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The Relic

He’s a tough-as-nails police detective. She’s an evolutionary biologist. But what matters THE MOST is that the big museum gala fundraiser go on as scheduled, AT ALL COSTS. Even in the face of a giant, whacked out Stan Winston-created monstrosity lurking in sewers below.

alligator attack 1


Alligator has nothing remarkable about it, except that there are some remarkable people involved in it, and it has an inexplicable 80% plus fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes. Who can figure this out? We can’t.


Jeepers Creepers

Our second Victor Salva movie (we previously discussed Clownhouse), and it’s clear this man has some style and originality in his films. Both of us loved this unique – if uneven – romp that begins as a suspenseful chase film and ends up a monster movie.



It’s a Godzilla movie told shaky-cam-style from the ground level, and we both agree it’s pretty rad. Todd hadn’t seen this one before, believe it or not.