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Evil Dead Rise

With the new rules and lore established in this movie – now there are THREE books of the dead? – we can plan to see a lot more of this franchise, just as Bruce Campbell has promised. And if they’re all as fun, intense, and even genuinely heart-wrenching as this one, we’re in for one wild Deadite ride, folks.

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Perhaps best known for playing Apollo Creed opposite Stallone in the Rocky franchise, Carl Weathers also had a prominent run in another big-strong-hulking-guy 80s flick opposite Schwarzenegger. In each, he more than holds his own. Thanks to Josh for the suggestion!

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Cult of Chucky

Never released to theaters, this 2017 installment struck a perfect tone between humor and horror, which creative director and writer Don Mancini had been refining and reinventing over decades of our favorite possessed killer doll. Not only is it a modern and brutal continuation of Chucky and Andy’s adventures, it also set up the television series with lots of material to continue.

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Curse of Chucky

After 5 films of an increasingly wacky, campy and jokey premise, this one managed to deftly bring Chucky back to his horror roots, with a more spooky edge, stylized visuals, and dark themes.

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Seed of Chucky

Seed of Chucky is the most divisive of all the Child’s Play films thus far. It was also the last to be released in theaters. This film leans so heavily into camp that even John Waters has a prominent role in it. Perhaps more comedy than horror, Chucky and Tiff’s son from the tail-end of the first film embarks on a journey of self-discovery and is horrified by his parents. But the REAL star of the show is Jennifer Tilly playing herself to hilarious effect. Have a listen and let us know which camp YOU’RE in: Love It? Or Leave It?

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Bride of Chucky

We continue our month of Chucky by skipping over part 3 and heading straight to the fourth in the series, which marks a distinct change in tone and style. It’s also missing Andy for the first time, but we hardly miss him because we love Jennifer Tilly so much! Leaning more heavily into the humor but keeping its horror vibe, it turned out to be a great new direction from Chucky’s 80’s slasher roots.