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Monkey Shines

This isn’t the first time we’ve tackled the tricky subject of primal rage, but it’s definitely one of the most memorable. Most surprisingly, we couldn’t believe how well this film held up today. There are interesting things going on here, and we tackled nearly all of them. Enjoy!

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Creepshow 2

Stephen King and George Romero collaborated on this sequel to Creepshow, their answer to Tales from the Crypt, which we (coincidentally) tackled last week. The result is three solid tales of the supernatural where the bad guys get what is coming to them.

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Night of the Living Dead

RIP George Romero. Our tribute episode to a man who changed the face of horror and exploitation film forever.

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Not many people outside the die-hard horror circles have even heard of George Romero’s vampire tale, Martin. Sometime between Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, he made a few movies that failed to connect with a large audience. This would be one of them.