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  • cemetery of terror stillcemetery of terror still

    Cemetery of Terror

    We put it to our Patrons to choose the last two movies of the month. We're happy to announce that the first of those films is this Mexican flick from the 80's that is almost like two movies in one: It begins life as a standard slasher, and wraps up as a Thriller-inspired kid's flick. It's not perfect, and it's certainly derivative, but Cemetario del Terror hits the mark when it comes to pure Halloween-style joy. Thanks once again to the collective wisdom of our loyal Patrons!

  • exorcist believer girlsexorcist believer girls

    The Exorcist: Believer

    We head to the theaters to give our take on a contentious movie, The Exorcist Believer. And we're delighted to have our returning guest and old friend, Heather, join us to give her take as well. How does this sequel stand up the original? And how does this first installment bode for the trilogy of Exorcist films that David Gordon Green is bringing into the world? Early reviews have not been kind. Where will the three of US fall on the spectrum? Listen up - you may be surprised....

  • lady in white stilllady in white still

    The Lady In White

    How did we ever miss this one? We tackle a spooky ghost tale that just sits perfectly for the Halloween season. Not only does it center around Halloween night, but it's one of those "kid horror" flicks that we have a serious soft spot for. Long requested by loyal listener and good friend, Heather, we're excited to discuss this overlooked gem of a movie that we OURSELVES somehow never managed to catch until now.

  • gothic screenshotgothic screenshot


    We could've just as easily chosen Gothic for our Julian Sands tribute episode, as he puts on an incredibly bold and melodramatic performance, along with some opther stellar and emotional acting by Gabriel Byrne, Natasha Richardson, and Timothy Spall. This is a dramatization of the historically true party night between Lord Byron, the Shelley's and others which inspired Mary to come up with the story for Frankenstein. Truly a movie to be experienced!

  • house by the cemetery stillhouse by the cemetery still

    The House By The Cemetery

    Is this a hidden gem? Or just a dumb schlocky mess? Listen and pick a side, then let us know YOUR feelings in the comments!

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