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Dead Heat

This insanely fun romp took us all the way back to the hyper-masculine, ultra-violent 80’s action flicks we grew up with.

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The Relic

He’s a tough-as-nails police detective. She’s an evolutionary biologist. But what matters THE MOST is that the big museum gala fundraiser go on as scheduled, AT ALL COSTS. Even in the face of a giant, whacked out Stan Winston-created monstrosity lurking in sewers below.


Village of the Damned

With their glowing eyes, cloud-white hair and utterly humorless affects, as podcast fave Buck Flowers intones with full gusto: “These kids ain’t right.” Help us raise a glass to our first tribute episode of 2023!

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Frankenstein General Hospital

We admit: This week is a very looong stretch tribute, in tribute to Leslie Jordan. It’s a “horror-comedy” that’s not the least bit scary OR funny, but it’s the best we could find to showcase Jordan’s breezy comedy chops that were taken from us far too soon. So forget about the movie and just enjoy learning a little bit more about the man, courtesy of Leslie Jordan Super-Fan Craig.

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The Company Of Wolves

Though she was one of the last remaining actresses from Hollywood’s Golden Age, we remember her from so many TV shows and movies in the 80’s, such as Murder She Wrote. The Company Of Wolves is a surreal, wonderful little fantasy fairy tale that graced the horror shelves of our local video stores, yet turned out to be much headier than either of us expected. Her performance as the grandmother lends weight and complexity to this beautifully shot and directed werewolf story. Enjoy!

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Although he had a memorable turn as one of Hannibal Lector’s victims, we thought he got much more screen-time in the twisty 2003 thriller, Identity. Having not seen this one for a while, we were happy to discover that this remains a fun, tight (not to mention star-studded) spectacle today. R.I.P Ray Liotta, and thanks for the years of pleasure you’ve brought us.