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The Lady In White

How did we ever miss this one? We tackle a spooky ghost tale that just sits perfectly for the Halloween season. Not only does it center around Halloween night, but it’s one of those “kid horror” flicks that we have a serious soft spot for. Long requested by loyal listener and good friend, Heather, we’re excited to discuss this overlooked gem of a movie that we OURSELVES somehow never managed to catch until now.

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Hocus Pocus

And it’s timely too, as the long awaited sequel to Hocus Pocus just came out this month. Not only can you watch the movie with your kids, but you can share this podcast with them too, as we kept our whole discussion and language squeaky-clean for your listening pleasure. Happy Halloween, Loyal Listeners!

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Arachnophobia a family-friendly fun and creepy horror film filled with stars. Thanks to Rob for requesting this forgotten gem and giving us a chance to talk about it!

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Monster House

But being Halloween season, we could not resist revisiting this underrated, surprisingly frightening family film from the Robert Zemeckis/Stephen Spielberg ImageMovers team. If you’re looking for a good Halloween flick to watch with the fam, check it out! Then listen to us yammer on about it…

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One would even think it’s supposed to be a kid’s movie except for the pervasive sexual humor. What a romp. TerrorVision: You just have to see it to believe it.

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We feel fully justified in pulling out one of our favorite movies ever and reliving it with you this holiday season. Happy Holidays, loyal listeners!