcast on Itunes or Stitcher. 

Craig:  Let us 

Todd:  know you think. Let us know what other movies you’d like us to see. Until next week, I’m Todd. I’m Craig with 2 Guys and a Chainsaw.

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