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Seed of Chucky

Seed of Chucky is the most divisive of all the Child’s Play films thus far. It was also the last to be released in theaters. This film leans so heavily into camp that even John Waters has a prominent role in it. Perhaps more comedy than horror, Chucky and Tiff’s son from the tail-end of the first film embarks on a journey of self-discovery and is horrified by his parents. But the REAL star of the show is Jennifer Tilly playing herself to hilarious effect. Have a listen and let us know which camp YOU’RE in: Love It? Or Leave It?

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Bride of Chucky

We continue our month of Chucky by skipping over part 3 and heading straight to the fourth in the series, which marks a distinct change in tone and style. It’s also missing Andy for the first time, but we hardly miss him because we love Jennifer Tilly so much! Leaning more heavily into the humor but keeping its horror vibe, it turned out to be a great new direction from Chucky’s 80’s slasher roots.

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Child’s Play 2

Welcome to Chucky Month! It’s a full-month of crawling our way through the Child’s Play franchise, at the request of our Loyal Patrons. Since we’ve already covered the first film in a previous episode, we start things off at part 2, wherein Andy continues to be terrorized by grown killer in a doll’s body. And Charles Lee Ray really don’t wanna be in there no mo’.

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American Gothic

Somewhat reminiscent of the classic painting with which it shares its title, American Gothic is chock-full of excellent actors acting excellently, even though the movie itself is rather silly. We enjoyed talking about it. Thanks, Gary, for the request!

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The Mist

Our second tribute episode this year is a two-fer: Frances Sternhagen and Andre Braugher both left us in the last few months, and they left us two fantastic performances in an utterly chilling Frank Darabont horror film, adapted from a Stephen King novella. Brilliant performances abound in this tale of a supermarket full of customers who fight for survival in the midst of a mysterious mist inhabited by otherworldly creatures. Man, did we ever enjoy chatting about this movie! The only “mistery” is why it took us nearly 400 episodes to get around to it!

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Blood Beach

Our tribute episode to Burt Young, beloved wiseguy of countless films, best known for the Rocky series and – amongst OUR listenership – for being the angry dad in the deliciously wacky Amityville II. That SHOULD have been our tribute episode to him instead of this boring turkey that’s trying really, really hard to be “Jaws on a beach” but ends up more like “nod off on the sofa”. Spend some time in the sand with us!