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All The Creatures Were Stirring

For the second in our holiday horror series, we decided to try this anthology that LOOKED promising due to the recognizable faces in it. But...

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With a star-studded cast and tongue planted firmly in-cheek, Creepshow translates the iconic horror comics of the 50’s to the silver screen with glee. We loved chatting about this iconic and legendary film and film series in the horror pantheon. Enjoy!

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Awesome Horror Anthology Films

Horror anthologies are collections of short horror films, usually strung together under a common theme or with a wraparound framing story. It’s like getting 5...

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Tales from the Darkside: The Movie

Our final entry of our Horror Anthology Theme Month is a real ride, absolutely packed with 80’s stars and three fun stories.

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Dead of Night

We go waaaaay back for the third entry in our month of horror anthology films. Dead of Night is the granddaddy of them all – one of the first ever. It’s not likely to scare you to death, but there’s a lot to enjoy in here, particularly the creepiest story of them all involving a malevolent ventriloquist dummy.

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Creepshow 2

Stephen King and George Romero collaborated on this sequel to Creepshow, their answer to Tales from the Crypt, which we (coincidentally) tackled last week. The result is three solid tales of the supernatural where the bad guys get what is coming to them.