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We hit another request this week, this time from loyal listener, Gary. It’s a late 90’s, low-budget Canadian flick that spawned a franchise. There are more than 2 sides to this story…6, to be exact.

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  1. Gary says:

    I let out an audible gasp seeing you reviewed this. Thank you so much, gentlemen! I’m listening right away.

    • Gary says:

      I’m not offended that you’re feelings toward the movie weren’t too favorable. I know I have tendency toward melodrama, but I think I like it so much because it plays out like a mystery as people are picked off in mostly imaginative ways. I agree that the acting feels projected like a stage play, but I enjoy it fine. I’d say it feels like a group of character actors. It’s interesting that each actor has had long, prolific careers. The actress that plays Leaven was a main character in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

      Another interesting point is that each character is named after a famous prison, Quentin for San Quentin, Holloway is a woman’s prison, Leavenworth, etc. Also, I analyze things, a lot. My theory on each character’s ‘purpose’:

      Ren: Escape artist
      Leaven: Math whiz
      Kazan: Calculator
      Worth: Knowledge of the Cube, as well as engineering background
      Holloway: Medical expertise, also seems to know how to handle individuals with mental health disorders. Her ‘bleeding heart’ keeps Kazan with the group, which ultimately helps them to move further along.
      Quentin: I feel that he’s there to be the potential leader, but it doesn’t go as planned, as he snaps.

      My theory on the force behind it is more of a lab mouse in a maze observation test. How will these people work as a team while deprived of food and water?

      As for The Circle, I’ve seen it, too. I wasn’t a huge fan, honestly. I felt it was predictable, while some things seemed randomly ignored (like when a Muslim woman dies seemingly out of nowhere, no one acknowledges it), other obvious lines of reasoning are never considered. It’s not all bad, as some lines of reasoning are interesting, and when a new idea emerges it can seem unexpected, but reasonable. I feel like Todd would like it just to spite poor Cube. *sniff*

      Thanks, again for covering it though. It’s actually my favorite horror movie, so I always love when it gets some attention. I wanted to wait to request any more movies until this one was done, so with that, I request Slaughter High and The Banana Splits Movie: Tra La La Terror. I have not seen the movie, but it’s so absurd that you must review it at some point. Keep up the good work.

      • toddkuhns says:

        Wow Gary, this is a nice little breakdown. Definitely more food for thought. Especially the lab rat bit. Is someone watching them? That’s a good question to ponder.

        I think there are good reasons why this movie is popular – just not my particular cup of tea, I guess. But you know by now that I’m the pickier one…unless we’re getting to something goofy that I loved as a kid. And then I get all stupid about it.

  2. Gary says:

    I’ve noticed. Lol. No, it’s fine. We all have our own particular tastes, and nostalgia plays a massive role. I think I like this one because I can suspend disbelief and just take it for what it is. At first I thought Holloway’s performance was the most over the top, but upon repeated viewings hers is one of my favorites. I mean, there’s people like that, and they needed a strong personality like that to keep Kazan around. I also have a cousin who is massively like Quentin, so that performance never seemed that odd to me. When listening, I tried not to think ‘this guy likes House 2 but not Cube?!’

    • toddkuhns says:

      Haha, well, to be fair, House 2 is meant to be a comedy. The Cube takes itself dead-seriously. Also, nostalgia. I agree that Holloway’s performance is pretty good – it’s Quentin’s that bothered me soooo damn much. The dude just has that one look, and it’s always angry and mugging. Maybe it’s the director in me, but I just can’t help but picture the actor resetting it just before the camera rolls each time.

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