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Maximum Overdrive

You guys chose Stephen King’s sole directorial effort, Maximum Overdrive, for us to pick apart. From noisy, smoke-belching cars to laugh-out-loud dialogue and hilariously improbable situations, there’s a lot to marvel at and yuk it up over. Classic rock band AC/DC adds to the fun of this wildly over-the-top cult classic.

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Creepshow 2

Stephen King and George Romero collaborated on this sequel to Creepshow, their answer to Tales from the Crypt, which we (coincidentally) tackled last week. The result is three solid tales of the supernatural where the bad guys get what is coming to them.

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She’s not in it much, to be honest, but it was fun discussing this one nonetheless, and her brief performance in it. Hear our balanced take on one of Carpenter’s more mainstream yet less successful films.

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Needful Things

We picked this movie because he had such a prominent role. Have a look at yet another Stephen King adaptation and see how it stacks up to the book.

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With early CGI morphing in all its glory, in-your-face incest, tons of celebrity cameos, and some fairly brutal violence, it doesn’t hold much back. You just kinda wish it turned out better as a result.

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Based on a Stephen King novel, it departs from his book in a couple significant ways, which we discuss at length. Enjoy!