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Alien Abduction: Incident In Lake County

It all started 10 years earlier in 1989 with The McPherson Tape (aka U.F.O Abduction), which was lost to the world until it suddenly resurfaced within the UFO-tracking community as purportedly genuine evidence of a family’s alien encounter (it’s not). Once TV news organizations got ahold of it 5 years later, director Dean Alioto was tasked with remaking it for Dick Clark Productions. It’s this 1998 version – just a year ahead of The Blair Witch Project – which showed on TV and fooled a generation of young viewers with some of their first exposure ever to found footage horror. We ended up discussing both over Thanksgiving turkey this year. Dig into yours and enjoy this week’s find along with us!

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Only found on Hulu as part of Blumhouse’s “Into the Dark” full-length feature series, “Pilgrim” is a goofy yet disturbing tale of what happens to a family that is not so thankful for what it has – and somewhat-improbably based on a true story. Happy Thanksgiving, dear listeners! We are truly thankful for each and every one of you.

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Home Sweet Home

And it’s a real turkey. But it does star Jake of “Body By Jake” fame! Where ya at, our 80’s kids?

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Thanksgiving Special: Blood Rage

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans! We’re happy to treat to you this long-lost slasher film with all the trimmings: cheesy 80’s music, hilarious over-the-top gore effects, laughable acting, and ridiculous writing. Whip it out to wake up your relatives during the post-turkey food coma phase of your celebration. Just remember, everyone: That isn’t cranberry sauce!