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From Beyond

Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton star in this Stewart Gordon directed special makeup effects extravaganza! This 80s horror flick is simple yet highly entertaining – with a smorgasbord of slimy body horror practical effects that kept our mouths agape. A young Barbara Crampton in bondage gear didn’t hurt either…

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Maximum Overdrive

You guys chose Stephen King’s sole directorial effort, Maximum Overdrive, for us to pick apart. From noisy, smoke-belching cars to laugh-out-loud dialogue and hilariously improbable situations, there’s a lot to marvel at and yuk it up over. Classic rock band AC/DC adds to the fun of this wildly over-the-top cult classic.

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Evil Dead Rise

With the new rules and lore established in this movie – now there are THREE books of the dead? – we can plan to see a lot more of this franchise, just as Bruce Campbell has promised. And if they’re all as fun, intense, and even genuinely heart-wrenching as this one, we’re in for one wild Deadite ride, folks.

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Perhaps best known for playing Apollo Creed opposite Stallone in the Rocky franchise, Carl Weathers also had a prominent run in another big-strong-hulking-guy 80s flick opposite Schwarzenegger. In each, he more than holds his own. Thanks to Josh for the suggestion!

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Cult of Chucky

Never released to theaters, this 2017 installment struck a perfect tone between humor and horror, which creative director and writer Don Mancini had been refining and reinventing over decades of our favorite possessed killer doll. Not only is it a modern and brutal continuation of Chucky and Andy’s adventures, it also set up the television series with lots of material to continue.

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Curse of Chucky

After 5 films of an increasingly wacky, campy and jokey premise, this one managed to deftly bring Chucky back to his horror roots, with a more spooky edge, stylized visuals, and dark themes.