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Steel Trap

For all the wrong reasons, it was lots of fun “unraveling the complex web of intricate traps and puzzles” in this high rise of horror. Thank you all for your support over 2022. Looking forward to a bang-up 2023 of horror!

deer lodge from ghostkeeper 0


After years of doing this podcast, we’ve been really scraping the bottom of the barrel to find New Years-themed horror films. An unfortunate production history led to an interesting discussion of this film that even WE can’t believe lasted about an hour.


New Year’s Evil

Brought to you by the Globus-Golan team of schlocksters behind the late Cannon Films production powerhouse, we can’t even say it’s more than mildly interesting. But we did have a lot of fun talking about just how bad it is. So it’s in this spirit that we lift up this first podcast as a toast to 2017 – hoping that you’ll stay safe and avoid EEEEVIIIIIL as you ring in the new year.